What to expect from Barcelona vs Villarreal - the new season begins!

Barça begin their La Liga season live from the Camp Nou, where they'll meet Villarreal. Will Ronald Koeman get off to a winning start? And what sort of performance can we expect from Lionel Messi?

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100+ comentarios:

OUR SEASON STARTS RIGHT HERE! What are you expecting and how would you line-up guys?
What to expect - "Barto out" on messi's back of jersey🤣
Sanad Sunnuqrot
Sanad Sunnuqrot:
I never felt sad when Vidal and Rakitic left but it was different with Suarez
Whatever happens this season , this is our LAST season under the absolute delusional clown that is bartomeu , however we have a great squad and I really think we can achieve something this season , we have the greatest in existence for maybe one more year let’s make the most of it VAMOSSS BOYS BRING ON VILLAREAL 🔵🔴🔜🔝
Messi Fan
Messi Fan:
Honestly I’m really Afraid of this Campaign After what happed last season but I’m not gonna stop Supporting them
Younes Mhamdi
Younes Mhamdi:
Why didn't araujo get a first team number there is the number 4 available
I wish Leo And Griez scores🔴🔵
suk ya mum
suk ya mum:
Watching this while chelsea is getting bullied😂
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha:
Never I have ever been so deflated and uncertain about a season.
No hope man
John Hunter
John Hunter:
Honestly I’ll go for Neto, Alba, Lenglet, Araujo, sergi, De Jong, Pjanic, Coutinho, Messi, Dembele and Griezzmann Força Barça🔵🔴🔵🔴
John Styleson
John Styleson:
I hope Griezmann be the first player to score hat trick under Koeman
Veintitres Disembre
Veintitres Disembre:
The last time I was this early, Bartomeu had a functioning brain , oh wait that was my dream....
Namiluko Sikufele
Namiluko Sikufele:
As long as the back 4 is still the same, we are still exposed and will still concede. As long as busquets still plays... We'll still be slow.
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma:
i was just going to sleep but i guess now i will sleep 8 minutes later.
I just hope atlético don’t become title contenders with Suarez 🥴
Puig, Todibo, nor Araujo are in the 1st team.
Yet players like Pique is....
What a joke.
Banele Mabutho
Banele Mabutho:
“Hello and welcome here to TalkFCB” best intro 👌😄
sailesh dhital
sailesh dhital:
Nothing will change until we change our back 4. What does Araujo have to do to replace Pique? I dont think that Koeman has the guts to bench Pique.
Anonymous Sparrow
Anonymous Sparrow:
"Expect the worst
Hope for the best"
This seasons motto.
tz h
tz h:
We will struggle against deep block without a real 9
Smayan Bohidar
Smayan Bohidar:
Going to miss the crazy trio
Ateek Nadaf
Ateek Nadaf:
No one :

Literally no one:

Not even Fernando's penalty:

Our defence: 🤮🤮
Vasubhya Diwan
Vasubhya Diwan:
Imagine Messi being so angry that he smashes another 80 goals this year...
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser:
I still can’t believe we’re starting our season without an actual RB registered in our first team squad 🤦🏻‍♂️
I have 0 expectations for this season.
Blau Grana
Blau Grana:
Just wanna thank Jamie for his frequent uploads for us fans…I appreciate all the hard work and commitment 💯
Prince Magidi
Prince Magidi:
I cannot wait to watch this game. I'd love to see Alene and Dembele completing the team. Young energetic boys! Visca barca❤
revenge sparta
revenge sparta:
I would start ansu and bring on dembele later on in second half.
Rami Nahhas
Rami Nahhas:
Can't wait for this video . Jamie always informs us with the Barca news. Love from Turkey
I'm not even a barca fan and barely watch la Liga but I love these vids😂
Nick. T
Nick. T:
Appreciate the work you do for us <3
ibra him
ibra him:
I always become happy when I see Jamie’s notification ❤️🔵🔴💯
Wiktor Kost
Wiktor Kost:
Hey jamie its amazing to see your progress im here since 10k subs and its realy amazing 🔵🔴🔥
Anirudh Gaur
Anirudh Gaur:
I am quite amazed by the fact that everyday after Watching TALKFCB, always bring a good drive to go and support BARCA!!! Again and Again.
Hoping for BEST
Visca Barca💯💯💯
Adil Ahmed
Adil Ahmed:
I'm actually feeling sad because of Suarez leaving. I was feeling very happy and excited when I heard about the rumors of him leaving but now that he's finally gone, I actually feel very sad.
He didn't deserve to be kicked out like this, he deserved a better treatment, he would've even accepted a pay cut in order to stay at the club for one more season but Barto is one big dumb fuck who doesn't know how to handle things.
In this situation, even Suarez deserves a little bit of blame because he became way too much comfortable in the club, he became overweight and didn't work on his fitness, his first touch was like that of rock.
But at the end I repeat myself, he didn't deserve to go like this, instead deserved a proper farewell.
Legend of the club 🙌
Visca el Barca 🔵🔴
VAMOSSS BARCA , what a crazy pre season it’s been man , really appreciate keeping us up to date throughout Jamie 👏 , firstly our greatest and the greatest wants to leave and is then forced to stay which is just sad , then Suarez , Rakitic , Arturo and Semedo all leave which I for one am happy about , but then we have literally made 0 signings which is simply absurd but we start the season with a really good squad and I have a good feeling about this season simply because of our quality VISCA EL BARCA🔵🔴❤️
Slimshady Ince
Slimshady Ince:
The real question is:

Can we have a worse season than last season?
cesar canales
cesar canales:
I believe Pjanic and Trincao are going to fill those extra spots but honestly I don't know, what you guys think?
Henry Zuniga Hernandez
Henry Zuniga Hernandez:
thanks Jamie keep up the good work as always
Vandi Coker
Vandi Coker:
Well for me we are going to win with 4-0
Jesse Nanton
Jesse Nanton:
Thank you Jamie for all your amazing work. Keep it up. I am excited to see how Barca plays. Love always jamie🙏👍❤️❤️❤️
Noor Al-Thani
Noor Al-Thani:
I can’t say except thank you legend Jamie for making quarantine better.🔴🔵👑
Videh Satyadarshi
Videh Satyadarshi:
Was waiting for this video like anything 🙏 hope so it's 4-1 ❤️
Mish Genie
Mish Genie:
Matheus Fernandes can partner with De Jong perfectly in the double pivot
ItzAMIR U dumb
ItzAMIR U dumb:
Hey I know what to expect
Unai emery to Messi - good ebneng Messi
Prajjwal Kumar
Prajjwal Kumar:
Messi griezman couthinio ansu❤️❤️
Vandi Coker
Vandi Coker:
In camp nou we are confident thoe
it feels so good that i am not in this alone
Silvi Çela
Silvi Çela:
I'm so happy Dest signed
I watch his videos in 1.25 speed and still feel slow...
Keep the good work Jamie
Zeamanuel Awoke
Zeamanuel Awoke:
We r gonna thrash villareal. Visca el barca 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
what jamie says we believe, long live this king
dembele needs to start tmrw,he needs to get the confidence to gradually unleash the beast in him.
Football SenseNews
Football SenseNews:
Nothing surprises me anymore.
Ibrahim Tarawally
Ibrahim Tarawally:
Jamie are you going to be doing the lineup reaction on the other channel.
Lets gooooo! Jamie here as always
Debarghya Ghosh
Debarghya Ghosh:
A Jaime a Day keeps Frustration away. 😎
Didi C-gal
Didi C-gal:
I'm just not pumped about the start of the season, i just don't know what to expect #onelove #🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
I just hope we have a good season
jossue Kasindula
jossue Kasindula:
Wuuuu am first today. Iwl comment later. After watching. Thank you Jamie
ola neat
ola neat:
sincerely i dont have any expectation for this season, as in starting a new season with almost they same back four that shipped in 8 goals in single game and then, no box to box striker, expecting a trophy dis from barca is a suicide mission , i fill dis season is a disaster waiting to explode
Marinio Cruden
Marinio Cruden:
Wil you come with the line-up reaction
Kirk Suquilanda
Kirk Suquilanda:
i honestly want to see trincao start on the right wing , he’s been amazing in the preseason , i think he deserves to play more
carlos gonzalez
carlos gonzalez:
Always looking forward to these videos !
Srinivasan S
Srinivasan S:
Idk what else this board will do to this club
Puig who was one of the best midfielders at the end of the season
Is now isnt registered for first team 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Rahul Vispute
Rahul Vispute:
Let's be honest ..
No expectations from me this season ..
I'm just waiting for victor font to take over ❤️
Steven Fuentes
Steven Fuentes:
I have no expectations for this team, I wouldn’t even be surprised if we don’t make top 3 🤷‍♂️
the players are there we just got to want it 💙❤️
A football related channel reaching 400k subs is unheard of, especially if the channel is all about just one club...
Letlotlo Naledi
Letlotlo Naledi:
The backline smells of club de amigos
Carlos_the_champion 1
Carlos_the_champion 1:
griezmann loves playing vs villarreal, i hope he fulfill his potential😁
I wonder what kind of heartbreak we gonna face this season
I just expect some good football from Barça and the same energy for the whole of 90 minutes
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
I had a dream where I was watching the game and we lost 2-0 so hopefully that isn’t true
Disguised toast
Disguised toast:
Sreekanth A.N
Sreekanth A.N:
Coutinho is going to be lit in this season🔥🔥🔥
Roshan dhakal
Roshan dhakal:
The first thing I do after wake up every morning is open youtube and watch your video.❤️
Sudipta sarkar
Sudipta sarkar:
Waiting for the new season 😁
Harish Venkat
Harish Venkat:
Expecting bartomeu's farewell video Jamie 😂😅
Handynutzer 1234
Handynutzer 1234:
Will be interesting when Barcelona plays in the CL. That's a real test!
Next Messi 2009
Next Messi 2009:
Have a great evening
Expect third place with that old folks home of a lineup you have
So, we can expect that Real Vardrid will perform very well this season, right?
Koeman is clueless tbh, just trying to get dutch players.
abdirahin dahir
abdirahin dahir:
I am not looking forward to the new season first time that I had this feeling. I am not going to watch any Barcelona match this season I think we will finish third or forth.
Adeliyi Seyi
Adeliyi Seyi:
Interesting. Had the same prediction as Jamie.... Going to be a tough one
Default is Deanfault
Default is Deanfault:
4 - 0 😍😍😍😍😍
Soccer Bug
Soccer Bug:
I will be posting an emotional video on Messi soon!!
K for Kronic
K for Kronic:
Wow 16 goals from Suarez and less minutes than Grizzi...... why sell him ??
Evenezer Beyene
Evenezer Beyene:
We have same line up, why don’t we learn from our mistake. Having pique play is definitely not going to improve us. Sergio Roberto is not good enough so why not try out Wague. Busquets is just not it, play Rique please or at least Alena. Why don’t we learn I don’t get it. We are not going to achieve anything even tho we might win this match!
Bong Jhol
Bong Jhol:
First ❤️❤️❤️
Somali music
Somali music:
Never do predictions i told you before 😔
Prajwal Pawar
Prajwal Pawar:
2:59 Puig scratching his balls. Itch guard
I want to see high energy and lots of goals
Syed Ahmed Farrukh
Syed Ahmed Farrukh:
3-2, I think you talked less of the goals we could concede. It's still the same defense but more than that, ter Stegen is absent!
Ace Media Atelier
Ace Media Atelier:
Imagine Sergi roberto gets injured today 😈.. no Substitute
Hussein barakat
Hussein barakat:
im scared if we become man utd ac milan
beastyy mate
beastyy mate:
I just hope Neto plays well,he hasn’t been good enough for us
Stanley Alomba
Stanley Alomba:
Buuut untill Next Time.....Aaasss Alwaysss..Viscaaa El Barça😂🔴🔵
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos:
I can't believe you only have 419k subs