Why Elon Musk Sleeps at Tesla's Factories

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Script editor: Doug James
Cameraperson: Cameron Stewart https://www.instagram.com/cameronstewart_uk/

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5:24 Ben Sullins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKcHYAi9xYc
Video also incorporates elements from Tesla, SpaceX, NASA
Thumbnail photo courtesy of Tesla

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100+ comentarios:

Would YOU sleep in a car factory?
My sponsor CuriosityStream has great science & tech documentaries for only $12 a year: https://curiositystream.com/newsthink with promo code: newsthink.
damn the sponsorship was smooth af, that's how you do it so it blends with the video
Tran Nguyen
Tran Nguyen:
The secret of your future is hidden in your
daily routine. Successful people do daily
what the unsuccessful only do occasionally
TikTock Daily
TikTock Daily:
“Elon Musk is now worth $167 billion dollars”
Ight boys let’s save save money to buy him.
The Scarlet Hunter
The Scarlet Hunter:
Question: “Why Elun Musk sleeps at Tesla’s Factories”

Answer: because he is a leader, not a boss
Alaric Goldkuhl
Alaric Goldkuhl:
He sleeps on his factory floor because that's where he's building his Iron Man suit.
Cheng Teoh
Cheng Teoh:
"Chooses to sleep at his factories, not just now and again but often" - that's the type of CEO you can trust with your money. ;)
[ Once Master Plan, Part Deux is done we'll be one step closer to the colonization of Mars ]
Piyush Bhakat
Piyush Bhakat:
Seriously though, how does he manage to:
-be active on Twitter
-catch up on the latest video games
-date celebrities/spend time with Grimes
-spend time with his boys
-give interviews and podcasts frequently
-be the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX!
Meet Patel
Meet Patel:
I couldn't even imagine his time management. How could he do that much of cool stuff it's unreal!
After Steve Jobs, I really think he's the only one left in the world capable to change the world. Truly wish he takes care of himself, and not die so young, like Jobs did.
Imagine going into a room to see the world's richest man sleeping on a couch
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
He probably just forgot to change his spawn point back to the hotel.
Hes so much dedicated to his work. Respect to him.
Dylan Lynch
Dylan Lynch:
Elon actually has a personality and money didnt change him
When people look at Elon they just see the Money and one the richest in the world. I’d say when I look at Elon he’s rich in intelligence and personality. He deserves his success and wealth.
Vecs Oryon
Vecs Oryon:
"the goal is to be rich, not to act rich"
- musk, zuck, gates, jobs
Ali Azkoun
Ali Azkoun:
He's saving rent money, that's how he became a billionaire. Duh
Nicolas Garcia
Nicolas Garcia:
0:24 hey I work at this one hehe nice
Friederich Rex
Friederich Rex:
I'm a few years younger than Elon. Those pics of him in the mid 90s infront of a computer brought a little tear, memories of myself working in my Dads small software business at that time. He was so far ahead of me.
Ewalko Beats
Ewalko Beats:
“Yeah, I assume so”
demons that try to bring him to hell early: *dammit*
maria shigwedha
maria shigwedha:
He's so calm and doesn't take any question negatively and as a professional entrepreneur like him you need to see all questions from a deeper positive perspective in life...
Prakash Arora
Prakash Arora:
6:11 The star of the show herself, everybody please welcome Cindy Pom with a round of applause 👏👏
Meddeb Ahmed
Meddeb Ahmed:
This man, i literally love his personality and sacrifices not because he's the first billionaire.
It’s good that Elon remembers where he came from, most rich forget about it.
Hernxn Perez
Hernxn Perez:
Whoever made this video is a genius. This was the first time in a while I haven't skipped through a sponser segment. Nice
Priyanshu Nishad
Priyanshu Nishad:
I truly believe one day this man will say "yes", i am iron man.
A human
A human:
I just love his simplicity and how casual he is!!
Kareem Benjamin
Kareem Benjamin:
Bruh i didn't even know I was watching the sponsorship part of the video til it was over lmaooo
Citizen Guardian
Citizen Guardian:
He has a part to play in why I'm very proudly South African. <3 What a hero!
Λυκούργος Ξαρχοπουλος
Λυκούργος Ξαρχοπουλος:
It is strange to think that this guy, even though he is the richest and most successful business man in the world, has a love for memes, and has even hosted meme review
YT- Algodoo
YT- Algodoo:
Just ONE day later, Elon Musk is now the World's Richest Man.
jack Wilson
jack Wilson:
Born an investor, always an investor.
Sam C
Sam C:
I’m so proud of this channel. Subscribed here just a little while ago when it was only getting a thousand views with about 3k subs but wow. And it delivers really well researched info and I love it
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma:
This shows his dedication and seriousness of his work
Al Pac ino
Al Pac ino:
Bill Gates also slept in his office. In fact Bill slept on the floor when he was a teens. Then the director from MITS almost stepped on Bill in the morning.
BG was very competitive during his teens, work until he cannot work anymore and drop to the floor to sleep. It is legend.
I like how he's his own person, instead of being a typical wealthy dude.
This guy literally gets exponentially cooler every minute.
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin:
wow he's so humble and hard-working
lady vicky
lady vicky:
He sleeps there bc he enjoys his work.it becomes fun when you enjoy what you're doing.
Jason C.
Jason C.:
I can remember last year when you had 11k subs... You've come a long way :)
I want my pain to be worse than my employee's.

Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen:
Im a tourist of Earth.... I like to have my bed, 8 hours, shower, and 3 hot meals a day. Kudos to those who come here to change the world👍
Swastik Patel
Swastik Patel:
It's literally the most motivational video I have ever watched , now I am going to watch more videos on Elon musk and then I will sleep
Martian J
Martian J:
He probably smokes that green at night while looking at the factory as if neo was looking at zion for the first time. I like this dude.
I don't know how people could dislike this guy. Amazing dude
H A:
The guy is so busy, he doesn’t have time to go home and sleep 😂
Sleeping in your workroom, conference room or even your "factory" which is also your house feels good!
oh no.
oh no.:
He even did this when he was starting his startup. He slept in a studio room on a couch with his brother and went to shower in the nearby YMCA.

Edit: apparently the video goes over this.
Man I didn't even notice the sponsor spot first. Nice video!
Agastya Kamalare
Agastya Kamalare:
i can tell this man will lead the future by just glancing at him for a moment
When Elon was born, the doctor told his parents, "congratulations, it's an Iron Man".
When I subscribed I immediately knew this channel would grow and get 100k soon. I subscribed at the third video of this channel and you had 20k subs
Jack Reid
Jack Reid:
This man is truly inspiring! He obviously loves what he does!
Collins Markson
Collins Markson:
It’s a new year with bright and beautiful ideals , hope you’ll got a huge list for this 2021 . Coz last year was messed up due to many weren’t wise enough to consider investment . But the question, what will you achieve this year?
0:46 What?
I did not know this information.

The strange thing is that I saw elon like this in my dream. :o
N. M.
N. M.:
That was a SMOOTH transition the sponsor. Nicely done.
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity:
I lost my job during the pandemic. I started this channel believing for better for myself and the world 🌍
Damion Justin Meyer
Damion Justin Meyer:
I feel his half A.I. charging at night in The factory :)
Amanda Sheridan
Amanda Sheridan:
I guess the factory is the place he mines bitcoin😂😂. Am sure he Wil invest in bitcoin, bitcoin is the future.
Basha S M A
Basha S M A:
Wow. I appreciate your documentation of sources in description box. Very nice.
jay 8
jay 8:
He might have achieved a little bit more than me but I would've known I could've pushed two of those sofas together rather than sleeping on the floor
Kieran Wilson
Kieran Wilson:
Truly inspiring man
He is such a good man god bless you Elon musk
"65% of Tesla employees recommend working there, vs 85% of apple employees."

Lol does the apple number include their factory workers in Asia?
Cole Morrow
Cole Morrow:
he's one of the richest people on the planet, and he sleeps on a couch half the time that's either peak deadbeat or modesty
salman illustrator
salman illustrator:
thats dedication to your work
ODP Bothma
ODP Bothma:
I used to work 14-15 hours a day and got paid for only 8.......but when you work your butt of and it is not appreciated or recognized it becomes a prison!!!!!
I saw God in every single person at this video, so i said Thank you guys
Gotya Gaming
Gotya Gaming:
So in short musk is the richest homeless person on the planet 😅😅
Alexander kwon
Alexander kwon:

Mike G
Mike G:
If you realize this is the same guy who once started looking into safe medical ways to reduce his need for sleep, then you don't even have to ask why he would sleep at his factories. The guys is in the top 1% of "driven people" on this planet.
George George
George George:
I just watched his video of how he took delivery of a mclaren when he was young.
Looks like he came a long way. So long his hair decided to grow back HAHA
As a man who is losing hair, Im jealous LOL
GrungierLamp Gaming
GrungierLamp Gaming:
Ah yes like the cyber truck window XD
faizan rana
faizan rana:
He is now the richest person on planet , I salute his hard work.
Ifeanyi Egenti
Ifeanyi Egenti:
I love that guy, he is my role model. He is like the christiano Ronaldo of sci and tech❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
alina brauet
alina brauet:
Shri Gaurav
Shri Gaurav:
Good passion towards work, I'm also sleeps at my companies office most of the time to make my work continue.
Demented E
Demented E:
You talk just like the voice over girl in the show called "explained" 😝
Stephanie Charriere
Stephanie Charriere:
I kind of feel bad for his wife and kids. He's never home, selling off most of his possessions, planning on leaving them all behind to live on Mars
Thomas Ralrat
Thomas Ralrat:
He really deserved to be the richest man on earth 🌎. His so down with no attitude
Daily Lucky Numbers
Daily Lucky Numbers:
what a beauty!
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman:
Damn... Hard work does pay... Respect
Current Work
Current Work:
I hope I would get to meet Mr Musk next time I go to the factory tour😎😂
Foxy Gamer
Foxy Gamer:
I never seen a CEO Sleeping at their own factory/building other than Elon Musk
Nick Vetter
Nick Vetter:
What a boss! See a boss is a leader he leads by example! Awesome man!
Simon Caday
Simon Caday:
Now that is called dedication
Hindi Moral Stories
Hindi Moral Stories:
Looks how fresh he looks always 😁😁😁😁😁
Money Slaps
Money Slaps:
Wow. I sleep on a couch too! Now i don't feel bad about it.
Iqro Arab
Iqro Arab:
Who is here after elon musk become the richest man in the world
Danchuk 39
Danchuk 39:
I always dreamed of sleeping in a factory even on the floor. It makes me feel hugged by tech and progress, awaiting eagerly to see success and a better world.
David Wu
David Wu:
I understand that! I love to sleep with my toys too!
Παναγιώτης Θ
Παναγιώτης Θ:
The transition to the ad of the sponsor was so slick that I thought it was part of the video. And yes I would sleep in a car factory. I only need a place that's a little bit more comfortable than a wood panel and I can sleep anywhere
efri alhamdika
efri alhamdika:
0:56 - 0:58. Is that an invitation ? Ha ha ha ha (laughing face) is very funny and that laugh contagius.. now i'm laughing.. hahaha
Pilot Sam 004
Pilot Sam 004:
Who is here after Elon Musk became the richest person? 👀
Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart:
Finally, someone with money who I can respect for their down to Earth personality and willingness to put themselves through hell in an effort to make his worker’s lives easier and make the world a better place
Great Information! Thank you!
Garrett Kane
Garrett Kane:
Thank you for your videos!
Nikolay Yurukov
Nikolay Yurukov:
Amazing :)
Pls don't comment "Who is here after Elon Musk became the richest person?"
Even this video came only after that.
Wow , very inspirational.