Why BTS ARMYs are Surprised to See This Girl in Permission to Dance MV?

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That girl was sooo beautiful.
People better not be spreading any hate against her just because she appeared in the music video.
Like seriously grow up 😑
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Such an amazing song! It's my favorite song now too
Suga Bunnie
Suga Bunnie:
Every time Army's sees a girl they get curious. Spy mode
Yea it probably is a trainee and if it is she is very pretty, and what ever group she in I would definitely stan
I don't really see why Armys get soo curious and pressed while seeing a girl near the boys...tbh it just shows how possesive we are 😭 and we shouldn't be like that...I'm just saying that if you get jealous when seeing them with another woman, you're seriously gonna get hurt or maybe hate on their future partners...so just pls let them be, they're humans too, they need to find love too and we as fans should respect them and shouldn't invade their private life.
아미 BTS is luv
아미 BTS is luv:
Thumbnail: Who is she?
She is a human
She is a lady
She is a fun personality (as per mv)
She is what she is...it's none of our business!!
Fear the Double Bunny
Fear the Double Bunny:
Why some ARMYs believe it’s their business and request explanations each time they see any girl?
Let’s stop this toxic behavior!
BTS does put a lot of easter eggs on their MVs, which is not that surprising. But this kinda surprised me. I think that it's also a great oportunity for the trainees.
I really wish people wouldn’t trip about any person, especially woman in their music videos. The more people go crazy over every little thing the harder it is for BTS to have the freedom they want in these videos. It’s only woman that they make a big deal about and not any men that are in the videos. It gets really irritating, if they so much as look in the direction of a woman, rumors, ships, long slow down, (insert opinion here). It gets all blown out of portion, do they not think that BTS, and their mangers, and CEO doesn’t see this? This just makes it harder and harder for them. Sorry about the small rant, but, it’s just frustrating and ridiculous.
The Top 10
The Top 10:
Im sorry but it's funny to see so many people thinking she's a trainee from Hybe or smth (ʘᴗʘ✿). For all of y'all that don't know, her name is Leah Kim Thompson, she's an actress and model. She's been on a couple of variety shows. She was on the Get Real podcast as well if ya wanna see more of her.
Rishika Pandey 9 b
Rishika Pandey 9 b:
We love our 7 A
They are the cutest
Skelly-Shi ツ
Skelly-Shi ツ:
Honestly she never interacted with literally anyone in the music video, so why are so many people freaking out about it? It just shows how overly obsessive fans can be, the members don't belong to you and are allowed to be around any girls they want.
Grow up seriously 😑
Kpop ARMYONCE Indonesia
Kpop ARMYONCE Indonesia:
"She is the same age as Hoseok"

Wait how about Namjoon?
Mia Merek
Mia Merek:
She’s the girl carrying pancakes, walking towards the window,… looking outside- and this is a thing? If I looked out my window and saw Cookie on a roof- it’d be a flippen NEWS FLASH- some girl went all dumbass Spider-Man and clawed her way up a building to hang out with Jungkook!
Kara lie2107
Kara lie2107:
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi:
“First girl group made by bighit”
*Glam* *:* *Am* *I* *a* *joke* *to* *you?*
To prevent any more fights, glam wasn’t made just by bighit but by source music too and bighit just trained glam. Lee Hyun, BTS and TXT are the only artists under bighit. This comment was supposed to be a joke.
Don't Hyde from Me
Don't Hyde from Me:
If "ARMYs" are always going nuts when seeing a girl interact with BTS, imagine what will happen if each of the members finally meet sb who they think will make them happy and decide to marry them-
ARMY even we didnt break the butter record just rememeber you all work hard
PERMISSION TO DANCE is so amazing💜😊😁
Pooja Verma
Pooja Verma:
It's really scary to see how some Armys just can't see the boys with girls even if they are merely friends with them or they are working with them. Just because they are a public figure doesn't mean they're public property.. please army give them some space to live their life comfortably. Please get out of this sick mentality.
Shruti Devkule
Shruti Devkule:
once a fan said this to jungkook : " being a fan girl is hard it breaks my heart "
Jungkook replied with :" being idol is hard too because I know one day I have to break billions of hearts "
This got me thinking that I really should try not to give negative comments on BTS being with girls tho I never gave any
I'll support but not half heartedly ❤️

Just wanted to share this 😉
They all acted their parts so well in the video because they are professional. Armys don't need to know every little thing about them
BTS Taehyung
BTS Taehyung:
After twenty years, the BTS members will show the PTD video to their kids and say, " kids....this video was released in the pandemic era to spread love and happiness". Think how proud the kids would feel.
When I saw that pretty girl who was a food server in music video, I suddenly remembered the time when I was also a food server ... I missed serving pancakes to the families who had breakfast at the restaurant where I worked.
'Mic Drop' MV is now less than 15M away from reaching 1B YouTube views. LET'S STREAM THE MV ARMYS!
I am that ribbon in the sky that he looves
I am that ribbon in the sky that he looves:
Video: "She worked for BigHit"
*Permission 2 Dance MV reaction*
Taehyung: "Who is she??"
I wish the best for her and I hope that BigHit will successfully be able to add a girl group without issue ❤❤

It also kind of saddens me that everyone was so pressed about who the Koreans were when they saw them and couldn't give a shit about the other great actors on there. They all did amazing.
Cheyenne Redfeather
Cheyenne Redfeather:
First off.. "Permission to dance" absolute perfection as per normal for our beautiful Bangtan Sonyeondan 💜 and Army's 💜 are happy to know who the girl was in the MV
You like this chain? It's 3 Dollars
You like this chain? It's 3 Dollars:
She's pretty and she's such a mood in the MV
i found jimin's jams 아 미
i found jimin's jams 아 미:
Imajin being in the music video and meeting BTS💜
Jungkook's Mochi and Jimin's Nochu EJMontefalco
Jungkook's Mochi and Jimin's Nochu EJMontefalco:
If you’re curious about something that’s related to BTS, ask ARMY because they know everything!!! They investigate and provide evidences like experts.
Khyati Gupta
Khyati Gupta:
Her smile just made my day
She had such a beautiful smile
Regina Jeronimo
Regina Jeronimo:
Why can’t you all just enjoy the music, talent and video. Why feel the need to dissect everything BTS does. Now that’s obsessive. Scaring people that have any communication with them. Just enjoy the good music and awesome messages.
pls go & click (About) of my channel & read it:)
pls go & click (About) of my channel & read it:):
The girl looked amazing on the MV.
Kevina Walsh
Kevina Walsh:
Why are people so crazy about streaming. Just enjoy the song. That's what BTS wants us to do. They no longer need to break records. They are already on top
Angel V
Angel V:
Oh I like Leah Thompson. Her dance moves in the MV made me laugh. Her smile after taking off the mask looked so happy that it made me smiled too 😊
You give the best of me 💜
You give the best of me 💜:
Her dance steps are so cheerful 🤗💜💜💜
Yashica M M(Student)
Yashica M M(Student):
Army’s have an amazing eyesight, especially while watching BTS MV’s.
SoloStansHatersShippersGoToHell BorahaeTrueARMY
SoloStansHatersShippersGoToHell BorahaeTrueARMY:
Just imagine, when you are looking out of the window, holding pancakes in your hand and you see Kookie on a train / truck roof playing with a purple balloon !

Rimoo  💜
Rimoo 💜:
PTD reminds me of 'Can't stop the feeling' 🙌🏻
Tyrannosaurus Hilke
Tyrannosaurus Hilke:
That girl is absolutely beautiful, I love her energy!
Fakeu Cakeu
Fakeu Cakeu:
When I first saw her with the mask on, I thought it was J-Hope's sister😄
Pina Colada
Pina Colada:
I swear their are many kiddos in the fandom who always get suspecious
I love that girl + she dances amazing! I bet she’ll make history someday :)
I'm excited about Hybe girl group & I would love to see them collaborate with BTS as well. This is exciting news 👏
Halee D
Halee D:
A beautiful and talented woman .
Bao Tram
Bao Tram:
Such a amazing and meaningful song, that girl is sooooo lucky😊😊😊
Walo ♪
Walo ♪:
Almost 99% of profile picture is BTS photo 💜
Nobody's Mistress
Nobody's Mistress:
I knew I recognized the waitress from somewhere before! She was on SNL with SHINee, and I believe she was paired up with Key. I was always curious about her and what she did. I didn’t know she had a really cool job at GDW. That’s amazing! I’m glad she is doing well! 💜💜💜💜
𝑴𝒆𝒆𝒓𝒖  𝑷𝑱𝑴♡︎
𝑴𝒆𝒆𝒓𝒖 𝑷𝑱𝑴♡︎:
At first when I saw this girl I was like "is she jhope's sister cuz she looks so much like hobi"sksksksj-
Ilham Mdarhri
Ilham Mdarhri:
This dude is making such a hard work on his videos
💜 army and jolly 💜
💜 army and jolly 💜:
When I first thought that she is jung jiwoo , jhope's sister ✌🏻💜
Modupe O
Modupe O:
She is beautiful and looks great, hope to see her in more videos etc. She is the same age as RM and JHope you mean!!
Tyra Naidoo
Tyra Naidoo:
I love how she broke out into dance in the middle of the café 😂😂🤍 I mean I would too if any Kpop song played
BTS haters and shippers needs a kiss from Oli
BTS haters and shippers needs a kiss from Oli:
Everyone is liking her very much bcs of her beautiful smile
Jhanavi Dharia
Jhanavi Dharia:
Rachel Dietrich
Rachel Dietrich:
I'm glad that they included diversity in the video. It was very humbling to watch the new video
Nes rine
Nes rine:
People really need to enjoy the art and stop falling in love with idols. Remember every content you see from them is a part of their Job, the Vlives the Run épisodes Everything. There's always an entire crew behind that camera and what you see is a super filtered version of their personalities. Of course they have friends (males and females) outside of bts, few may even have romantic partners, which is none of your businesses of course because it's their personal lives. Remember, just because they share some of their personal stuff in their music, just because they share a fraction of their personalities with us, just because you watch so much content of them, this doesn't make them your property. Yall need to wake up.
Im happy to see all the army's appreciating this girl!! Borahae Army!!💜
Ezio Battaglia
Ezio Battaglia:
I really loved the actores!! They were so cute~ I loved a lot the girl of the cafeteria, she danced so happily :')
Sarah Lee🍣
Sarah Lee🍣:
i'm looking forward for the trainees to debut!!
Mickey McDonald's
Mickey McDonald's:
muskan paul
muskan paul:
She is really talented !!
And MV of permission to dance was amazing !!
Lyrics was also uplifting ❤❤
Thanks bts !!
Love ot7!!
Afia Jabeen
Afia Jabeen:
I hope that ARMYs stay nice towards her but some of us really need to relax when we see someone of the opposite gender next to bts, it's hurtful for both us and bts, imagine the amount of stalking people will do once bts reveal they are dating someone
Mature and true armys will always support them grow up now 💜
Mantana Thongpha
Mantana Thongpha:
Ahhhh it’s true i congratulations if them featuring together 💜💜
Rakhi Kumbhar
Rakhi Kumbhar:
All the people who featured in the Mv gave happy vibes 😊and made it more beautiful
♡Meow Agust D♡
♡Meow Agust D♡:
Finally the video Army's wanted!!😂💜
Vaishnavi Pol
Vaishnavi Pol:
Im really excited after getting to know that a girl group will be debuting under bighit🤩🤩🤩🤩 waiting patiently 😌😌
Suzaku Rukawa
Suzaku Rukawa:
She's friggin pretty and really brilliant too! I'm not even jealous she's in the MV.
Everytime army's sees the "girl" words they turn into spy mode
Bangtan the Loml ♡
Bangtan the Loml ♡:
The first thought when I saw her was that she's really beautiful
Hope Catis
Hope Catis:
Didn't know who she was but she was so beautiful at the end of the mv. She's another angel wow. I envy her
Zahrina Lutfia
Zahrina Lutfia:
yup, ofc GDW! one of those credits who create the masterpiece "dope" and etc. the dope era that got me into bts. really, mad respect. they did a great job

btw, its okay to curious, and it's good to not hurt anyone. i trust you guys ;)
I don't pay much attention to other people, I just watch our 7 Stars💜
But don't hate anyone because everyone works hard🙏
𝘼𝙧𝙢𝙮 𝙊𝙩𝙖𝙠𝙪
𝘼𝙧𝙢𝙮 𝙊𝙩𝙖𝙠𝙪:
I was just in WOWWW when I heard she is actually a producer
K-POP 4 life
K-POP 4 life:
Yay she's from Florida so am I yay 😆😆and she is the same age as my bias 😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Joyce 🐰
Joyce 🐰:
She's Soo pretty and talented ❤️
The girls are so beautiful that it makes me jealous😂💜
Martin Berger
Martin Berger:
I feel so sorry for them. When they get caught even near a girl their carrier is in danger. Im sorry BTS😪
hannah mathew
hannah mathew:
Girls are soo lucky!! They're seniors are bts😭😭
Lina The
Lina The:
Luvvv the MV they all incredible fabulous. BTS mind blowing 💛💛💛
Anjali Baruah
Anjali Baruah:
She knows what she's doing , she's great , we don't have to worry about her💜💜
Much love❤️
loving what I lobe💜🥺
loving what I lobe💜🥺:
They are so lucky to be part of BTS'music video I wish I was one of them too🥺🤧
excited for HYBE's new GG!!
BTS doraemon
BTS doraemon:
I don't have any prob with her being in the mv instead I'm happy that she made it.💖
yOuR bEhaViOr, iS sO UgH
yOuR bEhaViOr, iS sO UgH:
I was wondering if they were trainees or actresses. I can't wait to see them debut. I hope people won't give them too much hate. Also, first female group from bighit!
Abigail Andrade
Abigail Andrade:
The girl was cute in the mv, especially at the very end where she had a big smile and danced out of screen.
Karla Zamorano
Karla Zamorano:
I love ur content 💜
Jin literally asked in their reaction video to PTD "who is this?" so they must not know her
All of the people in the MV were so pretty and cool I’m seriously obsessed with them ❤️✨✨
CunV 7
CunV 7:
Am sooo excited to see the new girl group 😆💜
Leah was also a great DJ on Arirang Radio and always did an amazing job of translating group interviews live into English so that English speaking fans could have an amazing live experience. I hope ARMY's are kind to her she is a great person!
Queen JT
Queen JT:
I was assuming she might be upcoming member for a new girl group or an upcoming actress. It's not that serious 🙄Just keep streaking Butter and PTD
Army is so curious everytime there's a new girl face in BTS MV... 😁💜
Pragna shine angel
Pragna shine angel:
God bless each every person who supports and Love BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

We love BTS just BTS
Rochelle Grace Gabito
Rochelle Grace Gabito:
me thinking that the girl represent us ARMYS base on TinyTan; 💜
Satellites Guru saad& moiz
Satellites Guru saad& moiz:
After watching this I need a job in bighit even you guys just give me a job of washing bts dishes 😂♥️
Sanika Yadav
Sanika Yadav:
Whenever we notice a girl related to BTS , we witness our multiple personality disorder and turn into Sherlock Holmes🎩🔍 ....