What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

We asked young, ordinary Europeans to take a look at U.S. policies on everything from food to guns. As they discover facts about America, they’re not impressed.

Sometimes it’s useful to get an outside perspective. In the Video Op-Ed above, Europeans are shocked to learn that the American government does not guarantee social protections that citizens in other advanced economies take for granted.

Their reactions reflect how European governments prioritize citizen welfare, offering national assurances like universal health care and affordable education. Americans have grown accustomed to the exorbitant costs of basic human services, the absence of parental leave protection and the unregulated presence of chemicals in food — things that would “cause riots” in Europe.

It’s true that the United States grapples with a larger and more diverse population than that of any European country. But with the resources of the world’s largest economy and as keepers of the American dream, can’t policymakers find solutions?

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100+ comentarios:

I want to see the reverse video - Americans' opinions of us Europeans.
camping cicak
camping cicak:
Americans do be eating like they have free healthcare lol
mounika kulkarni
mounika kulkarni:
The way she said "mmm cancer brownies" 😂😂😂
poke frosch
poke frosch:
When the guy in the end says: "In Germany we don´t wave flags."

Thats the most german thing ever.
_"America is the greatest country in the world!"_

- America
Nora R.N
Nora R.N:
the fact that all of them speak perfect English sends jsksjs monolingual Americans can’t relate
AP 113
AP 113:
*Almost* every European country offers low cost university tuition

UK: sweats nervously
Adrian Anikeenko
Adrian Anikeenko:
Me 10 years ago: America is so cool
Me now: man I'm even scared to go as a tourist in case i get sick.
Travis Hanes
Travis Hanes:
"What surprises me is that people are not rioting in the streets to be honest".
“The younger generation in America has given me hope”

*laughs in tiktok*
Marc Schweiz
Marc Schweiz:
Funny thing is Americans still believe they are the greatest nation in the world. The education has been dumbed down and the propoganda machine has been strengthened...
Kristin Tripp
Kristin Tripp:
“Hi. Here’s everything that we think is the absolute worst about our country. What are *your* thoughts?”
Winged Skyrunner
Winged Skyrunner:
Has anyone noticed how all of them - no matter which country they are from - speak incredibly good English.... greetings from Germany ;)
wurst brot
wurst brot:
When I was a kid, I thought that america had so many cool cities like New York, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Miami...
Today I'm old and think: London, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Copenhagen, Rome, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna, Athens, Lisbon, Budapest, Edinburgh.. the list goes on an on and on. I mean, seriously! How much cooler is Europe!
When you look at the ingredients for cereal in the US:

*Sigh* pulls out periodic table
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me:
US: Costs 3000$ to get an ambulance
EU: Its illegal to not call an ambulance
Philipp Hoedt
Philipp Hoedt:
Germans: In germany we don't wave flags.
The comments section is literally people being happy they're in europe and americans agreeing it's better there, or trying to defend America (no hate to anyone haha)
Serbia Stronk
Serbia Stronk:
Me as a 17 year old in Europe: can't jet drive a car, don't even think about buying a gun and can but doesn't buy alcohol (but everyone in class drinks a lot)
USA: drive a pick up truck, own a shotgun, but can't drink beer untill 21

Seems logical to me
Victor T.
Victor T.:
"Americans are incredibly friendly and hospitable"
"I wish we could be that sort of happy and optimistic"

*Laughs in 2020*
Kawtar Abselam
Kawtar Abselam:
I still don't understand why people want to live in America.
Honestly, the more I know about them, the more I reject it.
Paige Pena
Paige Pena:
It's ironic that they envy the American's optimism and hope for the future when clearly they have a better future ahead of them.
Friedrich Schiller.
Friedrich Schiller.:
Americans and Europeans beefing with each other:

Me being from New Zealand: 👀 👁👄👁
Francho Benito
Francho Benito:
Dude I live in a third world country and even here we have free health care
Bryan Maroto
Bryan Maroto:
“You disincentivize poor people from having kids.”
mats smaling
mats smaling:
Europe is like America's older brother who got his life a bit together
The Wild One
The Wild One:
I remember dreaming about living in the US when I was a kid. Now as an adult I thank God I live in Europe
Joseph Lennon
Joseph Lennon:
Guy in purple shirt: "America disincentivizes you from having kids"

Europe: Literally paying couples to have kids because they're desperate.
lurking behind these prisms
lurking behind these prisms:
the most overrated country in the world. though i love the sceneries and cityscapes.
Charlotte Hankins
Charlotte Hankins:
this isn’t EU opinions on the US, this is someone pointing out all the issues with the US and the EU reacting to it
7 year old me: "when I grow up, I want to live in America!"

17 year old me: "hold on, lemme stay in Europe thanks. Auf Wiedersehen!"
Alice Palmeira
Alice Palmeira:
currently i think the "american optimism" is just plain ignorance about their own reality in comparison to other countries
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice:
“That you cause, y-you know RIOTS!”

Do you have the slightest idea how little this narrows it down
Yvonne Etienne
Yvonne Etienne:
“In germany we dont wave flags”
LMAO so hard cant deal with this dry humor🤣🤣🤣🤣
"Americans are really friendly"

As an American, I beg to differ
Jonathan Puigvert
Jonathan Puigvert:
My favourite comment: "What is a surprise is that people are not rioting in the streets!"
ariana 21
ariana 21:
the fact that every thing they said would be called radical here is just crazy to me
Валерия Пеева
Валерия Пеева:
Me when I was ten: I wanna move to America
Me now: You know what? I think I'm good in Europe
Fake Name
Fake Name:
"What surprises me are the people are not rioting on the streets, honestly."

Well, ummm......
Shamekia Walker
Shamekia Walker:
“Honestly, that’s disgusting for a first world nation.”
mia bee
mia bee:
“In Germany we don’t wave flags” that made me laugh 😂 so true
M uffty
M uffty:
"In Germany we don't wave flags." ...made me crack up. So true!
He really said that he paid 18 euro for a semester of college, I’m crying
Finn Söderberg
Finn Söderberg:
Americans: pay 51k for a year
Me: laughs in German
Why should you be charged for healthcare? It’s not like you choose to be sick. That’s terrible
“In Germany we don’t wave flags” 😂
Ur dead if u mistake Switzerland or Austria for Germany. Like ur actually dead.
This is a bit biased.

Also MIT is a huge name, like you're paying for the name not the education.
Dima Marcos
Dima Marcos:
When they looked at education and said 51k per year I was like “no. That’s one semester”
Alphas Anime Kitchen
Alphas Anime Kitchen:
In Germany it would be illegal not to call an ambulance.
I live in a "third-world" country but we send money to our relatives in the US. 🙃
Travis Hanes
Travis Hanes:
By the way... Here in America, election night is tomorrow.
So my girlfriend and I have two emergency to go bags ready.
It has been real. I'll see you guys in the safe house.
Samy Charradi
Samy Charradi:
“ American are incredibly friendly”, ha lol wait to pop out in my city, New Yorkers are bugging.
Candace Cobb
Candace Cobb:
I love my country 🇺🇸 wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else
Emmanuelle Joana
Emmanuelle Joana:
Americans be out here living like they got free healthcare
Allan Daniel Serrano
Allan Daniel Serrano:
“Honestly, it’s a little bit disgusting for a First World Nation,” First World Nation, LOL.
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan:
One thing I’m always trying to figure out is why anyone would want to move there from Europe. I will never get it
“I’m honestly surprised people aren’t rioting in the streets.”

Well, that didn’t age well...
I love that closing line “in Germany we don’t wave flags” ahah
"what surprises me is that people are not rioting on the streets to be honest" that aged well :))))))
Оливе Бассейн
Оливе Бассейн:
America is not that bad but I wouldn’t live there
“What surprises me is that people are not rioting on the streets” .... I believe they do right now.....
The fact you have to pay for these things blows my mind 💀im good paying my taxes
Adam T
Adam T:
Things aren’t going to change, when CEOs are getting richer and Politics don’t have restrictions
"In Germany we dont wave flags." Yes, our european neighbours get nervous when we do that.
Me at 8: I want to stay forever!
Me at 14: Get me out of here!
I have friends in the US that had to remortgage for the same medication we get in Ireland, for free!
Land of the free, me hole!!
American here, I am SO glad you all see the problems here! I feel like I'm one of the few sometimes.
The Madame
The Madame:
Well... the American government is decreasing immigration just by the fact that they charge you for am ambulance.

I always used to want to go there as a child but now just no.
Kiss And tell
Kiss And tell:
"it's called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it"
Mohamed Elhedi Issa
Mohamed Elhedi Issa:
You guys pay for healthcare?
Where I grew up the doctor is usually everyone's homie and just treats them for free and the government pays him
Living to work vs working to live - enough said ;)
Dude: What surprises me is that people aren't rioting on the streets.

Well they are now.
jennifer weinberg
jennifer weinberg:
In the UK a screwdriver is considered a weapon of mass destruction.
Sebastian Stoltze
Sebastian Stoltze:
Shen she Said “hmm cancer brownies” i was 💀
David Griffith
David Griffith:
“That would cause riots”💀
An Average Adolescent
An Average Adolescent:
this really makes me reconsider america as a “dream” place to move to when I grow up.
The power of the NRA gets me every time.
Franzi C
Franzi C:
"In Germany we don't wave flags" true haha
Ernst Rauska
Ernst Rauska:
"USA are actually a third world country wearing a gucci belt" - some guy on reddit
"I wish we could be that sort of happy and optimistic"

Hmmm are u sure?
Esteban Miranda
Esteban Miranda:
I’ve just lost all hope in my health
Lol I’m incredibly pessimistic after watching this now I hate it here
The food part is terrifying even for me from developing country
Da Hias
Da Hias:
I've been working at a governmental office for, like, five years in Germany (went to university before), and just one semester of studying in America costs more than I earn in an entire year. That is INSANE. How can anyone except Jeff Bezos' kids afford this???
real madridista
real madridista:
It’s videos like this that make me proud to be European
3:08 jup i ask the same question
EU:Americans are very friendly and hospitable
Me: *Cries in Canadian*
This made me question is there truly a mutual benefit to being a US citizen.
Mr. Money
Mr. Money:
Cancer Brownies is my new aesthetic
E Rutten
E Rutten:
"How come people are not rioting?"... best question in this video.
Wycliff Studios
Wycliff Studios:
Americans must start asking questions about the over inflated Healthcare costs
Skelton Slay8er
Skelton Slay8er:
You can take my guns from my cold dead hands. Shall not be infringed
a j l
a j l:
Why is the New York Times so smug now I used to respect them
0:48 this goes both ways. EU meat, cheese, and especially eggs wouldnt not pass USDA inspection

this video is intentionally biased.
Russell deJesus
Russell deJesus:
I see Harry Potter in the thumbnail and I click
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice:
Purple shirt Italian man is my favourite, I love how he is genuinely concerned that his Romanian partner will get hurt because of the US food and stops her from putting it in the bowl! ♥️
Dawson cheifpuffnpass
Dawson cheifpuffnpass:
"It surprises me that people aren't rioting in the streets!"
Year 2020
'Country on fire from riots'
Joseph Rittenhouse
Joseph Rittenhouse:
2019: I dont understand why they arent in the streets rioting

a t
a t:
No, Americans don't riot because they don't get free healthcare. Wanna know what they riot about?

Wearing masks lol
Joshua Ali
Joshua Ali:
Its funny how this American channel only has Europeans that actually like America, i wish they have different Europeans other than young hippies 👍🏼