Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United? | Oh My Goal

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United? The public loved him, the team loved him and it’s where he won his 1st Ballon d’Or! But clearly that didn’t frighten him for one second… If anything, that motivated him!
After watching this video you’ll no longer wonder why… For Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving Manchester United to sign for Real Madrid was an obvious choice!


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100+ comentarios:

Seerat Raja
Seerat Raja:
Feeling can't be explained, that is true
Some ting Long
Some ting Long:
I feel like him being at England and learning english was soo important for him now
Yahya Ben Ali
Yahya Ben Ali:
I thought it was because his mother wanted to see him in real Madrid
He is back 🤩🤩🤩❤️
I can't hold my feelings 😭😭
Matthew Schlosberg
Matthew Schlosberg:
As a man united fan....... this was hard to watch🥺
Iam cool Bro
Iam cool Bro:
He left because he didn’t want to be in the shadow of lingardinho. Edit:Thank you for the likes guysssssssss
Edit2:Ronaldo is gay
Edit 3:Messi is also gay
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud:
That's a really good question actually
Yosnardo Reachi
Yosnardo Reachi:
But didn’t he also move because his mom dreamed of seeing cristiano in a Real Madrid shirt
Stephen Hudson
Stephen Hudson:
I loved Ronaldo I hope he comes back 😭😭 love u Ronnie❤️❤️
He did the same with Real Madrid
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
i was devastated when he left united he was great and was loved by the fans
hii im really early one of the first
Vedant Gholap
Vedant Gholap:
Is Cristiano doesn't like the Cold temperatures of England, that's why he left to Spain to enjoy the hot temperatures?
Hydrominant  平和
Hydrominant 平和:
Cristiano : "I love real madrid most"
Cristiano : "leaves for Juventus"
Brayan Flores
Brayan Flores:
I miss Ronaldo wearing a Manchester United shirt😔
Then he leaves for Juventus. Mercenary. It's always about the money
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin:
Welcome HOME CR7.
Samuel Saju
Samuel Saju:
see you MSN
see you MSN:
1:40 black ronaldo
murt far
murt far:
0:32 ahahhaahah
Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans:
Easy, Man U dive to much
What the hell happened to david de gea???
Grain y
Grain y:
Did you know that Phil Jones has scored more goals against MU, than Messi and Ronaldo😂😂
youngTurner awc
youngTurner awc:
Nah he knew legend phil Jones was coming
Sandrino Estevao
Sandrino Estevao:
tell skysports oh my goal found gary neville
What happened to his nice fair color
Hivey boi
Hivey boi:
This image is unforgettable
This image is heartbreaking for man united fans
James Dinh
James Dinh:
The reason why Christiano left was that he knew Manchester would become trash. Christiano the Oracle
PES Gamer
PES Gamer:
Now he is not leaving...😁😁
Gaurav Nandan
Gaurav Nandan:
He is back baby 🎉🎉
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues:
Most people dream about playing and winning for the biggest teams and now he's played for 3 of them .
Ashuuu Siiuu
Ashuuu Siiuu:
He's back!
Frank Jimzzi
Frank Jimzzi:
This little number 10 will assume to be his rivalry 😂
Zelo Visuals
Zelo Visuals:
well he is back now !
Kangroroo Gaming
Kangroroo Gaming:
I hope when he is 40 he goes back to man utd
L_M_07 Gaming
L_M_07 Gaming:
Cortes Clips
Cortes Clips:
Then why did u leave Madrid 😭
Saket Jha
Saket Jha:
He left because Real Madrid signed him
Aren Safarian
Aren Safarian:
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam:
He left cause he was too good to be in the same team with Phil Jones 🤧
Erlind Çorja
Erlind Çorja:
Its becase he lose a final against mesi😂😂
Farzan Huq
Farzan Huq:
Ronaldo went to la liga, he saw and he conquered breaking almost every record at real madrid
This aged well
aloosh halabi
aloosh halabi:
well now he's back
Din Adli
Din Adli:
N now. He already home 😆
He's baaaack!!
Sam Landa
Sam Landa:
He won everything he needed to win like he did at real 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ban Bbc
Ban Bbc:
I understand why he went to Real Madrid, even I am Man United fan. Real Madrid is his childhood favorite club, I would do the same if I was him 😂 . But finally , Ronaldo back to the place that make him GREAT!!! He has transformed from a circus footballer from his younger age to one of the best footballer ever by winning his first Ballon D’or award. I hope Christiana will make Manchester United great again!! I have high hope on that.
ReVeldo Gaming
ReVeldo Gaming:
Song used at Ramos please...
Fla E-Games ツ
Fla E-Games ツ:
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
It's simple man he is small 😂 JK
Muhd Alif
Muhd Alif:
Until now, I still felt thankful to him when he played for united
Shazia Khan
Shazia Khan:
He knew he was ripe for a big new challenge ahead. Plus he probably hated the cold and rain!
In country Man united and Real madrid Jersey was famous because of C.Ronaldo.
Himesh Saneechur
Himesh Saneechur:
I think he left because he wanted to prove he can play better than Messi in LA Liga and to go head to head against him
Mbappe story is also similar
He left cause he had to make way for Phil Jones
he won everything he could with man u so he did it again at another club
Match Day
Match Day:
0:33 because of this he leaved
0:32 🤣 is that's the reason he left? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He knew once Sir Alex Ferguson left he will be faded..
Uh savage
American CR7
American CR7:
Imagine ronaldo staying at Manchester United all these years
Gjoka Soni
Gjoka Soni:
It was a good decidion leaving Man.Utd After hé won everything.....and even Real Madrid He left as Champion

So His ménager ménaged His carer in perfection...

And Can Say that He still has a great Future..
With Portugal he will play
National Europian Cup
World coup"
He can still win Champions with Juventus again....
PSG IS waiting for Him...
USA is waiting for Him .....
Answer: *Cause he did*
Prabha Shukla
Prabha Shukla:
And crowd started to boo him at Manchester United because

The wink
Football Days
Football Days:
Allez liverpool
I got a feeling he will return in the next transfer window. 🔴🔴
Pema Gyalpo
Pema Gyalpo:
He got offer in 2007 he stayed.. and again in 2008 ..which he leaved then
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
Im so happy he left to real hala Madrid
Wasnt the biggest reason Ronaldo legt bc he winked at Rooney in euro 2008?????
Shahzaib Ali
Shahzaib Ali:
I miss him
Pitabasa Sahu
Pitabasa Sahu:
0:33 it was really necessary Oh my goal😂😂😂
Agni Kai
Agni Kai:
He was given an offer to stat pad in the Spanish league
Pranav Khetan
Pranav Khetan:
For more money
The horse head is annoying. Stop it.
Jeremiah Ojan
Jeremiah Ojan:
He left because he wanted to go la liga to prove hes better than messi
This decision changed sports forever
Elliot Belliss
Elliot Belliss:
He should have stayed.
Simply money
its because english football back than was not improve from tactical issue. its proved by barcelona beat up Man U. And Cristiano might be feel the same, after his leaving Spain's club dominating Champions League
Pls who woudnt want to play for real madrid.
gaming observer13
gaming observer13:
Now he should return
Why did he even leave Real Madrid?
Toni Georg
Toni Georg:
He left because nobody reject Real Madrid, except Totti))
Brandon Duarte
Brandon Duarte:
Do things you didn’t know about Jesse Lingard
He still a legend at United my favourite player of all time
He left because he's a real Madrid fan...
Obie The Pony
Obie The Pony:
Why did Cristiano Ronaldo come back to Manchester United? Everything comes full circle.
Jay Rai
Jay Rai:
He did stay for 1 more season, except they lost the UCL final ,
Won every single trophy in Manu even individual trophies
Got an offer from “Real Madrid”
Located in Spain which is beside his home country and he can easily learn Spanish
Real Madrid was building a new roster
Fergie was retiring
Spain better weather and also lived for football
Better salary
New chapter in life

Why would he not leave ?
Jamie Reynolds
Jamie Reynolds:
0:52 why do you call gary ''Gay-Ree''? wtf??
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
He knew he wouldnt make the starting xi after lingaard’s rise😂
Psyco Gaming
Psyco Gaming:
Because he wanted to play for the best club of the world haha
Patrick Jagger
Patrick Jagger:
Because Real Madrid
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6:
The last part music was indila dernier- danse danse danse acoustic. Lol
Rasha Abdulraheem
Rasha Abdulraheem:
I mean Juventus not junville
Alloyd Afonso
Alloyd Afonso:
It was because of Man Utd I loved CR7 when I was just 5, he was one of the best players at Utd. I still support and love CR7 & Man Utd ❤️🖤 💚❤️
Rithul Dhar
Rithul Dhar:
Can you do why he left Real Madrid
clickbait video..
I mean... even as a Man U fan(don't hate on me), I don't blame him... he got reasons, he loved the team, his mother as well, he also wanted to show himself as much better player. So yeah... I respect his choice.