Why haven’t Manchester United wrapped up Sancho deal? | The Transfer Show

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The Transfer show panel discuss the latest news of Jadon Sancho’s potential transfer to Manchester United as well as looking at who else United could potentially bring in should Sancho remain at Dortmund this summer.

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100+ comentarios:

I miss David Gill as our Chief Executive
Leo Smith
Leo Smith:
Alternate title: how are we still getting views off the Sancho deal when nothing has changed in months?
I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Sky actually had no new information on the Sancho deal and are just milking views by using him as a brand image smh
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
3 things certain in life.
phil jones injured during transfer windows
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Sky sports EVERYDAY: United & Jadon Sancho
It's annoying at this point
Ben Lloyd
Ben Lloyd:
Simple answer- Woodward
Sir Truth
Sir Truth:
The transfer window is ending in 2 weeks, Sancho ain't signing.
Eddie Rosè
Eddie Rosè:
Expectation vs Reality

Expectations: Sancho, Koulibaly, Alcantara

Reality: Lingard, Phil Jones, Pereira new improved contracts too 2024
Sancho is happy where he is, he wants to win something with Dortmund, would be a bad move for him to choose United.
Pete P
Pete P:
Kaveh wants to fight with Dharmesh 😂
Football Digest KE
Football Digest KE:
You love to see these guys express their varying points and different dynamics of looking at the transfers news.
Mpendulo Cibi
Mpendulo Cibi:
Q:"Why haven’t Manchester United wrapped up Sancho deal?"
A: "Incompetence"
A G:
This ownership and Woodward have made our great club a laughing stock 🤦‍♂️
Thomas More
Thomas More:
The only thing I know is Dortmund are going to make a crapload of money on this deal, you can smell the desperation on Man U like an alcoholic trying to get his last drink in for the night.
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri:
We're focused on one player so much that we have totally ignored the other key positions in our squad that needs major improvement.. a CB and a LB are an absolute must ryt now its getting annoying atm
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
Sky Sports: Sancho drinking water means he will join Manchester United tomorrow
Sam Gale
Sam Gale:
I’ll be 80 by the time Sancho signs
Yasser Ben • 28 years ago
Yasser Ben • 28 years ago:
Annoys me when Man Utd complain about how their owners don’t spend enough yet they’ve spent the second most in last 5 years (Man City spent the most). It’s not the spending, it’s the coaching.
Firmino Fire
Firmino Fire:
These three are bell ends!
Paul C
Paul C:
The higher ups are keeping the club from moving forward. They need to spend money, no choice. I'm surprised they haven't spent the money on signing Jadon Sancho, and even a top striker like Cavani. Even at 33, he still has a lot to give. Adding some fire power like Cavani, and Sancho would benefit the club tremendously.
Tom Johnstone
Tom Johnstone:
Really intelligent insight, Kaveh 😂
Yes Woodward, Keep up the good work lad
iMAXit Football
iMAXit Football:
Because Dortmund standing firm
United trying to force the club into selling him..... great tactics lol
Jiho John Kim
Jiho John Kim:
Doesn’t sound like they were ever close.
Finally someone said it, Dortmund's XI are just better than United's
Even if Sancho went to another premier league club and buried United, Woodward would not only still be gainfully employed, he would probably earn a bonus to top it off
Bijay Male
Bijay Male:
Darmesh and Kaveh should have their own show. Now that would be interesting. Haha
Happy Destitute
Happy Destitute:
Manchester United will sign him in January for the same amount. The power is always with the player of his status, he might be waiting on Real or Barca next summer and is skeptical on this move.
These Sancho updates is like watching my little brother try to fill his essay word count.
you forgot to mention the fact that Jadon WANTS to go back and play in England. he is more than willing
Thomas Horngacher
Thomas Horngacher:
Sancho will come to Old Traffort only if ManU plays against Dortmund in CL😂
Lee Craig Stewart
Lee Craig Stewart:
No bid from United could suggest that they are currently happy with their squad and are investing in youth rather than paying top dollar for players from other clubs.
Matt Leach
Matt Leach:
They should've wrapped up deals for a center back and a striker (like Upamecano and Cavani) with Van de Beek before messing around with Sancho, because if Utd end up missing out on Sancho they'd at least be stronger in other important areas for the rest of the season. But they haven't done that yet and probably won't do it at all
Dharmesh doesn't have a clue.

"Man utd are getting Sancho but Dortmund wont let him leave, so they won't get Sancho. But Man Utd will get Sancho, but Dortmund won't sell Sancho, but Man Utd haven't bid for Sancho, but if they bid then something might or might not happen."

Miles Mpanga
Miles Mpanga:
Woodward is a legend and will take his rightful place in heaven🙌🏾🙌🏾
edd edward
edd edward:
watch chelsea swoop in for him next summer 😂
murilo alves
murilo alves:
The thumbnail gets updated when the transfer window closes, right?
Cus I noticed Willian is still wearing blue and I giggled a bit. (It's ok tho, even the kits are waiting for a thumbs update)
G L:
the champ on the left has perfected the look at him, and look at the camera now.
Alex Baxtor
Alex Baxtor:
Sancho will just end up being the scapegoat when manchester united lose or can't score goals
*Am I the only one who is waiting for that day when they both would smile at each other* 🤣🤣
Teal Ducky
Teal Ducky:
What about investing in a good centre back or left back?
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter:
I'm so glad Ollie at the wheel,!!!!
Its like hes brought a tesla and just goes to sleep when driving dreaming up his late 1990s team, hes on a mint of a contract for being clueless, fair play ya muppet!!!!!
Edward Bamber
Edward Bamber:
The best part of Sky sports constantly milking United's name is that despite the clear anti United bias in every story we keep coming to them like they're at all credible
Vik Z
Vik Z:
He'll end up signing with Everton.
Colin Kehoe
Colin Kehoe:
You say Sancho is only “willing” to come to united. Other journalists have said he’s “buzzing”👍
Liam Cross
Liam Cross:
Can't believe darmesh is building his point on hindsight 🤣
Jaleel HD
Jaleel HD:
United fans clicked so fast. 😂
Richard H
Richard H:
Don't think Sancho is that bothered about going. Happy to see next years offers.
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho:
Dortmund have Reus, Haaland, Hazard, reyna, Brandt and Reinier on a 2 year loan from Real Madrid + others so they can let him go if the money is offered
Samy Berdai
Samy Berdai:
Just one thing though, BVB woudnt worry so much if they sell him late regarding replacement for him... Have you looked at their squad sir ? I think they are fine.
Long gone the day where you approach the club first and then get permission to negotiate terms with player and agent
I remember decades ago when we had a chance to get Ronaldinho but couldn’t cross the line, only to get an 18-year old Cristiano Ronaldo...and the rest was history. There are available right wingers around the world, get them ffs!
BuckBuc 1999
BuckBuc 1999:
United is run by businessmen. They’ll wait till qualifying for UCL next year is in jeopardy until the upgrade the roster. The squad as it is doesn’t have the depth to compete for top 4 this year. Sad that we extend the likes of mata and Phil Jones instead of bringing in players that allow us to compete for trophies. We would be lucky to win a carabou cup with this team
Alan Shannon
Alan Shannon:
So basically the exact same information as the last 6 Sancho "updates".
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u:
I'm sure they'd sell Sancho to Bayern for 60 mil.
German clubs love to play English teams and Ed Woodward is the perfect target.
DreamDeziRe inHD
DreamDeziRe inHD:
Let’s be honest Man Utd tried to tempt Sancho so that he would force a move hand a transfer request and force Dortmund to sell for less but that hasn’t happened Sancho is happy at Dortmund
We are still trying to offload players and i think any deal for bringing players in depends on how much we get for players going out. Its going to be another transfer deadline day fiasco where we offer 120mil for Sancho and its accepted. Probably hear about it the morning after like Falcao
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
It's kind of sad that we are not buying a player that will have a lot of benefit for the team and himself. The only way I see him coming to Manchester United is Jadon Sancho himself saying, *I would like to come to Manchester United*, publicly stating that Old Trafford is where I am heading.
Ajulu Makhulo
Ajulu Makhulo:
Funny thing is that when we don’t sign him they will be the first to say this transfer window was a disaster. The whole time during ... they have always linked us with him saying he is close to signing... smh
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre:
Maybe sancho wants to go to a more ambitious club, one that makes it clear that trophies are a requirement.
Hans Yolo
Hans Yolo:
We can sit here and postulate the Sancho deal all day long, but truth be told I don't think Sancho to United would be a good deal. It might be beneficial for us to gain a player like Sancho into our squad but can you really guarantee he'll hit the ground running? He's a player with loads of potential but Ole is NOT the kind of coach who will guide him to success. Dortmund should do their very best to hold onto a player like Sancho - they have a squad that can potentially challenge for this season's Bundesliga title (and even Champions League).
Kevin Lobo
Kevin Lobo:
the way dharmesh spoke made me listen to the entire video
Jono Harper
Jono Harper:
The only people keeping this storyline alive is Sky Sports.
Carlos Tony
Carlos Tony:
We’re are joke it’s that simple
Massive club behaving like a small one

How did this great club come to this remember those days of us signing berba and van persie
Glenn Muffih
Glenn Muffih:
Sky sports (English media) is obsessed with Sancho. Adama Traore in Wolves would be a great fit for United and BTW United need a DEFENDER more for crying out loud!
Ionut Sarbu
Ionut Sarbu:
When I hear news about United , I feel like they are talking about England vanarama league 😂
NoneOfYour Beeswax
NoneOfYour Beeswax:
_"...whereas if he stays at Dortmund..."_ big pause then a bit of a pullback as pundit realises that Dortmund, good as they are, aren't likely to win any silverware beyond perhaps a domestic cup.
GrandMoff LJ
GrandMoff LJ:
He’s to good of a player for Man Utd yes they have a great history but in recent years they have been average at best, his talents are more fitting of Liverpool or Man City if he was to return Prem (my moneys of Liverpool). If Utd don’t sign him this summer they won’t get him, he will go to a club that is currently competing for the major trophies which Man Utd are not.
lebo nho
lebo nho:
There's no covid discount for jadon Sancho 😂😂😂
What a mess!
Man Utd use to be best in class in every aspect of running a football club.
We are now an embarrassment.
peter wa Manchester.
peter wa Manchester.:
When Ed give more out for players you critiseze that he paid more money,when he doesn't you complain,what's wrong with you?
Dan Wright
Dan Wright:
Why do Utd think it's their god-given right to sign Sancho?
Kenny Shrimpton
Kenny Shrimpton:
Lmfao see i've been saying this for ages to United fans, United and Ole have banked their whole window on getting Sancho and leaving wage space in order to get sancho, and tbh from the looks of it Sancho isn't really too desperate about having a transfer this season, he looks fine in Dortmund and dare I saw they have another title challenge and win this time around that could be the perfect springboard for leaving on his terms to a bigger club than United. At the end of the day United showed against crystal palace that Bruno fernandes papered over the cracks of the way Ole manages and if they don't get Sancho I don't think they'll be anywhere near top 4 but even with that they don't need another attacker they need better defenders so I don't even know why they've wasted a whole transfer window not getting Sancho while their team regresses once again
Khalid Mohidin
Khalid Mohidin:
They are the masters of saying one thing in a million different ways. How they made a 10-minute video on the obvious is beyond me.
Nico Davies
Nico Davies:
I wanted sancho but he’s only gunna come for the money, if Liverpool offered him the same amount he’d choose Liverpool.
L R:
Over this transfer now it’s a joke how many times it’s been ‘done’
Michael Hill
Michael Hill:
Because Man Utd board care more about clicks and signing people that getting better media interactions, then signing people that actually quadruple it all anyway (football players).
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson:
He would be a good addition to Manchester United but to be honest it was always a pipe dream however in saying that there's no reason why he can't play in the upcoming England Internationals League especially no Manchester United of the other players I feel Manchester United every season get funny links 2-years ago Cristiano Ronaldo was coming back to united despite the rumours when he left and Madrid however it was nice to hear all those say if I did play for a Premier League team it would be Manchester United let's be fair Ferguson and Manchester United made him a very strong player it's refreshing to see Mason Greenwood so I'm not too worried about Sancho now United have strong with food matic look good going forward as supposed to paying the Anchorman I've always like matic when he's on the front foot
Isaac Paul
Isaac Paul:
This saga can simply end by placing a bid which matches the valuation. Give the money, get the player. Unless that United place a bid, there will be no development. It is annoying that the news on agreeing personal terms in up everyday. How many times do you need to agree personal terms ?? Its sad to see that we are now monitoring fc, personal terms fc, walk away fc 🙂
Ei is Best Girl for Eternity
Ei is Best Girl for Eternity:
Sancho doesn't even want to come. Dortmund have great chances of playing Champions League. In the Premier League, 6 teams fight for UCL which makes it harder to get UCL spot. Dortmund + Bayern consistently get 1st and 2nd
£108 million for Sancho... worth it.

£80 million for Maguire not worth it.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Can we stop talking about Jadon Sancho until a deal is actually done already?
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Hahahhahaha. Sky sports milking this like crazy.
Sanjivan Watson
Sanjivan Watson:
Look we Sancho is important but what should've been well and done would be the signing of a CB & a LB.
Old School
Old School:
When Dortmund said there was a deadline they meant it, United are full of it. There is no chance a player who wants to win things would switch from this Dortmund team to go to United as constructed.
Maybe he doesn't want to ruin his career like the god knows how many other players have there
@7:41 --> Because they don't have the money. If you had the money, you would have moved on from a player that "is willing" to join a club to 3 players that would love it to play for the badge (you guys should at least prepare a financial analysis of Man Utd's financial "might").
J -A-Y
J -A-Y:
Dortmund will have a statue of sancho out side the ground before he comes united
Glazers do what The Glazers do best... Fail crucial transfers smh 😒
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter:
Next year Klopp will get Sancho for £2.50!!!!!
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto:
The club has gone to the dogs. I am officially disgusted by this club which I once loved for players like Scholes, Giggs and Keane. Now, you have theatre jokers like Pogba and other overpaid mediocre players. If Woodward is not kicked out of this club, he will take this club to the ground. Glazers have already taken out millions from this club instead of investing. I'm done with United
Jorge King
Jorge King:
The only Premier league club that over signs !!!! I predict Ole is going to be sacked and Pochetino brought in
If I was sancho I would want to stay a Dortmund tbh
Jim Clawley
Jim Clawley:
Because Ole is their manager and nobody wants to sign for a clueless manager. Facts
Jamir Assen
Jamir Assen:
If manchester united buys Sancho for 108 million pounds after 3 months of dealing for a lower price, that will be the joke of the year 😂😅
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana:
-personal terms agreed
-wages agreed
-fee agent agreed
-sancho want come to united and united want sancho
-sancho is top priority for united

Same of story 🥱
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
If Jadon Sancho is so good, why no topteams try to get him
Idk why I'm still hoping this deal will go tru. The board needs to be fired and we need new owners
Acorn Tree
Acorn Tree:
Levy comes in and offers Dele + Cash for Sancho. Dortmund get cash and replacement. Spurs get young english player. Everyones happy
As a Liverpool fan i find these discussions so satisfying