Who Was the Umbrella Man? | JFK Assassination Documentary | The New York Times

In 2011, on the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explored the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the site.

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Who Was the Umbrella Man? | JFK Assassination Documentary | The New York Times

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Eck Ack
Eck Ack:
Imagine not liking the sun so you bring an umbrella and you get blamed for killing a president
Patrick McCarron
Patrick McCarron:
Ironic that the last thing JFK probably saw and thought was why is that dude holding an umbrella?
"Can anyone come up with a non sinister explanation for this?"

Shading himself from the sun?.
He's the head of the Umbrella Academy mate.
DJ BroniX
DJ BroniX:
Some random dude walked into a courtroom with an umbrella and everyone was like “yep sure that’s him”
‘Let us call him the umbrella man’
God I wonder how long it took him to create that name for him
Gold Fishy
Gold Fishy:
I would have assumed sunny day + umbrella = shade.
Parth Mistry
Parth Mistry:
He was holding an umbrella just in case someone's blood was to hypothetically splatter all over him.
Great insight, even if the guy sounds like a stoned Yoda.
Ion Adrian Cercel
Ion Adrian Cercel:
It would've been the same thing if there was raining that day and that man didn't had an umbrella... The Umbrellan't Man
Jonathan Finch
Jonathan Finch:
3:11 when you're waiting for her response to that fire comeback that killed the whole argument
My guy turned from serious historian to apparently drunk with nights worth of no sleep around 2:49
areeb ahmad
areeb ahmad:
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood~ Fred Rogers
56 years after, mystery has been solved!!

the umbrella man is none other than....

Mr. Reginald Hargreeves
Am not surprised there's a series called Umbrella Academy and it includes this part.
James Churchill
James Churchill:
"Standing right at the location where the bullets come into the limousine. " I would have been more interested in the person standing where the bullets came *from*, instead...
Left It
Left It:
Sometimes people use umbrellas to avoid sunlight?...
Jane Marinelli
Jane Marinelli:
That’s so bizarre 😂. My mother hated Neville Chamberlain!
An alien. He adopted 7 babies few years later.
Nobody around the Umbrella man seems to be alarmed by his behavior, meaning it was fine for a person to shade himself from the sun.
Not many people will remember Calvin Coolidge. Bless his heart.
Can we talk about Arvo Pärt’s glorious “Spiegel im Spiegel” used as the backing track? Incredible choice of an incredibly simple yet haunting and emotionally affecting piece.
What a delightful and hearty man. The ending was perfect lol
Why did I get mad when they both said it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood?
Sad thing about it is in one of our infinite realities there lies a played out scenario where the umbrella man did shoot Kennedy. Just imagine who are the investigators on that plane of existence examining as suspect.
Scott Holman
Scott Holman:
This really reminded me of the observer until the umbrella man turned out to be a normal person
I’m not sure why, but this is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen.
Christian Carballo
Christian Carballo:
i swear the old man warmed my heart he's so nice wtf, like i love him! his energy is so peaceful and calm.
Steph Summa
Steph Summa:
Its funny cuz the umbrella man couldve thought of this in the days leading to the meeting with josiah.
Antoine Korner
Antoine Korner:
I remember being here on my old acc 2 years ago and nobody's was talking about the umbrella academy lol
Latheesh Lakshmanan
Latheesh Lakshmanan:
Me: who do we vote out?
Everyone: umbrella man
Me: why?
Everyone: he's holding an umbrella
*Umbrella man was not the imposter*
The umbrella was a message to JFK that he should’ve had the roof up
Can you imagine trying to keep the sun off a fresh sunburn and taking an umbrella that day just to be forever immortalized in a conspiracy theory xD
Gacha Libra
Gacha Libra:
Why am I founding videos about this while looking for Among us
Renee Kowalsky
Renee Kowalsky:
this one has intrigued me since I learned of it in 1988
English Jona
English Jona:
We’ve been taught about people like you 😂👌🏾
The umbrella can also be used to shade from the sun.
Brandon Castle
Brandon Castle:
Well, I for one don't mind carrying an umbrella on a hot sunny day. Don't like the sun in my eyes when I'm watching something.
3:05 yes, just ask any Asian lady about umbrellas in the sun
Michael Clark
Michael Clark:
If you look, there is also a woman with a blue flower print dress, the only woman wearing a blue flower print dress.
She must be involved because . . . she's the only person with a blue flower print dress, she must have been working with the umbrella guy.
Tyler Ngo
Tyler Ngo:
It’s almost as if the umbrella is used to keep you dry from the rain AND block sunlight from beaming in your face.
Andrew Tippins
Andrew Tippins:
Best story I heard in a long time. Tiny bit refreshing.
Zim Zam
Zim Zam:
this man is amazing at spilling tea
I was watching a video yesterday of a ex mafia boss admitting that they had the contact on jfk and the hit was ordered by corrupt government
70s Tunes
70s Tunes:
Things are not always as they seem. But they are, to those who know the truth.
Tyrone Lindsey
Tyrone Lindsey:
anybody else here after watching the Umbrella Academy ? I'm mind blown
Golf Hacker
Golf Hacker:
First thing that came to mind would be a static point so the distance was known. Then again the sign next to him would have been just as good.
Joe X
Joe X:
The New York Times is the perfect nest for birds like Josiah 'Think' Thompson !
Anything more sinister = the name you gave him
I cried at, "HMMMMM??HMMMMMMM~??"
rain rain
rain rain:
What i learned from this is if your a big shot and it's a really REALLY nice day out and you see someone in a rain coat shades with an open umbrella just ask to stop the car and run.
Barbara Wells
Barbara Wells:
It seems that when November rolls around I find myself binge watching JFK videos and documentaries it never fails.🤔🤔🤔🤔
Luis Bargado
Luis Bargado:
Just Great.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
3:10 my guy that sound is more sinister than a poor guy that just wanted to block the sun's heat with an umberella
Everybody Loves Benny
Everybody Loves Benny:
Plot twist he’s the umbrella man
Nirupama Sreedhar
Nirupama Sreedhar:
Honestly I have severe sensitivity to the sun and always hold a black umbrella every time I go in the sun
Lol bro I always used umbrellas since I was a kid since I really hated the sun. No matter what, I’ll have it handy since I can use it as protection from people or weapon for an attacker lol.
Peter Dixon
Peter Dixon:
Ironically, Louis de Witt was a car stop witness: "At this time there was the car stopping, the screeching of tires, the jamming on of brakes..." The car stop is excised from the Zapruder film.
3:08 his inner Yoda reveals itself
Mr. Midnight
Mr. Midnight:
The name "Umbrella Man" sounds like a really creepy imaginary friend
John Schmidt
John Schmidt:
That was great. Perception can be such a blunder.
Dean Martin
Dean Martin:
Just listen to Art Bell coast to coast. Few ppl in the govt time travel program. Darpa.
Many of them talking about being at Kennedy and Lincoln assination. There is a famous photo of the theater. Kid in the mix of the mob. Late at night and he was wearing non period clothes.
Good stuff
Brody McCain
Brody McCain:
Maybe he had stayed at a hotel the night before (it had rained the night before)
So, what was he suppose to do with his umbrella the next day after he checked out of the hotel?
Toss it?

No. So he carried it with him to the event, then he caught the train back to his city or state he was from.
Arms Sas
Arms Sas:
Hello Dr Free man I have been waiting
R K:
Obviously the umbrella man realised the gravity of what had just occured, he didn't want to end up in the morgue so he disappeared into history.
Albert A
Albert A:
3:10 hmmmMMMmmm?!
Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the umbrella academy
Actually umbrella man, Babushka woman and Kennedy is in a line when assasination happens. Babushka woman has a photographic apparatus on her hand.I think that is a device which decides the time to start shooting from umbrella throughout to Kennedy exactly
Jameson Lucky
Jameson Lucky:
Plot twist; CIA wants JFK’s assassination to be publicized so they have umbrella man stand in frame of the cameras and used as a marker for lee Harvey Oswald
qnedy joel
qnedy joel:
when the umbrella man just do his work and accused for doing nothing.
umbrella man: 👁️👄👁️ why me.
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson:
Good stuff...TRUTH matters
Lord Dunhill
Lord Dunhill:
Beautifully done.
Kaher Ahmad
Kaher Ahmad:
Thank you for sharing this was good
Nicklas Svensson
Nicklas Svensson:
3:11 repeat..hahahahahah
Chr Cz
Chr Cz:
amazing piece. thanks nyt.
Creepy how right before he shared the shooting umbrella theory I thought the exact same thing...how the umbrella could’ve been a disguised weapon standing in closer range
Stive Seguin
Stive Seguin:
The umbrella man was only the signal man , open ; keep going ... close ; stop everything .
j. kiser
j. kiser:
Great story! Thanks
Sweet JR Ewing
Sweet JR Ewing:
⚠️☠️⚠️ 3:11,,,,,,ROTFLMFAO 🤣
rosy _479
rosy _479:
sis the sun is a good reason for an umbrella 😂😂
I’m Donald J Trump And I Approve This Message
I’m Donald J Trump And I Approve This Message:
Ay ay under my umbrella
William Porter
William Porter:
If he was a protester hes the only person in history with whom no other person had any knowlegde of the protest subject.
Dave Brown
Dave Brown:
Not to mention it was 102c and hot as balls that day so it was a shade, I'd have done the same - it was a signal to start shooting really though
Paul S
Paul S:
where i live its not uncommon for chinese people to stand under umbrellas on sunny days. Keeping your skin out of direct sunlight prolongs its vitality. They also wear full face tinted visors. Its either he has a skin condition / really cares about his skin and the location was coincidence, or a conspiracy
The Star Wars Boba Fett & company theory is a pretty good one, too: https://www.ifstarwarswasreal.com/jfk-part-2 😆
Norka Dog Guru
Norka Dog Guru:
The “umbrella man” is also in the jfk movie from 1991. They show him briefly in this video at 1:15 check it out. That was a year before this video 😵
Fun fact: the umbrella was initially invented for providing shade from the sun and later was used to keep you dry from the rain.
Phil Wright
Phil Wright:
He was talking to the guy next to him, the guy had what appeared to be a walkie talkie, there are photos, and the guy that was supposedly the umbrella man said he didn't know the other guy. The other guy also held up his fist and pumped it, a sign to stop, which the limo almost did. They were signal men
Richard Blazek
Richard Blazek:
Okkams razor, the simplest solution is usually the best.
When he said “it was a visual protest” ...I was like ...of the SUN.
Axy-dent-ly obagscheit
Axy-dent-ly obagscheit:
2:54 Opening up an umbrella because of the sun, but holding it so high the sun hits your face

Edit: I double checked it later, and his head and face is actually in the shadow...😏
the thought that went into this new season of the umbrella academy kinda scares me...
Noeraldin Kabam
Noeraldin Kabam:
Today, something big happens, the number of freaky people doing freaky things in the public witnessing said big thing: off the charts. The freaky outnumber the “normal”
Nancy Curtis
Nancy Curtis:
Yes...maybe the umbrella man was doing the same thing that I do with umbrellas on sunny days...I use them to shade my fair skin from the sun....73 now...been doing it all of my life.
What if the umbrella man was working with the shooter and stood there as a reference point for him to make a perfect shot because there wasn't any other reference points to use 🤔
Eduard Jozef Gregor
Eduard Jozef Gregor:
Keby počuli pravdu o skutočných vrahoch JK, vtedy spadnú "Amíkom" šupiny z očí...
Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube
Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube:
The umbrella man: *is holding an umbrella*

Everyone: that's kinda _SUS_ if you ask me
the umbrella man was a rangefinder, wind calculator.. so the shooter knew the wind/trajectory.
Jayson Black
Jayson Black:
umbrella man could have been the forward fire director. Holding an umbrella to make sure he was easily identifiable to possible/alleged (sometimes) snipers. I dunno I'm drunk GLA :D