What's inside Coronavirus Vaccine? Bill Gates Interview

How does the Covid-19 vaccine work? We interviewed Bill Gates to get his thoughts on the vaccine and pandemic. Read Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter here: http://gatesnot.es/2Yoy65f

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100+ comentarios:

Dk Sharma
Dk Sharma:
Whats inside elon musk's house
I want you to cover this😀😀😀
Γιαννης Κονταρακης
Γιαννης Κονταρακης:
Using an apple laptop to Skype with bill gates 😂
Monkey Science
Monkey Science:
You first cut baseballs open and now you’re cutting a vaccine open with Bill Gates
Flame Dragon Emperor
Flame Dragon Emperor:
14:43 Bill watches free YouTube courses, who would have thought?
Yeah science!! 👊👊
FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation.:
Holy crap, I have watched lincoln litteratly grow up
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta:
Interviewing bill gates on a macbook (macos) while he is the founder of microsoft
EonServo XA
EonServo XA:
I haven’t watched this channel in years. Lincoln has grown so much!
The man, the myth, the mastermind behind it all.
haha your neighbors at that old house were probably glad to see you move...😂 You guys did so many crazy things back then.
Felipe Bravo
Felipe Bravo:
This was a meme and what inside really did it🤣🤣
This Monday, I had a one on one meeting with a vice president in my company, at first 20 minutes, I was so nervous, and I was kinda shacking even. If I get the chance to talk with bill gates, wow, I hope I could keep claim like you two.
why wasn't i expecting bill gates camera quality to be so good
Tyler Suter
Tyler Suter:
Wonderful! You definitely need to interview Elon now!
Iq Honk
Iq Honk:
I can't wait for "What's inside a 10 million play button?!.
Athena Garcia
Athena Garcia:
I didn't know you guys already went to the Philippines! I'm from Manila, haha. Awesome video, Link and Dan. I hope you get to interview Elon Musk like this someday.
When will you bring cutting open electronics and stuff again :(
I remember in 2015 when linken was a kid look now hes a grown man basically
Death Skull
Death Skull:
I just rememberd this channel...i used to watch this ages ago
Pushkar Todi
Pushkar Todi:
Collab with mark rober again please 🥺
What kind of camera does Bill use? Lmao. Cinema quality
AMONG US viral
AMONG US viral:
"Marunong ka pala mag Tagalog" love from the Philippines 🇵🇭💓
Wolf Games
Wolf Games:
I remember watching you 6 years ago, talk about nostalgia
Louis Cave
Louis Cave:
gosh, lincoln is so old now 😂
Amazing interview, I like that you also included that golf question to give the interview a personal note!
4:34 I think everyone knows what that is if they have power in their house xD
Haven’t seen this channel in years and bro, how big is Lincoln now
Ibrahim Rahman
Ibrahim Rahman:
In uk we have 1 million tests a week and we get emailed or texted whether we’re positive or negative within 72 hours
Glaydelis Perez (glayde)
Glaydelis Perez (glayde):
This is absolutely amazing 💖
Right when bill comes on, he mentions their agenda has been effected..
Mark Brand
Mark Brand:
“One of the most influential men in the world”. Ah that low key mormon patriarchy
Jon Churchill
Jon Churchill:
Crazy how far What's Inside come!
op playz
op playz:
I honestly thought that bill gates would say “Bing Video” instead of “Youtube”
Max talks Tech
Max talks Tech:
honestly, wow science like this is amazing
Haven’t watched in years Lincoln is so old now
Dani Aslett
Dani Aslett:
So proud of link 🤍
TGB ExOtic
TGB ExOtic:
Bro that was sick! Get it lol
Marcel Meijer
Marcel Meijer:
How cool! Thanks for this great video! I am a bit jealous ;-)
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo:
YO! LAST TIME I CHECKED IN, LINCOLN WAS A CUTE LITTLE KID! “Look at how they massacred my boy”
Eric He
Eric He:
I can’t believe how much your channel has evolved and Lincoln has grown so much throughout the years. I hope you guys are staying safe :)
This video was so interesting!! :D
Loved it! ❤️
Love the video really great to have this much information
Moroni Cox
Moroni Cox:
Good work! We had to break twice so he could do this video and talk to Bill! Can't wait for your Solar video now. Love your place!
Berke ACAR
Berke ACAR:
Bruh.. this is next level
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here:
it’s been forever since I watched these people and they’ve changed so much!
Also these newest first comments…
Darren Ong
Darren Ong:
Thank you Team What's Inside for sharing this interview with us. Good job! Very inspiring just to listen to Bill Gates 👏
Wow! That’s so cool! Keep it up! Big fan
Anyone else notice Lincoln’s dad looks like Tom Brady? I bet he gets that a lot!
Also, crazy how this channel started. Just a simple science experiment changed their life.
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson:
You are always gonna have another pandemic after they saw how good this one went for them
And It was a pleasure to spend some of my time with What's Inside, Dan and Lincoln... Coming off my overnight... 👌🏼✌🏼
N Y K O:
Congrats to you guys! What a great opportunity 👍
Isaiah Painter
Isaiah Painter:
A great video the best video series ever!! (Rocket blueprints guy)
It would be so much fun :)
Gage Keenan
Gage Keenan:
Wow I haven’t watched y’all in 4 years and Lincoln has gotten so big
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez:
Thanks for the info nice video 💯
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez:
Next up: cutting open the earth to see what’s inside 😂
this vid was so fascinating I love it
Prithwiraj Purkait
Prithwiraj Purkait:
When u use a Macbook to talk to the founder of Microsoft
I came back to see how things are boppin' . Lincoln look so different
Sawyer White
Sawyer White:
Coming from a Bio major, I wish it was this easy and simple....
Matthew Knowler
Matthew Knowler:
I just can’t believe I stumbled onto a 4 min old video of my fav YouTubers
Krish Shah
Krish Shah:
I don't know why I never get bored by seeing your videos

Awesome video I loved it
I wish we could meet or just a call
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle:
Great video. Fantastic information! I'm glad you went through the mRNA. The possibilities really are fantastic.
Bobby M
Bobby M:
Hey you guys had a great interview with Mr Gates 👍👍
Morgan Whaley
Morgan Whaley:
Great video. Appreciate you guys!
Jenna Bell
Jenna Bell:
Hi guys love your video’s keep making awesome content
He's still using the I tro u make for free like 10 years ago lol
Viraj Joshi
Viraj Joshi:
Heyy..Glad to hear applications from Bill Gates About INDIA and Indian Factories..That little appreciation means a Lot. Love from India 🇮🇳❤
Sheesh Heywoah
Sheesh Heywoah:
I remember when Lincoln was younger
I haven’t watch in years Lincoln have grown so much WOW
Twice As Interesting
Twice As Interesting:
I love ho he blocked the Apple logo with tape, like they do on tv. It’s so obvious it’s Apple though from the shape.
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor:
I have it in 360 p and bill gates camera still looks amazing
I like the fact that they cover the apple logo to interview Bill Gates 😂 well played @What’sinside?
oyse islam
oyse islam:
I am very happy today to be cure I was suffering from herpes virus....thanks you again dr ekpoma for curing me with your herbs remedy
This is cool, thanks guys!
Aidan Slobodian
Aidan Slobodian:
hi lincoln! hi dan! how have you all been? lincoln you look so old! i was watching when you guys opened the etcha scetch and i loved your videos, i still do! keep up the work
Noah B from the 913
Noah B from the 913:
Omg look at Lincoln.. I haven’t watched what’s inside for like 4 years
Dang this was a great vid like your 15 and being able to talk with bill gates I’ll turn 15 in May but damn this family is gonna go far.
Tammi Gibbar
Tammi Gibbar:
you should do a video, "Whats inside a 2021 Tesla Model ?"
I like apples
I like apples:
It's been 4 years since I've seen this channel, omg lincoln has grown so much
Ron Nas
Ron Nas:
I haven't seen you guys in a long time and Lincon has grown SOOOOOOOOO SO much it's so cool to see
first time watching this channel since 2016 and man did lincoln grow up
The Hard Bihari
The Hard Bihari:
The way he covered the logo of the laptop
As no one knows it was Nokia !!
Jhonn Rodelas
Jhonn Rodelas:
When you mentioned that you guys filmed in the Philippines right then and there I look for your video.. I cannot missed that because that is my country <3 <3 <3 and when I hear Dan speaking in tagalog it amazed me.. Dan: Magandang Hapon... Kamusta ang tubig... Malamig ba? Hahaha that is so cute when I hear a foreigner talking our native language...
《Mark Neistat 》
《Mark Neistat 》:
Thank you so much guys.
Matty Ice
Matty Ice:
I remember the baseballs, simple days
Edgar M
Edgar M:
Cant believe how much your channel has grown, have been here since before the first 100k incredible and congratulations to you guys!
Levent K********
Levent K********:
A long time after Lincoln comes to the video without his cap
Good interaction with a genius.
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe:
Made me laugh that he put a piece of paper on the Mac cos bill is Microsoft
Daisuke 4thDrugkage
Daisuke 4thDrugkage:
He grow up damn it been a long time
you guys are the best YouTubers In Youtube History Keep It Up
Marc lopez
Marc lopez:
Mabuhay kayo Dan at lincoln! Ipagpatuloy niyo lang po ang magagandang content. An avid subscriber here from the Philippines!
I used to watch this channel and now that I see Lincoln it’s so weird because he looks so old the last time I saw him was like when he was about 11 or something
Ariel Erlijman
Ariel Erlijman:
Awesome! thx for this
Fun fact: Bill earn around $152,000 in the 20 minutes it has taken to watch this video.
Code Demon
Code Demon:
Whats inside: I can't believe we are talking to Bill Gates

Mark Rober: cooks and visits Bill gates house and talks face to face
kkrispy2009 P
kkrispy2009 P:
Amazing vid to see bill Gates not just talking about computers thanks all stay safe