What Is Going on with GameStop Stock? - IGN Now

GameStop stock investors from r/WallStreetBets share why they went in on the stock squeeze and what the attention to the subreddit means for its future.

Reddit stock investors have been behind the rise in GameStop’s share price over the past week. We explain what’s been happening, why you should watch The Big Short and what could happen next.

As the GameStop stock situation continues, there have been several developments. Driven by the activity on GameStop stock, r/WallStreetBets are discussing other potential stocks that could behave similarly. AMC stock, the movie theater chain besieged by COVID-19 has come out as a popular choice along with companies like BlackBerry and Nokia.

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Reddit has done more against the rich then any politician in the last 50 years
Marcel Rodriguez
Marcel Rodriguez:
The fact that robinhood is stopping people from buying is disgusting.
rich people: does thing
common people: does same thing
rich people: >:(
We did boy's let's keep on building Meme Street
The rich got beat playing their own game.
Kaloi Fortich
Kaloi Fortich:
people at hollywood probably panicking right now to buy the rights to make this into a movie.
Millard Brown
Millard Brown:
Robinhood is making retail lose millions of dollars so they can feed the hedge funds all the money. I hope they are sued for all the loses. Retail wins one time and they pull this crap. So much for free markets.
Beeto Garcia
Beeto Garcia:
As much as I don’t like GameStop I gotta admit. I like how this is going

1. Big Banks decided to short 120+% of GameStop
2. Average Joes and Jills find out about this via normal information found on the internet and decide to buy
3. Joes and Jills do not sell as the price goes up, BUT the Big Banks are now in trouble and have to cover their 120% shorts (How do you even short 120% of shares when there are only 100% of them?
4. Price keeps rising
5. Big Banks now put on a Pony Dance Show stating these kids on internet screwed up the Market

Final Findings... The Big Banks got themselves into this mess in the first place by shorting 120% of something.
All the above information is out there and a lot of other people are covering it on YT and the Internet.
Dennis Duran
Dennis Duran:
GameStop is getting a free second chance after the pandemic. Win win.
Benjamin Allanson
Benjamin Allanson:
I need an internet historian video on this.
Nour Suleiman
Nour Suleiman:
We want a class action law suit against Robinhood and other trading platforms who halted buying on a number of stocks!
Ganapathy Sooraj
Ganapathy Sooraj:
Rich people when the manipulate the stock market: It will regulate itself
When Redditors do it : Big Problem
Eduardo Cespedes
Eduardo Cespedes:
Gamestop power to the people.
Matthew Kelleher
Matthew Kelleher:
The scammers have finally been scammed.
People Person
People Person:
When the government, banks, or hedge funds manipulate the market for profit, it’s ok. When regular people do it, suddenly it’s a problem...
Kristina Asia
Kristina Asia:
it honestly puts a smile on my face that people have come together to make the rich start panicking. this pandemic has shown us just how disconnected from reality they are and i'm glad they're getting a taste of their own medicine.
Ice in my veins
Ice in my veins:
A bunch of Gen Z's have done a lot of damage to the rich than anyone else in the last few years
At this current time it’s $120.75 yesterday it was $444 wow
Zero Pile
Zero Pile:
Hold the line boys don’t sell, let’s ride this to the moon 🚀
Mesa Player
Mesa Player:
People: *use stock the way it is suppose to be used*
government and big tech "no you cant just get money without owning a mega corporation
Big boys mad now because the average schlubs know how to play the game too.
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez:
“Stonks never go down”
Michael Schaezlein
Michael Schaezlein:
I never thought that a internet community would be able to make a failing video game sales franchise worth more than apple.
Hector Then
Hector Then:
They just shut down trading in Robinhood for these particular stocks... wonder why lol
Carl Or
Carl Or:
This was never about the money, this was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit.    We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive. Don't worry about this guy, okay?
So it's a dog-eat-dog world when the wealthy make more money, but when they lose money betting then we must feel sorry for them. 😪
Ming The merciless
Ming The merciless:
They tried to bring it down but they failed. It's starting to go back up again
Jon Graves
Jon Graves:
WTF this is one of the most interesting topics I’ve seen in awhile.
The Swartz
The Swartz:
Biden is involved, surely that demented geezer won't get confused as F about all this.
Jammal Akhtar
Jammal Akhtar:
This is movie worthy ...
Ben W
Ben W:
Robinhood is manipulating the market on GME.
Trixie McFly
Trixie McFly:
Kind of poetic how the stock market has been playing games with impunity, Game Stop showed up to play, and Robinhood turned out to be King Richard. But will the joker get way?
Lockie T
Lockie T:
The rich colluding with RH and over trading platforms to halt/stop trading of certain stocks. That's some bytch-made move
Felipe Cervantes
Felipe Cervantes:
The name "robinhood" has a new meaning! Ironic!
Striker 50
Striker 50:
Eat. The. Rich. 😤

Billionaires made Robinhood shut it down
James II
James II:
I can't even invest Gamestop stock anymore that is so criminal I stg🤦🏿‍♂️
Casual Inquisitor
Casual Inquisitor:
Best way to describe what’s happening is the elites are losing at their own rigged game and are upset about it
Quack_ A_Doodle
Quack_ A_Doodle:
"Wallstreet is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"
thomas blichfeldt
thomas blichfeldt:
Westaboo Otaku
Westaboo Otaku:
"We seize the meme of production"
Crypto Squall
Crypto Squall:
They took hem all down from robinhood that's messed up.
Mr M
Mr M:
MANY OF THE STOCK APPS ARE NOW PREVENTING YOU FROM BUYING STOCKS!!! So much for a fee market. Pretty sure its illegal too
Wet Bread
Wet Bread:
It makes me so happy to see this happening.
tauri scruggs
tauri scruggs:
Honestly I’ve seen The Big Short and I love it for the acting but I watched it and didn’t know wtf was realllllly happening. Watching this video actually helped me understand better what’s going on with GameStop and what happened in The Big Short 😂 I lived it but I didn’t understand as a kid what happened in the stock market.
Michael Uhlemann
Michael Uhlemann:
The economic equivalent of storming area 51
Redfox Vergil
Redfox Vergil:
I don't get anything. Why did the Gamestop stocks go up now?
Theresa West
Theresa West:
Yeah they stopped the small person from buying and selling today on the stock market
H P:
Short answer is: We do this for the memes and money..... but mostly for the memes
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell:
Robinhood stopped us from buying anymore of it
Mr Williams
Mr Williams:
People need to come together more often, instead of falling for the divide and conquer tactics.
NormalFellow 111
NormalFellow 111:
I don't think this vid is nearly as informative as it pretends to be.
SigMa Prime
SigMa Prime:
diamond grip folks. If you even have 1 stock theyre trying to organize a class action lawsuit for the off hours manipulation
I'm waiting for a memology video about this one
Angela Engle
Angela Engle:
2:49 Omg, with a name like that, you know they're reckless monsters. x'D
Jing Jaew
Jing Jaew:
Dogecoin just signed a deal with Kronos. This ones going up for the long term!!
There’s an app simply called “Public”...go there to trade GME. YouTube not letting me post the link.
Charming Peasant
Charming Peasant:
Ironic how people who usually demonize anything even remotely 4Chan related,
now cheer it up, even AOC lol
It's always fun seeing rich 1% Tryhards getting played.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard:
The one group of people wallstreet fears; neck beards
You know those movies where everyone is holding the line, one coward starts breathing heavy, freaks out and runs away, then those holding the line prevail against all odds, and that coward is branded a coward forever? That's not how this ends. The coward gets rich from selling while the stock still has value while the brave are left holding the (empty) bag. The people telling you to hold right now only have their own interests in mind.
“Power to the players”
Sarthak Kolnoorkar
Sarthak Kolnoorkar:
And here I am, laying on my bed and having absolutely 0 idea
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko:
I don’t know why it’s a dying useless retail franchise at this point do not know how they’re still open
Covid 19
Covid 19:
Watching movies in the background just makes me watch the movie and miss everything he is saying.
CyberPonz 2077
CyberPonz 2077:
I'm not even watching, i'm just here to say: HOLD IT!!!🚀🚀🚀
God Soldier
God Soldier:
We need to start doing this regularly 🤣
Ty Mac
Ty Mac:
I love all these "experts", that can take such a small piece of information and think they know how the entire system works.
Dalton Chitko
Dalton Chitko:
My friend invested $1k into GameStop and I was like......wtffffff
Freddie Sultan
Freddie Sultan:
Fantastic video! I am in the process of making a version of my own!
Rick Postier
Rick Postier:
Whoops! Hedge fund folks might need to be seeking other methods to continue being financial shysters. Great job by the Game stoppers that caused this stir.
Sophia's Shook
Sophia's Shook:
Can't wait for history lessons in the future mentioning Reddit
Our Pokemon Journey
Our Pokemon Journey:
I get the feeling scalpers have something to do with this
San Bruno
San Bruno:
SattleYour SeaHorse
SattleYour SeaHorse:
Had a Gamestop stock back in April it was goin for 5 bucks i sold when they tanked down to 3 bucks and i regret it after seeing the new value.
This is amazing.
The Warchief Zeke Jaeger
The Warchief Zeke Jaeger:
*Hacker 4chan:* I never thought I’d invest side by side with an redditor.
*Reddit:* How about side by side with a shitposter?
*Hacker 4chan:* Aye. I could do that.
The Dank Dev
The Dank Dev:
I saw this going down from the beginning (I go on wallstreetbets alot), unfortunately, I am 3 months shy of being old enough to buy stock. I could've made BANK.
What about of those Senators that made mad ca$h off of Coronavirus?
They were investigated nothing happened to them. But get a bunch of GAMERS do it and its time to pump and dump stock market
Somehow I feel you guys didnt capture what's really going on
The Warden
The Warden:
Hold the line, dudes!
Sooryaunshu Mulawkar
Sooryaunshu Mulawkar:
I'm awaiting a Netflix documentary by the end of this year
Henry Toledo
Henry Toledo:
Hey I wanna get in on this or a few other stocks and being new to this which trading company(app), should I use?
Man I’m too young to invest I wish I could it’s exciting seeing how people are making money 🤣
Quicksilver 2k
Quicksilver 2k:
Got 10k down on GME, buckle up lads, we’re on track for Mars!!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo:
Lol I’m subbed to r/wallstreetbets and I knew about this before it blew up. Wish I was old enough to actually have gotten involved (I’m only 17 so don’t really have the ability to do so)

Even a $100 woulda been insane
Jose Ornelas
Jose Ornelas:
Thank you! So much sense!
Josue Larios
Josue Larios:
I’m new to stock so I am so lost to what is happening
Can't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway GREAT video ❤️. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool info about similiar make money online things on his vids.
I heard, from young people I kinda know, that importing and selling weed is still the best money bet.
c gar
c gar:
Power to the people! ✊🏽
James Earl Cash
James Earl Cash:
Let's do this with every stock their invested in! Power to the players!
Xielphur_ SoloQ
Xielphur_ SoloQ:
We reach trolling level that can become a normie history
I dont get how stocks work can someone briefly explained?
mumble bee'z
mumble bee'z:
If I remember the big short correctly, the main characters were the ones trying to short the stock, the reddit users are not trying to short the stock but simply bought the stock meaning that the investors were incapable of shorting the stock. So the big short does provide an excellent eg. Stock shortage the reddit users are not Steve carrel in this situation, nor are they ones crying at the end. That is how I understand it anyway some can correct me if they wish.
C Merritt
C Merritt:
GameStop stock is $300 for the same reason Bitcoin is $30,000 - a bunch of people on the internet decided they wanted it for whatever reason and its price went up. Neither valuation is based on any other quantifiable cause.