What Happened on Juice WRLD’s Private Jet?

His smash single, “Lucid Dreams,” and album, “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” took him to the top of the charts. He was collaborating with A-list artists and on his way to super-stardom. But all of the Juice WRLD’s potential was shattered with his death. Friends and fans have been paying tribute to 21-year-old, born Jarad Anthony Higgins. InsideEdition.com’s Stephanie Officer speaks to Billboard’s Hip Hop Editor, Carl Lamarre, about the legacy Higgins will leave on music and in his native, Chicago.

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Inside Edition
Inside Edition:
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imagine going to that concert going home and finding out he died
Rekt902 games
Rekt902 games:
"I Still See Your Shadows In My Room"
Lucid dreams had a trend about seizures on tiktok before he died
"We aint making it past, 21."

So true, my friend.
No one:

People at my school: the juice expired
The amount of drugs he did probably had something to do with it wish his friends would have gave him help
Leroy Gervais
Leroy Gervais:
He swallowed a whole bunch of drugs because he didn’t want to go to jail but he seizured after that.
gianna m
gianna m:
I just don’t get how he literally knew he was going to die at 21. like what ...
IVS_Akro -YT
IVS_Akro -YT:
That one kid who didn't even know about Juice: OmG hE wAs mY FAvORiTe FoOtbALl plAyEr
Drei ;-; • 69 years ago
Drei ;-; • 69 years ago:
No one:

Literally no one:

Kids at my school: hE fAkEd hIs dEaTh
its scary how true his lyrics and saying were not living long
miraj raza 2
miraj raza 2:
Basically he got informed his jet was being followed so he panicked his girl tried to calm him down but he took most of the drugs onboard thinking tje feds wont tell... why😭
Apple Roblox
Apple Roblox:
Imagine the doctors like making the doctors disappointment themselves when they. Pronounce him dead
For anyone wondering, his seizure was caused by the amount of drugs he took in.
Everyone wears a mask
Everyone wears a mask:
This video doesn’t answer the question asked in its title.
uknow who
uknow who:
Drug culture isn't a joke at the end of the day.
sven from minecraft
sven from minecraft:
Rapper do drugs:
Rapper die:
Allyssa Evers
Allyssa Evers:
does anyone realize that the lyric in one of the song was if i could die i'll die young
I stay up crying at night feeling like I lost a true friend and I didnt even meet him✈😇🕊
Fly high big bro
Ways to that would've prevented his death..

1.should of not taken the pills
2.if the piolet didn't tell
3.he should've never brought the bag of drugs
Sumire ._Otaku
Sumire ._Otaku:
He can’t even celebrate Christmas with his family how sad 😭
dj jimmy
dj jimmy:
Just knowing that the drugs were not his and he took them so his friends wouldn’t get in trouble.
Blood Blue
Blood Blue:
In a unreleased so g the lyrics says that a devil is telling him that he will die soon
Marissa Puracchio
Marissa Puracchio:
Even though I love Juicewrld and his music, he took his own life with drugs.. :(
The cops were after him because he had drugs, so he took all of the drugs.
So two celebrity deaths happened yesterday, Juice WRLD and the puppeteer behind Big Bird on sesame street
m and M guy
m and M guy:
Before: thug life
Now: drug life
ZN Brix and Vlogs
ZN Brix and Vlogs:
That song wasn't for himself man it was for peep and x and they both died before 21
arii •
arii •:
"All legends fall in the making" - Juice wrld
CallMe Kdon
CallMe Kdon:
“Ain’t making it past 21”
-Juice WRLD
NB Kids
NB Kids:
He basically committed to dying after taking so many drugs.
i don’t know how i feel about this

i feel bad for him and his family
but he did that to himself
Hello People
Hello People:
We miss him soo much R.I.P. But he’s in a better place know 👆🏽😢•~•
Desseray Alvarado
Desseray Alvarado:
Forever missed he was really good at singing to rip😭😭😭
The Nature Protecter
The Nature Protecter:

*Drinking expired juice while watching this*
Typical Gaming
Typical Gaming:
His drug addiction overtook his life, 21 isnt an age someone should die at.. sad for that age tbh
No, no, no
I still see your shadows in my room
Can't take back the love that I gave you
It's to the point where I love and I hate you
And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh)
Easier said than done
I thought you were the one
Listening to my heart instead of my head
You found another one, but
I am the better one
I won't let you forget me
I still see your shadows in my room
Can't take back the love that I gave you
It's to the point where I love and I hate you
And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh)
Easier said than done
I thought you were the one
Listening to my heart instead of my head
You found another one, but
I am the better one
I won't let you forget me
You left me falling and landing inside my grave
I know that you want me dead
I take…
Ultra Cool
Ultra Cool:
It's so sad because in a lot of songs he's always predicting he's going to die:(
Leaving a comment to prove that I was alive to see this war between drugs and juice WRLD...
Wolvzy EU
Wolvzy EU:
His mouth is leading

Our heart is bleeding
finger finger
finger finger:
I was in the middle of my first wrestling match when he died
egirl dubbed
egirl dubbed:
He did drugs which caused him to cause a seizure, happens. You can not defend him that he didnt do drugs, he DID.
Serpentine The King
Serpentine The King:
0:01 RIP Juice WRLD ❤️😭😭😢😞😞
Pie YT
Pie YT:
My best rapper and xxtenations :(likes to let him live sad
I wish u live long bro see u :(
Johnny Testickle
Johnny Testickle:
I’m thinking about Ski Mask, poor bastard is losing so many friends
Just let him rest 🙏🏻
Jacob Ellington
Jacob Ellington:
Why did you have to die this soon why can’t you live until 37 years old
Your Neighbor
Your Neighbor:
Should have changed the lyrics tp a "we aint makin it past 121"
This mans really die and Inside Edition be like, "Where's his private jet?"
Some of y’all getting mad at the fat comments on his songs, but y’all were the same ones laughing before he died. Goes to show they only care about you after your dead.
Jesse Quillen
Jesse Quillen:
Really sucks that he died so young
Paper Is Cracked
Paper Is Cracked:
His hip hop editor said that because he wasn’t going to get paid after
Shadow wolf
Shadow wolf:
In lucid dreams he said " i take prescriptions to make me feel a ok" so maybe he took too much and made him have a seizure
Angeleen Gonzalez
Angeleen Gonzalez:
rip juice wrld we all miss u 😭😪🥺🥺💞
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
If only he didn’t make a decision to transport those percs
Doij Rp
Doij Rp:
He had 70 pounds of weed and took these pills which caused his death
2:07 the only time ive seen juice wearin them grills
Prescott Family
Prescott Family:
I would listen to his music on sound cloud😥😞
Dunya Awawda
Dunya Awawda:
My god can’t be leave that he does I was at his concert omg can’t believe have a good time in heaven
callme retroz
callme retroz:
King Kerbus
King Kerbus:
Why everything this new was so sudden,We keep on losing young stars who keep pushing music to a better place.Rest easy legend
Smith Smith
Smith Smith:
Legends never die😢

Much love
Ryan Gaskin
Ryan Gaskin:
Somebody ratted on juice wrld and then he swallowed all the drugs
Rast and peace Juice world🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I main Hibana
I main Hibana:
He graduated from high school two years ago... god that’s sad
Why didnt they just flush the drugs down the toilet?
Greta Carter
Greta Carter:
The words I find eerie were from the song “ lucid dreams” - “I think I’m better off dead” ! What a shame and I really liked that song too !!
0:29 owl all the way

RIP juice
Anderson Pecot
Anderson Pecot:
When he got signed (sold his soul to the devil) he got famous. Wow
Owen wade
Owen wade:
He died nearly 5 months ago wow time goes fast I remember when it was 2 days ago
octavio padilla
octavio padilla:
Cant take back the love that I gave u 😭
So everyone in the comments suddenly became a detective?
I’m really hope he had a good life I love all his songsc❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Tommy-Lee Breland
Tommy-Lee Breland:
He didn't want to be a legend...
"All legends fall in the making"
-Juice WRLD
thank you, next bitch
thank you, next bitch:
This is how 2019 ends 😔 RIP JuiceWRLD
ZX am
ZX am:
Cant imagine its 5 month after his death i miss juice so much..😭🥺
Danny Flores
Danny Flores:
He sold his soul so yeah
MC Style
MC Style:
0:36 it wasn't even him preforming it was lil nas x
CrAk3d Crazy
CrAk3d Crazy:
He overdosed had a seizure because he swallowed a whole bunch of perks and that private jet wasn’t his it was rented

RIP to Juice WRLD hope ur mom is okay
sarah laur
sarah laur:
Jet pilot snitch on him and he took like 7 pills and thought he could throw it up but couldn't make it in time
v y
v y:
2019 is a cursed year.
Aaron Hutcherson
Aaron Hutcherson:
He got nervous and took pills and he took to many and overdose
Madison Wieger
Madison Wieger:
the maruwanna he had with him was what an average peron would smoke in 78 years!
In his song rich and blind he said.

They tell me the death of me gone be the perkys👹
Dinky do Gamer girl
Dinky do Gamer girl:
He died on my birthday 😖😖❤️
1:59 *He said and I quote "told her if imma die imma die"*
Cloud Cream
Cloud Cream:
Do you realise that he said he wanted to fake his death I’m not sure if it’s true but yeah
Jaden Chen
Jaden Chen:
What’s Juice WLRD’s favorite store?

Forever 21
This dude had serious drug problems... I wish someone would’ve helped him with his anxiety 😭
Playboy Vro
Playboy Vro:
It's sad to see 2019 end this way
What Happened On Juice WRLD’s Private Jet?
Inside Edition: *Random information*
Juice WRLD: **passes away**

Inside Edition: What Happened on Juice WRLD's Private Jet?
Lil NLE:
Ahem 6ix9ine was the pilot of the plane if you get it
(The pilot snitch on juice so yeah hope you get it)
Darla Looney
Darla Looney:
“We ain’t making it past 21.” He was right 😔
Adam Gatti2169
Adam Gatti2169:
Me: plays juice wrld song after his death

Chris z
Chris z:
All legends truly do fall in the making. He was the goat No cap.
gacha live edits
gacha live edits:
nooooo juice wrld 😢😢
Dripping Mx
Dripping Mx:
He had drugs on there that could lead him to life so he took it all and odeed so he wouldnt go to prison very 😔 😔 the reason is because someone snitched on him
Roker legend
Roker legend:
Moral of the unfortunate accident:

Don't do drugs kids,