What is a Writ of Habeas Corpus? Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains.

What is a Writ of Habeas Corpus? This video explains habeas corpus and provides examples of pre-trial and post-conviction writs. Visit https://www.gustitislaw.com for more information about the writ of habeas corpus, the meaning of habeas corpus, and the best criminal defense lawyer in Bryan-College Station, TX.

This video considers the writ of habeas corpus definition and also the writ of habeas corpus explained in terms of pre-trial and post-conviction relief.

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About This Video:
In this video, criminal defense lawyer Stephen Gustitis answers the question: what is a writ of habeas corpus? He explains habeas corpus in terms of challenging unlawful pre-trial and post-conviction confinement or restraint. Habeas corpus is defined and examples are provided. Steve is a Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in Bryan-College Station, Texas. He has more than 28 years of experience in the field of criminal law and criminal defense in Brazos County. His videos cover a range of the best defense tactics and criminal defense strategies, including explaining writs of habeas corpus. #habeascorpus #gustitislaw

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Bob Hope
Bob Hope:
Thanks for addressing this issue. 👍
J. Jonah Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson:
Absolutely love your channel thank you for the information and what you're doing for the people. I have a quick question I have a cousin who is 32 years of age who when 12 years old was charged along with two other boys in a sexual misconduct situation. He had ineffective counsel for he was advised to plead guilty, the other two boys did not plead guilty and their case was dismissed. Now some twenty years later he's being held for failing to register as a sex offender for a conviction that he pled guilty to when he was 12 years old. Does this sound reasonable to you? Must a juvenile seal his records in order to be protected from them being used against him? Thank you for your opinions concerning.
L. EL:
Thank you for this great presentation !!! Im a french lawyer and i ve always been looking for a deeper explanation of this concept as nothing similar exists under french law. This was perfect !
Little Wolf Fam
Little Wolf Fam:
Thank you so much for this video! I just started studying law and this has been something so difficult for me to wrap my head around.
Silvia Litvinov
Silvia Litvinov:
This was a great video. Thank you for your explanation and for breaking down the various parts associated with habeas corpus.
B Mom
B Mom:
Thank you for these - Please cover the procedure for filing a AO91 where FRAUD was committed on the Court in Respondent's Declarations or Transcripts AND can be proven with Exhibits. How Form is properly completed, How to Serve properly and appropriate followup.
randall jacob
randall jacob:
Thank you.
Very well explained.
I live in Ontario Canada and this is still very useful information.
Deerfield Street
Deerfield Street:
Great content.. I'm currently serving a life without parole for a crime I didn't commit and no-one in my case died. This is very helpful. I wish that I could obtain your services but I am in SC.
Paris Golec
Paris Golec:
thank you for sharing this information. Im curious if and when a Writ of Habeas Corpus can be applied in Civil law. Thank you. There is family law involved, Family Interstate kidnapping, and Medical kidnapping as well.
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy:
Thank you, brother of the bar, for your presentation. It will help many people understand this legal concept and some of the key writs issuing thereunder. The only thing I would have added at the beginning is the literal Medieval Latin translation, "We [a court] command that you may have the body." That, along with a bit of its history, I think would lay out the basic premise in its historical context for deeper understanding. Nevertheless, an excellent job!
Ronald Martino
Ronald Martino:
Brilliantly set forth. Thank you. Valuable information.
Lucy Poole
Lucy Poole:
clearly explained, thank you
Kali Garcia
Kali Garcia:
Do you include the relief being sought in the grounds for relief on the 1107 form? For example: "I am seeking relief from the inclusion of the affirmative finding of a deadly weapon."
Anna Calderon
Anna Calderon:
Thank you so much for this video! It helped me so much
Yellow Sharpie
Yellow Sharpie:
Thank you. This helped me understand and distinguish Habeas Corpus from Amparo. I wish you were my law professor!
Elisabeth Charriez
Elisabeth Charriez:
Oh, thank you for what you are doing. I have a specific question. How would I get the question to you for consideration of a response?
Rosa Sanchez-Perez
Rosa Sanchez-Perez:
Hi, I have a question. Here's the situation. The Court granted 60 days for the State to answer and be more specific on three grounds on a motion I filed, denying in part all the rest of the allegations. The 60 days went by, I filed a motion to compel regarding no answer as to the order given. The court denied my motion to compel, but granted 60 more days for the State to comply with the Order. It happened again, not complying. What kind of motion should I file now in order for the Court to make a final decision regarding the Order so that I can continue with the proceedings and appeal? Should I file maybe a motion inquiring the State's non-compliance? Thank you for your help if possible.
jose joker Bustalino
jose joker Bustalino:
Thanks for the information. More power and God Bless You!
Adultish Gambino
Adultish Gambino:
Very straightforward video, thanks
Rhett Michel
Rhett Michel:
A friend was involved in a federal criminal case starting 2016, and still serving probation. They DOJ decided to change judges after 3 and a half years on a docket. The judge denied a continuance, the defendant was scheduled for a surgery to rule out cancer and the 70 days expired . The criminal attorney was informed the 70 days expired by the US ada and judge. He did not counsel or advise his client, who paid thousands of dollars for a competent criminal defense attorney, he just agreed to sign an Unopposed Motion to Continue. The defendant found out unfortunately 18 plus months later. There was a question continued to be asked , why are you asking me to sign back dated guilty plea in May and June ,2020, that is dated in February of 2020. The criminal defense attorney just brushed it off and said that's something that can be fixed at a later time just sign the damn paper . When the defendant refused to sign the guilty plea, she was thrown into solitary confinement and pre trial probation yanked from her and no modification granted for ability to do house arrest or other modifications stating she was a threat to society. The defendant was a first offense , non violent crime, and the crime did not a weapon. Days prior to this, she was treated in the emergency department for stroke versus hypertensive crisis. The two week Detention in solitary confinement caused her to have repeated panic attacks in custody, chest pain, exacerbation of PTSD, excruciating post traumatic pain from a previous head on collision ,which she took scheduled pain medication for ,were abruptly stopped the two weeks, and fear . She was released only after agreeing to sign the guilty pleas. The defendant now has some form of type I heart failure not diagnosed prior to their unlawful detainment to force a signed guilty plea back dated from Feb. 2020. We were now in early June . They claimed 5 pages of pretrial violations back dated 4 years. The former judge was known as one of the toughest their...........Wouldn't you think, if she really had 5 pages of pretrial violations, that strict judge would have yanked her pre trial probation a long time before 4 years after the fact?
Thank you for the information.
How do you file a Writ of Habeas Corpus if you are confined? Where can we find examples of the formatting and requirements for writing a Habeas Corpus?
Yauvan Patel
Yauvan Patel:
Hello, sir my father is in detention center from last 9 months and he was having final order of deportation and our lawyer have filed habeas corpus could you tell me what would happen? Because you have such experience you should be knowing more.
Diaz Monik
Diaz Monik:
I love your explanation so, clear thank You. Would you please tell me Writing a habeas corpus in California, can help someone that always declare innocent; spend since 18 years old to 33 years old in prison, under Brady case's by US authorities, prosecutor and miss representation. Can you suggest me something effective? Thank Youuuuu!!!
Larry Boswell
Larry Boswell:
I am currently working on a 11.07 application. I have many grounds the one in question is for a laffler claim. How often or how successful ate they?
Sir, I am neither a lawyer nor a criminal. I've just developed an interest in learning how our laws work.

My question would be if a criminal rightly convicted in a court of law could use a post conviction writ of habeas corpus to challenge his/her penitentiary assignment if they feel it is extreme in relation to their crime?

An example would be if a person convicted of habitual drunk driving offenses were assigned to a maximum security prison where there were high levels of violence.
Bob Hope
Bob Hope:
Can you do a video on the substantive and procedural rights of an criminally accused person, that are enjoined upon the States, under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution?
Joe Mahl
Joe Mahl:
This is a great video, I just wonder more and more about it.
mickeyme 2013
mickeyme 2013:
Hi Gustitis, interesting Thankyou. I have a question. It’s interesting that Habeas Corpus is ingrained in the 7th amendment of the US constitution and whilst this is the case this is the relative freedom that US people have in the freedom of religion. I.e cannot be accused of carrying out a criminal activity if they are innocent preachers etc. This is quite different to the Russian constitution, did you know that Habeas Corpus is not part of the Russian constitution and that is why religious persecution is rife right there and now. It seems that if the US and UN want this persecution to stop they need to make sure that the Russian Constitution has this Avenue engrained in their constitution, is there anything that can be done about this please?...,
April Williams
April Williams:
Your exactly right!
Good day sir, we're having a parliamentary debate I'm in the side of opposition team. Our motion are all about: the writ of habeas corpus of the rebellion should not be suspended and warrant of arrest is not mandatory if such crimes is committing and attempting by the person. Can you give me some advice's about this two motions as side on opposition? Thank you.
s mike
s mike:
Hello sir. If someone was to try and go through a post-conviction writs to lower their sentencing. Is it possible that they could get a higher sentencing than their original sentence?
Eric Michael Loyd
Eric Michael Loyd:
Good morning Gustitus Law are you familiar with the Caterbone Surpreme court case? This question is brought up in regard to Habeus corpus, as that is what cater bone contended. Could you explain the appropriate use of Habeus Corpus in regard to this case?
stefano lorenzo
stefano lorenzo:
I worked on a habeas corpus pursuant to Art. 11.07 (a post-conviction writ). I was assisting the lawyers in formulating the petition. Here was a case a defendant was indicted for intoxication manslaughter by causing his motor vehicle to collide into a motor vehicle causing the death of the driver. 3 years after the original grand jury issued the indictment, the day of trial, the State announced that it will reindict the defendant and add two paragraphs of prior convictions. However, a week before the trial date the State filed a motion to amend the indictment "off the record" to change the nature of the offense. The State sought to change how the offense occurred. Instead of colliding a motor vehicle into a motor vehicle, the State alleged that the defendant drove his motor vehicle and collided it into a pole, thereby causing the death of the passenger (in the defendant's vehicle). Now in Texas, the State can Amend an indictment to form or substance, but it cannot amend an indictment over the defense's objection if the amendment violates the defendant's substantial rights or charges the defendant with a different offense. The State argued that even though the amendment was made "off the record", the defendant was still charged with the same statutory offense. The retort was, the State changed the grand jury's offense of the indictment, including the deadly weapon and how the victim died. Then the State had claimed that a grand jury reindicted the defendant as it issued two paragraphs. The reindictment was not attached to the original indictment or its court minutes. It was as the original indictment never existed. Our position was that the State illegally tampered with the indictment to claim the grand jury reindicted the defendant and added the new language while the original indictment remained pending with its original offense. The records had shown that the second grand jury merely added the two paragraphs and did not add any substitution of language. The State used the Amendment to have the grand jury add in the language. And it was all off the record. The judge and prosecutor involved did not preside over the case or prosecute the case and sought to distance themselves away from the trial. The judge assigned a new prosecutor and had a visiting judge preside over the case for the trial. The defendant was convicted. The case was overturned 7 years after the defendant had been convicted.
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins:
Good lecture!
B Mom
B Mom:
You mention in this video ineffective assistance of counsel is covered in our 6th Amendment Rights. In future videos would you cover can we sue for ineffective assistance of counsel in Civil Court - citing 6th Amendment Right violation? Ty!
Barry Sabahat
Barry Sabahat:
Thank you for sharing.
Lucy Solomon
Lucy Solomon:
Thanks for the information .
Sherry Perry
Sherry Perry:
Video was exceptional. You were very cleat and understood all you were saying.agyer 50 plus years something I did as a juvenile. , had come back to hurt my. Although when I was waiting to be sent to a reformatory. An attorney came up and said he was getting me out on a writ of habeas corpus. My conviction was set aside, but recently discharged from employment, I’ve had all my life. I need help with this, o am unemployed, have PTSD as result of in- natural loss of only child, Do you think a lawyer will see me for a consultation. O have no monies available, paying everything on my own Thank you for your help and consideration.
Dwayne Myrick
Dwayne Myrick:
I received a plea bargain on burglary charges it was about five charges I received four years probation a behavioral health program and 4 months in a local jail the sentence judge said I have 4 years to introduce a writ of habeas corpus this was 2018 when I was sentenced this was back in September what steps should I take to get these restrictions off of me I'm presently doing an 18-month program and Behavioral Health which is drug court I do random urine test and is subject to needing permission to leave the state and also have a curfew please, Comet thank you
Goldtrap Law
Goldtrap Law:
I enjoyed the video regarding habeus corpus relief. Thanks
Gisselle Manzzo
Gisselle Manzzo:
How does this play out in an extradition case where a court has detained a prisoner for double the amount of time allowed using covid 19 as the excuse to give the asking or extraditing state additional time? In this case, the prisoner being held in California. What would be the turnaround time if the writ was submitted to an appellate judge/court?
Madeline Zarzuela
Madeline Zarzuela:
loved it!!!!
Aaron Winters
Aaron Winters:
i have a friend who lost his work release in jail by showing up positive on his first UA (drug test). However, they don't have the drug test saved anywhere. When I asked them about their chain of custody, they were baffled, as they didn't know what I was talking about. Eventually, they provided a photo of an unmarked drug test. There is nothing that states whos drug test it is. I dont think their is any way they can prove that this is his drug test. Is this something I could use Habius Corpus for to get his work release reinstated?
Adultish Gambino
Adultish Gambino:
Who tf dislikes an informative law video?
Gvegas Man43
Gvegas Man43:
I have a case I would love to share with you and get your second opinion. I’d love to speak with you and if that’s possible I can share my phone number. This case I’m in involves a traffic stop, prolonged unnecessary stop “investigation”, cops using conduct unbecoming of an officer, Violation of South Carolina’s Truth to Arrest Act of 2006 which resulted in me basically being kidnapped and imprisoned, failure to Mirandize, bond extortion, harassment, prosecutorial abuse of power. That’s just the stop. There are so many more aspects dealing with my health, criminal record, negligence by Sentinel (a privately owned monitoring company the county and state contracts defendants on house arrest to), negligence by the detention center staff that nearly caused my death but did result in me having surgery that turned a small hole into a long scar and a port hole replacement that hurts constantly now. A warrant I was not given the chance to see when cops stormed my home and violated my 4th Amendment rights while they stood over me and my teenage son with their firearms drawn. The warrant is based on crappy “surveillance” statements and lies by the officer, people they arrested or pulled over for just coming down the street I live on that I don’t even know. People that they questioned and gave them my name and address. Like did you stop and such and such where B lives? Then giving them information about the case I’m facing because I rode in a car and stood up for mine and my friends rights. When they finished destroying my property (home and out building) on their evidence taken list it had NOTHING TAKEN. The first lawyer I had tried to get me to plead. I can’t. I took out a loan and paid a defense lawyer who also tried to get me to plead. I told him if I was gonna do that I wouldn’t have taken out a loan I’m going to struggle to pay back to hire you. By pleading the prosecutor offered me probation which I can’t pay, I don’t have a car so getting to probation and back home will be unconvincing for anyone who I asked for a ride so that’s both violation offenses which will land me in prison. Not to mention his plea is still a felony and that takes away my 2nd Amendment right which I had a CWP to carry but until this case is done I can’t have it or my firearm. My 2nd Amendment as a disabled person who has to use a device that is visible for anyone wanting and not wanting to do me harm to see. That at least gives me a deterrent or an equalizer which would be a last resort. The night that started all this I was with a friend so I left my firearm at home. Which I see as probably being a good slip of my memory in retrospect. So many ins and outs of this buffoonery I’m dealing with.
daniel white
daniel white:
I would like to file for post conviction relief based on forth amendment violation the search warrant had wrong address but my lawyer insisted it couldn't be thrown out and the judge wouldn't agree. Also was told if I signed for the time I could have all my property returned but that never happened. I'm in the process of getting help from veteran agencies and also I was denied veterans court programs.
Zac Bau
Zac Bau:
Can a person that has been arrested on an escrow be detained in jail? Can a pretrial writ of habeas corpus apply to them if their bond is set at the about of the escrow
Tremayne Jones
Tremayne Jones:
What can i do if i went through habeas corpus and it was proven my arrest and détention was illegal.And i signed an settlement and now the partner refuse to compensate me.
Sulenia Alexander
Sulenia Alexander:
What if a judge that was the lawyer for a case 15 years ago for an client which got sentenced and did many years in prison became judge on another case the same one he " defended" and sentenced him to 9 years on a burglary 4 years ago. Was the same judge / ex lawyer supposed to judge his case and over sentence him in both cases?
I have never understood pretrial conditions of release, like no alcohol. I understand no drugs or not breaking any other laws, but no alcohol? Why? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
great video !
ヤマラ ༒ᏝØЯĐ-山ΛSξξM-MΛᏝᖽᐸ ࿐ C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.
ヤマラ ༒ᏝØЯĐ-山ΛSξξM-MΛᏝᖽᐸ ࿐ C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.:
Thank you, I will try this, as they have places a CBO (oRDER) on me and its been 3 years now where they will not let me upload vids to youtube about the abuse the UK POLICE, COUNCIL and COURTS are inflicting on me and the orders has obsen conditions in it. these conditions say i cannot email the police to complain and all my phones camera and sd cards have been taken so i cant film them and document there abuse... i will try this writ and see what happens. because the probation will not even reply to my complaints of unfare ORDER conditions that are mentally hurting me for over 3 years... no lawyers will help me and there is no advice out there... they put me in prison for sending one email asking for my things back...,. they beat me and damaged my shoulder by dragging me by my arm in cuffs.
Dont Trip
Dont Trip:
Ive been serving probation for the last 8 years this was my last year and tbey added 2 more years and changed my whole plea on false charges i signed under duress . i tried to let the courts know i have video proof ive been serving felony probation on false charges but they are all against me even the council who represented me used mal practice the video speaks for itself ive been stuck in corpus christi tx ever since . what kind of writ do i file to have this corruption over looked and venu changed cause its thr whole county against me =.(
Dr Emil Pfeiffer
Dr Emil Pfeiffer:
You have not explained the "Habeas Corpus" that is the god given right of every human being to face his accuser.
Kindly explain this principal please.
Brian Akiona
Brian Akiona:
Some great info.
Holdi-locks Hair Buns
Holdi-locks Hair Buns:
All I can say is in Polk county, detainment is the 1st thing they do to both parties because it brings $300 per day per person. One accusation from a perpetrator is all it takes to be detained. Property owners are in great danger, they have no regard for securing your property when they do detain you. Your one call is almost impossible to make. I am not nearly as afraid of criminals as I am legal kidnapping. I have learned that calling 911 for help is dangerous.
5080 Music Group
5080 Music Group:
Where can I locate your contact services? I have false charges being brought against me
Essence Henderson
Essence Henderson:
I have a friend that’s incarcerated in Tn and has been transferred to the Penal farm on 2/13/2020. He was denied parole and extended to come forth the Board of Parole on 06/2023 . He signed for a plea bargain ( guilty ) with thre counts of crim-att 2 & reckless endangerment. Where the incident was he was shot 7times but the 3 victims were shot once and only 1 person came to testify against him. All of this happened at PreTrial. Does he have a chance to do this Writ and get something going? He also has put in a request to Suspend Remainder of Sentence Due to Covid 19 . His respiratory system is very fragile ( a bullet in his chest and two next to his spine ) . His Public Defender coerced him into signing by presurring him that a worse outcome will happen if he doesn’t take the 10yrs... Best advice ?
Kali Garcia
Kali Garcia:
Once the 11.07 application has been received by the Court of Criminal Appeals, how much time will it take to process? We have a post conviction writ that was rcvd by Court of Criminal Appeals on 08/05/2019. It has not been dismissed or denied to date. Thank you!
Shelia Howard
Shelia Howard:
I had a bond set I have been in jail for 7 yrs. A bond was made but the judge would not let me bond out because he had signed a judicial comment for a sanity hearing. I had passed a sanity hearing a yr ago.
Rick James
Rick James:
Can you do a video how to recuse a judge with a affidavit to the chief justices I seen a da use this strategy on youtube and judge will usually deny the motion but then recuse themselves when the chief justices are mention so you can sue a judge but can be taken out of a case for bias
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson:
Please address Psychological/mental confinement. Under whose authority can someone be confined, and what is the due process for such confinement?
Jennifer Ruiz
Jennifer Ruiz:
So is this the next and final step after they deny your post conviction?
selena sealey
selena sealey:
Thank good video I have court tomorrow afternoon I am facing a petit theft charge with walmart I was wondering if I take this to trial because I did not intentionally over scan what are the odds of walmart even showing up?
White Roses
White Roses:
How do I partition for the issuance of a writ of Habeas Corpus on behalf of a man held in prison please, do I need to use the courts paperwork or can I just send a letter? Thank you
Gina Shoemaker
Gina Shoemaker:
How long do you have to file this writ?
Robert V.
Robert V.:
Does habeas corpus apply in children/family court?
Brian Schutte
Brian Schutte:
With today’s technology could one petition for habeas corpus in say a roadside stoppage? Sending an email with the writ to the local federal courthouse clerk during the detention if no jurisdiction for the detention is given? Most especially given the fact that those unwarranted detentions often impede the (At time prisoner’s) ability to conduct their business.
MR.lawyer Hello am living in finland and i know that every country have a different type of investigation and law. But can you tell me what right i have if i am a vistim for traffic of people from one country in to another? And how i can smash in the court the bad people if i don't have enough evidence?
I have an important question I need answered asap. If a felony was dropped to a misdemeanor, can they reenhance that charge back to a felony?
Samuel Gallezzo
Samuel Gallezzo:
My girlfriend pled guilty to a murder charge 20 years ago. There was a plea agreement for life with the possibility of parole. After pleading guilty the judge decided not to accept the agreed upon recommendation and sentenced her to life without parole. When she pled guilty she was not aware that the judge could decide to not allow the suggested sentence and that she would not have the right of appeal with a trial by jury. Would her plea be considered involuntary without understanding that the judge could give her the maximum sentence and that she would have no right of appeal?
Natalee Darden
Natalee Darden:
So what is the time frame for a post conviction Hapeas Corpus? My sons lawyer died during his case before it went to trial. We paid him a significant amount of money. He was assigned an attorney by the court to work along the other firms Lawer who stepped up to help. He had no experience in the criminal cases related to my sons case. I feel he wasn’t represented properly
dipesh sharma
dipesh sharma:
Great video
Jerico N
Jerico N:
M M:
If my 2 year old daughter has been detained to her mother's care by an officer of the court(judge on ex parte motion with frivolous allogations) than could I use it to demand her release.
☯Miyamoto Musashi☯
☯Miyamoto Musashi☯:
Umm need more videos on law gotta study them for College
Dawn Ford
Dawn Ford:
So I was wondering if I qualify for a writ of habeas corpus because I have been sentenced and put on probation for some charges and that happened 4 years ago however I've been proved my situation and I don't agree with the plea agreement I did it because my my attorney kind of pressured me into it just to get it over with I and since it happened it had to do with a driving matter and I've got my license since then and became legal and the it's the way that they did it though is I don't think I'm fair and just I pledge to the charges that they knew would get wouldn't get dropped and I want to know if I qualify for this it's a kind of a rather unique situation and it's it takes a while to explain the whole sequence of events that happens in in the in the case so it would it would take me a while to explain it all but by the time it was standing over with it was not I don't feel they're interested
Bradley Dach
Bradley Dach:
many First Amendment audit videos after refusal to ID the subject is often threatened with being jailed up to 30 days until identification can be verified through fingerprinting so I'm assuming that a writ of habeas corpus would be appropriate
Gas Station Pimpin  🎰
Gas Station Pimpin 🎰:
Hello sir,

How long after a conviction can a person petition the court for writ of habeas corpus?! Are felony deffered cases also subjected to the habeas corpus for ineffective assistance of counsel ?

Thank you
Arthur Esqueda
Josephina Marquez
Josephina Marquez:
My husband who is incarcerated submited a Habeous Corpus to the courts . They sent a receipt acknowledging they recieved it , now recently online they have updated his case as of 12/30/19 "ORDER" . What does ORDER mean and what is next ?
Big Mike
Big Mike:
I need to file Writ of Habeas Corpus here in Arizona on behalf of my wife. I want to be sure that lay out the necessary points that need to reviewed. How can I do this if I am unable to find an attorney who can or will work with me to accomplish this?
Zeenat Shaikh
Zeenat Shaikh:
I m very glad that you replied for every comments that just a great sir
Che Garcia
Che Garcia:
My son came with bruises on this bottom. He’s 4, and he’s telling me his step dad hits him with a shoe and baracades him in his room. I contacted cps and they said they didn’t find anything. His mother is trialing me for a writ of habeas corpus. I fear for the safety of my child. Her husband is a felon, who drinks and drives. My son tells me he gets drunk and hits him.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell:
I’m in Georgia and want to know if a judge can rule over or deny a habeas corpus challenging the sentence they delivered?
Kane Arachchi
Kane Arachchi:
How does this law applies to someone being detained in Immigration detention in Australia after already served their time in prison for their crime?
1:20 for the actual video to friggin start
Little Wolf Fam
Little Wolf Fam:
Also, what state do you practice in?
I have been harassed by Tampa Police and courts, resently I was arrested without a warrant and police officers stole personal property to the turn of more than $5,000 dollars.
D. Davis
D. Davis:
Spectacular info
Ron Adkins
Ron Adkins:
Mr G. I recommended your channel to a dear friend who’s son seems to be unconstitutionally confined with an insane bond amount.
I’m talking a cool million Mr G.
Something about child porn possession. I feel so bad for her as a good Christian mother I’ve known for 50 years. The son is sick and needs treatment for sure but a bail of this size is surely unconstitutional. I wish I had more details but her lawyer has not provided her with discovery. This was last November. The lawyer should have given her discovery by now don’t you agree? Or maybe because she has not insisted it? I know the kid possibly has prior convictions possibly drug possession and prior child porn not sure so maybe there’s more to the story that I can comprehend but 1 million bond? Also she is running into the same old song and dance of court being delayed because of coronavirus just like I did. I have a hard time accepting people being locked up for vast amount of time without being allowed bond reduction hearing’s and other motions due to a pandemic. How is it that people can be held in jail indefinitely because of a pandemic especially when the federal government let out I believe 7000 people because of it only to , as of lately, recall them back to prison. This is a case in Illinois. I hear Illinois is quite corrupt so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not what are your thoughts?
Habeas corpus? 🙏 thx
format/template example of the writ would be nice.
Eden Culpepper
Eden Culpepper:
How do I contact you to ask some questions?
High Brow
High Brow:
I am in AZ. How do I find a good lawyer. I would like to have one on retainer so I have a lawyer I know if am arrested, so I can remain silent and be advised by a lawyer. I’ve never been arrested or in trouble, but in these changing times, I would be more comfortable having a familiar lawyer I could call. I want to have a relationship before any trouble could occur.
Avik Saha
Avik Saha:
Can we apply for Habeas Corpus petition on behalf of a minor girl(16+ years) who has been rescued from her biological parents as they wanted to sell her in the name of early marriage and now is confined at Government shelter and she is not allowed to communicate anybody else related to the child.
My husbands Writ is currently being reviewed by the courts. A lady that testified under pressure by the DA, I even have a text message from this woman saying that she refused to testify and that she was pressured by the DA, wants to submit an affidavit on behalf of my husband stating this very thing. How ever since this case has already happened, Im not supposed to contact this woman due to victims rights. How do I get this affifdavit from her if Im not supposed to be contacting her? With out me getting in trouble?
B L:
Please explain what this means in terms of Barr & the announcement this weekend.
:Jenalyn :Cabanag
:Jenalyn :Cabanag:
What if Habeas Corpus was denied during pre trial?
Jo Qu
Jo Qu:
Excellent channel
Rhys Weaver
Rhys Weaver:
What about this writ in a parental alienation scenario forcing the other parent to deliver a child after they've failed to follow numerous court orders?