What is Office 365

Learn what Office 365 is, what apps you get, how much storage space is included, how much it costs, and how it compares to one-time purchase options.

As full disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.

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Kevin Stratvert
Kevin Stratvert:
Looking to share your Office 365 Home subscription with up to 5 other people and get it for as little as $1.40/month/user? Find out how to share here: https://youtu.be/1Y2ZQqEHQGM
Elsewhere Guitar
Elsewhere Guitar:
not a fan of subscription based software...i'm old fashioned and prefer the 'buy once' approach..i know i must be a minority!
Rob Fiduccia
Rob Fiduccia:
Why would I want to rent software? What a horrible idea.
Juanita Sullivan
Juanita Sullivan:
Don't like this at all. I don't want anything to do with cloud nor do I want to subscribe to anything. Have to look for another option for my writing.
TheGameBros X
TheGameBros X:
So should I just get office 2019?
Gilbert Gomez
Gilbert Gomez:
I just like the regular MS Office not the subscription. I guess I am old fashioned. 😊
Thank you so very much dang I was so lost lmao!
Lisaluvsu alot
Lisaluvsu alot:
Thanks, this explains a lot, I just bought office 365 personal yesterday, makes sense
Venus Flytrap
Venus Flytrap:
Subscription is a bad idea - one time with updates preferred
Ezeekyule Emel
Ezeekyule Emel:
Thanks for this video. I was confused by what it was, specifically, but this answered my question.
Beverly Hurst
Beverly Hurst:
I may have bought more than I really needed. I just want to put offfice on my iPad and phone. This has been very confusing and I am struggling
Tiamiyou RADJI
Tiamiyou RADJI:
Thanks much appreciated, I am a young entrepreneur and have a young company. DO you suggest i get onto this to run my business
satina fetish2
satina fetish2:
Can anybody explain what is the difference between sharing an office 365 subscription and adding users in office 365 portal ..this is so confusing 🤯🤯
Jamshaid Khan
Jamshaid Khan:
I liked, subscribed, and saved this video because He has such a sweet voice; or that could just be my weed talking.
Maxim Kotanov
Maxim Kotanov:
Is it possible to share and collaborate with other MS Office users if I use 'MS Office Home and Student'? Does this version offer such functionality?
Millie Trevino
Millie Trevino:
I appreciate the clarification. Very helpful. Thank you.
Bianca A.
Bianca A.:
Welcome to the era of renting software...
Daniel Correa
Daniel Correa:
Thanks for the clarification don't see why they can't just add all the app one of purchase or provide several options for this just like the subscription options but for purchasing
Athirah Rosik
Athirah Rosik:
Thanks, Kevin!
Subscription by all means...it doesn't go obsolete and can shared between users.
David Ashton
David Ashton:
Hi Kevin, thanks for the videos, clearly explained and very helpful. If I subscribe to 365, is the software downloaded & resident on my pc?, also, I have "historic" Word & Excel files, can I still open & edit them?, do they open in the "old" look and format, are settings retained?. Thanks.
Bernardo Vivaldi
Bernardo Vivaldi:
Hi, Thank you very much for the useful information. I would have one question, in minute 1.36 of the video , "microsoft teams" is shown as part of the office 365 package, however...fast forward to minute 2.33, "microsoft teams" is not anymore part of any of the plans/options proposed. Please could you kindly clarify? Thank you in advance.
Mar Velez
Mar Velez:
Kevin can you make individual videos for each one. I learning how to use them but I don’t know some of the tools. You always have great videos. Thank you so much.
Paula Monteclaro
Paula Monteclaro:
Is it applicable in android phone or smartphone ? thank you in advance 😊
Mandar Guhagarkar
Mandar Guhagarkar:
I need more info. about how the 6 people will work simultaneously in this system and interact with each other?
Beka Nadiradze
Beka Nadiradze:
But what does it look like? Is it local app or some fancy web thing?
Silverstone Keys
Silverstone Keys:
Thanks, Kevin! 😊
Tryphena Santamaría
Tryphena Santamaría:
Excellent explanation. Thank you!
May I ask how large (memory size) is Office 365?
Kathy Muir
Kathy Muir:
Where can I find a default list of 365 fonts for Mac versus for PC
Santiago Gabriel Beccaria
Santiago Gabriel Beccaria:
hi kev, i do not use my computer a lot , and i need to pay 100 bucks again for my yearly subscription but i was wondering if i can use my laptop without this software and still use word excel power point?
thanks ,
Anil Polton
Anil Polton:
Thank you !
Mel B
Mel B:
This is a great idea. Thank you for the video.
A good video to do that I can't find anywhere is: The best way to set up your microsoft 365 subscription service. Is it best to create a Microsoft account first, then use that account to create an outlook and then use the outlook email to create your subscription if that makes sense? Or is it best to create an Outlook email account first and then subscribe using your Outlook email account? Or if you have an exchange account through your work place and you want to use that email address as your 365 subscription because you need your work email synced with it. How do you ensure you achieve this?? Reason I ask is because I subscribed to Office 365 and tried to use my work Office Exchange email address as the user and it just created a duplicate alias but did not sync so I have to log into microsoft or outlook account to access 365 and then log into my work email account separately. Tried to add work email to my outlook. Doesn't for some reason... Need a video how to set this up. It seems so complicated and I'm not totally computer office illiterate. Been using office sweet for over 20 years yet still can't figure this out and have been using seperate 365 window and going back between work email window because I haven't been able to use my work Outlook exchange email and my personal Outlook email through the one Office 365 subscription account. Sorry for gibering on but Im quite frustrated about the whole situation. Paying for the subscription and not being able to use it properly is very frustrating also. Been getting by this way for a year now Help!.. That's my request for a video😂
joao fanico
joao fanico:
Gostava que me pudesses ajudar!!!
Tenho o Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition serviço pack 3, num portátil HP Povilion dv4000 que tem intel(R) Celeron(R)M, 1.60GHz, 160GHz, 504 MB de RAM! Extensão do endereço físico
Gostava de atualizar para o Windows mais recente, mas nao dá devido há memória RAM ser 504 MB
Existe maneira de fazer a atualização? Como aumento a Memória RAM? Tenho que comprar?
Barron Cedric Tan
Barron Cedric Tan:
How to check for readability / Flesch-Kincaid score in Office 365? In other versions of Word it shows under the File tab.
Brandon McEachern
Brandon McEachern:
My family and I have used Google docs for years. I bought Office 365 last year for all of us. My son is in college and needed it for English papers. However, we rarely use it like NEVER. Google docs will do everything we need for free. I don't understand the need to pay for something when the free option is better.
Wanda Ivette Franco
Wanda Ivette Franco:
Hi Kevin Im subscribe to microsoft 365 and having problem with my outlook on my computer. My account is exchange and I don't want to use exchange. how can I change this? thanks
For Personal and Home, will you have the desktop version of the Apps or the Web version?
Alla Uk
Alla Uk:
Thank you so much for the basic explanations and visuals. I came across an issue that I need help with. 1st. I have had Microsoft Office 2016 since 2015-year. and I downloaded GRAMMARLY. One day recently when my laptop did an upgrade in Windows 10 it removed Grammarly and now I cannot plug it back with Microsoft Office. It gives me a message: "We weren't able to find a support Microsoft Office product on your computer. The Grammarly add-support Microsoft Office version 2007 and newer, include Office 365. Would you like to continue the installation anyway?" I don't understand what it means. Is the version of 2016 no longer accepted with the new version 365? Furthermore, I am working on a novel and don't want to lose my years of work if I change it to 365 versions. I prefer to purchase the product once. So, it's frustrating when companies Microsoft Office make it difficult to get human beings to help. I don't understand why I should pay more money to resolve my issue that is caused by the company within. Please help if you can. Thank you, Alla.
Padi Tops
Padi Tops:
Thank you
Word, excel, powerpoint in Office 365 are cloud base?or need to download the driver then install?
Aurora Foster
Aurora Foster:
Funny how he is a MS employee and doesnt use Edge or Exploder haha
kpac F
kpac F:
does word always have to open on the web? can it be opened as a lone document from the word app itself?
Attach Monk
Attach Monk:
Excellent Explanation!
S.W. Foster
S.W. Foster:
Office 365 soon to be Microsoft 365 will destroy private sector IT just as Walmart destroyed local business and Amazon destroyed e-commerse. Right now small IT companies are herding businesses toward Office 365 by the thousands as partners /resellers only for Microsoft to eventually cut them out of the loop completely. Windows will be subscription based soon enough and offer bundles with Windows + Office + Cloud + Security + Helpdesk. Your Windows 10 is already equipped with a Get Help button on your start menu that connects you with a Microsoft Rep. Office 365 has it's own Get Help that also connects you with a Microsoft Rep. Eventually your entire OS, Apps, Data, will be purchased and housed on Microsoft's equipment under Microsoft control leaving local IT companies completely without a market other than minor hardware replacement. The worst is that local IT companies are helping Microsoft do this under the promises that Microsoft will not eventually undercut them and take their clients once all the bugs are worked out.
Him: 60 minutes of skype which is nice

me: laughing in Zoom**
I bought a laptop & on the box there’s a sticker that says 1 year subscribtion of office 365
Sha mone
Sha mone:
Hell no, It is so expensive.
Amit Dhamankar
Amit Dhamankar:
can I install Microsoft 365 personal on my Android phone even after installing on my Desktop PC?
Alexyk Philip
Alexyk Philip:
Tip and tricky 😂
Haziq Iqbal
Haziq Iqbal:
I like the subscription method. Less than 2 dollars per month for one person in home plan.
Can you tell me one thing? Do the other five people have to use the same Microsoft account like netflix? Or they can use their own accounts?
I don't often look for videos like this, but sometimes you need a bit of explanations.
So if for some reason you do not renew your subscription how do you get your files? Can you save on your hard drive and one drive?
Setiadji Kartodinoto
Setiadji Kartodinoto:
Thanks for your explanation. But how can we get free office 365 for home use?
Richard Emeni
Richard Emeni:
What if I do not renew my office 365. ? What happens to my past paid version. ?
Math Tambay
Math Tambay:
Good eve Sir ...what if sir i have personal 365 with a few apps and then our company give another office 365 with more apps. Is there a possibility that my files on my personal 365 will be corrupt if i install the new one that given by my company with more apps...i also worried maybe my personal 365 will not be open anymore
Dhiya Y. Aziz
Dhiya Y. Aziz:
Syahrul Ridzuan
Syahrul Ridzuan:
I see, thanks
Shayne Marcus
Shayne Marcus:
Surewyn R
Surewyn R:
Excellent information, and direct to the point.
Danielle Colas
Danielle Colas:
Yasin Chaudhry
Yasin Chaudhry:
Clear and straight to the point. Thanks
Imran Shaikh
Imran Shaikh:
Thanks its more clear what Microsoft 365 is.
For the 3 option once you pay upfront does the purchased software receive the updates u made reference for first two options were the customer is supposed to pay the subscription on yearly basis?
good for collaboration and sharing files
Manideep Reddy
Manideep Reddy:
Bill gates would be happy if he had used Microsoft edge instead of Google Chrome.
i asked a student somewhere what is microsoft 365? the student replied: "the latest new iphone?"
Office 365 sounds like a product for businesses and not something for the average person.
I doubt people use office enough to warrant a subscription model.
Bindu Jay
Bindu Jay:
Shyam Joshi
Shyam Joshi:
Does office required work or school account or with personal account
David Medley
David Medley:
Is there a feature that allows you to video conference and share screens with others?
Jay Cee
Jay Cee:
You should do a video on Sharepoint
Zackh Zee
Zackh Zee:
Can you please create video tutorials about Microsoft PowerApps?
zaki som media
zaki som media:
Thnk u four helping
Emma Woolaston
Emma Woolaston:
Kevin: 👋 Hi!
👉 I have my Laptop ASUS Windows 10.
👉 I have before Office 365, I deleted that program because by mistake I give permission to someone else to remotely access.
👉Now I want to buy Office 365.
🤔 Questions? I NEED to download Microsoft ❓❓ or by Office 365 it's enough. ❓❓ Thanks 😊
I lothe the subscription system as it is simply not economic for individuals and microsoft has kind of made it incredibly tricky to just get the programs you need. It sucked when Adobe did it and it sucks here. Thankfully they do have the singular option.
Marvin Acklin
Marvin Acklin:
Haha the comments below are sort of funny. Boxed software is on its way, like it or not. If you use the internet you are already using the cloud.
Is there such a thing as a trial period for Office365? I am thinking about upgrading my wife's Office 2010 but I am not sure she will like the latest version of Office. Thanks for your time.
snehal joshi
snehal joshi:
Gurdeep Saini
Gurdeep Saini:
He works at Microsoft but he uses Google Chrome?
Gaius Marius
Gaius Marius:
Dude you need to change the thumbnail. :)
I don't like subscription not being tied up.
For that reason i droped ms office. Libre office does the job perfect and i have no issues.
Be Happy
Be Happy:
Great info 👍
Lillie Loca
Lillie Loca:
I prefer to pay once for what I use. If they’re going to break up a box then I’d like to just buy excel and word in a personal version. Simple no frills and make it inexpensive. Your presentation is clear, thanks.
Marko Jozwiak
Marko Jozwiak:
sanch Sanchayan
sanch Sanchayan:
I am cool with Office 365
Archana aa
Archana aa:
What is d meaning of 365? Can you tell plse
Lawrence Aaron
Lawrence Aaron:
Christina Naffate
Christina Naffate:
Help!! My company has recently moved all the administrative team to this program. As they talk about iit and all it can do I feel so lost. Our IT team will send out tranning modules on this but I want to know before hand so I don’t look so dump. What videos should I watch?
Robert Maynard
Robert Maynard:
Well done
Awais Niazi
Awais Niazi:
keep it up you are too good
other channels does not give
us open information
Inspector Data
Inspector Data:
Hello there
Reccently, I have been having issues with microsoft office. I purchased my computer in 2017 and it came with office 2016 home and student pre installed. However in the past few weeks whenever I open word, powerpoint or any office product it says product deactivated. I have no microsoft accounts logged into my computer and I do not know why this is happening. Also when I checked apps and programs a few weeks back it said I had office enterprise installed, I thought I had office 2016 home and student edition installed. I decided to check again today because when I logged in to my PC an empty word document opened randomly. I closed it and went to apps and programs in control panel and apparently I now have office 365 apps for enterprise installed. I looked on a forum and somebody said to right click and do a quick repair, which I have done. In addition to this, a couple weeks black, I plugged in a USB stick to do a backup of my important data and powerpoint randomly opened saying product deactivated. Does anyone know what is happening and how I can sort this out? Thanks in advance.
Codico Vince Harvey J.
Codico Vince Harvey J.:
What if your account is activated but your not using it do you have to pay for it?
Larisa Itkin
Larisa Itkin:
Hi Keven
Adrian V
Adrian V:
This is SO EXPENSIVE. It's ridiculous.
Al Pooser
Al Pooser:
I have a database on Excel of about 1500 emails. I tested them and about 1000 are bad. The list of 1500 has complete address data and the 500 good email list is just emails. Is there a way to merge the list and get rid of the 1000 data list with bad email addresses?
So if you opt for the $150 one-time fee, you don't get OneDrive...does this mean your files are not saved to cloud but rather saved on your local hard drive? If so, this then means you don't have the luxury of signing into other devices and seeing those files?
I still don't get it...

So what exactly is the Powerpoint and Word that come installed on our PC? Are they different from the ones listed under the plans?

This probably sounds very silly but why exactly do we need to purchase Powerpoint and Word if they've already been installed in the system?

I honestly am struggling to understand the concept going on here😭...Could someone please clear this?
Karen Harr
Karen Harr:
Thank you. I use Office 365 through work, so I had no idea how it was being marketed to consumers. This makes so much more sense than the old box model. Two thumbs up!
Scadster's World
Scadster's World:
Kevin, I am a writer and I accidentally did something with the scratch pad/mouse on my laptop that made eveything I had been typing suddenly get really large looking on the screen. I don't know how to make the image of my document on the screen go down to its normal size on the screen. It's like I am looking at the document through a powerful magnifier. I just need to know how to make the images and what I've typed in to go back down to the normal smaller size like usual. I even got out of that document and started another document, but everything was still enlarged like that on the screen. I'd appreciate your help or anyone else's help on this problem. Thanks.