WhatsApp web 2020 working trick Android IOS

We are all heard nowadays Whatsapp. It may be all but at least more than 900 million of us. Whatsapp Web syncs with the mobile app to let you send and receive WhatsApp messages from your Device.
By using Someone QR Scan with your scan code and all messages are also sent and received your device.
The popular mobile app is now allowing users to access their chats on the computer through a service called WhatsApp Web.also to show his/her Status and much more.
It is using QR Codes to verify your identity. No Email ID. No username. No password. Your smartphone is your key to use WhatsApp Web.
This only for educational purposes only. don't misuse or chatting with other people.

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13 comentarios:

Sai Vijji
Sai Vijji:
Web whatsapp eppudu open kavatam ledhuu.... Present 🔒WhatsApp. Com. Ela vasthundhee..
Sunil Naik
Sunil Naik:
WhatsApp calls what's web lo chudadam yela
Ritesh Gupta
Ritesh Gupta:
girleide ferreira
girleide ferreira:
Oi vc me ensinou usar ,agora saiu ,o q fazer
Matovu Hamidu
Matovu Hamidu:
You can use it long distance
Abdullah Shaikh
Abdullah Shaikh:
Bina logout kiye chrome closes kr diya ab wo WhatsApp kaise open hoga plz help me
Amol Bagul
Amol Bagul:
Kitni der tak rehta hai w.app web me ac.
Reshma Balakrishnan
Reshma Balakrishnan:
Once we close the chrome then...it asking again for scan the qr code
Olamokun Nikky
Olamokun Nikky:
Thank you so much *RARETECHIE* on IG team who helped me to get rid of my toxic relationship by giving me the proof from my girlfriend's inbóx so I can throw it in her face..
Utkarsh Ranjan
Utkarsh Ranjan:
Bhai abhi nhiii aara h bhai chrome pr
Akash Sagar
Akash Sagar:
Bhai chrome pe chl nhi kuch dino se...
Moses Toxic
Moses Toxic:
I can't believe that hacking exit until I came across *Davetechie* whó prove that to me.their services are really affordable...
Ritesh Gupta
Ritesh Gupta:
So super