What Is The Europa Conference League? | Explained

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In our latest Football Daily: Explained we are attempting to get our heads around UEFA’s new creation; the Europa Conference League!

Set to run between 2021 and 2024, the new tournament is set to exist below the Champions League and Europa League, and provide clubs from smaller UEFA association members with their moment to enjoy football on the continent!

In this video we run through how the new tournament will operate, who you can exist to see in it next season, and how the Europa League has changed as a result! We look at the benefits for smaller footballing nations like Northern Ireland, but examine the risks for the likes of FC Basel in Switzerland, and those knocking on the door of Europa League football.

And finally we examine whether or not the big club sides will even take it seriously, and whether the UEFA Europa Conference League can survive if they don’t!

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100+ comentarios:

Roderick Passah
Roderick Passah:
Finally a tournament for arsenal
Arsenal went from “founding member of super league” to “founding member of UEFA Europa Conference League” 🤣

Edit: They didn’t even manage to qualify 🤣
Trent Stanley
Trent Stanley:
To be fair if I was a champions league club scout, this would be perfect for seeing how players from smaller and obscure nations could stack up against different European opposition
Akshad Chavan
Akshad Chavan:
It's definitely a cash grab, but it will benefit smaller clubs so much. Especially teams from eastern and central Europe will have a good opportunity to show themselves. Plus the diversity in the competition would make it very unpredictable.
Brighton to qualify for the Europa conference league next season & win it on XG
If a club sees themselves as too big for the conference league, then just have your under 23s filling most of the squad. It’d be great European experience for them
Stewart Sinnamon
Stewart Sinnamon:
Literally talking about this with people last night, had no idea who qualifies so thanks for this!
jorge miguel
jorge miguel:
In Portugal, Santa Clara are going to be in their first ever European travel because of this competition.A very small club from the Azores having european money will make them very happy. And Paços de Ferreira will be in their second European travel in 10 years, because of the Comference League. This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen UEFA do.
Nucking Futs
Nucking Futs:
A great idea for smaller clubs like arsenal to get a fair chance to win a European trophy 🏆
Iron Cross
Iron Cross:
the winners should get into champions league play offs to boost up the competition.
Sarthak Upreti
Sarthak Upreti:
As A Arsenal Fan Needed This One
Oh boy I would like to see Europa conference league nights at arsenal vs (insert random team)
Quan Dang
Quan Dang:
AFTV would make more money from covering this than the winner prize
This is great news for me since I can finally see my home country*s teams (Estonia) have a chance at Europe finally we can do something in Europe other than fail in the Europa League qualifiers👍
Jake Macmillan
Jake Macmillan:
Maybe Tottenham can win something finally?
Ozy Mandias
Ozy Mandias:
This video covered everything except which player's mom brings the orange slices for halftime and post match juice boxes.
conor sneddon
conor sneddon:
I’m looking forward to this new tournament, getting bored of watching the same teams from Spain and England dominate the current tournaments. Hopefully see some success for ‘smaller teams’.
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
I actually think this is a good idea, people say the quality is not great but it helps so many smaller clubs
I'd rather see those sorts of clubs have a bigger shot at the Champions League tbh
Khari DuBard
Khari DuBard:
Welcome my fellow spurs fans😭😭
Anas Jamshed
Anas Jamshed:
Finally a trophy for Tottenham #COYS
Seems good,since the level of Europe League will go up,and at the same time the new tournament provides more opportunities for smaller teams.
It will be interesting to see how some big teams who end up there will approach it.
bacon kingz
bacon kingz:
Spurs real betis final
Getting heavy Intertoto cup vibes from all this. A competition that was literally irrelevance personified.
I think this is a good thing. It will be a great way to scout new talent and a way for smaller teams to face other teams across Europe and potentially add extra revenue but it could also impact certain teams across currently in Europa League from countries like Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc.
Elemental Keed
Elemental Keed:
I've been looking forward to this video,I have no Idea what that competition is about
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson:
Perfect tournament for Spurs to lose in the final.
Raúl Flores
Raúl Flores:
I’m actually really excited to see these type of games although there were some fair points made on why it could just become troublesome for some teams. Tough situation
Ryan Howell
Ryan Howell:
Come on Linfield! 🔴⚪🔵
As an arsenal fan im really embarrassed going into this kind of competition but its good for teams that are not as good as the big clubs to compete for a trophy like west ham everton etc
Darlow Fans Sport
Darlow Fans Sport:
I would love NUFC to be apart of it Howay the lads 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍
Ali Omer
Ali Omer:
Finally a tournament for spurs 😂
This is actually a good idea in my opinion
Charles Richard Kwaku Tachie - Menson Junior
Charles Richard Kwaku Tachie - Menson Junior:
Hope it's Everton Since we finished in 10th
Gourav Chakraborty
Gourav Chakraborty:
Sounds like a mix between UEL and UCL
Ezzy E
Ezzy E:
Ahhh at last a trophy Tottenham can win😂
Salim Rehman
Salim Rehman:
A rebirth of the Intertoto Cup but under a new name called Europa Conference League.
Juan David Calvo
Juan David Calvo:
Cant wait to watch teams from San marino go and play vs spurs 🔥🔥. In all seriousness this is really good for smaller clubs
"What is ECL?" The reason they didn't like the European super league. That's what it is.
Engelbert Motlhanke
Engelbert Motlhanke:
The Conference League, will be a great league!!!
Emeke Onwugbonu
Emeke Onwugbonu:
Finally, been waiting on this explanation
Master Mind
Master Mind:
A cups a cup at the end of the day. They all have their place. Makes it more interesting in a way.
Jason Kirby
Jason Kirby:
UECL is a great step. 👍🏾 Leave UCL as is though.
glad to see my union berlin make a appearance here
Siddhesh Gothankar
Siddhesh Gothankar:
jose will surely win uecl and brag about it the first man to do so perfect timing
I'd imagine the bigger clubs from the top European leagues won't be very interested in the competition, but it could prove useful to them nonetheless.

For those teams it could be useful for keeping backup players match fit, and could be a fantastic opportunity for youth players. Could give them sporadic experience at senior level, which would not only help development, but also show their clubs if they are ready for regular senior football, whether that's on loan or in their first team.

For teams that don't spend a lot on players, this could give them better youth development and alter their transfer policies if certain young players impress.
The inky good I can see coming from this is that there will be fewer teams in the overbloated Europa League.
"There mandait was to give clubs from smaller nations a taste of glore"

Also spurs: Do I count🤔?
You tried Football Daily. And I applaud you for your effort.
I would find these worth watching if they had fewer ads.
Dave Adrian
Dave Adrian:
Spurs can finally win a trophy.... maybe, cuz they always bottle it when it comes to getting one
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
Man Utd can now stay down forever! 😍
Sad  😔 girl
Sad 😔 girl:
Rome is the champion 🇮🇹❤️
Neil Devine
Neil Devine:
Spurs have finally found their level
Lanky Lame
Lanky Lame:
Why does it remind me of the defunct Intertoto Cup?
Lalit Thapa
Lalit Thapa:
Actually a brilliant competition for European football since small clubs just can't compete in the UCL with the elites now.The Gap is just way way big and underdog stories are almost extinct now.
Plus this really elevates the status of the Europa league when imo this season UEL>UCL(personal opinion). A good step for UEL and for better representation Of European clubs.
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy:
I do like how no team has a guareented place in the group stage, should try to make that work for all 3 competitions.
Steven Willie
Steven Willie:
I hope spurs win the first season
Josh Gandy
Josh Gandy:
Thanks guys, really clear explanation now I know what we've got to play for 😅
Conference League looks like the Intet Toto cup returning from the dead
Agba G
Agba G:
I already know this and rule because of FM20, kinda surprise me how they added Conference League in later season.
Something for my team wolves to get in soon finally
Ronan Cleary
Ronan Cleary:
7:23 it looks like a friendly cup in career mode on fifa 😂
Ricky Gervais Said Hi
Ricky Gervais Said Hi:
Spurs qualified for it
Aditya Venkatesan
Aditya Venkatesan:
I hope Union Berlin qualify and win this Tournament it would be amazing...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
Come on Linfield! 🔴⚪🔵
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
Union Berlin ❤️
3:23 ????
Pedro Hoffmann
Pedro Hoffmann:
> UEFA: pratically retires smaller leagues champions of the UCL group stage

> UEFA too: creates a low tier competition to put them and call it "mOrE iNcLuSiVe"
Ben DeGorro
Ben DeGorro:
As United fan, I'm envy Spurs. They're about make great achievement by become the first to win the CONFERENCE LEGA ! ! ! ... Bravo, COYS !
Matt Dann
Matt Dann:
It would be wonderful to see portsmouth though😅😂😂🎰
Wasim Mohammad • 14 years ago
Wasim Mohammad • 14 years ago:
i was happy until he said its only for 3 years
i need that forever
This tournament just means a fixture Congestion on top of league games and domestic cup games for teams in like Scotland
Glenn Barry
Glenn Barry:
Interesting! Sounds like Spurs could actually win some now
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Conference league nights in the Emirates 😍🔥
Dave Carabini
Dave Carabini:
It's an utter shambles of a tournament it's made it nearly impossible to get good European football for the lower leagues
What would make sense is if it only involved leagues outside the top 8 leagues
Ed Deadwood
Ed Deadwood:
Even though this might be avery good decision
It will allow bigger clubs to poach players😥
Mourinho at his level there with Roma now
Will Davey
Will Davey:
2 clubs from Sam Marino 😂
Looking at the first couple of San Marino's local clubs' matches like "By God, we might actually have a sliver of a shred of a chance here."
Ur Mom
Ur Mom:
Finally a tournament for Tottenham
Hasade O
Hasade O:
I understand what they are trying to do.
Happy for the small Clubs
It still looks like theyre handing out participation trophies
Shantheri Bhat
Shantheri Bhat:
New Name of European Super League😂😂😂
Tegar Achsendo
Tegar Achsendo:
this is one of the best idea instead of super league...
I like the conference league, I DONT like the new champions league format though
Who agrees?
Eppu Paranormaali
Eppu Paranormaali:
I expected some The Tim Traveller gags after hearing the narrator's voice.
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo:
It would be a perfect competition if they didn't duck up the Europa League and instead they added more teams.
The Disturbed Gamer
The Disturbed Gamer:
I only clicked to see what teams my club could face next season 😭
OutThe cazza
OutThe cazza:
Hi Tottenham fans 😭😭
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778:
Basically to let the little teams win something lol 🤣
Lewis Rangers WATP
Lewis Rangers WATP:
I see u adding a clip of gers lifting the league title 😏🇬🇧
Chris Jeffs
Chris Jeffs:
I think it’s an awesome idea, hopefully it should help improve standards at lower levels.
Which will attract attention from bigger clubs to buy there players for good money. if they are good enough and show metal in pressure cooker situations which European football does provide.

Just need fifa to make a World Cup lower ranked nations such as San Marino and Andorra who will never experience tournament football in turn never improve.
I just see how a team Logo maps in a different country with a like minded one
Wait what happens when a club wins the UECL but place in a UCL qualifying spot
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan:
Give it 10 years relegated teams will be getting European competition
Matt Robinson
Matt Robinson:
4:34 What? Coleraine is pronounced “Coal-rain” not “Collaraihine”
Johnny Reilly
Johnny Reilly:
Great for fans in smaller leagues 👏
Iman Studios
Iman Studios:
2:00 Aku nampak bendera garuda 👀
ah yes a turnament where a team like arsenal, wolves, betis & frankfurt could end up playing a team from san marino what a great tournament real exciting stuff from uefa