What is Blackout Tuesday and who is taking part in the social media movement?

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Today people around the world are showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The music industry is observing a day-long "blackout" in response to the death of George Floyd and the killings of other black people.

Several top record labels organised Blackout Tuesday to "disconnect from work and reconnect with our community" and their employees have been given the day off as a "day of action" to help "provoke accountability and change".

It comes as protests erupted around the world, sparked by Mr Floyd’s death and the killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

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I wouldn't be chanting 'I CAN'T BREATHE' during an unprecedented global respiratory virus crisis. Odd, innit.
Why does London have an American flag flying?
Glitch Nex
Glitch Nex:
People aren't define from their Race, color of their own skin, and the place they've come from.
We're define from the Heart, and the mind.
It's not what we are, it's who we are.
Alexander Carder
Alexander Carder:
I just can’t believe that a police man could do that to a person as if he was an animal. He knew what he was doing and killed him first degree.
FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions
FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions:
I thought ALL LIVES MATTER, not just one specific group. Those who say a specific segregation lives matter ARE THE ONES that are racist for considering one and not the others. Jesus said (Mark 12:31): ...Love your neighbor as yourself... Not just some and ignore the other
Kokak Adoo
Kokak Adoo:
It was just a way for people to get virtue signalling internet points
Ang loving life
Ang loving life:
I want to thank all the other nations that stand with us. The most High sees you. You are sowing good seeds.
This is so far beyond the petty idealism that you find online and in clandestine sects of society - you can literally feel the scale and power of an entire planet uniting under the common banner of humanity against the acts of evil.
Commissar Corbynov
Commissar Corbynov:
Can somebody please tell me what made the killing of George racist? Genuine question guys.
Eric Cai
Eric Cai:
Corona has entered their stream
"Blackout" seems like a rather unfortunate turn of phrase.
Paul Briody
Paul Briody:
The young of today are a lost generation.
Orsen Carte
Orsen Carte:
Oh brilliant - Teenagers in Ireland chanting " No Peace " !
What about the riots and chaos?
Legit gaming
Legit gaming:
I feel bad for the innocent police trying to do their job
Chris Harding
Chris Harding:
In other news, coronavirus spike 2
Motivational lizard
Motivational lizard:
Whatever happened to the virus
Fergus Moonshine
Fergus Moonshine:
So when is 'white lives also matter' coming to town? Presumably after all the support people have shown the black community they'll want to do the same for the white community?
Entropy Generator
Entropy Generator:
and who is taking part?
*those who wish to virtue signal*
Myra Sarmiento
Myra Sarmiento:
It wasn't just Black people protesting it was also Asian people, White people and more!
Rest In Peace George Floyd
Kyle Stanley
Kyle Stanley:
Those broken windows at the end. Tsk tsk, people.
Chad Brittain
Chad Brittain:
Can someone tell me exactly what you want to happen?? There isn't segregation and they have equal rights, so what exactly is next???
Should be ‘all lives matter’. Blacks, whites, Asians. There is no room for racism in the world. As Bruce Lee said, we are all human beings and are one family. We just so happen to look different
Born 2 damn
Born 2 damn:
the beguiled..are unwittingly beckonin'g on ,.something way worse , usefull idiots.
Mosley Shoahs
Mosley Shoahs:
The virtue signalling is strong with this comment feed.
Yo Yu
Yo Yu:
What does a blackout have anything to do with racism
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig:
Can we stop with the division already. 🙄
Julie Mc!!!!!
Julie Mc!!!!!:
Peace ☮️ will help but THIS WORLD ISNT A FAIR ONE TO ALL 💔💔💔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Andy Smith
Andy Smith:
It’s green Wednesday tomorrow
Red Beryl
Red Beryl:
I got here because of some weird creapy things happened in "SoundCloud"

It said "Speak out, Speak Loud. It's Black Out Tuesday"

Tommy C
Tommy C:
Seeing all that support brought me to Tears!!
Don’t you find it interesting how some big presidential primaries begin today in the United States, and the mainstream media calls for a media blackout? Don’t fall for this, the black community is being literally manipulated and used by the Democrat Party for election purposes.
Gadget 275
Gadget 275:
I’m gonna laugh my ass of if this brings another wave of covid-19
Joseph Beach
Joseph Beach:
Let me get this straight the blackout theme is to support black lives matter in honor of George Floyd? I completely AGREE with getting JUSTICE for him. Why is there a number of people that believe it's only black people getting killed? I just read an article about two little babies one black and one white that were killed. It's not just black people it's all races matter.
Outta NYC
Outta NYC:
Guess everyone is Getting High today. 🤣😂
Well if this is the purge guess im gonna have to get me one of those diamond ak 47s
Bruno Meneses
Bruno Meneses:
Alguém br p me explicar eu tô meio fora do assunto
Kameron's Political Predictions Center
Kameron's Political Predictions Center:
On behalf of America (and me personally as a black teen in America), we want to thank the world for standing in solidarity with us
MonkeyD.Midoriya 15
MonkeyD.Midoriya 15:
This is honestly really sad
Anyone wondering why Black people are more likely to catch Covid 19 ? You can't Loot 2 metres apart ! 😂
Peggy Papadatos
Peggy Papadatos:
Rose James
Rose James:
How about "no taxation without representation"? (James Otis) .Is it possible to have no businesses or individuals paying taxes for a couple months until the government charge all the police men involved . Do background checks on all police officers to make sure they are not racists or bigots and if they are fire them.
They should go one step further. Go back to Africa. That’ll show us 😂
Kathy Passa
Kathy Passa:
Did this happen? First I'm hearing about it.
Old Man
Old Man:


| _

Abi the thirteenth
Abi the thirteenth:
I broke down when I saw the Aboriginal flag 😭😭
gary jackson
gary jackson:
So what, radio 1 is turning their music off for a whole day.. awesome... I say they do it every tuesday even if no one dies..
Im glad the world is standing together on this issue. I hope this sheds light on other people around the world who receive similar treatment from authorities and governments and they too are soon liberated from the evil powers the control this world.
rip 🕊 ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
Sukhpreet Kang
Sukhpreet Kang:
Ryonna Jones
Ryonna Jones:
Yo Gyal
Yo Gyal:
WHO came out with the hashtags .. Y’all have to do more then just protesting cuz racism will always exist that’s the devils work. Now many people will pass away because of the virus too and the Chinese people are there silent as always 😅
Martin Powell
Martin Powell:
Why does this video have background music?
J i m
J i m:
Wow, it all looks so peaceful.
1:60 why
Pro N0Va
Pro N0Va:
I know this is controversial and I’m probs gunna get sh**ed on but people need to realise that this is never going to change. Peoples anger will get worse over time but how’s that going to change anything the media and the government make money of this anyway so what we are fight for is just going to get stomped on by the government, which btw are mostly white so how are we going to make any progress with protesting. I know everyone’s rage is well deserved but we need to find a more peaceful way. Which will never happen therefor this cause (BLM) won’t matter. I love everyone no matter what colour they are their people and if they can’t see that than they are stupid. Much love from the UK
Why is this well not start but 2020 is going so bad right now we’ve got a virus Kobe Bryant dies then this there’s nothing happy about the world right now
Augusto Pinochet
Augusto Pinochet:
I swear America’s become in the 2020s version of Syria
Arai Marshall
Arai Marshall:
It's been called counter productive to sharing information through social media.
thatboy dre
thatboy dre:
Crazy how people are protesting in country’s that have nothing to do with this
Spideog FoH
Spideog FoH:
So it's been a day, has anyone come up with a solution to scrub away the ingrained cultural 'us versus them' mentality (more detailed than the vague umbrella term of end racism)?

I have some ideas that could use some work like: everyone disavows their personal or cultural differences, stops creating narratives that differentiate and divide people but above all else better education standards and opportunities to succeed for the everyone regardless of melanin count.
Basically a kind of revised well executed type of communism without greed and hate at it's core.
Peter Gianakopoulos
Peter Gianakopoulos:
I thought blackout tuesday was a sale like black friday.
Hu Mu
Hu Mu:
Yes, please!!! All Chinese businesses support this! Shop at your own stores (my black bruathas, good luck!) Please do not shop (I mean loot/rob/murder) in Chinese business!
so 1 mans death = around the world caring
that's strange
dlp magic
dlp magic:
00:55 la pisse ?
Nass Khan
Nass Khan:
Regular Wednesday
Why We Go Fishing
Why We Go Fishing:
Guybrush Threepweed
Guybrush Threepweed:
Answer: virtue signalling dribble.
Oliver McCombie
Oliver McCombie:
this is like somethibg out of a movie
Skai Surov
Skai Surov:
Unity not Division.
lana lou
lana lou:
Guys can someone pkease explain to me why do they say blackout tuesday? Why tuesday please?
Jack Jerram
Jack Jerram:
They could try to distance themselves
Marauder Slayer
Marauder Slayer:
Dm Kirwin
Dm Kirwin:
Blackout week next!
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson:
Bruce Goblenosh
Bruce Goblenosh:
Social media needs a permanent blackout, it has brought nothing good
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia:
Yes, we should all mourn, show respect/silence for George Floyd's terrible tragedy and cause. Blackout most things, however, please don't shut off or blackout electricity. An electrical blackout would and can literally kill numerous disabled people who cannot live without power and who need electricity for medical equipment, refrigeration, etc.; including my child.
justice MUST be served. please.
Anatoly Wein
Anatoly Wein:
not taking part cause lazy, but nice to see people doing protest. good luck and habe jou :)
These riots are useless, the only thing people are getting is arrested. Long story short, its impossible to end racism.
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes:
We should have white out Wednesday.
Merrick Hoffman
Merrick Hoffman:
What is the purpose of this again? How exactly will it end racism or racial injustice?
Stephanie Dorene
Stephanie Dorene:
😑 How about we take "Black Out Day" and utilize it to teach low income black people how to be entrepreneurs. What if the wealthy rappers and others became mentors and helped these people change their mindsets from victim to victor. How about they teach them how to save, invest and use their money to help others. How about they tell them they can do anything they put their mind to! America has more opportunities than any other country! Please stop teaching them they need handouts and help because they are black...as if they are second rate. That's hurting them.
Just a thought for a more positive day!!!
I prefer this over the killing and anarchy going on around
Adreee And another e
Adreee And another e:
...did everyone forget about the corona virus?
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus:
1:01 camera guy getting all of the best angles of the crowd i see
Al Pickford
Al Pickford:
All Lives Matter!
Sahin parween
Sahin parween:
Mujhe kuch smjh nhi aaya koi btyga ye sab kya horha
Ara Sol
Ara Sol:
Full respect to all✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 and will all be strong.🖤🖤🖤
Damian bylightning
Damian bylightning:
This is a group madness, based on group delusion. It's all about how people feel - and smashing things up because the world isn't perfect. I mean, the world's getting better because of your will to destroy - all those mega-corporations have expressed solidarity with you and are against racism. LOL!
Anyone who doesn't condemn rioting, violence and looting is adding to the problem. We cannot condone this and if it doesn't stop there will come a time when the death toll becomes so great that you muppets will think - 'oh, so much blood has been spilled - we can't be wrong, we have to double down on our madness' - and then more will have to be slaughtered. It's an old human failure.
Condemn all violence, call out for all to go home to their families and support the law. Unless you want to overthrow the govt, you have no choice in this. If you do want to overthrow the govt, let's see you in the frontline against the might of the military. Good luck with that.
Stop being puppets and morons!
Stanislaus Katzenberg
Stanislaus Katzenberg:
Lolololollll!! So basically its just another Tuesday.
Nataly Banegas
Nataly Banegas:
If only M.L.K were here😞
I swear I’m not a weeb E
I swear I’m not a weeb E:
Ok I get wanting to stop police brutality but one person could cough and boom a bunch of people are infected
Daniel G
Daniel G:
So basically...today we are not to patronize non-black businesses, right?
Happy Tuesday everyone! I posted a white screen on my instagram account.
Change the laws