What the hell happened to Manchester United? | Oh My Goal

At a club where enormous egos are only overshadowed by even larger salaries, poor United look like they need a major overhaul to continue competing on the world stage. They once went head to head against the world's elite clubs, but now they look desperate and out of ideas.

What the hell happened to Manchester United?

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100+ comentarios:

C. Pogba
C. Pogba:
"Is there anyone who can save Man United"
Bruno Fernandes: Am I a joke to you?
Alroy NT
Alroy NT:
I'm a Liverpool fan and I think man u have been doing good recently
Jamal Simba
Jamal Simba:
This is still shocking that they think that united is terrible even after 3-0 wins and also a 5-2 win

Edit: I know it was edited from May last year but still, why would they upload it again?
Felix #GGMU
Felix #GGMU:
Why do you reupload when they are doing good at the moment???
Aaqil Veenendaal
Aaqil Veenendaal:
Who else knows it being re-uploaded?
Forget About Posting Stuff Like This,

What The Hell Happened To Oh My Goal.
Tanakorn Rattanapitaak
Tanakorn Rattanapitaak:
Literally Nobody:
Oh My Goal: Ooolay gooonar Solskjaer
Youshs groovy Channel
Youshs groovy Channel:
Answer: Jose Mourinho left and they got better
2004 Honda Civic
2004 Honda Civic:
If we drop points against Villa, I’m blaming you guys at Oh My Goal Edit: it’s all good we’re to good
Soham Kambli
Soham Kambli:
United are playing well nowadays, and signing Sancho would actually bring back the glory days
Kaka El chapo
Kaka El chapo:
I have so much respect for sir alex ferguson, the best coach ever to my mind even if I’m a Liverpool fan
beyond ultragaming
beyond ultragaming:
Is there anyone to save manchester united. Ole: am i a joke to you
Task Force
Task Force:
Man United are doing well now after the arrival of Bruno Fernandes.
Bladimir Fuentes
Bladimir Fuentes:
They’re fighting for fourth possibly 3rd place in the league and have a great chance to get into the champions league and with Bruno they have been great and have been on a win streak and possibly win a FA cup this season also their last game is against Leicester City and could possibly get the fourth position.
Bevan Jacinto
Bevan Jacinto:
My man, they've just finished 3rd and going to be playing UCL next season 👀
From a liverpool fan, I think man u has developed a lot recently with Bruno as their main man. I really wish them to be better so next season premier league will be great to watch
Yes, reupload this while we are 17 games unbeaten with 14 goals in the last 4 games and in the race for the top 3, having argueably the best youngster in premier league and one of the best midfield trios. great timing.
Big Brain Boy
Big Brain Boy:
this is all the past we literally have the best team in the league now and we are so close in signing him
so its literally done deal!!!
Sebas Villegas
Sebas Villegas:
I love how OMGoal decide to upload this during MU's 16 unbeaten match run lmao
Marcusinho Youtube
Marcusinho Youtube:
United: 16 games unbeaten, close to qualifying for UCL
Oh My Goal: perfect time to post this
Bruh man u r popping off rn greenwood, Bruno, and Pogba have been doing great after quarantine
Junaid Shaheen
Junaid Shaheen:
I believe they are on the right track now😍
watching this now when copious optimism surrounding man utd finally. Ole just don't give up we need to be back as the man utd we know for that we need to be on top 4. come on!
Danilo Ferrari
Danilo Ferrari:
Thank you Oh my Goal for using good quality music!
Olaad boy
Olaad boy:
Ole doing great job and we trust him #GGMU
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
In Ole we trust.
Man Utd is playing the game we all love.
Onthatile Mashilo
Onthatile Mashilo:
I think y'all should have posted this earlier because they are currently in great form
Procheto Das Gupta 0039
Procheto Das Gupta 0039:
We have improved a lot now . Credits to ole's vision .
This video would've been fine maybe 3 years ago. But since Fergie left, Manchester United have won the FA Cup, the Europa League, and are well on their way to being a top club again. They just a small rut but they're figuring it out. Liverpool went through this too before Klopp came along. There's actually a glimmer of hope here.
mishal RYKLIEF
mishal RYKLIEF:
Oles good at the wheel
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh:
Ohh come on they've been in a great form and may give a huge competition for the premier league
Samuel Ariel Muzadi
Samuel Ariel Muzadi:
You need to get up to date have you seen them play lately they are amazing
Kumkum Bose
Kumkum Bose:
Man United has become one of the top clubs in Europe after the coming of Bruno Fernandes and return of Paul Pogba from injury
Satria Saidi
Satria Saidi:
The team on the right track...
Buck Tooth
Buck Tooth:
I’ve been a Manchester United fan for 7 years they were the best but After Alex Ferguson every manager ruined Manchester’s legacy
BG11 Lamichhane
BG11 Lamichhane:
I guess man United will play champion league next season 😌❤️
Alexis Abakasanga
Alexis Abakasanga:
Y’all are crazy, we are on the road to more trophies!!!!
wonderful aboh
wonderful aboh:
For me man utd can still be a great team.
Karanveer Singh Deora
Karanveer Singh Deora:
I actually think right now almost every team is in a what the hell happened situation
Rashid Bin Zaman Shaan
Rashid Bin Zaman Shaan:
Man UNITED is doing good now. HOPEFULLY next season we will be in the title race & return to UCL again.
Now bruno and their young talent are carrying man u they are slowly becoming a bit better
Halgurd Ally
Halgurd Ally:
17 games unbeaten now and they’re doing very well
Eddie Solis
Eddie Solis:
The signing of Bruno Fernandez has revived the the players and the fans, it was a great relief seeing a motivated player giving his all for the club, it’s what Pogba needed. Some friendly competition
Label Specialist
Label Specialist:
Don't worry Man Utd is the next year pl winner according to my heart ❤️❤️❤️
The timing of this when we playing Aston Villa tomorrow.. omg 🤦🏾‍♂️. FYI, United are on 16 match unbeaten run. They forgot to add that
You can't really say they are one of the best teams in the world

Looking at how good they were
It's sad that you have left out oles current form we will finish in the top 4 and you will see it ole is our saviour with some great football and promising youngsters we will make it
Black Thunder
Black Thunder:
Can you make a video about how Bolton is in the bottom of the third league
AV YouTube
AV YouTube:
GGMU❤️ Forever❤️
Larry 08
Larry 08:
Oh my goal: What the hell happened to Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes: Am I a joke to you?
Sypee 123
Sypee 123:
Man U are playing great nowadays now they wouldn’t say this
Cristionel Menaldo
Cristionel Menaldo:
Pep Guardiola - "I was the coach of Messi , Xavi , Iniesta but I am jealous of Jose Mourinho cause he was the coach of Lingard, Fellaini, Jones."
Zain Mallick
Zain Mallick:
It clearly said edited in may 2019 this is when ole had a really bad run of form like they lost to Cardiff at home on the lsat day
Engku Amin
Engku Amin:
I think Manchester United doing quite well in this season
RubenGg 26pt
RubenGg 26pt:
With ole we doing so well though, havent lost in 14 games in all competitions soooo i guess u should be more informed? Didnt meant to be mean but...
sharmila divyesh
sharmila divyesh:
Ryan giggs can make united a come back
As a man utd my target is sancho & Ziyech & Havertz
R Rajendran
R Rajendran:
Man now they are in good form after the quarantine
Emil Elkov
Emil Elkov:
We only must buy new LB new CB and new RM and the team is back on the top of the world
Saif Shah
Saif Shah:
Give ole some time trust me he will create stars and bring stars to the club he is the manager that will save united
Right now they're doing well, in Ole we trust.

Edit: Alexis is going to leave anyways, Dea Gea might be replaced by Henderson, Pogba might stay because of Bruno.
Xolile Zwane
Xolile Zwane:
Man United are actually doing good
Manchester United is arguably the best team in England right now.
What the hell happened to oh my goal
fishy boii
fishy boii:
They still might get ucl this season and so far they are on hot form
My cousin is a man united fan n he believe that the good days will cm soon,N me as a Chelsea fan till now celebrating the Win in CL😂 😂
Man United are coming back 🤫
Bryan Bobby
Bryan Bobby:
Aren’t Manchester United doing well? I mean I could be assuming that because I’m an Arsenal fan, but I believe they’re genuinely doing good.

I know its May 2019
ian urkidi
ian urkidi:
What do u mean that’s cap they’ve been undefeated since even before Bruno Fernandes joined the team🔴🔴❤️
AbdulQadir Bachani
AbdulQadir Bachani:
They were actually playing good for once now this video is probably going to jinx them
Khorshed Kazi
Khorshed Kazi:
Paul Scholes would be a good manager for man utd
Hype Ninja
Hype Ninja:
Nah since this is a mistake upload we should call out oh my goal, What the hell happen to Oh My Goal??!!!!!
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway:
Long story short, Rooney never was the same after the Bayern injury and Ferguson choose the worst possible replacement for manager
3:03 united are actually on an unbeaten run right now they haven’t lost any games recently
William Barratt
William Barratt:
This felt like a very pointless vid becuase when this was made they were still doing good in the prem and europa league and looked to be staying in there place should do a video on Aston Villa champions league winners to fighting relegation
man united is in 5th place rn and since city is banned technically they’re in a champions league spot so they will play champions league as long as they stay in 5th.
We’re bouncing back #GGMU
Well, we managed to finish 3rd and qualify for the champions league.
Why repost this? They've been amazing also haven't lost in 15 or 14 games and only conceded 6 or something close to that I'm pretty sure they've been doing better than LIVERPOOL recently
Nick M
Nick M:
Would have been more of a relevant video a year ago
raccoon raccoon
raccoon raccoon:
Stop with the re-uploads 🤦🏽‍♂️
Trainer Zard.
Trainer Zard.:
They are one of the best teams in the Prem rn. This video is months late
A Black Man
A Black Man:
Oh my goal still forgets the genius of Marcus Rashford, Martial, B. Fernandes and Mason Greenwood.
Prahlad NV
Prahlad NV:
I think we should talk about What the hell happened to "Oh my Goal" ;)!! Hahaha
The video has been uploaded at the wrong time!! United are doing very well now and are starting to grow into a team!! I think the person who uploaded hasn't seen the recent form of Man Utd. man United improved after Bruno's arrival!! Probably a mistake by "What The Hell-Oh my goal"!!
Arjun Asokan
Arjun Asokan:
We will rise again⚡🖤
Whats the point of reuploading this, when their actually doin well? This is coming from a city fan btw.
Jully Kamdar
Jully Kamdar:
Ever sice Bruno fernandes came in man u have been great
TheGaming Asian
TheGaming Asian:
Love these vids
Kian Lopez-Bassols
Kian Lopez-Bassols:
That is why I am doing a career more on fifa 20 love your vids
Shantum Sharma
Shantum Sharma:
fast forward to now when united finishes 3rd
Bruh this is old and they’ve improved. Smh
Wow after 15 games unbeaten and a 5-2 win...😌
Kenneth Dsouza
Kenneth Dsouza:
Well, they are doing now really really good
This video might be a bit outdated but as a united supporter I must agree that united is not where they should be and they need to improve in many aspects such as getting rid of players that are not good enough such as Sanchez
Can This Potato get 10k subs
Can This Potato get 10k subs:
If Man U get a good manger they would be title challengers
And I’m a Liverpool fan
man u is doing fine
in premier league they got 3rd a good comeback
van de beek transfer is getting super close while sancho may happen
Amaan Kayani
Amaan Kayani:
Manchester United fans to Fernandes: look it's the chosen one!

Bruno: u must be talking to the wrong guy
RANGO Gaming
RANGO Gaming:
I'm not here after the are top of the prem and Bruno Fernandes being one of the bets players in the world.