Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United? | Oh My Goal

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United? The public loved him, the team loved him and it’s where he won his 1st Ballon d’Or! But clearly that didn’t frighten him for one second… If anything, that motivated him!
After watching this video you’ll no longer wonder why… For Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving Manchester United to sign for Real Madrid was an obvious choice!


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99 comentarios:

Game Killer
Game Killer:
He left because he didn’t want to be in the shadow of lingardinho. Edit:Thank you for the likes guysssssssss
Seerat Raja
Seerat Raja:
Feeling can't be explained, that is true
Yahya Ben Ali
Yahya Ben Ali:
I thought it was because his mother wanted to see him in real Madrid
Brayan Flores
Brayan Flores:
I miss Ronaldo wearing a Manchester United shirt😔
Éric Midgărd
Éric Midgărd:
I mean, he won quite literally everything there was to win at United and Fergusonwas about to retire, move to Spain seemed inevitable

@VirgilDriver on twitter
Cause we can’t have 3 goats lingard and phil Jones is enough
Christian Aquino
Christian Aquino:
Cristiano and Messi are the future of football

Oh wait im 15 years late saying this
Ibrahim Al-Mulla
Ibrahim Al-Mulla:
When you are so early you can’t even copy another comment ☹️
Grain y
Grain y:
Did you know that Phil Jones has scored more goals against MU, than Messi and Ronaldo😂😂
Some ting Long
Some ting Long:
I feel like him being at England and learning english was soo important for him now
Hivey boi
Hivey boi:
This image is unforgettable
This image is heartbreaking for man united fans
Jesutobiloba Salam
Jesutobiloba Salam:
He left cause he was too good to be in the same team with Phil Jones 🤧
Ah yes this a simple answer it’s cuz lingardinho needed to come in
And he knew they were gonna flop
Da Cool One
Da Cool One:
He left cause he had to make way for Phil Jones
Farzan Huq
Farzan Huq:
Ronaldo went to la liga, he saw and he conquered breaking almost every record at real madrid
Task Force
Task Force:
He left Man United because he liked Spanish Girls and after that he married one.
Cris Zavala
Cris Zavala:
Since everyone wants to be first I’ll be seconf
Halausher 3
Halausher 3:
its good that he did leave Manchester United, even though im a united fan, u need to move on in life and for Ronaldo this was a big step
Pitabasa Sahu
Pitabasa Sahu:
0:33 it was really necessary Oh my goal😂😂😂
Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
My idol 🤩 this man made my Childhood watching him every Saturday although I didnt really like united, I enjoyed watching Ronaldo play I will be just like you one day🤩⚽️
City fan🥇but he scared me watching old derbies legends to face tough but
American CR7
American CR7:
Imagine ronaldo staying at Manchester United all these years
Salman Abdullahi
Salman Abdullahi:
Why are OH MY GOAL running out of IDEAS
S M Shamayel
S M Shamayel:
What the hell happened to Arshavin !!?
Lloydy pallero
Lloydy pallero:
Ronaldo left his football father back there😁✔️✔️✔️
Sean Dube
Sean Dube:
He left because he didn't want to be in his comfort zone 👍👍
Real M
Real M:
He won EVERYTHING with United so it was time to move to RM, the biggest team/club in world football, just as all big players dream about. And after he won EVERYTHING with them, even RM wasn't enough to keep him and ultimately stagnate, so he moved to Juventus, the giant of Italy, to restart again.
No team/club is big enough to keep THE GOAT forever. Not even RM.
Ahmed Ramadneh
Ahmed Ramadneh:
2020 playing in the calcio, bluffed lol
Matija Zejak
Matija Zejak:
Welcome to comment section
SH Wheat
SH Wheat:
It was sad that he Left Manchester United my all time favourite Manchester United player. But overall Under Sir Alex Ferguson Cristiano Ronaldo is replacable SIr Alex isn't
Jonny Craig-Macleman
Jonny Craig-Macleman:
I cried when this happened
Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano:
"Money talks , my friend"😣
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud:
That's a really good question actually
S K:
😿wish he stayed😭😭😭
• Fabrox Marianix ® •
• Fabrox Marianix ® •:
CR7 in Man Utd? THE KING! #OMG2020
Edan Paz
Edan Paz:
He knew that with real Madrid he will reach his full potential
Somali Lion South london
Somali Lion South london:
He still a legend at United my favourite player of all time
le monke
le monke:
"This image is unforgettable"
shows a video
Matthew Schlosberg
Matthew Schlosberg:
As a man united fan....... this was hard to watch🥺
Vincenzo Gargiulo
Vincenzo Gargiulo:
What the hell is happened to bernardeschi
UzzY_ BMT:
I know why he left before this vid but yeah good vid anyway
Yosnardo Reachi
Yosnardo Reachi:
But didn’t he also move because his mom dreamed of seeing cristiano in a Real Madrid shirt
hii im really early one of the first
Regular Beats
Regular Beats:
Yeah feelings can be explained its true
Bacon kingz
Bacon kingz:
He did the same with Real Madrid
Fact of the day first and last dont matter
S M Shamayel
S M Shamayel:
What the hell happened to Arshavin!?
Waseela Moosa
Waseela Moosa:
What happened to his nice fair color
alphonso wenen
alphonso wenen:
OMG Crazy
OMG Crazy:
Phil jones
Alex Nitsou
Alex Nitsou:
Honestly, I though he left Man United because he wanted to get closer to Messi to make the rivalry more intense
E2 Certi
E2 Certi:
3:12 they show this clip everytime they talk about Ronaldo
For me 5yrs is enough in one club moreover he've won every single trophy with the team so its normal, Ronaldo stayed in spain more because of Messi. The dude we're talking about here loves challenges
Aren Safarian
Aren Safarian:
There can’t be 4 firsts
Then he leaves for Juventus. Mercenary. It's always about the money
Nicu Zazu
Nicu Zazu:
You can do a what happened to Liverpool ? To see how they became so strong in the last 2 years
youngTurner awc
youngTurner awc:
Nah he knew legend phil Jones was coming
Jonathan Bacenty
Jonathan Bacenty:
He left to make way for Lingardinho, the true GOAT
Abdiwaaa Abdraaa
Abdiwaaa Abdraaa:
Respect for cr7 best player of all the time.
Niels_ Fifa_Mobile
Niels_ Fifa_Mobile:
His mom
Love you guys
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
Manchester have never been the same since he left
Anirban DebBarma
Anirban DebBarma:
Now explain why he left Real Madrid 🥴
I just cannot make football jokes, so I might just let you guys know.
Well there's rumours that hes leaving Juventus. He might come back man u as he said the only premier league team he will play for is man u
Seerat Raja
Seerat Raja:
Ghulam Hussain
Ghulam Hussain:
116th comment
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
He knew he wouldnt make the starting xi after lingaard’s rise😂
Muhd Alif
Muhd Alif:
Until now, I still felt thankful to him when he played for united
sakar shakya
sakar shakya:
This decision changed sports forever
I get why, it's because he wanted to play against pique who he played with
Ermon Bislimi
Ermon Bislimi:
Aziza Amin
Aziza Amin:
0:34 Lol😂😂🤣
Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans:
Easy, Man U dive to much
reece jackson
reece jackson:
I can tell that you’re lying just by listening to tone of your voice in this video
Im a united fan 😄😄. ...., I hope he came back to man u. Before he retire's
Luke Heng Youtube
Luke Heng Youtube:
Youtube reconmends me this after 6 days
Yash Pandya
Yash Pandya:
I’m pretty sure most people already know why.
But good video tho
Sandrino Estevao
Sandrino Estevao:
tell skysports oh my goal found gary neville
Next video idea : WHY Oh My Goal ran out of video ideas and repost some of their old videos ?
Jan Beton
Jan Beton:
0:32 he compared his buldge with his own
Aziza Amin
Aziza Amin:
Next video: Why cr7 left Madrid?
yie _TW
yie _TW:
we're always miss you ...CR7
always be our legend..
Shyamlal Vinod
Shyamlal Vinod:
I never felt sad when he left us in 2009
We ve had WAYNE ROONEY (BALD rooney)
Phonemyat Thu
Phonemyat Thu:
3:31 *sad man utd sounds*
Saket Jha
Saket Jha:
He left because Real Madrid signed him
Pretty common knowledge that when Real comes knocking on your door it's hard to say no.
Mob Barley
Mob Barley:
CR7 : I stay
and left the interviewer suddenly
Ryan Antony
Ryan Antony:
Would me amazing to see him back at United
Isaac ofodile
Isaac ofodile:
dude I love the way you talk OMG
Sauban Iqbal
Sauban Iqbal:
All I want is to him to return to play at Old Trafford for us dat wud be my dream
Alexander lee
Alexander lee:
Hopefully ronaldo come back to man united after winning champions league with juventus to bring back glory
Kieran YNWA
Kieran YNWA:
He left for the 💴 💴 💴
What the hell happened to david de gea???
Joner Time
Joner Time:
😂😂. Funny watching American TV on football.. it's like football for dummies..
I am fool
I am fool:
Simple answer
He want to take revenge to messi
REMO Crack
REMO Crack:
I stay