Why Did The Police Shoot Jacob Blake? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, was shot in the back seven times by police and may never walk again. In protests after the shooting, a white gunman killed two demonstrators while trying to “protect a business,” and wasn’t arrested till the next day. Another look at systemic police violence and racial injustice: #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JacobBlake

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100+ comentarios:

Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton:
This year is getting more and more depressing by the week.
Jeremy Holland
Jeremy Holland:
This is definitely a comedy show 😂
Gary Esada
Gary Esada:
All Blake had to do is grab a gun and point it to his rear and start shooting. It only takes a split second. The reason for multiple shots is because people normally keep coming until they bleed out. Blake kept coming after the taser even.
Jonathan Schenk
Jonathan Schenk:
Jacob Blake was carrying a Karambit in his left hand when he walked around the front of the car.
Muff Diver
Muff Diver:
*"I am my brother's keeper."*

Were you "keeping" him when he committed his gun felonies, sexual assault, domestic abuse & attempted suicide by cop in front of his children??
u can tell how serious Trevor is being when the outro music doesn't play
paraNORMALity INC:
I’m tired of people supporting criminals. Want a war, it’s on. We’re in the middle of one
Did he really say warning shots?
Warning shots and claiming the cops didn't try??? Weeks after the shooting and info is out. What an ignorant liar.
Warning shots or tackling a suspect with your firearm and gambling wether the guy grabs your gun...
note to self: NEVER GO TO AMERICA
george floyd did what cops told him??! are you high trevor?
Barbie Fields
Barbie Fields:
I'm so tired of hearing about this. He should have followed the police officer orders and there was no way for the police to know what he had in his car. I fight daily for the end of police brutality and fight for all our rights to breathe this dosen't fall into either of these two categories
Watched again....Curious if your innocent, Ignorant or purposely deceiving people on this subject....now that all the videos are out?. Jumped right to killing the innocent man? Give me/Give Everyone a break
Mega Deth
Mega Deth:
Why did he get shot?
Coz he's a criminal, that's why.
Silent Nova
Silent Nova:
I'm glad you called them a gang, I thought I was the only one that gets pissed everytime people calls them vigilantes or militia like they're doing sum good
benjamin manry
benjamin manry:
I would love to see him in a real police scenario like that
Miranda Hahn
Miranda Hahn:
There was an entire altercation before the video started. In that altercation both officers had used Taser s and Blake had put one of the officers in a head lock, also there was a knife in the floorboard in the car.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname:
The dude went for a weapon after being tased twice. At least he can't rape anyone again.
Kikimonster A
Kikimonster A:
I'm horrified about the amount of anger this video likely caused with incomplete information
Aracy Ile
Aracy Ile:
At this point, the "american dream" is one hell of a nightmare
Troy York
Troy York:
Jacob blake likely was going for knife
Beau Truex
Beau Truex:
Really sucks it took the invention of cell phones to create change. Because minorities have been saying the police have been abusing them for centuries. Unfortunately, those who seek to hijack an honorable and peaceful cause for themselves ruin it for all.
Justice for Jacob Blake's black female victim.
Magnus Borja
Magnus Borja:
Why don’t you put the video where he was fighting with the officers 🤔
USA: we need guns, because they give us freedom and lower crime rates.
Almost every europeen country having guns forbidden and way lower crime than US: “am I a joke to you?“
Raibert McGregor
Raibert McGregor:
all he had to do was listen to the cops and then he would not have gotten shot.
e equals mc square
e equals mc square:
He was not just reaching his car, he was getting his car for the gun. Covington before, now Jacob Blake and no humour to even redeem himself of the glaring errs. Trevor Noah is just trolling racism for views now
Jamarius Jones
Jamarius Jones:
Lmao! I disagree with Noah about Kyle so much.
Scott Defrese
Scott Defrese:
In this case Trevor, you might have your staff pull up the FULL video showing the police trying to arrest the man and him fighting hitting trying to wrestle with the police. The same video trying to subdue him so they can handcuff and arrest the man trying to steal his estranged partners vehicle. I agree with the sentiment that the police should be fired and the shooter be arrested. But the victum is no angel but a violent abuser and thief and his actions put him in this position. The Police are wrong and should be punished and Jacob Blake is a stupid violent idiot NOT an angelic martyr.
Audrey Btg
Audrey Btg:
Nothing about this is shocking anymore... and that is the real tragedy.
adriano wethand
adriano wethand:
Matt 24
Matt 24:
You can't change police interaction with someone who's acting like a lunatic. Why mention his skin color
Brandon Harrold
Brandon Harrold:
Warning shots huh where do you think those bullets go Trevor they have to go somewhere
Super Sport
Super Sport:
Report the full TRUTH Trevor. People like you who have a platform and inform half truths are the problem and reason why people die and lose all they've worked for in riots and looting a.
PDM naseem
PDM naseem:
everybody Gangsta till Trever's outro music is canceled.....
Mason Routt
Mason Routt:
2:00 when a dude reaches in his car after fighting the cops, you expect him to get SUNGLASSES? 🤦‍♂️ obviously he was going to get a weapon and try to kill the cops, or at least hurt them. What else would he do. The cops had no idea what was in his hand, so i'm not surprised they shot him
Terri Dobson
Terri Dobson:
Some crazy, demonic nonsense going on in the world today. I'm waiting for The Most High's justice to prevail!!!
comply with police orders and you won't get shot your commentary is not accurate or maybe he was going for a weapon no your off . oh make sure you say rapist
Adeline Rose
Adeline Rose:
I loved Trevor Noah and his comedy. I'm not even a conservative but his undeniable explicit bias for the left makes his face more and more annoying for each new video thumbnail.
"they'll kill us if we don't kill them first'' sounds like something that happens in country with an overabundance of guns
Shs Shs
Shs Shs:
Jacob blake may have been a human but he will never be a good one for what he has done in the past.
adriano wethand
adriano wethand:
Nathan Elder
Nathan Elder:
I am dead listening to the dude in the background (3:50-4:00) going, “Mmmm” every few seconds.😂
Lachlan Jackling
Lachlan Jackling:
They shot because he was running around his car to get a gun and/or knife
Max Steiner
Max Steiner:
There are way stricter rules of engagement for soldiers in warzones like Afganistan then there are for police in the US. WTF?
Deadeye Wrex
Deadeye Wrex:
why did jacob blake resist arrest?
It's really simple, some people obey the cops and some don't.
Ronit Chepuri
Ronit Chepuri:
This is so messed up
Do people forget what perspectives, simulation, and calculation that officers have to deal with when they are forcing themselves in a situation to deal with someone.
"I'm sorry." by the cops also means "I'm sorry it's on tape."
carlos johnson
carlos johnson:
Domestic calls are said to be one of the most dangerous calls. Why was he fighting with police. why was he walking away from police know that they had gun drawn. why was he trying to get in the car with his children in the car knowing police were behind him with guns drawn? Why did his wife call police for domestic case the say he was trying to breakup a fight?
MAV The Slacker
MAV The Slacker:
They tried tackling, they used tasers...
trevino ortiz
trevino ortiz:
Lmao go figure , of course you didn’t show the whole video and I don’t think you ever been in a fight. Make sure you say criminal and child molester to
Alicia Fryer
Alicia Fryer:
He had a knife and said he had a gun and there were children in the car. Enough said
Karo H
Karo H:
“Black skin is the most threatening weapon of all”, Trevor. Wow in a Nutshell!!!
Rohan Modi
Rohan Modi:
he literally went to get a weapon ...
Kim Larsson
Kim Larsson:
There's enough guns in the US for ten civil wars. The future is dark.
I no longer respect you Trevor Noah...
Tom White
Tom White:
There should be laws against interrupting a video to play a meaningless commercial.
"The gun doesn't matter as much as who is holding the gun.
Because to some people, black skin is the most threatening weapon of all."

Plus, the silent Outro?

I felt ALL that!
Cody Finsand
Cody Finsand:
Actually they did try to tackle him, then he got away and they tried to use the tasers, and then he was grabbing knife. They gave him every chance and he forfeited his right to leave
Mark Larsen
Mark Larsen:
And what was he going to grab in his car
Fred Lang
Fred Lang:
They did tackle him
Makes me wonder if i was mistakenly born in this century/era/millennium.
Joseph Cavazzini
Joseph Cavazzini:
What about the two taser shots
Hi Karma, meet Jacob Blake. Get em
Trevor, Get the fact check on Jacob Blake before he got shot 7 times. He is not a hero.
Astrid Gruber
Astrid Gruber:
The guy had a weapon in the car and you know it!!! And you know that this happenes to white people, also.. Does. Somebody pay you for that!?? "He Was a threat, the family. Called the. Police and now they want money, Commeon dude
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle:
The man was a rapist who intended stabbing the cop
They shoot to kill - so that theres no evidence or 'their' side of the story. And they have immunity. Heartless
What ever happened to warning shots? I believe they have never been taught by any police force.
Ryan West
Ryan West:
He had already been arrested foe pointing guns at people while he was all drunk before , what dis thwy rhunk he was going to the car foe?
Daniel Corrado
Daniel Corrado:
I so value your insight and perspective. I want to help in anyway this cause of stopping these tragedies from happening. Racial injustice and inequity won’t stop because people of color want it. It’s going to take all of us, regardless of the color of our skin to try and bring about the change so long over due in this country.
Jay Harris
Jay Harris:
Very sad! Praying for this young man.
Having Faith
Having Faith:
He broke it down clearly.
"It's not the gun it's who's carrying it"
Excellent point, Trevor!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
Floyd over dosed
Groucho Marxist
Groucho Marxist:
"This isn't the Battle of Yorktown, it's a bunch of dudes threatening people with guns."

Le mot juste.
when jacob's sister is giving that speech, why does that one guy keep grunting..
"I'd never thought I'd wish for black people to be treated at least like a wild bear."

Ouch, this sentence hurts so much I felt like crying the moment he said it. It hurts especially bad because we're hearing it in 2020, not in the 1800s. A few centuries on and we're still treating some humans worse than animals.
Pascal Di Egidio
Pascal Di Egidio:
You’ve got balls Trevor! I love your analysis! Keep doin it bro! Je bent de beste! Peace and support from Belgium!
Jessie Johnson
Jessie Johnson:
Well said Trevor, thank you.
Wanda Keefer
Wanda Keefer:
You should of checked out it all before putting this video out.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
Hmm he was shot for reaching for a knife
Carolina Quan
Carolina Quan:
Firing 7 shots into someone's back is not an attempt to arrest. That's murder.
Neall Bellanee
Neall Bellanee:
I want to say how proud I am of y’all. Y’all are starting to wake up, and make conclusions by facts not feelings. Let’s keep it up. 🤙🏿
Im_Da_Muffin_Man k
Im_Da_Muffin_Man k:
“Make sure you say after, uncle, father, domestic abuser, rapist, son”
Chad Travis
Chad Travis:
Are these views real do this many people really watch The daily show
WARNING SHOTS HAHAHAHA. Wow. Has anyone watched the recent Jacob Blake videos? He is remorseful for HIS actions and pleads other not to do the same.
WAIT! The man with a gun ACTUALLY shoots people and is INVISIBLE to police but Blake was unarmed...riiiight...
【 C h o c o l a d i x 】
【 C h o c o l a d i x 】:
Thank you for saying this.
Dwayne Hughes
Dwayne Hughes:
Outstanding analysis Trevor. However, I am curious to know what justification is going through the minds of the 18,000 persons (as of now) who could not find the decency to agree with this message...
Project Zorgo PZ 14
Project Zorgo PZ 14:
The thing is he was fighting on the side of the car with police that the video did not see. And the thing is If you are in a physical altercation and someone is going to the side to grab something would you just let them grab it. Also because it was found a knife was on the floor. HMM
R l
R l:
Maybe they shot him because he was fighting the police? Or no wait, because he was reaching for something in his car while fighting the police? Unbelievable
Resisting arrest is NOT A CAPITAL CRIME regardless previous history
Trevor deserves an Emmy for this comedy
Lenny Kruskal
Lenny Kruskal:
Trevor with "How quickly police". Stop saying "police" as if all cops are involved! It was the action of 1 police officer, not all police officers from all cities are responsible...They are not! As tragic as this was the vast majority of officers do a very difficult job daily and do it well! Don't lose sight of that!
G Leebolt
G Leebolt:
Thank you for making those connections in a poinient way. I believe you are making a difference by using your celebrity, your voice to help others like me who have not lived it, or suffered from it see it for what it truly is. You are helping us / people push towards this change, and in case anyone missed it the optimal word in that sentence is " people" ...
Floyd followed commands??? Are you high