Whatever Happened to Tanya Roberts - Julie Rogers from TV's Charlie's Angels

***R.I.P. TANYA ROBERTS - DETAILS HERE: https://youtu.be/UqhnasC_a_A ***
Here's are the details about actress Tanya Roberts who rose to fame as TV detective Julie Rogers on Charlie's Angels. After that show, she found additional fame in movies like Sheena and A View to A Kill. Where is she now? Watch this video to get the whole scoop.
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I didn’t know she was so devoted to her husband. I have a newfound respect for her.

And her eyes are very mesmerizing indeed.
Daniel S8
Daniel S8:
I remember her mostly from Charlie's Angels, as a Bond Girl, Sheena and That 70s Show. I had no idea she left the show because of her husband's illness. I respect her even more for that. She was and is awesome.
Strange Brew
Strange Brew:
Tanya truly is an angel!
Mary Clark
Mary Clark:
Tany Roberts was great in A View To A Kill and was very funny in That 70's Show. I had read that her husband was ill and that's why she left the show to care for him. Love like that is a rare thing indeed and once found, is incredible to hold onto.
bill thompson
bill thompson:
Will she EVER stop being a goddess?
A woman who could have ANYONE, remained faithful to her ailing and then terminal husband...
Apparently she has absolutely no lack of character and has an extremely high code of ethics.
"HBO" in the 80s meant "Hey, Beastmaster's On!"
Derek C
Derek C:
Good to see she's OK.
Christian Ninsananda
Christian Ninsananda:
Tanya Roberts... Bond girl, Jungle girl, and an Angel!!!
Steve Bellmore
Steve Bellmore:
I never watched Charlies Angels but i do remember her in The Beastmaster! A very stunning woman indeed! Thank you for doing these videos, i've enjoyed a lot of them! Could you please do Whatever happened to Melinda Culea and Marla Heasley from The A-Team? I would truly appreciate it! Have a great week! :D
Omg she was a teenage boys dream in the 8os....this one included...What a beautiful lady....
Mark Payne
Mark Payne:
When the world is getting me down, I slip my Sheena DVD in and escape for a while. I adore that film. Who wouldn't want Tanya calling them by their full name like she did Vix Casey? Lol!
Deacon Dave Larrabee
Deacon Dave Larrabee:
They should have chosen Robert's EARLIER!
SHE was THE CHARM, but she came along too late!
She brought the spark and the sizzle and the fun & the sweetness !
neal de la chica
neal de la chica:
I love her since the first time I saw her in Sheena.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
Beautiful Woman ...She deserved better in showbiz RIP Tanya
Paul of Iowa
Paul of Iowa:
Tanya is still lovely and sexy, but underrated as an acting talent.
Darren Signal
Darren Signal:
Oh those beautiful eyes, If there was one teenage crush that I had growing up, it was for this beautiful lady. That she shared a similar experience of caring for a dying loved one, makes me admire her even more.
Allen Tuggle
Allen Tuggle:
My God Yes she has gorgeous eyes, but actually, she has it all
Sometimes it is very healthy to keep show business at arm's length.
Jeff Young
Jeff Young:
I always thought Tanya Roberts aged VERY well. She was a Bond girl for crying out loud!
Dr. Mark in Texas
Dr. Mark in Texas:
Very sad. No matter how much money, fame, apparent success. You can't be totally protected from tragedy, hardship, or a broken heart.
spliceon charlie
spliceon charlie:
I forgot about Kate Jackson leaving. I remember what seemed like an endless revolving door of Angels after Farrah left the show. By this time, I think my family was watching other shows. Not sure. Tanya was a "hottie" and like most guys I remember her from the movies (Beastmaster and Sheena) and those skimpy little cave girl outfits. Seems there was some Playboy stuff thrown in there at some point as well. What guy did not want to stumble across her while lost in the woods. You would not care about being lost but be mesmerized by finding a beautiful woman out in the middle of nowhere.  Not sure why, but I have never been a big fan of blue eyes. I have always been a sucker for a freckle faced brown eye girl in denim. Awesome eye candy in any case.   Tanya has had a great career and good to see her doing well. Thanks for posting Dave.
Don Nicholas
Don Nicholas:
Tanya was extremely HOT! I followed her career and she just sort of fizzled out from the scene. I didn't know about her caring her for her husband. Not only was she hot, but a really good actress too.
Janet Darcey
Janet Darcey:
Liked Tanya live..Charlie's angels and 70s show...she was so real.. Just at had stated watching Tanya live....
I remember Sheena Queen of the Jungle was starting on the channel I was watching. So I grabbed the remote to switch it when Tanya flashed on the screen riding a horse on the beach 🤔. I was immediately stunned at her beauty and her eyes...I had to watch the rest of the movie 🎥 🍿 or live with the regret 😭. What a beauty and class act 🥰!
Unwashed Critic
Unwashed Critic:
Never knew she was on Charlie's Angels. I'll never forget her from Beastmaster, but not for her eyes. And now I want to see View to a Kill again!
kyle kimbrell
kyle kimbrell:
Remember her from Charlie's Angels, View to A Kill, Sheena and that 70's show great actress sorry to hear about her husband. Thanks for the update Dave
Wow never knew about her husband having the disease he had. I give her kudos for standing by her man during that period.
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
She’s gorgeous and I’m glad she found lifelong love and was there for him in the end.
Lee Marohn
Lee Marohn:
I loved her on Charlie's Angels and as a Bond Girl, but MAN did i love her in Beastmaster. I definitely think they should have given her character more bad guys to beat up, as she was pretty badass in that role.
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen:
Thanks for reminding me about this beautiful actress! Good one, Dave!
Bob Davis
Bob Davis:
Great video on beauty Tanya, Dave! I remember a comedian saying HBO stood for “Hey, Beastmaster’s On!” Nice of her to want to be with her husband more in his last days.
Michael Ashcraft
Michael Ashcraft:
She was a BEAUTIFUL lady, a successful Actress, but, foremost in her life a REAL Wife! Encephalitis is an agonizing Brain inflammation which pain medication barely touches, I know she felt very bad for her Husband, now, she is with him again...RIP wonderful LADY!
Jimmy Sapien
Jimmy Sapien:
I respect her so much - for her love of her husband and took care of him till he died -Amen 🙏🙏🙏
SUCH a beauty! Inside and out.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave:
I still remember her as "Kiri" in Beastmaster... what a hottie!
John Harrison
John Harrison:
Had a crush on her in 1980 when she was cast in Charlie’s Angels. She was so beautiful to me. Also saw her in Tourist Trap, Sheena, A View to a Kill, and That 70’s Show. So sad to know she’s gone. RIP beautiful lady.
Erika Kathleen
Erika Kathleen:
I loved Beastmaster!
Tanya was super famous. Rest In Peace gorgeous woman.⚘
Remember her mostly for Beastmaster. A stunner even among actresses of the time.
Veteran Patriot
Veteran Patriot:
Like you Dave, It's All about those Hypnotic Eyes.
My Wife has them, She had me at the first Blink.
Dave 7mm Hunter
Dave 7mm Hunter:
Beastmaster was one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid. I have never seen Sheena but it has been popping up as a film I might like, so I will need to check it out. Great video.
Xander Dumas
Xander Dumas:
I really wish they had made the remaining Angel dolls. I loved Sheena.
Chef Evi Lee
Chef Evi Lee:
I did not even realize that she was Donna’s mother. I loved that role. I always did wonder why she left the show. Then it seems like things got really weird.
The most beautiful Angel of all
and a top tier Bond Girl.
Tanya Roberts and Don Stark on "That 70s Show" reminded me of a fun-loving couple my folks really knew in the early 70s, when I was about twelve. My folks told me to stay away from them!
michael beck
michael beck:
very beautiful inside and out rip sweetie you beautiful heart and soul
Lunitic Fringe
Lunitic Fringe:
As a young blonde girl in the 80's I loved Charlie's Angels and I idolized.... Sabrina. Kate Jackson was the best.
Loved her in Sheena though.
Marigen Beltran
Marigen Beltran:
I kind of liked Sheena, it had beautiful Tanya and I sort of had a crush on Ted Wass since I saw him in Soap.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez:
Now Tanya has been reunited with her husband.
She is one of those inexplicable timeless beauties. Just incredible beautiful, and from the interviews I have seen of her, she seems to be just as beautiful on the inside too.
Snow Man
Snow Man:
I liked her in Beastmaster.
Harvey Mulock
Harvey Mulock:
I always thought she is the most beautiful woman in the world! Good to hear she is still thriving and well. Thanx for the update!
jim cherkas
jim cherkas:
The best-looking Angel and definitely one of the hottest of the 1970s
Wayne Boulier
Wayne Boulier:
I only remember her from that 70's show where she played a great character
amber dillonardo
amber dillonardo:
I had a CRUSH on Tanya Roberts in James Bond movie A View To A Kill!!..She still Beautiful for her age!!..Great Video Dave!! 😎👍
i have been revisitng her on Charlies Angels S5 on MeTV.....Damn, she was STUNNING!!! In a way, the best looking angel.Those BLUE EYES!!
James LaJoie
James LaJoie:
She was also good in the 1979 movie California Dreaming...
Lance Chaffin
Lance Chaffin:
Dave she also was in a horror film called tourist trap alongside Chuck Conner came out in 1979. It's very creepy and a bit cheesey but scared me as a kid. Those mannequins enough said
John Ramirez
John Ramirez:
I had the hots for her eyes since beastmaster. Not the fact that ahe was nakid. But hers eyes her voice. The color of her hair. She was beautiful.
TOM s:
I've been a fan of Miss Roberts since Charlie's Angels! Such a beautiful woman! Like everybody else I did not know that she left the 70 show to take care of her husband. She truly is and always will be an angel!
D Evans
D Evans:
Love Tanya Roberts and thank you so much Dave for filling us in on why she had to leave That 70s Show. I'm sorry for her loss.
Thelma Knowler
Thelma Knowler:
I like SHEENA movie 🎥 very much and a View to a Kill‼️I named one of my cats SHEENA‼️So glad she got to take care of her husband and she is enjoying her life‼️
Tanya was working class, the girl really came out from nothing....I admire her for that. To have survived.
Art Boston
Art Boston:
Beautiful woman! I love starring at her beautifully unusual eyes.
Carolina Zampar
Carolina Zampar:
Tanya Roberts is an Angel ❤️❤️❤️
Tenchi Jojo
Tenchi Jojo:
Sheena was Rated PG and well, it had scenes that made this teenage boy happy.
Cryptoman 5000
Cryptoman 5000:
Dave, I sent you a question on Facebook, Nice job on this video.
Vince Mayo
Vince Mayo:
You gotta see tourist trap from early 80s with Tanya ;-)
Raymond Kizer
Raymond Kizer:
Tanya was brought on to save the show in 1980. I remember reading articles about how she beat out many top actresses and how ABC placed a great deal of trust in her to rebound the show in the ratings. Obviously this never happened as the show started two months late due to a writer’s and actor’s strike that occurred during that summer and ABC kept moving the show’s time slot.
Forgot about her. Thanks for the update. What a sweetheart.
Maya Nightwolf
Maya Nightwolf:
Love The Beastmaster. Tanya Roberts was eye candy for you guys while Mark Singer was it for the girls.
Kevin H
Kevin H:
An unbelievably beautiful woman. She has always been a class act....
Rome Delasalas
Rome Delasalas:
I love how you see the good in these iconic 70s figurea
Misael Villeda
Misael Villeda:
I grew up watching on her in that 70s show😢
José Benito Martínez Jr.
José Benito Martínez Jr.:
I loved Tanya Roberts in many shows!! Especially in her later work, "The Beastmaster." Memorable!!!!
Raymond Kizer
Raymond Kizer:
Dave! I wish I could give you an extra special thumbs up for covering Tanya Roberts. I can literally run my mouth about this enchantress for hours. Yes, I worship the ground she walks on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
joe gongora
joe gongora:
I do remember her in Charlie's Angels & other movies. She also has beautiful eyes.
G 513
G 513:
In Sheena...I know the part well… Simply amazing and beautiful!
Kenneth Kustren
Kenneth Kustren:
That 70's Show .... she was awesome.
I was too young to appreciate her involvement in Charlies Angels.
james thomas Fuentes
james thomas Fuentes:
Rest in peace.
norton dumont
norton dumont:
My favorite film of hers is "Body Slam", an eighties rock and wrestling flick co-starring Dirk Benedict and Roddy Piper.
chris l
chris l:
i remember that 70s show good show
Sherry G
Sherry G:
I enjoyed Sheena, it was so cheesy, it became good in spite of itself. Very campy and fun!
Rip Tanya Roberts a.k.a Julie Rogers 🙏❤️
A beautiful lady with piercing blue eyes. I feel for her after watching her in Sheena.
Gary Simons
Gary Simons:
Was always a stunner!
Love Tanya Roberts...just love her, that's all!!
Raymond Kizer
Raymond Kizer:
I preferred her with the dark hair. The only other actress I saw with eyes like hers was Meg Foster.
The Notorious Wine Guy🍷
The Notorious Wine Guy🍷:
🍷Another outstanding and informative upload. Dave, never stop doing these...PLEASE! So entertaining. Feels like listening to an old friend reminisce about shows we use to see as kids ( at 51, I feel we are very close in age). Great to see that Tanya Roberts still looks amazing and doing well. Loved her as Stacy in 'A View To A Kill'. She was/is breathtaking! Take care Dave!!
Cool vid, Dave! I liked Tanya a lot but I can't say I was a fan. I barely remember her role on Charlie's Angels. But it's good to know she stood by her husband during his illness. Someone in Hollywood who understands her vow "to love, honour, and cherish in sickness and in health". I think that is a wonderful rarity. She's a special lady. Thanks for this tribute!
Emaido Affia
Emaido Affia:
One of my childhood favorite is Sheena, could you help me get the complete video? All I see on here are just clips, dying to watch the whole masterpiece again.
Jeffery Steen
Jeffery Steen:
Those eyes are amazing!
Brother Kellymatthew Barnes
Brother Kellymatthew Barnes:
Erik Wahlberg
Erik Wahlberg:
Lovely girl one of my many childhood crushes thanks to Charlie's Angels and Beast Master.
Chris Ratterree
Chris Ratterree:
Sheena!!! That was my jam.back in the day.
Dave, I'm so glad that you put up this upload of Tanya Roberts because I actually thought that she passed away! I saw so much chatter about her demise that I was convinced that it was true.
Shari T
Shari T:
Wonderful example of a loving wife...such a shame that she had to deal with rumors 'of her demise' [ugh!] Thanks for posting!
Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue:
I just sort of recalled her until this video reminded me of how beautiful she was. I was not aware of her personal tragedy. She’s still beautiful and alive with the joy of life it seems.
RIP Beautiful
Laz Toth
Laz Toth:
I truly enjoy your Channel you're doing a great job one nostalgia when childhood FUN and more simplistic just wanted to say thank you God bless be well be safe