Who Was the Umbrella Man? | JFK Assassination Documentary | The New York Times

In 2011, on the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explored the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the site.

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Who Was the Umbrella Man? | JFK Assassination Documentary | The New York Times

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Eck Ack
Eck Ack:
Imagine not liking the sun so you bring an umbrella and you get blamed for killing a president
An alien. He adopted 7 babies few years later.
"Can anyone come up with a non sinister explanation for this?"

Shading himself from the sun?.
Patrick McCarron
Patrick McCarron:
Ironic that the last thing JFK probably saw and thought was why is that dude holding an umbrella?
Isaac Stockdale
Isaac Stockdale:
I can’t find a comment that’s not about umbrella academy
56 years after, mystery has been solved!!

the umbrella man is none other than....

Mr. Reginald Hargreeves
This guy is obviously Reginald “Alien” Hargreeves
Gerbil Lover
Gerbil Lover:
I love how like 2/3 of the comments are Umbrella Academy
Great insight, even if the guy sounds like a stoned Yoda.
Gold Fishy
Gold Fishy:
I would have assumed sunny day + umbrella = shade.
Samuel Viknyansky
Samuel Viknyansky:
The song is "Spiegel im Spiegel" by Arvo Pärt. This will get lost in the sea of Umbrella Academy comments, but there you go.
“Nobody wearing a rain coat”
literally as they show footage of a woman in a massive rain coat. 😂
Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube
Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube:
The umbrella man: *is holding an umbrella*

Everyone: that's kinda _SUS_ if you ask me
Why did I get mad when they both said it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood?
The umbrella was a message to JFK that he should’ve had the roof up
Angel Melendez
Angel Melendez:
Answer: Alex Mason
Someone who loves history and has no idea what Umbrella Academy is probably thinking the mystery has been solved and it’s some man named Reginald Hargreeves 😂😂😂😂
burt panzer
burt panzer:
"It's only a couple blocks, and I want to see him go by"
"Howard, it's too sunny out for a man with your skin condition... the doctor said... "
"I'll bring an umbrella, but I'm not going to miss this... "

What other unexplained mysteries are you perplexed about?
hurley o'halloran
hurley o'halloran:
Nothing bad ever happened to the Kennedy’s
Everybody Loves Benny
Everybody Loves Benny:
Plot twist he’s the umbrella man
the IQ of this guy and the interviewer.. matter fact this whole clip.. is very low... lol
Latheesh Lakshmanan
Latheesh Lakshmanan:
Me: who do we vote out?
Everyone: umbrella man
Me: why?
Everyone: he's holding an umbrella
*Umbrella man was not the imposter*
Fabio Caruso
Fabio Caruso:
Still, why protest in this obscure and, frankly for the most, incomprehensible manner? Is there a person on planet earth that could understand this kind of protest? No, in fact it is the most remote possibility, which I actually still don't believe to be true. From a logical perspective: what does a protest mean, that nobody (I repeat nobody) understands? Where is the purpose of this protest? Why protest in the first place? With that said, I don't believe what the Umbrella Man has officially stated. It doesn't make any logical sense.
Jane Marinelli
Jane Marinelli:
That’s so bizarre 😂. My mother hated Neville Chamberlain!
Tyrone Lindsey
Tyrone Lindsey:
anybody else here after watching the Umbrella Academy ? I'm mind blown
Jo No
Jo No:
After watching this I’m even more confused because Reginald Hargreaves was the umbrella man
It's the alien Reginald Hargreaves 😂
Aidan Rogers
Aidan Rogers:
Diego Hargreeves: “MR. PRESIDENT, GET DOWN!!”
Be Yourself
Be Yourself:
Umbrella Academy: Season 2 brought me here.
The umbrella can also be used to shade from the sun.
Nirupama Sreedhar
Nirupama Sreedhar:
Honestly I have severe sensitivity to the sun and always hold a black umbrella every time I go in the sun
Bob Will
Bob Will:
I'll be there in 2028 when the next one is shot as well..
"The Umbrella Man"
marvin meeks
marvin meeks:
His name was louie Steven witt
Poncho Pelle
Poncho Pelle:
Umbrella, from Latin "umbra" meaning shade, shadow, as they were, and are, used to protect from the sun
Cabel Cordd
Cabel Cordd:
Dude I thought To Be Continued from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was about to play
Just some guy who didn't like the sun lmao.
ChanChan playsss
ChanChan playsss:
It's all fun and games until they point out the blue fireworks that's happening behind a fence..
Necdet Bülbül
Necdet Bülbül:
JFK was murdered by the CIA and the FED. Change my mind.
I cried at, "HMMMMM??HMMMMMMM~??"
Left It
Left It:
Sometimes people use umbrellas to avoid sunlight?...
Theory:It was really hot that day
My guy turned from serious historian to apparently drunk with nights worth of no sleep around 2:49
If you only look for conspiracies, that's all you'll find.
James Churchill
James Churchill:
"Standing right at the location where the bullets come into the limousine. " I would have been more interested in the person standing where the bullets came *from*, instead...
H B:
Ok, Reggie, you can come out now. We know it's you.
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders:
"The umbrella man was Woody Harreleson's dad!"
Debbie Tudor
Debbie Tudor:
A cautionary tale, and I love John for it!
Who’s here after watching Umbrella Academy Season 2???
buck beaq
buck beaq:
calm yourselves that’s just reginald hargreaves ✨
Sophie Mac
Sophie Mac:
Other people in Dallas had already protested in the same way, prior to that day.
Jonathan Finch
Jonathan Finch:
3:11 when you're waiting for her response to that fire comeback that killed the whole argument
Chemical Orwellian
Chemical Orwellian:
I honestly don't think just because someone who use an umbrella during daylight is something suspicious.
Big Cheeto
Big Cheeto:
The name "Umbrella Man" sounds like a really creepy imaginary friend
Isabella DiPisa
Isabella DiPisa:
The fact that Gerard Way matched this with TUA is beyond my comprehension
nah fam that's just reginald hargreeves
3:05 yes, just ask any Asian lady about umbrellas in the sun
“This is so wacky that it’s got to be true” and dude this guy is creepy asf y he talkin down to me in the end?
Pov: Your here after watching umbrella academy season 2
Marianne H
Marianne H:
Sorry. There are two different men shown under the umbrella. One in a short sleeve shirt and the other in a full suit. Not evidence.
Grodvin Alvarado
Grodvin Alvarado:
After watching umbrella academy season 2 I find it very odd
Charles Frazier
Charles Frazier:
That’s an amazing story. A crock of s—t, but still amazing.
Peter A
Peter A:
Guys dont worry after years of speculation it was found out a man named Reginald Hargreeves was the umbrella man although a man named Diego tried to stop Reginald but failed due to a big case of bamboozula
Wilfred Mott
Wilfred Mott:
That had a really wholesome ending
Vivek Barjod
Vivek Barjod:
the old man voice sounds similar to sheldon cooper
Riyan Ali
Riyan Ali:
Omg I didn't know that the umbrella man was actually real
Stive Seguin
Stive Seguin:
The umbrella man was only the signal man , open ; keep going ... close ; stop everything .
David Burkholder
David Burkholder:
I have a gun that I bring out on rainy days as it quickly can become an umbrella.
Jay ZW
Jay ZW:
Lowkey the Umbrella Academy might have messed up 2020😂
Morgan Bence
Morgan Bence:
The “smoking gun” got it right.
Ron Eubanks
Ron Eubanks:
All the sheep commenting the same line. 🤗 way to go with the unity 😅
Tim Woods
Tim Woods:
My first impression upon watching this is how creepy, how eerie, this Errol Morris guy sounds and comes across... kind of chuckling, kind of laughing, as he describes the Zapruder footage.
Robert Haller
Robert Haller:
I've been going to Jersey shore..since i.was 5 years old..on beach hundreds..of people use umbrella..Fay lite..why..shaed from sun.." Robert
I find the music, tone and substance of this video disingenuous to a tragic murder and injustice.
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham:
I wish I could time travel just to see how certain events in history really went down I’ve always wondered what really happened for a bunch of things would be dope to know the truth.
david smith
david smith:
3:11 to 3:12 was his Yoda impression.
Rocco R
Rocco R:
Maybe he didn't want the sun beating on him.
Junior Plays 2.0
Junior Plays 2.0:
I searched up Time traveler this was number one
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
3:05 im convinced especially with the hmm hmmm? Reptiloids run the world
itzA seb4
itzA seb4:
The man taking at the start is high on weed
Keegan G
Keegan G:
Umbrellas are a pretty common way to shade yourself from the texas sun
Just searched for this to see if Reginald Hargreeves was on the frame.
Randal The Vandal
Randal The Vandal:
Why, that is Sir Reginald Hargreeves of course!
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
3:10 my guy that sound is more sinister than a poor guy that just wanted to block the sun's heat with an umberella
What a delightful and hearty man. The ending was perfect lol
Zim Zam
Zim Zam:
this man is amazing at spilling tea
There real reasons Mr. Reginald Hargreeves has there was to protest not part take in the assignation.
Nah it was my clone so I could switch body’s after dying.
Luel Zone
Luel Zone:
Umbrella academy Season 2 brought me here 🥴💯🔥💪🏾
Gaston Deveaux
Gaston Deveaux:
Wow, a protest so obscure that nobody would get it. Pretty useless way to allegedly protest.
Mia C
Mia C:
This man's personality is so cute and unique.
Albert Dgrijs
Albert Dgrijs:
I believe the assassinator was a time traveller
Andrew Tippins
Andrew Tippins:
Best story I heard in a long time. Tiny bit refreshing.
y’all from the umbrella academy I’m here trying to fuigure some facts about him for school 😭😭
Harry Milligan
Harry Milligan:
3:10 when the inner lizard man comes out
Jon Hallberg
Jon Hallberg:
It was late November, no one else seemed to think they needed to be in the shade. All the farcical explanations are attempts to debunk the truth. He was a spotter for the real shooter.
Alex Papagianni
Alex Papagianni:
I love how most of the comments are umbrella Academy related and then there’s the ppl that are joking about the umbrella man that breaks windows and the ones that are commenting why this is no accurate and stuff Imma go ahead and save this video
Saleh Yëager
Saleh Yëager:
The umbrella academy brought me here and this show is amazing
Brooke Lauren
Brooke Lauren:
"Hmmm" "HMMMMM" someone give me an umbrella I'm gonna bash this guy

_its a dude with an umbrella_
_thats it_
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname:
Yes yes so we are all here from Umbrella academy season 2 💀 ☂