When will Tottenham complete Gareth Bale's return? | Good Morning Transfers

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The Good Morning Transfers panel provide the latest updates on Gareth Bale's potential return to Tottenham from Real Madrid.

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100+ comentarios:

It took 7 years for Tottenham to replace bale with bale
This guy has had the best long term paid vacation ever.
Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn:
Wow, Anton is a bit of a bellend isn't he? Talk about fancying yourself. :D

"Bale was a sub in that CL final, wasn't even a first team starter"

YEah and he came off the bench and won them the CL, it means he was under utilised not that he was worthless...
Meme Lord
Meme Lord:
Reporters: ‘This signing has got closer in the past 24 hours’

Also Reports: ‘We don’t know why, but Bale has turned up in his current place of employment’
Bale was on the furlough scheme before anyone else, 3 years ago to be precise 😂
Aidan Griffiths
Aidan Griffiths:
Bale didn't get worse as a player, he argued with his manager and he wouldn't play him, and bale decided he wasn't gonna play for him either. Stats are worthless
1:08 Surprised he didn't turn up in a golf cart.
Son, Kane and Bale is a dangerous front 3 🥶
Arif Shuaibu
Arif Shuaibu:
sky sports have the ability to talk about transfers without actually saying anything.
5:28 His hands are showing up on the other camera. Why are Sky bothering with this 3 camera setup again? It's just distracting
Why are these United fans trying to act like Bale didn't CHOOSE to go to Spurs instead of United? United wanted Bale, Bale wanted Spurs.
egberibine buttress
egberibine buttress:
Com on bale...prove your doubters wrong
Wayne Chalkley
Wayne Chalkley:
If he is good enough for the real bench he is good enough for Tottenham starting line-up I think Anton thinks the 2 club's are at the same level
UK Music Charts
UK Music Charts:
Imagine if this happens, Spurs' front three would be Son, Kane and Lucas
sgt filco
sgt filco:
Turned up to empty his locker...
Got a golf ad when watching this.

How fitting
Michael Pinholt
Michael Pinholt:
As a Madrid-fan im happy to see Bale go to Tottenham, i'm sure he'll be outstanding once he's at a place where people believe in him again.
I think he still has 3 glorious years left in him to produce the brilliance in top flight football.
Chaden Kozuki Fodder of Wano
Chaden Kozuki Fodder of Wano:
We only want this transfer to happen so we see him on Amazon Prime 😂
john trisna
john trisna:
The question is, once he is loaned to Tottenham is it going to be
Wales Tottenham golf madrid
Tottenham Wales golf madrid
Wales golf Tottenham madrid

Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling:
Bale's finally back!
Panagiotis Nikiforou
Panagiotis Nikiforou:
I wont be suprised if mourinho plays him at left wing back🤣
Christian Arie Rotty
Christian Arie Rotty:
Anton vs Jaydee with Expressions Oozing as the special guest ref. Booked it!
Just because one person in the world who happens to be his coach doesn’t like him he’s all of a sudden finished, those are facts Anton 🤷🏻‍♂️
p T
p T:
That overhead kick.. Let the haters hate...lol
Billy Block
Billy Block:
There really is no need to watch past 2:07
John Johnson
John Johnson:
It's gonna be amazing season! Surebets are starting to go mad on Betnetto surebets!
El Dio
El Dio:
Happy for spurs and mourinho. Hopefully bale can get them top 4
Krashaon 62
Krashaon 62:
Fabrizio has already said its 100% likely Bale and Regulion are going to Tottenham, and they will arrive on Friday. Why are sky always 2 days behind. Lol. Never actually say anything.
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod:
Jose going for the title..
Skeleton 87
Skeleton 87:
Didn't expect that WWE moments there 😁
I'm Addicted to Minge
I'm Addicted to Minge:
Speaking of transfers, Messi will be transfered to Leeds United in career mode on fifa 21.
Sachman TV
Sachman TV:
5:49 ***Bartra not Batray
🎼Goin' home
'Cause I've been away much too long
Goin' home
Going back to the place where my heart belongs
Goin' home
Going back where I left my family
Goin' home
And I hope that they're still waiting there for me 🎸
What I don't understand is why he couldn't just play for his local golf club?
Hussainali Khalifa
Hussainali Khalifa:
Bale was the reason I was supporting real
Now Liverpool and spure
Luke Weedon
Luke Weedon:
I'm just waiting to see him back in our stripes. Holding that shirt. BREAKING BALE SIGNS ON LOAN
Nghia Ha
Nghia Ha:
i'd say with bale not playing so much at real, has been a benefit to him. he has had time to be stronger. so expect a better player than recent years, specially if he's hungry.
but i'm still suspect over spurs defense. they need more consistant defenders. Mourinho won't park the bus so much then.
Bale will be an amazing signing for Spurs might secure them a top 4 finish too
Dutch van Der linde
Dutch van Der linde:
I think he’s gonna do rlly well
It's already been completed and will be announced tomorrow, Sky are so slow lmao
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher:
Petition to Sky Sports to remove the split screen segment from the show. Feels really awkward when the guys are sitting at the same table but not maintaining eye contact when having a conversation.
coco fresh
coco fresh:
pochettino missed the title twice by a whisker and lost the ucl final, had bale come earlier it wouldve been a different story, take a look at liverpool all it took was their goalkeeper.
Jude Chauhan
Jude Chauhan:
Brilliant signing where he at
BHS - (British Home Stores) - Bale, Harry, Son
BHS - (British Home Stores) - Bale, Harry, Son
BHS - (British Home Stores) - Bale, Harry, Son
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke:
Me waiting for James rodriguez to reply to this because he reply’s to everthing. :\
Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer:
Yo, this was actually so much fun to watch! Deep down, we know they're both routing for Bale to return to Spurs regardless of money etc 😅
Mark shaz
Mark shaz:
Man Utd would of loved him, class is forever and Bale has it in abundance. He will be amazing at Spurs.
Ollie Copeman
Ollie Copeman:
The ad at the start of the video was a advert about a golf game and the video is about bale😂😂😂😂🙈
When will they complete the transfer?

a) when he’s finished playing golf
b) when he’s recovered from his latest injury
c) when uncle Zizi tells him to leave
Tottenham to bail bale out
Jimmy Pavlovic
Jimmy Pavlovic:
yes fantastic Come On You Spurs!
Class is permanent 🙌
CB864 YT
CB864 YT:
6:54 expressions has left his mark at sky sports
This would be a brilliant signing for Spurs!
Hawkzy FN
Hawkzy FN:
I know deep down bale is still a class player if he gets this move he can prove that and I know he will
Thiago to LFC is a done deal, can’t wait to see him play
Will Allen
Will Allen:
there’s only one ric flair of football... and that’s expressions oooooozing wid the sauce
Bale's 1st day of training:
Jose: "I need you to show the boys why Real Madrid bought you instead of them."

Bale: "Yes boss." (Goes to his car and takes out his golfing equipment)
Ashusen Magar
Ashusen Magar:
What about the jose statement??
Wilton McDonald
Wilton McDonald:
I believe 6 yrs ago you had hair on your head or you never grew any😀 Spurs are not expecting a Bale if old just for him to produce HALF what he has done in the past and Spurs will finish in the Top 3 let alone Top 4. COYS!!!’
Lewandowski's Memes
Lewandowski's Memes:
Hopefully he can revive his career at Spurs🤞
fluffy. kong
fluffy. kong:
How a player is treated affects how they play. Fact!
Pra mol
Pra mol:
Happy for bale ❤️
Joe Emm
Joe Emm:
did he just say "imbreaded".... I'm out!
Karim Ansari
Karim Ansari:
Are these man the British version of Skip Bayless & Stephen A Smith?
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins:
Could he handle the physical intensity of the prem... he is 31 and comes with problems
Chappie Easson
Chappie Easson:
Permanent vacation with lifetime full pay 😂 bale mastered it 💪😂
man utd
man utd:
2 clubs Liverpool and spurs who furloughed staff and then spend millions on players and wages somethings wrong if ya ask me
Game changer signing for spurs
Anton knows his wrestling 🤣
Tom Grant
Tom Grant:
Anton Deffo still lives in his ma’s box room doesn’t he Ahahahaha
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
Love the LB they have signed tho'
Eduad Ains
Eduad Ains:
6:57 :D
I like JD. Good vibes. Great points. Love the new Sky sports team
Where's Alice Piper at
Manick TV
Manick TV:
Remember back in the good old days when sky sports presenters told you facts and didn’t think show was all about them
Shezan Salim
Shezan Salim:
Idk how good they are on the mic, but I kept on going haywire each time a wrestling reference dropped!!

My two cents: If I were him I would go with Cesaro rather than Shawn Michaels purely by the basis of looks lmao
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly:
That my friend, that my friend, that my friend
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
Bale & Thiago incoming to the prem 🔮⚽️
Strange how Liverpool & Spurs both tried to put their employees on furlough and are now out here spending big on players and their wages.... something doesn’t seem right.
Vincenzo Porcelli
Vincenzo Porcelli:
thanks a lot Mr.Mourinho.
now Tottenham just need Aron Ramsey from Juve and it's on.
Sdupa Blunatix
Sdupa Blunatix:
I hope he goes just because it will make the tv series some spice 😂
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan:
GREAT news! Adrenalin is crazy high
Irish Maverick
Irish Maverick:
Who allowed these JD and Anton guys on Tele their absolute mongs
Read More
Read More:
Never. That’s my bet.
Honna Conna
Honna Conna:
Next day delivery on amazon prime
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
Couple of weeks ago Barcelona & now it's Madrid. Looks like Sky Sports isn't effected by Covid 19 with all these holidays.
nick burford
nick burford:
Hopefully modric in January 😆
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Wow this is actually happening
Akhmad Fajarus Shadiq
Akhmad Fajarus Shadiq:
I’am from indonesia, please give subtitle,
James Croad
James Croad:
Who is that incredibly urban fella talking about stuff Bale did years ago?
DP Bangera
DP Bangera:
I hope Madrid fans give Bale the legendary status he deserves after his departure.
Benjamin Witt
Benjamin Witt:
He's had 13 DIFFERENT injurys the last 6 years.. Man. Utd dont need another player who is out with injury every season..
Jack Austin
Jack Austin:
100 spurs goals more like 40🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Bale - Kane - Son could be one of the best front threes in Europe
How rehearsed...