Who Is Jonas Vingegaard?

Described as "a shy boy who likes to ride his bicycle", Jonas Vingegaard is on the eve of the biggest moment of his life. Who is the 25 year old Tour winner?

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26 comentarios:

Jonathan Marker
Jonathan Marker:
Can’t wait to see him and Poga fighting the next years. Amazing riders.
As pogi's fan I can say I m not sad/happy Jonas won. And Who is he?
He is a family man ❤️
john doe
john doe:
Congratulations to Jonas, what a humble guy. Truly inspiring
John Zook
John Zook:
I love this for Denmark and pro cycling. What an awesome person to ride so many days in yellow and win for his country and his family. Living in the USA I remember just how incredible it was when Lance was winning Le Tour. The fame can be too much for some guys to deal with. I sincerely hope that is not the case with Jonas or pro cycling ever again.
Congrats jv
Your are a true champion..🚴❤️🇵🇭
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
GO Jonas! TDF is yours!!!!!! Congrats to all these riders ! To his team and staff and to all ridesr day day out!
Yolanda Patiño Bolivar
Yolanda Patiño Bolivar:
Felicitaciones a éste chico por ganar el tour de Francia y a Jumbo muy buen equipo
Aragorn II.
Aragorn II.:
Jonas, WVA, Tadje are so inspiring.. it was a fantastic tour, love it.
Ramon Rosario
Ramon Rosario:
Congrats , he deserves it
Christian DM
Christian DM:
Easy to like his story...good for him!
shendy hendrawan
shendy hendrawan:
from home alone to tdf winner
Rid Zuan
Rid Zuan:
From now he already be Mac Culkin Win The Guard
Lovely video, thanks Flo
Qopiq q
Qopiq q:
He's an absolute legend, soon to be tour winner and still humble. What a guy, i hope we get an entire decade of Jonas.
Sergio lm
Sergio lm:
Who is Jo...

He's Roglic #2, who can actually win TDF!
Kenneth Janczak
Kenneth Janczak:
So funny....
After jonas won the tour then everyone knows him.....old teachers that says they gave him the motivation, trainers from he's old bike club claiming they trained him snd also gave him the right motivation.....
So freakin lame, but guess it's always like that, when someone get famous, then everbody knows the person.......until he admit he's been using dooping....
Like that with bjarne riis, brian mørk, all other winners of the tour.
Then everyone hate and condem the person....
Elena Brîndaș
Elena Brîndaș:
Ving sau Poga?!
Broken Games
Broken Games:
Who is Jonas Vingegaard *Rasmussen* any relations to Michael Rasmussen?

commentators easily saying two Spanish surnames for cyclist but not for JVR? Why so?
Wazir Tan
Wazir Tan:
this guy is really weight weenie,i think he ate just one bar of chocolate a day
J P:
MVP can beat them.
My electric magnetic impuls.
My electric magnetic impuls.:
Actually, I think his last name is Rasmussen, and not Vingegaard.
Rúairí Wx_IRL
Rúairí Wx_IRL:
Another rabobank special
Paul Odenfield
Paul Odenfield:
Jonas looks like the Joker only more emaciated and lean.
Jim Hays
Jim Hays:
I think Ving-gegrette is a one hit wonder like Pantani and Riis.