What Happened to Dumbledore's Army After Harry Left Hogwarts? (Harry Potter Explained)

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Alicia Spinnet/Katie Bell/Angelina Johnson By Eszart: https://eszart.tumblr.com/post/164060790288/some-of-my-favorites-in-the-harry-potters-books

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Rithi Stewartx
Rithi Stewartx:
When everybody are thinking about Golden trio we should never forget the Silver trio:
Neville longbottom
Luna lovegood
Ginny weasley
dani1080 dani1080
dani1080 dani1080:
Neville, Luna, and Ginny are very underrated. They get undeserved hate unfortunately. Although they are my 3 favs.
Annie Dominguez
Annie Dominguez:
I just realized that Trevor was one of the most important characters in the Harry Potter series. He caused Hermione and Neville to meet Harry and ron in the first book and movie
Tanmay Bhakta
Tanmay Bhakta:
There should be a Netflix series about just some random students at Hogwarts.
Maya Layton
Maya Layton:
Let us all raise our wands in salute for
-Colin Creevy
-Lavender Brown
-and Fred Weasley
The memory of all you have done will be carried on by millions of Harry Potter fans.
I swear I miss Harry Potter so much rn
I don’t rlly like the new cast on the cursed child
I’m a lot like ginny
Sunita Agarwal
Sunita Agarwal:
You say coca cola, I say butterbeer!
You say soccer, I say Quidditch!
You say prison, I say Azkaban!
You say dog, I say Padfoot!
You say Chemistry, I say Potions!
You say doctor, I say healer!
You say home, I say Hogwarts!
You say childhood, I say Harry Potter!

-A Potterhead
N Boon
N Boon:
Carrows: “Muggles are disgusting!” J.K.Rowling: “Before toilets were invented wizards used to defecate on the floor.”
The Scran Line
The Scran Line:
Love this!!!!
Firsto Kurniaji
Firsto Kurniaji:
Neville : didn't want to use cruciatus
Carrow : Crucio

Neville : steal Gryffindor sword
Snape : go travelling with hagrid
Daryl Franklin, Jr.
Daryl Franklin, Jr.:
Neville really came into his own over the course of the series
Former Government Human #4937
Former Government Human #4937:
I’ve always believed Snape gave them that light punishment on purpose, fully aware it would be enjoyable.
As he himself was the one that brought harry the sword i believe.
Euan Mort
Euan Mort:
This just shows how much Neville had grown from a shy timid boy to a fierce, inspiring and courageous man.
what i want to know is what ever happened to the absolute legend of a wizard gilderoy lockhart
Adam Manneh
Adam Manneh:
Hopefully the duel between Dumbledore & Grindelwald will be as badass as the duel between Dumbledore & Voldemort during Order of the Phoenix!
Deatheater: I’m going to teach that boy a lesson by killing you!
Gran: So you’ve chosen death.
Deatheater: NANI?!
Teal Kitty Paola
Teal Kitty Paola:
I may be a Slytherin but I'd gladly join Dumbledore's Army.
Those brave souls!

P.S. I'm watching HPPA right now.
Finally another Harry Potter vid also can u do the life of crabe and Goyle please
Queen Kaur
Queen Kaur:
Best trio: Ginny, Luna, and Neville

Yes I said it, sue me!
Pokémon Trainer V-Kid
Pokémon Trainer V-Kid:
Collin Creevey

Last seen: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie , petrified at the Hospital Wing

Rumors: Not even one

But his book counterpart was found dead. RIP Collin Creevey
People: First
Me:•Looks to see how long this was posted•
Video: (Posted 1 Second ago)
Me: How the bloody he-


Edit2: There is this guy named Illyas and he is spamming, and copying my comment so just know that this is the og comment :>
Should make a “life of lily Evans” vid
erron cook
erron cook:
I feel like Neville is so underrated. After years and years of hard problems that Neville had to work on and he didn't get much appreciation for all he went through. He was probably the person who changed the most throughout the books
Petition to make a video for Dumbledore. (Young life, Siblings Life, His time in Hogwarts)
Rachel Webb
Rachel Webb:
Bro, how could people dislike this he has amazing vids
Do you not like Harry Potter
Do yo not like avatar the last air bender
Do you not like hunger games
Or do you not like MOVIEFLAME
He’s the best at theory’s, life of’s, storylines
Cappy Playz
Cappy Playz:
One like=one more Harry Potter video.
gamer legend
gamer legend:
I do like how you cover the less thought about topics, therefore giving us more information on the wizarding world. A Very Well done video.
Kumud Regmi
Kumud Regmi:
I love how you explain things MovieFlame. One of the best channels on YouTube.Who else likes him like if you do
Leo Taylor
Leo Taylor:
Actually lavender brown is not confirmed dead
S. Wu
S. Wu:
“The government believes Voldemort is a false lag and doesn’t want Dumbledore to create an army. To disprove the claim about Dumbledore creating an army, the gang decides to create an army.”

- Kilian Experience, 2018
Quack O-O
Quack O-O:
No views, 34 likes, 16 comment.

Youtube is drunk again.
1 view and 25 likes

YouTube is weird
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal:
I wonder if say 500 years in the future it'll be written in Hogwarts history but instead as it was called what it's called it would be written as a club that dumblerdore ran
Ming Dynasty Animations
Ming Dynasty Animations:
I was wondering about what happened to them after the battle of Hogwarts for a long time
I dont think lavender was ever comfirmed to die in the books but they killed her in the movie, still a great video though!
Bibhabaree Sahu
Bibhabaree Sahu:
When dumbledore died
Me: Oh sO hE cAn DiE
Robert M. German
Robert M. German:
The D.A. is so much the resistance. I just love the idea of it.
Hype How-To
Hype How-To:
The one dislike was Dolores Umbridge
Dineyas Negash
Dineyas Negash:
Love ur videos on Harry Potter
Samayra Grewal
Samayra Grewal:
Me: thinks if rowling is going to make another Harry Potter book

Movieflame: Has made another Harry Potter book
Christine Cannibal
Christine Cannibal:
God, Neville was so bad ass, I had a crush on him when I was a kid, even when my brother would tease me about it xD. I love him ah 😍😍😍
Like this if the books were better than the movies———>
Nathan Martin
Nathan Martin:
Me: I hate quarantine boredom

MovieFlame coming out with a new Harry potter video: What is "quarantine Boredom"
PT Carbon Productions
PT Carbon Productions:
I would watch an entire movie just about Dumbledore's Army shenanigans.
Tom Mons-White
Tom Mons-White:
Respect for the people who died doing what they love :(

and many others.
Ahmed Hussain
Ahmed Hussain:
Who is stronger:
Like: A dumbledor in his prime
Comment: Voldemort

P. S Both of them will be using their oringinal wands.
Majin Buu
Majin Buu:
Idc if your first
And I have always wondered about this thx for the video!
Ella BvB
Ella BvB:
"as dean was his best friend" I think you mean boyfriend
Sia Chavan
Sia Chavan:
Golden trio: *harry, hermione, ron*
Silver trio: *luna, Neville, ginny*
Copper trio: *mcgonagall, snape, Dumbledore*
Random mean trio: *draco, crabbe, goyle*

There are so many trios
Bronte McDonough
Bronte McDonough:
What Hogwart house are you guys in? I’m in Hufflepuff! 💛
Panitia_Jovita Maxentia
Panitia_Jovita Maxentia:
Im soo in love with potter's world. Every death really gave me goosebump, heartbreaking and their world fascinated me more and more. Actually i hope the book is a biography not a fiction.
I can't get enough with it :(
Erika’s Music
Erika’s Music:
There should be a Netflix series about the classes and life at Hogwarts. (Kind of like a diary from the perspecticve of different people.)
Penguin in Space
Penguin in Space:
What was the background music in the beginning? I love it 😅
Amapola Dd
Amapola Dd:
If anybody is wondering how lockdown is going, this video made me cry. Like real tears.
this man could make paint drying interesting with his commentary skill.
Arjun GIll
Arjun GIll:
wow i was early to a movie flame video
♥️ I have always had Luna as my favorite character. She's always been kind and supportive with everyone. I also love how she painted Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville at home and surrounding them with what looked like golden chains but they were actually the word friends written hundreds of times. ♥️
Lara Price
Lara Price:
Harry, Ron, Hermione - the golden trio💛

Luna, Neville, Ginny - the silver trio 🤍
The silver trio is so underrated 💕
Jedicookie Simmer
Jedicookie Simmer:
Damn.. 3 minutes aired and already 73 comments. 🥺
3:22 "Neville took over Harry's role as leader of the DA."
Neville proving once again that _he_ was also the Chosen One!
Chong Li
Chong Li:
I've never been this early my entire life
Aliza Khan
Aliza Khan:
I hate how movie barely slowed this development of Neville longbottom
Love him❤ 💚🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚❤
Michael O Keeffe
Michael O Keeffe:
It’s so sad how many people died half of the deaths almost made me cry
Fabbiha ANBAR
Fabbiha ANBAR:
I keep imagining that if I went to Hogwarts this year there would be the 2020 Army, focusing on keeping themeselves entertained during Quarantine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I wish they’d make a Harry Potter live action television show
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal:
4:11 oh please this is not how you steal from someone in a school you watch Snape for about month and mark down all the times when he's in the office and when he isn't then you get a fake sword made that looks like the sword after Snape leaves you wait 5 minutes (in case he forgot something and comes back) you then send the other 2 members and the most likely 2 hallways from where Snape would arrive this is so that if he comes back they can delay him by asking questions or something the third member will go in replace the sword get out and hid the sword somewhere then circle back to tell the other 2 members that it is done pick up the sword go get a broom and fly to Harry potter and never come back

I haven't thought about this to much you've thought about it not enough
Jaclyn Eum
Jaclyn Eum:
Who else gets so nostalgic about Harry Potter because it was their childhood? 😭😭😭
Ezekiel Pridgen
Ezekiel Pridgen:
Your harry Potter vids are what I live for
Gage Van Nuys
Gage Van Nuys:
Was watching Life of Iroh while this popped up
yoooo these vids are everythinggg i love them
Crafty Pup
Crafty Pup:
I wish I could live in Harry Potter ❤️💛❤️💛
Milagros's Channel
Milagros's Channel:
36th view, 118th like, and 44th comment. I swear if Morgan replies imma cry 💀
Alexander Borowski
Alexander Borowski:
nothing like watching another Harry Potter vid
According to Pottermore (now wizarding world), some members met up at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup! They all had their children there too!
Garima Singh
Garima Singh:
MovieFlame: *starts talking about members who died in the battle*
Me: Oh god no, not again.
MovieFlame: *mentions Fred Weasley*
Me: *immediate tears*
The Athletic Bookworm
The Athletic Bookworm:
i've never been so early and not known what to comment... i'm always late and have a great comment
Mr. Boomguy
Mr. Boomguy:
I love the fact that Harry, Hamiony and Ron brought together more houses with DA, then Dumbledore did with his Order of the Phoenix did, wich was only griffendors
Queen Kaur
Queen Kaur:
Thank so much for entertaining us during quarantine 🤗
Richard Mar
Richard Mar:
Wait, this just came out?
Natalie S
Natalie S:
Potato Skittles
Potato Skittles:
Death Eater: * tries to attack gran *
Gran: * pulls out uno reverse card * No u
Dr Debbie
Dr Debbie:
you are the best yt ever your vids so interesting
Jeffrey McCloskey
Jeffrey McCloskey:
Luna, always totally unafraid to be exactly who she was.
1:42 I like this scene, behind Neville there are two girls that look exactly as Eleanor Columbus and Charlotte Skeoch, the girls who played Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott. I think both characters were underrated and unnecessary left behind for films, both had a nice story.
Yusuf ytunceroglu
Yusuf ytunceroglu:
Sorry I haven’t been checking around your channel lately

I forgot I’m even subscribed lol
gerardo covarrubias
gerardo covarrubias:
movie flame when do you think you can make mace windu,yoda or anakin skywalker lives videos
Imagine if they make a Harry Potter animated Netflix series about Harry and Harry’s kids and had the original actors for the voices of the older characters (like life of Harry after the events of the books/movies)
Tim Kaiser
Tim Kaiser:
Does anyone else watch these at half speed and think "drunk history!"?

Really though...I love these Harry Potter videos. Very well done - thanks for sharing!
All Things Interesting
All Things Interesting:
Bella Chao Playing in the Background for the Real Resistance that was the Dumbeldore's Army!
Lucaswarrior 13
Lucaswarrior 13:
You should make a video for on how someone becomes an animagi
Christoph M
Christoph M:
I wish there was a way to forget the entire plot of Harry Potter just to have one good time rereading and rewatching them
Dibyata Dhungana
Dibyata Dhungana:
Ooooooooo finally harry potter yayy
Godddd it fells like a centure not hearing thinks from movieflames about harry poteer
Riya Chandan
Riya Chandan:
This is how many people cried when Harry Potter ended
I’d like to see differences from hunger games movies and books. You’ve done a lot of these with Harry Potter. I can think of a couple such as Greasy Sae, characters looks (Most notably Cinna and Haymitchs), and many more
Alex D
Alex D:
That Auror just got yeeted back to the ministry.
Gene Smyth
Gene Smyth:
This should be called Neville longbottom and the others that time in the last three books
neville was the hero at the end in fiirst harry potter movies when he helped gryfindor to win the tiebreaker and also hero in the last movie by disintegrating nagini in the air, he is a true hero😐
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee:
I would have enjoyed The Deathly Hallows much more if there was more focus on Neville, Luna & Ginny and their fight for Hogwarts & the DA.
Jenny G. Potter
Jenny G. Potter:
golden trio: harry, ron, hermione
silver trio: neville, luna, ginny
bronze trio: ???, ???, ???
trash trio: malfoy, crabbe, goyle
comment down below who you think should be the bronze trio
Asri Gani
Asri Gani:
“Which relieved seamus very much because dean was his bestfriend”
Deamus shippers: