What Does "Pansexual" Mean? | InQueery | them.

How much do you really know about the history of the word "pansexual"? Elana Rubin explains on this episode of InQueery.

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Elana Rubin Explains What "Pansexual" Means | InQueery | them.

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Lisa Sniderman
Lisa Sniderman:
Dear pan people: Don’t read the comments
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia:
My therapist brought me here 💀
Aby Galindo
Aby Galindo:
First comment I see it tells me not to read the comments if I’m pansexual, I am pansexual & me being myself I read the comments.. now I see why it says don’t read the comments because these are getting me pissed. Only people that are pansexual will understand this. NO bisexual & pansexual are NOT THE SAME!! so for you people saying there technically the same they aren’t.
This comment section is the exact reason I want to change species
Kara The Husk
Kara The Husk:
Why, why I'm curious about this lol
Connee Therieau
Connee Therieau:
Have to say the question that bugs me the most is "oh your pansexual,Does that mean you like pans?".....🤨🤨🤨
Yehudit Emerald
Yehudit Emerald:
Some people seem confused.
Pansexual means that gender doesn't matter, whatever's on the outside doesn't matter, the soul does.

But they do have standards, idiots 😂🏳️‍🌈
I’m very proud to be pansexual 💗💛💙✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Harmony Marie
Harmony Marie:
Who's here cause they don't know what their sexuality is? 🙋
I’m pan
TeaCourt press
TeaCourt press:
I never figured panphobia exist until i read this wreck of a commentsection
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83:
Invalid Opinion
Invalid Opinion:
I saw this title and I was like ayy its me!
I’m asexual...... *why am I here*
Ricardo Fernandes
Ricardo Fernandes:
Undoomed brought me here!
Purple The purple
Purple The purple:

and im really happy for being Asexual cause love sucks lol (only sucks for me)
WelP, I'm Pansexual ✌💕💛💙
Be happy be free be yourself most importantly be open minded
it's izzy
it's izzy:
I heard Brendon Urie is pansexual and I wondered what that meant so now I'm here
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT:
I'm Pan :3
Addison Is an Otaku
Addison Is an Otaku:
I just wanna know if I’m pan or not, I don’t need a whole fricking history session! Lol not hate!
To the fellow pansexuals scrolling through these comments, you are valid. Don't pay attention to the rest of these people who clearly haven't done their research and have pride in who you are and in yourself.
Built like a block
Built like a block:
Trans people aren’t a separate gender omg trans women are women and trans men are men.
Yeetus Mcyeetus
Yeetus Mcyeetus:
Yall really posted this on my birthday and the sam year i came out as pansexual
I love how what was once a homophobic comment section got took over by the Pansexuals. I love you guys.
Aisha Zuo
Aisha Zuo:
So wait people actually consider someone’s gender when they like someone??? Or likes only someone of that gender?? Huh?!
Benjamin Mendez
Benjamin Mendez:
In Spanish pansexual means to be attracted to bread 🍞
word salad 🤣
Hello my pansexual peeps
just remember you are valid
you are loved
and amazing
and most importantly dont read the comments
Amira Hammad
Amira Hammad:
DUDE I never asked about history school I’m just wanna kneo uh
Angelina Rafanello
Angelina Rafanello:
Thank you so much for this video pansexuality is so rarely discussed
Lando Callrissian has been confirmed to be Pansexual. I think he fell in love with his droid L3-87
Where all my Star Wars fans at?
The undoomed raid army is coming to bring justice.
William Afton Crewmate
William Afton Crewmate:
Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness & Visibility is on my mom’s birthday... Pansexual Pride Day is on my friend’s birthday... I’m confused 😐
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis:
Is it just me or has the human race gotten 40%
more complicated in the last 10 years lol
Hafsaoui Aymen
Hafsaoui Aymen:
This is what happens when you love washing the dishes 😂 (a pan if you didn’t get it)
i love u i love u
i love u i love u:
Bella Thorne brought me here
I like that jazzy piano. Smooooth :)
Demonic Pharoah
Demonic Pharoah:
*Big mouth brought me here*
Im pansexual but i still prefer nonstick
Toxic Can
Toxic Can:
Jaidenanimations brought me here ._.
MyMy Kittens
MyMy Kittens:
I'm pansexual and these comments are funny! Omg! We can all love each other!XD
I still don't get it but I am really trying to understand. If someone Hs a simpler explanation , I would really appreciate it.
I'm bored
I'm bored:
How come I'm only watching this now in 2020? I not only know what pansexuality is now, but I have figured out that *I am pansexual* and the 'Pansexual Pride Day' is literally one day after my birthday❣ I love my life🤩🥰🤗☺️
Calvin Ralph
Calvin Ralph:
Erm I feel more enlightened and less knowledgeable at the same time. Think i need to read or watch more to determine what pansexual is .😊
Dj AB:
I’m curious how something peaks and then goes higher
Zero Two
Zero Two:
When someone asks you if you like pans just tell them that you can use pans as weapons
Praxedes Mubanga
Praxedes Mubanga:
Sigmund Freud, my favourite scholar/theorist
Itz Jennovy
Itz Jennovy:
Who else thinks of pancakes whenever they hear the word pansexual?
So I just found these inqueery videos and I love them! I’d love to see some on the Asexual and Aromantic communities!
Team Awesomeness
Team Awesomeness:
"trans binary and genderqueer identity" Don't you mean trans,non-binay,and genderqueer identity?
Jamie Ortiz
Jamie Ortiz:
I’m here because I saw a video on Tiktok that said Brendan Urie was pansexual so I had to look it up what it meant😆
Jefferton Alive
Jefferton Alive:
I once tried to be a Pansexual.
No one told me to take it off the stove.
Now I'm a eunuch
Paul Allen
Paul Allen:
I’m here because YouTube brought me down a rabbit hole. I was recommended Paradise City trailer, with Bella Thorne in it. I wondered, “Hey, what happened to her!” So I searched Bella Thorne and she said she was pansexual. So here I am and destiny arrived all the same.
little bob
little bob:
I’m here so i can fully understand what this sexuality means....so when someone tells me that’s they’re pansexual i won’t be asking dumb questions or say something stupid & offensive
I grew up in a very catholic family and everyone is straight and I am 90% sure I am pansexual
I searched this up for a tv show the owl house
Sunnie Beans
Sunnie Beans:
So thats what my brother is ohhhhhhh i know now ty!
Hamdo Caro
Hamdo Caro:
I’m actually a ac 130 gunship
Team Awesomeness
Team Awesomeness:
turn on auto-generated captions.
As a pansexual, my motto is "A hole is a hole"
To *Them* (lol, some may get that joke) Please keep the comment section open while the dose of logic is posted.
Micah Van Meckeren
Micah Van Meckeren:
thanks for the warning
i am winwin wonwon in the past
i am winwin wonwon in the past:
Is this a timeline. I just want to know what pansexual is.
Jay Coolelkgrove
Jay Coolelkgrove:
Well. I believe this opens the doors for people who are into relationships with robots or dolls. As AI progressively becomes more human than human, wow, people are going to be into android hermaphrodites. Anything goes.
Starkadd MMORPG
Starkadd MMORPG:
Thanks, Undoomed :D
carren morales
carren morales:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *uh holy noises*
barricade 123
barricade 123:
The comment are gonna be interesting
Chessa Bendus
Chessa Bendus:
I came out of the pantry today my family said they love me no matter what!
•Angel• UwU
•Angel• UwU:
:Somebody not knowing about how ww1 started: wait so that’s why ww1 started? 0:55
So, here's a question:

*What's Pensexual again? I'm confused*
Marie Love Miracle
Marie Love Miracle:
Thank you for making this video :)
زفت خرا
زفت خرا:
Thanks i know now
Admiral Catiett
Admiral Catiett:
Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, or Copper?
*Army generals at 5am*

Cali I'm guessing?
Dick Hurtz
Dick Hurtz:
She’s putting me to sleep
Why is she taking us to the 19s ? Just tell me what does it mean bruh
Short precise and concise
Team Awesomeness
Team Awesomeness:
If May 24 is pansexual and panromantic awareness and visibility,then what is June 24?
pansexual? you mean attracted to frying pan ?
Christine Roberts
Christine Roberts:
What a world.. Never heard of the word.
Addilyn Music- And tiktok
Addilyn Music- And tiktok:
I am straight but I wanna know wat this is
Omar Mustafa
Omar Mustafa:
I'm here because I'm trying to analyse what is Sam Evans sexuality
Udita Arif
Udita Arif:
The girl is cutee <3
I watched the whole video and i still dont understand what it means.
Rock Snot
Rock Snot:
Don't really care who you have the hots for. Or what.
Omg im also pansexual didnt even know... so cool
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter:
M8 I literally have no idea how many genders there are anymore
•ReddieTheTeddy •
•ReddieTheTeddy •:
Im sad i dont know what pansexual is :(
Just Jayden :I
Just Jayden :I:
Me: I'm dizzy I see why I fail school ;-;
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo:
How did I ....even ....get....here!!!
Chani Mo
Chani Mo:
Hey! That's me!💖💛💙
Love Yourself
Love Yourself:
So I'm pansexual?
Austin Herr
Austin Herr:
But... what is it?
Oh your pan asexual hear you guys go 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 I got kettles if you like them as well
gerard dearie
gerard dearie:
“Contemplating labels” will be two words used by historians to sum-up this generation.
Zijack 06
Zijack 06:
You’re cute af
Jersey Aro
Jersey Aro:
Okay y'all I have a question if someone likes men, males or masculine females what does that make them?
Ancika Mayza Putri Y.
Ancika Mayza Putri Y.:
I'm trying to find out if i'm bisexual, pansexual, or polysexual. It's confusing