Why Bellatrix Lestrange Was So Unstable

Has anyone ever wondered what exactly was going on with Bellatrix Lestrange? What was happening inside her head? Why was she so evil? Voldemort aside, I can’t think of another character from Harry Potter who was as sadistic, cold hearted and downright cruel as Bellatrix was. Her devotion to the dark lord unlocked her deadly potential. She was literally the female counterpart of Lord Voldemort. It always made me wonder what her line of thinking was? Why she thought like that and equally as important how did she become the vicious unstable death eater we all know her to be. Was she always destined for darkness? Or did she have a chance at a different life? In todays video I am going to delve into the life of Bellatrix Lestrange and get to the route of her evil behaviour and really try to see life from her point of view.

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100+ comentarios:

Don’t you just get the feeling that Helena Bonham Carter had absolute fun playing that role? She is such an awesome character actress
Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson:
when she says she hates muggles, muggleborns and half blood but she's serving a half blood dark lord🤦‍♀️
Okay Donnie
Okay Donnie:
“Voldemort aside, I can’t think of anyone who was as sadistic, cold hearted and cruel as Bellatrix was.” Umbridge: Am I a joke to you? Edit: WOW! I definitely wasn’t expecting this many likes on a comment. Thanks everyone!
Belatrix is insane, while Delores Umbridge, is a human dementor who sucks all the joy out of life and revels in doing so.
Mac Welch
Mac Welch:
Bellatrix is probably the best female villain ever created, she needs her own movie series where she’s the main antagonist
Woop D. Woop
Woop D. Woop:
4:56 "Bellatrix even hated half-bloods" Oh the irony in that sentence considering who she works for 😂
Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy Brooks:
Andromeda and Sirius turned out fine. She chose her life.
Kelsey Ellison
Kelsey Ellison:
Thank you so much for using Sisters of House Black clips!!
Imagine Bellatrix at Hogwarts saying to Tom Riddle "YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD!" 😂
Vand y
Vand y:
“She was Black hearted” what do you want her to be? Weasley-hearted lol?
Alex Stergiou
Alex Stergiou:
She always was but Azkaban just helped bringing out her insanity.
Ashley Dedman
Ashley Dedman:
The main difference between umbridge and bellatrix is that umbridge tried to hide her true self whereas bellatrix never hid who she truly was
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis:
Bellatrix is my favourite villain, but I always wanted to know if there was anything that triggered her dark side and if there was maybe a nicer side to her
Grey Liam
Grey Liam:
Helena Bonham Carter said she felt “honored” to be killed by Julie Walters (Molly Weasley).
Bolt in a bottle
Bolt in a bottle:
This immediately falls apart when you know Sirius is from the same family.
Questioning Ravenclaw
Questioning Ravenclaw:
I don't care what anyone says, Bella is attractive.
Ethan Lin
Ethan Lin:
I feel more bad for the dementors guarding her
ben cox
ben cox:
The funny thing is that the dark lord is a half blood yet she loves him
Alex Downs
Alex Downs:
Because Bellatrix is “Voldemort’s female counterpart,” and also extremely loyal to him, could she be called LADY Voldemort aka the Dark Lady?
honestly she’s so badass but insane but it’s so amazing. i love it. i can’t forgive her for killing sirius or dobby but she’s downright a badass.
Oh Doodles
Oh Doodles:
“Sadistic, Evil, Cruel”
Umbridge: *clears throat*
Luna LaFleur
Luna LaFleur:
"sadistic, evil and cruel" ... um umbridge? lol
Paul Rymar
Paul Rymar:
Bellatrix was Voldemort's most loyal Death Eater by a landslide. She is the ONLY one who suspected Snape to be on Dumbledore's side. Not only that, she also desired Voldemort, she was obsessed with him. When a person develops a crush or desire for someone, they begin to 'mirror' them, to imitate their behaviour. In numerous cases, when you see a person you respect talking in a room, you later notice you both are sitting in the same position (legs crossed, arms folded etc.).
Bellatrix simply wanted to be like Voldemort. When Voldemort was absent, she took control of the situation, became the boss in the room and gave orders and imitated Voldemort's cruelty.
However with Voldemort present, she displayed him her loyalty, she was willing to be his slave. It's 2 completely opposite personalities in 1 person. It would drive anyone to insanity.
Georgia Parr
Georgia Parr:
the reason why the people who were use blooded were so evil is because if you can't find a Prue blood wizard to have a kid with then you re going to have to do "it" with your own family members which means they were in-breading which can cause mental instability to any kids that they might have.
Sarah Riddle
Sarah Riddle:
I’ve always wondered exactly what was going on with her. Obsession and a horrid upbringing sure, but I’m talking mental health issues. And were those prevalent in her family or passed along through blood? Ironic considering her views.🤷🏻‍♀️
To whoever reads this comment...

I hope you are safe and have a great day! 👍
Vanessa L
Vanessa L:
Bellatrix is one of the best characters in Harry Potter, she's interesting and always brings great moments to the screen/books.
Personally, I believe that while training her in the Dark Arts, Voldemort also brainwashed her, teaching her how to feel pleasure when using dark spells or "programming" her to be slavishly devoted to him.
BTW I love your videos so much, literally some of the best Harry Potter content here on YT!
Ronnie Nyx
Ronnie Nyx:
Honestly part of me wonders why Bellatrix never ended up trying to make any horcruxes too. I'm very surprised she never even attempted one tbh she certainly killed enough people
Sunitha srivastava
Sunitha srivastava:
the video they used for showing lesstanges childhood was a fan film called house of black
Kumud Regmi
Kumud Regmi:
Who else likes Harry Potter Folklore?Like if you do.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
It's just so unfortunate that Bellatrix LeStrange was ever brought up by such a wicked, evil and disgusting family.
Steven Kutiper
Steven Kutiper:
She fits the textbook definition of a phychopath.
Bastet's daughter
Bastet's daughter:
How could Hermione's parents even see and get into diagon alley though
Gator '
Gator ':
She is the epitome of the overly obsessive girlfriend
Aishwarya V
Aishwarya V:
I know everyone hates her, but i just can't, at least the movie version. Probably because of Helena Bonheme Carter played her. She has done such a beautiful job playing this character with her intensity, loyalty and her insanity all exactly how I imagine them when I read the books.

Edit - 0:22 I think we're all forgetting Umbridge!
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie Lim:
Ironic how she gave her absolute devotion and loyalty to a half-blood.
Dale Ann Harsh
Dale Ann Harsh:
Has anyone done a 'what if' on ... what if Snape had survived? What would his life, and his relationship with Harry, have evolved into? Would his personality and interactions with others change?
Emerio Manzano
Emerio Manzano:
I kinda liked bellatrix even though she's crazy
Subtle Gong
Subtle Gong:
All I have to hear to get in a bad mood is “I killed Sirius Black!”
Millie Ember
Millie Ember:
I believe there’s this thing called the *Hereditary Black Family Insanity* .
This trait skipped over Andromeda and Sirius, possibly even Regulus, but definitely infected Bellatrix
What If snape didn’t hear the prophecy?
What If snape didn’t live near the Evans?
What If alberferth didn’t sent Dobby in malfoy manor?
What If snape never became a death eater?
What If Harry keep talk about Cedric in hogsmeade with cho?(chorry fan)
The Athletic Bookworm
The Athletic Bookworm:
tbh i love bellatrix, just not the things she did to harry, his friends, and especially neville's parents, dobby, and sirius black
bellatrix is a very powerful witch with a great family history, she just used all of her power in a negative way
Arctic_ Ghost
Arctic_ Ghost:
"She was toxic, rotten to the core."
13 yr old playing Fortnite: "Well, you think i'm a joke?"
Peerlyn Chow Music
Peerlyn Chow Music:
It was her upbringing that made her this way, I suppose. She was the closest thing to love for Voldemort.
LRR _ Xx
LRR _ Xx:
In my opinion, Bellatrix Lestrange is amazing, she has a great backstory and intense personality
mahika ahir
mahika ahir:
There is Another character from harry potter who is as sadistic and cold hearted as bellatrix . Guess who?

Umbridge !!! She is the worst .
Jennifer Fulton
Jennifer Fulton:
she is literally the coolest villain ever and Helena Bonham Carter played her in the most amazing way. i LOVE her
Fat Nuggets
Fat Nuggets:
Honestly I can’t decide sometimes who is more evil. Belatrix or Voldemort. They are both sadistic, cruel and the fact that she attracted Voldemort’s attention says a lot.
hmmm i can think of someone worse than bellatrix...

need a hint?

she wears pink and loves cats.

now you can finish the puzzle.
Devan Mccarthy
Devan Mccarthy:
Harry potter folklore: other than Voldemort I can’t imagine the character that is so downright cruel then Bellatrix. Me: Dolores Umbridge
Maria Marou
Maria Marou:
In my own opinion I think Bellatrix is the most cruel character in Harry potter Moore cruel and evil than Voldemort it self🤔
How to human
How to human:
I don't know if what we learn about Bellatrix from that fanmade film should be taken as actual fact, but since you use footage from it in this video, I assume you take it at least somewhat seriously.

In that film it is shown how Bellatrix's father erases her memories every time she seems to develop an independent sense of value. He's basically trying to make her forget she is her own person, by erasing her every memory of whatever she values out of her own interest, instead of what she's taught to value.

Imagine what that does to a person. You can't remember anything you value for yourself, and what you do remember, you don't give a shit about. I imagine, if I would be in her shoes, it would make me think I don't give a flying fuck about life in general.

As a consequence, I wouldn't fear death, which would enable me to go to great lengths to achieve whatever I want to achieve (or serve lord Voldemort). I also wouldn't have any respect for the life of someone else, since life in general has no value. Therefore, I could kill without remorse.

So, in my opinion, if anything made her go mental, it's the fact that any memory that had any value to her got erased.
I sometimes wonder how her parents actually feel about her being so extreme and evil?
Honestly in the books she was pretty unstable but I never pictured her as being batshit insane like they portrayed her in the movies.
"think of another character from Harry Potter who was as sadistic, cold hearted and downright cruel as Bellatrix was."

me: umbridge.
Kevin Gareau
Kevin Gareau:
If these powerful dark wizards and witches are so powerful why do they have such bad hygiene? Oralis reparis!
Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still
Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still:
The most important question about Bellatrix for me is if she really loved Voldemort. I really mean LOVE. And I think, she did. That would create an awesome dualism: Bellatrix was pure evil... but not really pure, because she was able to love - contrarily to Tom
David_de_ Muan
David_de_ Muan:
Can you do a: why Harry couldn’t see testerals after Voldemort killed his mother(I have no idea how to spell it
KaiQubz YT
KaiQubz YT:

Umbridge: Ahem allow me to introduce myself...
Sonia Ndukwe
Sonia Ndukwe:
Anyone who is a Voldemort groupie is clearly unstable
kawaii kitty UwU
kawaii kitty UwU:
"hv you ever wondered whats going on inside her head?"
HaVe yOu eVeR LoOkEd aT SoMeOnE AnD WoNdErEd, wHatS GoInG On inSiDe ThEiR HeAd
Lewis Sweeney
Lewis Sweeney:
One reason
She’s insane
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith:
She scares me the most out of all the death eaters...but i just love her.

and i don't know why.
I never thought about how Bellatrix became so bad
Ra Shrasha
Ra Shrasha:
Best character, and reminder: shes the only person besides Voldemort to block a spell from Dumbledore in the books
Johel Jimenez
Johel Jimenez:
I would really love to see a whole series of all harry potter characters because they all deserve one
suapril Aung
suapril Aung:
oh yeah, i dont get this part, he hates mudbloods, but she serves a half blood guy.
Sridatri Sadhu
Sridatri Sadhu:
Had Bella been not a Black:
Hermione: Friends?
Bellatrix: Best Friends😂😂
(Personally I feel Bellatrix and Hermione would have been feminine of Grindelwald and Dumbledore)not considering Dumbledore's sister's death....) I mean Bellatrix and Hermione would have been the strongest together....
David MacDowell Blue
David MacDowell Blue:
04:48 If there was no hope for Bellatrix because of her upbringing, why were her sisters different, especially Andromeda? Why was Sirius different? Why did she, alone of them all, lack free will? Your argument makes little sense. On some level, she must have made a choice. But she could have chosen some other way. Just as it seems every other member of the Black family did, including Sirius' brother in the end.
alex economopoulos
alex economopoulos:
I love this guy’s voice
Dalyn Del Valle-McCullough
Dalyn Del Valle-McCullough:
"I can't think of a character who was more cruel or sadistic as Bellatrix Lestrange..."
Everyone has their issues..
Casey Gobel
Casey Gobel:
The old argument of nature vs nurture is pointless as the two go hand in hand, Bellatrix is a prime example of that. It's still a choice to be what you become and she choose to be this way, which is why she's not only extremely dangerous but one of the scariest people in the magical world in my view.
Cece Tivey
Cece Tivey:
i love bella but why'd she do my girl hermione like that in the mannor?!- i legit couldnt watch or hear it
"girl to girl" ~Bellatrix Lestrange
Celeste Fiery
Celeste Fiery:
I know Bellatrix did a lot of bad things, but she’s still my favorite character. Even though she killed Sirius :(
Sangita Mukherjee
Sangita Mukherjee:
Oh good lord! Every time I hear Hermione screaming my heart ceases!
Great actors though😊
goodformeplays_ hi
goodformeplays_ hi:
Love the vids man! You are amazing
Bellatrix: helo
Hermione: Guess I'll die
Brian Hoots
Brian Hoots:
Ever since watching Helena Carter's performance on, "Fight Club", she's been one of my Hollywood crushes. Would not mind her making a meat pie out of me!
Siania Siania
Siania Siania:
Although she's like this, she is probably my favorite villain in the whole series.
Dumbledore summed up her demeanor when discussing his death with Snape;
"...or dear Bellatrix, who likes to play with her food before she eats it."
Bellatrix was always insane! It was always her personality.
EpicShadow Dragon
EpicShadow Dragon:
Bellatrix is one of my favorite villains. I love role-playing as her because she is so unpredictable.
Ketreena Williams
Ketreena Williams:
Leo Mendelsohn
Leo Mendelsohn:
pls make a vid about top 15 wands
Zhu Aileen
Zhu Aileen:
Harry Potter Folklore: I cant think of anyone worse than bellatrix
Me: Dolores Umbridge
what if HARRY convinced SLUGHORN to give him THE MEMORY ABOUT HORCRUXES after the potions lesson with the bezoar
hi there
hi there:
umbridge: am i a joke to you?
if it had been her job to kill harry there would be no series, she’d get the job done when he was a baby ❤️
11:59 Similar to how, when The Joker abuses Harley Quinn Harley convinces herself that it's either her fault or Batman's.
Cam 6996
Cam 6996:
Who was more loyal to Voldemort bellatrix lestrange or Barty Crouch Jr?
Maybe psyco but I would still try going the distance with her without a seconds thought...
You have to wonder, how would she react if she learned the truth of the Dark Lord Voldemort. And I don't mean if she was told, cause if anyone told she would undoubtedly brush it off as nonsense, at very least as lies (meant to destroy the loyalty of the Death Eaters).
But I mean is, if she TRULY realized and FOUND out, like there was no way she could deny it.

Voldemort is a Half-Blood, the realization and shock would undoubtedly hit her so hard & deeply that she'd probably fall further into madness, the kind of madness that would make her "usual self" seem tame.
Grantas Kaseta
Grantas Kaseta:
im early for once
Matthew CT
Matthew CT:
She is the magic version of the Manson family girls.
omg! early!
Him: Voldemort aside, I can’t think of another character from harry potter who was a sadistic, cold hearted and downright cruel as Bellatrix was.
Me: then you must not remember Umbrige.
Carmen Mcalistet
Carmen Mcalistet:
Bellatrix is as crazy as a sackful of cats but for some strange reason, I like her! Very well written character!