Who to captain for Fantasy Premier League GW1? | FPL Show ft. current CHAMPION Joshua Bull

Ian Irving and Jules Breach are joined by this week’s experts to preview the 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League season. The panel discuss the best captain picks for Gameweek 1, the best new signings for FPL and which players from promoted clubs you should think about. The current FPL champion Joshua Bull is interviewed while Sam and Lee from FPL Family reveal their teams for GW1.

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Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson:
Why not have this and FYI, poor James and rambo
James Deakin
James Deakin:
Where's FPL FYI, Rambo, James? wtf.
Ali El-Araby
Ali El-Araby:
You absolutely bottled it by cancelling fplfyi
moe alosais
moe alosais:
what's the point of this if it's not the full episode? You cancelled Fplfyi for this? come on guys at least give us the full episodes.
Where's FPL FYI? oh wait you dropped it for some substandard boring fpl content that weve all seen and heard 100 times. boo. sucks.
Fin Goodall
Fin Goodall:
Where is the full episode?
Bruno Fernandes’s memes
Bruno Fernandes’s memes:
Who else hates the fifa21 ratings
Đark Çhïłđ
Đark Çhïłđ:
Salah: oh how the turn tables
takacko 03
takacko 03:
Can I watch the full fpl show somewhere, please help
Ahmed Mansoor Ahad
Ahmed Mansoor Ahad:
Bring back FPL FYI PLEASE !!
abdura aziz
abdura aziz:
Fantasy is back and so is the best league in the world
No James and Rambo, no thanks. I do like Sam though.
Niall Benson
Niall Benson:
“Reina’s not available” that’s because he plays for Lazio
Olivia rueckert
Olivia rueckert:
should've picked salah lmfao
We want rambo and james back
Kris Gelling
Kris Gelling:
Bring back FPL FYI! Best FPL content out there.
Mukhtar Hussain
Mukhtar Hussain:
I picked Salah as my captain and I made the right choice 😍😍😂😂
Who is backing werner like me for the captain
Premier League
Premier League:
Who’s your captain for GW1?
The Football Odyssey - Test your football knowledge
The Football Odyssey - Test your football knowledge:
The Premier League is back finally 🔥🔥
Sharky HD
Sharky HD:
Can’t wait till prem starts great vid from the prem as always
why is this episode in cut scenes? Where the whole episode?
Inti CFC
Inti CFC:
Bring back FPL FYI
Premier League
Premier League:
Gameweek 1 deadline: Saturday 12 September at 11:00 BST
Somil Jagnani
Somil Jagnani:
Waited for this more that my girlfriend's nudes
Awan Mulyawan
Awan Mulyawan:
Sumpah na ge aing te ngarti keur ngobrolkeun naon....aing mah reuseup we nempo si eceu nu buuk pirang 🥰
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Come on Premier League ! ⚽️🌍👍
Come on Botafogo RJ ! 🔥⭐️🌍⚽️🇧🇷👍
Suhel Sheikh
Suhel Sheikh:
Mohammed salla ❤️
Dan Randy
Dan Randy:
How come this is so poorly edited?
Peyton Kariuki
Peyton Kariuki:
When I try to make my team,error creating new team......tf😂😂
Muhammad Hamid
Muhammad Hamid:
I'm Soo happy yeeeeeeee it is back
Braidy bryce
Braidy bryce:
Laccazette 🔥🔥
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair:
Youtube : 4 views
Also Youtube: 5 comments, 13 likes
Me : can I see the comments
Youtube : NO

PS I edited out spelling mistake
Kyaw Zeya Thu
Kyaw Zeya Thu:
Auba 🔴⚪🔥🔥🔥
Footy Universe
Footy Universe:
Mo Salah
Thzzl 11
Thzzl 11:
Maadhav Vivek
Maadhav Vivek:
I really don’t understand why, but I captained James. If it works, you’ll all see my reply.
hidayat heza
hidayat heza:
tbe best perform..
Rambo and James?
Not Fin24
Not Fin24:
Absolutely Nobody:
Some people: FIRSTTTTTT
Records Za Arif
Records Za Arif:
You should be analysing before the game starts 😏
Scotty Bee
Scotty Bee:
Timo my captain 🇩🇪

Stay safe all 🚑🤕
Onion Sandwich
Onion Sandwich:
@PremierLeague - where's the full episode ?
Farees Ally
Farees Ally:
What's the code for the league?
All the the best for FPL Season everyone!!!
Cláudio Moraes
Cláudio Moraes:
faltou a legenda pra nós fãs da premier league no Brasil , CAMON CHELSEA
Vicent Carrasco
Vicent Carrasco:
Good stuff
Z I A D •
Z I A D •:
Mohamed Salah
Z I A D •
Z I A D •:
Mohamed Salah
Z I A D •
Z I A D •:
Mohamed Salah
Z I A D •
Z I A D •:
Mohamed Salah
What's the music at the start in the bg?
Mona Moon
Mona Moon:
From Egypt slah liver ball and nne in Arsnel
Manu CiFrusta
Manu CiFrusta:
Where is the full video?
Tommy Walters
Tommy Walters:
Don’t sleep on Mane
Kanchan Hande
Kanchan Hande:
My captain is abaumeyang
Tatiana Salgado
Tatiana Salgado:
プリキュア プリキュア
Jake Visser
Jake Visser:
mane should be 11.5 to give some incentive to go for him
9ine yt ff
9ine yt ff:
I bet everyone has arnold in their fpl here
Tristan Veldsman
Tristan Veldsman:
How do you make a private league in fpl?
Please post highlights
Niall Benson
Niall Benson:
My captain is Danny Ings
Usman Jaafar
Usman Jaafar:
Yo why do you still give us cuts we want the full show like before
Abhishek Bhattacharyya
Abhishek Bhattacharyya:
Where is the full episode??
Soulaimane Ajanif
Soulaimane Ajanif:
RIP people who used mitrovic and rodrygo
Tharith Toochinda
Tharith Toochinda:
I got 32 points
any thing
any thing:
I have vardy as my captain
come on chelsea
Yajat Dev
Yajat Dev:
This channel is useless ... why not show some weekly match recap?
Football Fans
Football Fans:
FIFA gave auba 87
BotanicDuck 1077
BotanicDuck 1077:
Anyone got the fpl show code??
Darryl McKay
Darryl McKay:
Why isn't the full show on YouTube?
Temitope Omodunbi
Temitope Omodunbi:
Aubameyang all the way
George the Manchester united fan
George the Manchester united fan:
i captained virgil van dijk and mount as vice captain but the official captain in my team is bernardo silva. as he is in place of kalvin phillips
shamrock balls
shamrock balls:
Laporte injury cost pep the league 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Liverpool destroyed them. I don't think losing one defender cost them. Pep the genuis not work that out..
amin ahmadi
amin ahmadi:
Just aguero. But he have enemy and jealous he also from de broine very better
I don’t know what my name is
I don’t know what my name is:
Hammad Syed
Hammad Syed:
What’s the code
Anesu Chamboko
Anesu Chamboko:
I literally don't know what to say so hi
abdigafar mohamed
abdigafar mohamed:
Loice Njeri
Loice Njeri:
Danvir Narayan
Danvir Narayan:
What is the fantasy premier league show, league code
Onion Sandwich
Onion Sandwich:
This didn't age well, Salah scores a hattrick.
Dean Comr
Dean Comr:
James nooo
Where tf is the full episode? And where is fpl fyi?
Danen Sosnore
Danen Sosnore:
All those triple captaining Werner??
What is the fantasy PL show code I want to join the league
Benjamin Wickers
Benjamin Wickers:
shamrock balls
shamrock balls:
Mitro was good in the pl 🤔
what is the league code
anas hafid
anas hafid:
Please change the broadcast table tv , your design very old 2016
anas droby
anas droby:
Who asked for a new anthem? the old one was perfect
Adeel Tahir
Adeel Tahir:
Guys let me know your fpl scores so far for the opening day I have 50 points today so far
Harry May
Harry May:
I can't watch football again. This past week England then the teams of the Premier League all took the knee for BLM fascism. Oh the hatred and vile they support - this has made me stop watching the sport I have watched for 50 years...
Mehammed amine belloumi
Mehammed amine belloumi:
l' am sure timo will win The league ' s top scorer title