What Caused His Death? || Cedric McMillan

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100+ comentarios:

Jacob Bradsher
Jacob Bradsher:
Coach, where鈥檚 the line drawn between abuse and use for PEDs? I鈥檝e seen this mentioned often and curious about your thoughts. Thanks for all the quality videos.
Lareca Harrison
Lareca Harrison:
He always took time to talk to the airport employees when he flew out.
He made our day. A kind man that will be greatly missed.
Aidan Blanks
Aidan Blanks:
Cedric went to my gym. A place called TJs fitness. I would see him almost everyday after school went I went to workout. He was a beast. His workouts were intense, he always pushed hard. I didn鈥檛 know him personally but, I knew him as a man that was very devout in Christ. God bless Cedric.
Dude, his heart's ejection fraction was down to 25% from what I heard. Normal is 60-70%. You hear how he's just breathing hard from just talking? That's his weak heart not being able to keep up. That and he had like 266 lbs to move around! Even 80 year olds have stronger hearts than this guy had. It's like a Hummer with lawnmower engine. The community's gotta educate themselves on the risks.
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith:
People tend to forget that your heart as also a muscle. RIP Cedric..
This man is telling the truth and the truth hurts.THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION
He passed doing what he loved.
Condolences to his family.

R.I.P king 馃憡馃徔
Angel Rosado
Angel Rosado:
Thank you for making this video. Every single word in this came straight from the heart as if you were saying the things you wish you could've told Cedric. Hopefully, others heed the warning and this video saves their lives.
O Flex
O Flex:
I very rarely cry when celebrities and people I don't personally know dies but Cedric's death had my eyeballs sweating. He was such a standup dude and beautiful person, It's hard knowing his wife and kids will never see him again. RIP Cedric may he rest in the Lord.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony:
Sad my best friend died the same exact way he was also a Major Body Builder and such a wonderful person. I'm sure they are lifting together in Heaven!! 馃弸锔忦煆嬶笍
Damien on a R1M
Damien on a R1M:
I commend you for the message you鈥檙e sending from the heart! You are clearly the wise one when it comes to these guys dying from taking it to far. I hope your message reaches the ones that need it. Thanks for this video.
Robert Naab
Robert Naab:
It鈥檚 a shame how this all went down. His sponsors who were taking care of his health and on the other hand waving a contact in his face should be liable. God be with you brother 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹
Tyson Finn
Tyson Finn:
This one hurts! Cedric was one of my best friends. Ill never forget when we d have a post workout meal at steak n shake after an epic gym sesh.
One thing that struck me particularly as sad is that masculine trait of being identified as your career or vocation. Cedric went against the medical advice that could have saved his life because he couldn't see himself as being something other than a bodybuilder. This is something that often causes men to die soon after retirement and especially notable among career military vets etc. Fear of that loss of identity was stronger than his fear of death it seems.
Erik Thomas
Erik Thomas:
My condolences to his family. Thank you Greg, for increasing awareness.
Rest in Peace Cedric.A good man and an inspirational physique!It's sad that all these BB's are dropping like flies lately...they need to be more proactive with their health given the situation in the world!
lucian kristov
lucian kristov:
Rip Cedric my thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Garett Jones
Garett Jones:
Another great guy lost, at some point enough is enough. I understand loving your craft. I was a boxer my whole life, but I ended up having a brain tumor on my brain stem. Luckily it was benign but the neurologist said you can鈥檛 box again. I said why he said if you get hit in the back of the head and it鈥檚 powerful enough it could kill you. I never looked back, I had days where I want to just spar with my friends but for family sake I had to grit it out. I wish some of these bodybuilders would do the same. I think it takes more courage to walk away then let yourself get hurt even more.
Eric Gulizio
Eric Gulizio:
Love this Greg!!! I'm literally following the Identical protocol you are at 43... I did the same to my body for about 15 years, and I look better and feel better now.... mentally and even physically... your closing statement was pure gold, and there is a lot more to be understood by what you said then just what you said... thank you!
TonyTone Food Reviews
TonyTone Food Reviews:
i agree with you, i definitely think the PED's were a part of it but to his credit i got the C back in Feb of 2020 and now I have to go to the doctor every quarter at least to get my lungs checked because it did such a number on them that in 2021 my total lung function was as low as 60%. now I do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio daily. and my cardiovascular strength is slowly but surely improving
Ramire BigHorn
Ramire BigHorn:
Rest Peacefully Sir!
Poor guy suffered a heart attack while working out on a treadmill, and the former Arnold Classic champion's death was confirmed by聽Generation Iron聽earlier this week.
His death聽comes shortly after he opened up about聽past heart issues聽and after he had a near-death experience last year.
McMillan spoke out about a near-death experience in December 2021, saying he had been experiencing breathing issues after having聽Covid-19.
The breathing issue eventually saw him hospitalized for pneumonia and put on life support, and he later said of the ordeal, "I was almost dead."
Freddy Cruz
Freddy Cruz:
great poignant message Coach, hope it reaches someone and saves a life
Great advice.. had a scare several years ago on Epi.
Unusual heart flutter.. at the time believed it was elevated Haematocrit and high blood pressure from the cycle.
Got off immediately and everything normalized.
Nowhere near the 240 I was but at 210 and natty so much easier to maintain and making progress even at 52.
Stay natural 30 years from now you won't have regrets about that decision. You can reach your genetic peak later after many years of lifting.
Be consistent stay natural and be safe. Compare yourself to yourself instead of coveting others genetics, make the most of what you have.
May Jesus bless protect and keep you all safe through this Journey of life!
Andrew Chi Osbourne
Andrew Chi Osbourne:
This is sad man,I鈥檝e lost many friends over the years who were on pd鈥檚.I鈥檝e never ever used pd鈥檚 at all and I鈥檓 in mid 50鈥檚 and I feel great.I鈥檝e been a martial artist now for over 47+ years and that really had helped me in my health and fitness over those years.
I wasn鈥檛 familiar with Cedric鈥檚 career, but I鈥檝e seen him before and it鈥檚 always heartbreaking to see bodybuilders dying. I feel the industry owe it to their competitors to remind them of their limitations and mandate they do health check ups and if the doctor says no, then it鈥檚 no. Like I can鈥檛 see any other solutions.
Michael Kern
Michael Kern:
Eye opening experience for everyone. Labs are so important, regardless of whether you are on PED鈥檚 or not.
Can鈥檛 believe this. Literally. So many losses in such a short amount of time. Rest In Peace Cedric
German Figueroa
German Figueroa:
Greg always telling people what they NEED to hear. youre a treasure man.
Michael Berry
Michael Berry:
With all respect to Cedric and the others we have lost I feel bodybuilding at the pro level is not worth the risk.
Ali Shehada
Ali Shehada:
It's insane that he was walking around with a physique like his at the age of 44. If anything, he was lucky to make it this far.
Oumar H. Gassama
Oumar H. Gassama:
Prayers go out to his family and loved ones.
We should stop calling competitive sports as "fitness". All the competitive physical sports (be it athletics, ballgames, body building, crossfit, whatever) are about pushing the human physiology way over the health limit just for profit. Fitness should be about longevity, not about achieving a passing peak then gambling if we die or end up in a crippled/painful life afterwards.
T&A Fitness
T&A Fitness:
Wow, I鈥檓 so sorry. May he Rest In Peace! I am so shocked as he was always so kind and reached out to me and share his artwork with me through Instagram鈥攕uch a humble guy.
Thanks for the video it was a big slap in my face ive been living a really unhealthy life the last 6 years and not only abusing peeds but other substances also and taking alot of risks to my personal health outside of that all this monday by night i had a crisis my hearth started accelerating at a very high pace reached 185bpm and i was sleeping and woke up like that my blood pressure was 20/14 i called 911 they immediatly administrated and intravenous medication and took me to the hospital the truth it was a very very stressed ou week i had really bad sleep lots of stress abuses and so on. And im only 27 i will be taking more care of me from now on thank you coach keep the good job you have been doing cheers from a brasillian living in spain
Against all oddz
Against all oddz:
Very very sad he was under so much pressure but carried on despite the odds... He obviously loved what he did but unfortunately didn't plan out... Amazing body class of his own
joe blow
joe blow:
鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 I am not a body builder, but back in 2017 or 2018 I went threw very similar symptoms two different times.
First time very early in the morning I went for coffee. It was around 5 am. Not eaten anything all day, around 7 pm I was getting hungry. So I went to Chick-fil-A. About an hour after eating I started feeling very ill, sick in my stomach.
I couldn't sit, lay or even stand and get comfortable. This went on all night. Around 9 am the next day I went to a hospital nearby and 3 hours later the symptoms had subsided (got tolerable), so I went home.
About 3 months later I received 2 bills for around $5,000 . I'm not one to go to the doctors, so this was a life or death thing for me.
The hospital ran all kinds of tests. Blood, MRI the works and couldn't find anything.
About 6 to 9 months had passed and exactly the same thing around 5 am went to the same convenient store for coffee had the same way I had enjoyed it for years and around 7 pm the same thing. Started getting hungry so I ate at the same restaurant and the same thing happened. About 2 hrs. later I thought I was going to die, but this time it was 2 or 3 times worse and thought about ending it and just cashing out.
This time it lasted 3 or 4 days. I tried making my self vomit that didn't work didn't eat or drink anything for the entire time.
From that time on I have never again had that experience nor have I dared having coffee at that location ever again.
I'm now in my early 60's and have no allergies of any kind.
But that was a near death experience for me. One I hope I never have to experience ever again.
I have herd 2 other people having very similar symptoms around the same time. One in the same town well the other was out of state.
In closing, I did not know this man that was taken from us at such an early age, he will be missed by many of his friends, family, as well as those that were inspired by his awesome personality.
Aristomenis Mourtarakos
Aristomenis Mourtarakos:
As most of the times, you talk to the point Greg.
It is this combination of what life brings (underlying issues, viruses, etc.), dna, and yes, Performance Drugs.
RIP big Cedric.
KGS 1982
KGS 1982:
One of the best personalities ever. He would have been an amazing Mr. Olympia if he could have put it all together. Why, he was a very interesting, charismatic guy. Unlike damn near everyone else. RIP Cedric
El Javi
El Javi:
I recently decided to be proactive about my lower back pain since im only 16 and it turns out the x-ray showed early scoliosis. It鈥檚 definitely impacted my training. I wear a belt even for light weight just for safety.
Dave Harman
Dave Harman:
Great video Coach Greg. I wish it wasn鈥檛 for this sad reason. I hope we all learn something from this.
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez:
That was great Greg, thanks for bringing this up as it might help others.
Edgar Calderon
Edgar Calderon:
It truly disgust me when people hate and say 鈥渙h look he got smaller he downsized 鈥 or that he didn鈥檛 accomplish anything the fitness industry can be so toxic I鈥檓 sure Cedric is not the only one who suffers from these haters
From my understanding he had a major scare a few years back with his dehydration ..From that point on many people started criticizing him for his not so lean physique. Everyone told him " if only he could come in more dehydrated he could X"..
Well, as you can see he knew what he was doing at that time. He should've retired after he had those heart problems in 2021..
Dion Ashurst
Dion Ashurst:
You always give it to us straight, Coach! Thank you 馃檹
Aldrig F枚r Sent
Aldrig F枚r Sent:
RIP Cedric. The world is worse off having lost a guy like this.

Thanks for keeping up the fight Greg.

Be safe fellow comment peasants.
Mikayla the Engineer
Mikayla the Engineer:
So sad to see this keep happening, stay safe out there all, put your health first!
The Diabetes Dragon Slayer
The Diabetes Dragon Slayer:
Wow this was an amazing video! I could feel your sincerity. I love your content. Keep it up brother!
RIP Cedric, shows the pressure on bodybuilding when someone as good as Cedric feels he hasn't done enough
Mr. Random [098;76ujy5htefwq
Mr. Random [098;76ujy5htefwq:
I met him during an expo ,he was so polite to me 鉂わ笍馃槶
Judy Gratten
Judy Gratten:
Thanks again Gregg for continuing to warm us about this issue.
Dr. Fragrance
Dr. Fragrance:
I am sad to hear about this. He was a great BB and had a great physique.
R.I.P Cedric. My sincere condolences to family, friends and fans!
Respect from Brazil 馃煝馃煛
Frances Jones
Frances Jones:
RIP sending my condolences to the family and prayers 馃檹馃従
Just keeps going. I grew up in the 80's and 90's idolizing these lifters and used to actually think you could look like them without steroids. I'm glad that the truth is finally getting out there but it's sad that it's taking these guys dying for it to finally get out.
Kanika Newsome
Kanika Newsome:
Thank you for showing compassion to the dude and not being messy and trash talking the guy. Also I want to say bless ur health and God bless you 馃檹馃従 馃檹馃従馃檹馃従
Will E
Will E:
Coach Greg I've had COVID twice. And after getting the omnicron variant I started having the SAME issues with my stomach like Cedric was having. Everything was coming back up. I found a supplement that when added helps gut health and the immune system. Been taking it for 2 months and I no longer have the stomach issues. But I wanted to just end it due to not keeping anything down and my body composition changing. And I'm 100% natural.
Never taken a steroid.
Tobias Day
Tobias Day:
I really have to admire this video from you, when you take ped鈥檚 it becomes a slippery slope. It really is, because being on a stack you know that when you come off it鈥檚 gonna go and you鈥檙e almost in a time gap where you need to make as much gains as possible otherwise it鈥檚 all gonna go when you come off the cycle. As a natty you don鈥檛 get this sense of containment, it鈥檚 more contentment. I think this claustrophobic feeling is what makes people stay on ped鈥檚 for long periods of time
Andrew Insinga
Andrew Insinga:
I like this Coach Greg
The compassion he shared for his fellow man is very nice
Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston:
It's really sad to see someone who gave back like he did, be humble and hard working like he was, pass. Too many pro athletes are full of themselves and think only of their wants. Cedric was different in that way and it makes his loss even worse.
My Name
My Name:
An excellent commentary that gets to the heart of everything, and that, with simultaneous appreciation of the athlete.
Mus Sim
Mus Sim:
Rest In Peace Cedric McMillan! We will missed you always!
King Kong
King Kong:
Greg that's got to be the best podcast you ever did your veins were popping out of your head or your neck you are a good toned voice you weren't over excited I like you better that way you got a lot of good information thank you for giving us advice
M H:
RIP big guy. You were a great asset to the bodybuilding world and to everyone around you.
Erik de Been
Erik de Been:
Greg, you're putting out some very real advice. You always did and still do. It's sad this guy died and we can only guess the real cause, but he sounds winded even sitting in his car.....and the amount of mass on his frame surely will not have helped him...

I love you promote health over looks. Keep putting out the message. I am sure you are saving lives out here!
Cedric was such a great guy. RIP
Dominic Brooks
Dominic Brooks:
Greg, well judged and thoughtful comments. Good job!
Sam Sharif
Sam Sharif:
Cedric, you will always be remembered and will never be forgotten... Find peace brother ....
Peter I
Peter I:
Thank you coach Greg, for the awareness after I heard about the news I came to your channel to see.
I love coach Greg for his balanced views. Common sense in full effect.
This is terrible. He has 4 kids. I saw him a few times training at my local gym and he seemed like a nice guy.
Rui Calado
Rui Calado:
Cedric was a good man,a great bodybuilder and a Patriot,may he Rest In Peace.
Can't believe... Such a great guy. He was a soldier, father, bodybuilder, gym builder, gardener...... not many like Him.
Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov:
That's quite sad... May he rest in peace! He was a very nice and humble guy from what I've seen and heard. Shocking..
Joseph Sliwa
Joseph Sliwa:
Very good vid...I take trt and am in my late 50's, do a lot of cardio, weight training and get my blood work done. I enjoy the physique I have. I'm not in bodybuilding anymore but I like the workout routine.
Keep telling the truth and stop people from denial and excuses for taking PED's
To Be Human
To Be Human:
Strength Training and Bodybuilding have been the two most obsessive interests I've ever taken on. If you let it, it can literally consumes your life even if you're not a professional. I used to play guitar and I got really into it, but there was never a time when I was shredding some riffs and thinking "Man, if I could just get one more level up, then I would be good." but in the last 5 years I've gained like 30lbs of muscle and I find myself still looking in the mirror and thinking "Not quite there." it's fucking crazy. I often have to step back and think: I started all this simply to be healthy and to look good. I'm not sure I have always been healthy about it, and objectively I look good. I don't know... It's a fucking weird hobby to have and I never imagined I would become so obsessed with something for no other reason that just getting caught in the race of always improving.
M G:
Sad to see him go as he seemed a good guy but he had his warning and it was clear he had to stop everything immediately which he didn't. I hope Antoine vaillant pays attention to this as he went for a scan and got the worst possible news and then has justified to himself that he can still continue and be ok. Wake up man! Hope he sees sense and there's not another one
Gaston Lara
Gaston Lara:
Great video coach. Cedric will be missed.
Wahied Ali
Wahied Ali:
I honestly think Cedric had a very friendly and humble personality (from what I seen), I truly believe if he stopped doing competition. If he opened a YouTube account and focused on YouTube fitness, I believe he would have been successful. I miss Rich Piana, RIP. Rich knew how to entertain us in YouTube and give advice. Just imagine if Cedric was making YouTube videos, with his personality and attitude, I believe he would have been successful and would have been making good enough money just on YouTube and products, to make a good living. I鈥檓 gonna miss him, he was one of my favorite bodybuilder Today. RIP Cedric.. another one gone.
demil jim
demil jim:
Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Get well soon Cedric, and you'll be back to eating chicken breasts and egg whites and getting huge.
Titiana Rasputin
Titiana Rasputin:
Greg I am saddened to hear of the passing of your biological father, Gilbert Gottfried. Can you scream a few words of remembrance, and tell us how much he meant to you?
Your advice is great bro, you always speak facts
Jermaine Dow
Jermaine Dow:
I really enjoy his videos when he talks like this. Greg is hella intelligent and love to hear his side of things.
Thanks for the great rant Greg! This is what people need to hear.
K Byrd
K Byrd:
You're the only one that's going to tell the truth... Keep doing what you are doing! 馃挭馃挭
This is heartbreaking dude. Wow. I spent a decade working with patients with eating disorders.... I didn't expect to get some emotional watching this but something about him reflecting upon how he feels small really hit home. Body dysphoria is a disease that needs to be taken way more seriously.
So sad. Prayers to his family, such a young guy, super smart, super positive, had awesome things left in front of him in this life. Sad, just sad.
Dude what do you mean 鈥榗ompete at a smaller size鈥? That would鈥檝e killed him too. He was wrecked. His heart was functioning at 10% capacity. He needed to hang up the posing trunks altogether. This is really sad any way you slice it. RIP Cedric.
Rascal Matt
Rascal Matt:
I'm a couple years older than Cedric... so i grew up in the age of Arnold and Stallone on the big screen.... grew up when the 90's bodybuilding was king of all things machismo....
I even did about 3-4 years of natural bodybuilding myself in my early 20's.
I've come to realize this... bodybuilding.... true, competitive, BB with PED's .... IS FUCKING STUPID.
Honestly... as a former Spec Ops vet.... train like a soldier. Train for flexibility and endurance.. .not just bulk.. train for strength... train for overall HEALTH.
BB is not healthy. PERIOD. It's dumb and it's dangerous.
Aqui 茅 5D
Aqui 茅 5D:
Wise words coach 鉁煓 Say it all
The Mighty Mackerels Fishing Crew
The Mighty Mackerels Fishing Crew:
Greg I really appreciate you. I'm working harder than last time.
Moe Edison
Moe Edison:
You are absolutely right! Great advice!
The Vegan Travel Show
The Vegan Travel Show:
Another young athlete taken far too soon.
RIP Ced. He was doing alright considering the average lifespan of a bodybuilder is 40.
Online Channel
Online Channel:
Legends never die 馃敟馃敟
RIP Cedric McMillan, meanwhile the death toll train continues mercilessly in the bodybuilding world, keep yourselves safe and avoid steroid use at all costs. Nothing is more valuable than your health. A supernatural physique has an expiration date which is way earlier than your life expectancy, so if you value your life, train responsibly and safely.
Cedric was a Legend and a good guy! rest in peace <3 your hair starting to look awesome!! thinking of doing the same, what was the name of the place you did it? :)
Sandra Nemeth
Sandra Nemeth:
I love to hear the truth thanks coach greg
Manuel Munoz
Manuel Munoz:
The ending was golden鈥︹.鈥滾ying to YOU鈥. Thank you for posting such an informative video.
Jason Sager
Jason Sager:
Greg i was for a long period of time using between 5 and 800 mg of test per week. (I know that isn't shit) but I am on a trt dose at 140 mg of test per week. I have maintained almost all of my size and strength. My recovery takes just a little bit longer, but would've thought I would've lost a bit more. Very glad I didn't tho.
I'm actually surprised on how many years the human body can live abusing steroids and being so heavy, it's shocking to me that someone can abuse steroids and be really heavy and live to their 40's馃槼
It's crazy but in your 40's you should be in the best health of your life, you are infinitely more wise than in your teens or 20's, and that wisdom opens your eyes.
Trent Kure
Trent Kure:
Okay with all these bodybuilding deaths im even tripping about my health as a 100% natural bodybuilder..... RIP Cedrick. Way too soon. Extremely sad.
binky Faith
binky Faith:
It鈥檚 heartbreaking to see his shortness of breath while he was talking馃様馃檹馃徔