Who is Kamala Harris? A look at her background and career in politics

The people she grew up with and worked with say Kamala Harris has always been a fighter. Joe Biden is counting on it.
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Alain Savard
Alain Savard:
I want a debate between Pence and Harris.
Ken Powers
Ken Powers:
Maya Rudolph just got a massive SNL contract.
Five Head
Five Head:
I think you missed some important parts from her history
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed:
I just wanna see her debate mike pence. That will be one interesting debate to say the least.
Aidan Sunbury
Aidan Sunbury:
The fact that this came out about 5 minutes after Joe Biden announced means that they had several of these in the can already.
I like how they're not even trying to hide the propaganda anymore
codename exoliby
codename exoliby:
Really cnn... nothing on Willie Brown? She was his sugar baby and helped her move up in politics..
The demidiots burned and threw out the smartest and brightest they had - Tulsi Gabbard who demolished Harris.
Can’t wait for the debates I’m gonna stock up on popcorn.
Helder Pina
Helder Pina:
hahahaha CNN creating narratives again... hahaha You forgot to mention a few vital details about her contribution to free prison black labour, holding vital information about innocent victims, forced to hand over details by the courts... I mean this woman broke the law a few times over a normal civilian would have been out in jail for life. Lets talk about her extremist views?!? She is after power period hahaha CNN good try 😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
John Dow
John Dow:
How do block CNN from even showing up in my search on YouTube.
Vegan Game Over
Vegan Game Over:
Funny , I’ve looked all over CNN to find ANY coverage of the murder of Cannon Hinnant , a five year old child, by Darius Sessoms a few days ago....I wonder why I can’t find anything???🤔
Joey Yared
Joey Yared:
CNN is state tv for the DNC. Always remember that
La Nanie
La Nanie:
Democrats- Defund the police
Also Democrats- Choose Cop as VP
*"I believe Bidens accusers"* Kamala 🙃
Diane Dc
Diane Dc:
"C'mon man!she is black!time now to vote for...for...the thing!"😂😂😂
Peter Cunliffe
Peter Cunliffe:
Why no mention of her support for the Israeli government, and their ongoing occupation and murder of the Palestinian people?
With the soft music in the background this looks a lot more like a campaign advert than a news story
“One thing about Kamala is she is consistent” except if we are referring to Biden being a racist, then she’s fairly inconsistent
R M:
But she's just at most 25% black and 50% indian...why aren't they calling her Indian?
Abhishek Dev
Abhishek Dev:


What a puff piece, what happened to the willie brown years?
Don Christiano
Don Christiano:
Is she talking about herself in the beginning ??? 😅😂
Paris M
Paris M:
Whenever she talks I never get any good vibes from her.....To me it feels like it's all an act, a total fake . Her past is very sketchy and She is not likable and credible at all
Larry Viscarra
Larry Viscarra:
This video is what journalistic malpractice looks like. Months of protesting police brutality and accountability and the DNC chooses the Prison Industrial Complex: The Campaign.
America First Productions
America First Productions:
2 words: Willie Brown
NPC #1337
NPC #1337:
"we should believe Biden's accusers" - Harris
R.I.P. Cannon Hinnant
You will be remembered even if the lefty media pretends you never existed!
Nah.the female in the military, I forget her name. She question Harris about her shaky past as a D.A., that was the begining of the end of her campaign.
Kamala: "Joe, you're a racist!"

"several months later..."

Joe: "I choo-choo-choose you!"
Karma is Bliss: This is where Steve Miller's agenda backfires so hard it smarts.
I'm Willie Brown, and I approve this massage.
No Manches
No Manches:
They left out the part where she scored 4 rushing touchdowns as a senior at Polk high school.
Joe Biden reveals Tutankhamun's mummy!
Ivan Dejour
Ivan Dejour:
Ughhhhhhhhh here we go wit this bs faux “i was down when I really wasn’t routine”. We aren’t blind we see the fakenesssss
And CNN:what is up with that light background music that belongs on a puppy adoption video?
SBV _Youtube
SBV _Youtube:
@4:06 when ever there’s “powerful” woman out there I always feel a impression of them being very sexist towards men. I bet if it was a man that was doing a first time crime with drugs she would just send him to the slammer and not give him a second chance like she did for her.
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson:
It goes to show you that the media will shill for, well, anyone.
4:50 she's looks whiter than talcom x
Glen Halford
Glen Halford:
likes smoking weed and imprisoning people for smoking weed.
Sharee Brown
Sharee Brown:
"Time after time, when progressives urged her to embrace criminal justice reforms as a district attorney and then the state’s attorney general, Ms. Harris opposed them or stayed silent. Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors."

Lara Bazelon

NY Times Op Ed
Jan. 17, 2019
Margaret Eagler
Margaret Eagler:
She is not a Genx-er . She’s a Baby Boomer. 1946-1964
Imran Patel
Imran Patel:
13 min video about Kamala and no mention of Willie Brown.
NoOne Cares
NoOne Cares:
"You'll never get away with dodging" yet, look at how she tried to dodge Tulsi's questions.
Always shooting cheap shots won't make you a successful leader, Karmala
Mr Thomas
Mr Thomas:
I would have chose Susan Rice I believe, would have been a good attorney general not a pick for vice president too much bad baggage
Melissa Ty
Melissa Ty:
I’m glad you brought up predators. What’s going on with this DNC lineup??? I believe one predator is speaking. 🥴
She said-That little Girl was ME-Joe Biden nearly Fainted after that statement-i felt shivers down my spine too.RETURN of the Jedi
Zia Chung
Zia Chung:
What is she really like cuz from the look of those comments they seem to sugarcoat her alot
Mike Tran
Mike Tran:
Good Job CNN, This kept my attention.
Lynn Dragoman
Lynn Dragoman:
I looked up her background and it said Willie Browns Fluffer?
Tse Huang
Tse Huang:
She knows how to win! And, she can kick ass!
socialmedia socialmedia
socialmedia socialmedia:
She have imposter syndrome, she thinks shes a predator attempting to "educate" the prey. But shes a prey herself.
Houston Binkley
Houston Binkley:
When I see Kamala I think of the movie Patch Adam's when he built the giant legs around the gynecology department door! Legs wide open!
Forgot..she’s also the daughter of TWO PhD.’s and had a PRIVILEGED childhood! Was not a “bussing” kid..she’s a GREAT PRETENDER!!
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
HiSomebody TrackingMuch?:
Who can’t wait to see the debate? I think it’s the first time in history that I am this excited about a vice presidential debate!
Verdell Allen
Verdell Allen:
I love 💖 her and she keep it real.in Jesus Christ name.
S M:
Shark Adz
Shark Adz:
Economic recovery is the first order of business ! We don’t need a damn lawyer ! We need someone who emphathize with business owners and entrepreneurs ! Read our lips ! No new Taxes !!! No new Taxes !!!
Sandy Andresen
Sandy Andresen:
Yaaaaasssss!!! Ka Ma La!!! It’s music to my ears!!!
Kionna Jordan
Kionna Jordan:
we love here so much she look like here mom
Jennette Stevenson
Jennette Stevenson:
Damn. They sure had this promo video made fast. 🧐😉
Πελαγία Μαντά
Πελαγία Μαντά:
Θα σε κάνω ψητή..❤️
even the propaganda is bad. - from a left leaning voter
Ronan Brockie
Ronan Brockie:
I like the part where they tell you her father was a slave owner
Political Idiot 2
Political Idiot 2:
Propaganda Network trying desperately to elevate Harris. We all remember Tulsi demolish her on the debate stage.
You Rika
You Rika:
she's not black and she's not even white! 😂
Joe Berns
Joe Berns:
Cnn: makes any dem sound like they are Jesus Christ
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire:
Biden at this point is a walking zombie. Kalama Harris will essentially be running for President.
Allerd Colville
Allerd Colville:
God Will alway lock out for us thank you Camela AKK.... Love you thank you make us proud....
david zero
david zero:
She is my boo....or am I just delusional again?
Patricia Beard
Patricia Beard:
Congratulations USA!
john edward
john edward:
Two black men are dead from execution because she illegally withheld evidence from defense lawyers. She's gonna do so well for poor black people.
I think CNN knew Harris was going to be the VP pick before Biden did lol
Kelly Kirkpatrick
Kelly Kirkpatrick:
When you're driving force is power and you lead with identity politics enter " strong black woman "

Substance is lost real values go out the door this is not a race between black women and white men like I think they think it is we're talking about running the country not about how powerful strong is black you are! So please spare us. We see through the bs
Jaeden Gutierrez
Jaeden Gutierrez:
Who’s the guy at 0:19? I remember he was a big bully just can’t remember his name😶
Ryan W
Ryan W:
The Democratic GAME of winning elections on social issues while ignoring the economic and healthcare needs of the American people. Real liberals have had enough! I don't want to know the candidates name, gen, face, skin shade, Show me their policy plan and I'll decide. No more popularity contests!

This is what happens when the same corporations fund both parties.
Openly White
Openly White:
I knew we could count on you to not edit out of context. CNN 2020.
James Franko
James Franko:
you just can't possibly brainwash me into thinking she's a goddess when back then y'all criticized her for marijuana mass incarceration 😂
I'M A Child OF GOD
I'M A Child OF GOD:
jamie bisso
jamie bisso:
Thank you Madam VP 🇺🇲👌🏿
Jos Fort
Jos Fort:
Google: Melania+Vogue+plane 😂
Jesus explains ...
Jesus explains ...:
Oh-h-h 😢Oh-h-h ... 🤣
Abhishek Dev
Abhishek Dev:
*Pence vs Harris* ...oh boy the VP debate is going to be total fire.
Shark Adz
Shark Adz:
I stand behind my new pervert boss, Joe Creepy Biden. From now on I will see no evil, talk no evil, hear no evil. Power over position is my new principle.
Nice. Thank you.
Yonas Haile
Yonas Haile:
I'd like the entirety of this comments section to know that my english teacher for college is making me use this video as evidence for an essay

I want to go back to learning in class, I hate this online garbage
Ace Gibson
Ace Gibson:
Will she wearing new knee pads?
Tierra Petersen
Tierra Petersen:
I'm so excited to finally have competent leadership.
Kevin Dunbar
Kevin Dunbar:
How did Kamala Harris go from being the First Asian Indian Senator to the first African-American Vice President?
SpaceProbe Gaming
SpaceProbe Gaming:
hahahahahhaahhahahaha ... inhales..... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frommy Arsehole
Frommy Arsehole:
Wise Prince
Wise Prince:
Oh well, I guess I’m not voting!🙁🤫
Jamie Oaks
Jamie Oaks:
Shes the best she melts my heart raises my soul when i see her i see meaning i see a driven women im voteing for her regardleas voteing for the first time in history for this women and biden lets goooo
1 sub before 2021 ?
1 sub before 2021 ?:
If u see this I wish you the best in life and god bless you ❤️💚❤️💚🙏🏼
Wow. They skipped from 7th grade though high school, right to Howard University. Oh, she did those years in Canada.