Why haven’t Manchester United wrapped up Sancho deal? | The Transfer Show

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The Transfer show panel discuss the latest news of Jadon Sancho’s potential transfer to Manchester United as well as looking at who else United could potentially bring in should Sancho remain at Dortmund this summer.

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99 comentarios:

I miss David Gill as our Chief Executive
Leo Smith
Leo Smith:
Alternate title: how are we still getting views off the Sancho deal when nothing has changed in months?
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson:
Simple answer- Woodward
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
3 things certain in life.
phil jones injured during transfer windows
Extraterrestrial Cristiano
Extraterrestrial Cristiano:
I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Sky actually had no new information on the Sancho deal and are just milking views by using him as a brand image smh
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Sky sports EVERYDAY: United & Jadon Sancho
It's annoying at this point
Eddie Rosè
Eddie Rosè:
Expectation vs Reality

Expectations: Sancho, Koulibaly, Alcantara

Reality: Lingard, Phil Jones, Pereira new improved contracts too 2024
The real one
The real one:
The transfer window is ending in 2 weeks, Sancho ain't signing.
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome:
FANTASY: Man United linked to 'EVERY PLAYER"
REALITY: ..... They couldn't even sign my grandma.
Carlos Koga
Carlos Koga:
We’re are joke it’s that simple
Massive club behaving like a small one

How did this great club come to this remember those days of us signing berba and van persie
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Sky Sports: Sancho drinking water means he will join Manchester United tomorrow
Sam Gale
Sam Gale:
I’ll be 80 by the time Sancho signs
Dharmesh doesn't have a clue.

"Man utd are getting Sancho but Dortmund wont let him leave, so they won't get Sancho. But Man Utd will get Sancho, but Dortmund won't sell Sancho, but Man Utd haven't bid for Sancho, but if they bid then something might or might not happen."

Mpendulo Cibi
Mpendulo Cibi:
Q:"Why haven’t Manchester United wrapped up Sancho deal?"
A: "Incompetence"
Pete P
Pete P:
Kaveh wants to fight with Dharmesh 😂
Jaleel HD
Jaleel HD:
United fans clicked so fast. 😂
iMAXit Football
iMAXit Football:
Because Dortmund standing firm
United trying to force the club into selling him..... great tactics lol
Vik Z
Vik Z:
He'll end up signing with Everton.
Thomas More
Thomas More:
The only thing I know is Dortmund are going to make a crapload of money on this deal, you can smell the desperation on Man U like an alcoholic trying to get his last drink in for the night.
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Hahahhahaha. Sky sports milking this like crazy.
Jiho Kim
Jiho Kim:
Doesn’t sound like they were ever close.
Sancho is happy where he is, he wants to win something with Dortmund, would be a bad move for him to choose United.
Yasser Ben
Yasser Ben:
Annoys me when Man Utd complain about how their owners don’t spend enough yet they’ve spent the second most in last 5 years (Man City spent the most). It’s not the spending, it’s the coaching.
lebo nho
lebo nho:
There's no covid discount for jadon Sancho 😂😂😂
Chinedu Henry Anosike
Chinedu Henry Anosike:
Sky sports is "bemused and bewildered"
Tom Johnstone
Tom Johnstone:
Really intelligent insight, Kaveh 😂
Alan Shannon
Alan Shannon:
So basically the exact same information as the last 6 Sancho "updates".
Alex Tutton
Alex Tutton:
Dortmund a bigger club anyway why move to a club that will finish 6th
£108 million for Sancho... worth it.

£80 million for Maguire not worth it.
Nathaniel Grant
Nathaniel Grant:
Sancho will just end up being the scapegoat when manchester united lose or can't score goals
Or fanos K
Or fanos K:
answer: glazers and woodward.
S B:
They’re making up their news as they go along! Dharmesh alluded to , Kaveh just said, Dharmesh quoted....do some real investigative work and dont run the Man U fans through the grinder...and I’m a life long Kopite.
Ionut Sarbu
Ionut Sarbu:
When I hear news about United , I feel like they are talking about England vanarama league 😂
G L:
the champ on the left has perfected the look at him, and look at the camera now.
L R:
Over this transfer now it’s a joke how many times it’s been ‘done’
Bijay Male
Bijay Male:
Darmesh and Kaveh should have their own show. Now that would be interesting. Haha
How are they still milking this😂it was never gonna happen, these “journalists” keep mentioning the same old recycled information. It’s laughable at this point 😂
Long gone the day where you approach the club first and then get permission to negotiate terms with player and agent
Maybe he doesn't want to ruin his career like the god knows how many other players have there
R a f e e q
R a f e e q:
*Am I the only one who is waiting for that day when they both would smile at each other* 🤣🤣
Miles Mpanga
Miles Mpanga:
Woodward is a legend and will take his rightful place in heaven🙌🏾🙌🏾
Jezz Bish
Jezz Bish:
Phil Jones agent "So Phil, there's still a little bit of time left in the window, you're fully aware that you're a complete dosser and the club will get rid of you at any chance, it might be time to have yourself a little accident at home or try and pull something in training"

Phil Jones "Done"
Thomas Horngacher
Thomas Horngacher:
Sancho will come to Old Traffort only if ManU plays against Dortmund in CL😂
Eoghan Stynes
Eoghan Stynes:
These Sancho updates is like watching my little brother try to fill his essay word count.
Tejaswi Raghurama
Tejaswi Raghurama:
You have Woodward and Ole as the front of the club. That's not inspiring for a young player
Mason VGO
Mason VGO:
Finally someone said it, Dortmund's XI are just better than United's
Bean Sprouts
Bean Sprouts:
What about investing in a good centre back or left back?
Anthony Pantzillar
Anthony Pantzillar:
Because the club don’t want to sell him, he under contract, and also Woodward
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho:
Dortmund have Reus, Haaland, Hazard, reyna, Brandt and Reinier on a 2 year loan from Real Madrid + others so they can let him go if the money is offered
Adam Elmi
Adam Elmi:
borussia dortmund already know that sancho wants to come but they wont dont want to let him go
Give it a rest Sky Sports.
Jojo Harper
Jojo Harper:
The only people keeping this storyline alive is Sky Sports.
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre:
Maybe sancho wants to go to a more ambitious club, one that makes it clear that trophies are a requirement.
Maharaja Ramzan
Maharaja Ramzan:
Cuz United are stupid their leadership structure is the blind leading the blind...its quite comical to watch actually
Harvey Spector
Harvey Spector:
One Like for Dharmesh!
Abdulwaahid Shithu
Abdulwaahid Shithu:
I've been watching Kaveh but he strikes me as someone who's very tactical with his words. He's very intelligent and speaks reasonably. He analyses things sensibly but Damesh, oh...
East Wood
East Wood:
What a mess!
Man Utd use to be best in class in every aspect of running a football club.
We are now an embarrassment.
edd edward
edd edward:
watch chelsea swoop in for him next summer 😂
Jorge King
Jorge King:
The only Premier league club that over signs !!!! I predict Ole is going to be sacked and Pochetino brought in
Welcome To The Jungle DJ Ande
Welcome To The Jungle DJ Ande:
I'm so glad Ollie at the wheel,!!!!
Its like hes brought a tesla and just goes to sleep when driving dreaming up his late 1990s team, hes on a mint of a contract for being clueless, fair play ya muppet!!!!!
Football Digest KE
Football Digest KE:
You love to see these guys express their varying points and different dynamics of looking at the transfers news.
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford:
They saw his Fifa rating
Robbie Wizz
Robbie Wizz:
Why do you keep talking about Jadon Sancho he ain’t coming simples 😂🤣😅
Gary Casey
Gary Casey:
Nothing new to see here, move along now please. Glazers Out!Woodward Out!
Kiko O.
Kiko O.:
Manchester United are dead. From a United fan 😭
Htpc Nz
Htpc Nz:
When two clowns lead negotiations, this is what you get, a clown show. Soon Deadwoodward and his cronies are out of Utd, sooner rebuild can begin.
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart:
No bid from United could suggest that they are currently happy with their squad and are investing in youth rather than paying top dollar for players from other clubs.
Janjua __
Janjua __:
Ole has zero clout
you forgot to mention the fact that Jadon WANTS to go back and play in England. he is more than willing
Yes Woodward, Keep up the good work lad
day feed
day feed:
Take a moment for fans who already hype up and edit his face on united's shirt 4 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
Jordyn LeiLei
Jordyn LeiLei:
Because they are happy with the europa cup, and the glazers love paying themselves dividends
A G:
This ownership and Woodward have made our great club a laughing stock 🤦‍♂️
So I've heard that his gardener wears red
Justin Weaver
Justin Weaver:
How could you say they never contacted Dortmund but have been working on it all summer
Very good player that can improve us but the way we handle transfers is horrible. I dont think he's coming to utd this summer
Carl Jones
Carl Jones:
I get the feeling the guy on the right and the guy on the left dont like each other ? I just get that vibe of them lol
raheem mcclashie
raheem mcclashie:
after all that from dormund still if it was michael edwards you would of heard news broke jadon sancho sold for 75m+add ons in the last week of the window.
dean Howard
dean Howard:
Subz Addo
Subz Addo:
This vid ended after seven seconds
Welcome To The Jungle DJ Ande
Welcome To The Jungle DJ Ande:
YNWA 96 <3
Michael Olutoye
Michael Olutoye:
Jadon Sancho is a good player. Man U are basically attracted to any good player that is within their reach
Liam Cross
Liam Cross:
Can't believe darmesh is building his point on hindsight 🤣
As a Liverpool fan i find these discussions so satisfying
Abhishek Giri
Abhishek Giri:
Glazers have totally ruined United!! 🤦🏼
deezy duffus
deezy duffus:
Utd board all over played us again link with him all summer to run down the window simple woodward glazer tactics there frauds
david orange
david orange:
move on get over it
Michael Ohanugo
Michael Ohanugo:
Ed woodward out
Haha how the great have fallen! BANTER FC
Alan Hansen
Alan Hansen:
Hey I need clarification on something.... Are they talking about Man United's interest in Jadon Sancho? I'm not sure.. I think the guys said his name 853689854874358646884973693525743788 times.... But I'm still not sure I'm hearing it right.
peter wa Manchester.
peter wa Manchester.:
When Ed give more out for players you critiseze that he paid more money,when he doesn't you complain,what's wrong with you?
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana:
-personal terms agreed
-wages agreed
-fee agent agreed
-sancho want come to united and united want sancho
-sancho is top priority for united

Same of story 🥱
murilo alves
murilo alves:
The thumbnail gets updated when the transfer window closes, right?
Cus I noticed Willian is still wearing blue and I giggled a bit. (It's ok tho, even the kits are waiting for a thumbs update)
The infamous John Cheech
The infamous John Cheech:
Every single time it’s a good club they make sancho look bang average so United knows this
J -A-Y
J -A-Y:
Dortmund will have a statue of sancho out side the ground before he comes united
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u:
I'm sure they'd sell Sancho to Bayern for 60 mil.
German clubs love to play English teams and Ed Woodward is the perfect target.
DreamDeziRe inHD
DreamDeziRe inHD:
Let’s be honest Man Utd tried to tempt Sancho so that he would force a move hand a transfer request and force Dortmund to sell for less but that hasn’t happened Sancho is happy at Dortmund
Idk why I'm still hoping this deal will go tru. The board needs to be fired and we need new owners
Paul C
Paul C:
The higher ups are keeping the club from moving forward. They need to spend money, no choice. I'm surprised they haven't spent the money on signing Jadon Sancho, and even a top striker like Cavani. Even at 33, he still has a lot to give. Adding some fire power like Cavani, and Sancho would benefit the club tremendously.