Why Hopper’s Stranger Things 4 Teaser Reveals More Than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Netflix delivered Stranger Things fans the ultimate Valentine with a surprise video teasing the fourth season. Not only did it give us our first look at the new footage, but it also followed up on one of last season's biggest cliffhangers. Dan ventures into the upside down to go over all the details in today's Nerdist News.

What fate do you think befell Chief Hopper? Let us know in the comments!

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Just a Viewer
Just a Viewer:
I swear he said they're in Cumshot Carussia.
Soviet soldier: "The American looks so familiar.."
Other Soviet soldier: "Really, Yuri? Who does he look like?"
Soviet soldier (pausing for a moment): "I think--I think he looks like Red Guardian."
Ramen Edits
Ramen Edits:
New teaser for Stranger Things thats 51 seconds long drops:
Movie reviewers: 999 THINGS YOU MISSED!
Bruce Snow
Bruce Snow:
I'm glad he is. I feel like show would lose a lot without Harbour.
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard:
You can hear the demogorgon in the trailer, I have a feeling that the Soviets are experimenting with humans and demogorgons, perhaps they’re trying to make a demohumangorgon hybrid.
Rami Ungar
Rami Ungar:
"Long-buried horror" sounds very Lovecraftian, which would back up "The Thing" as an influence. Also, I would bet money season 4 drops right around Christmas.
Brodog Entertainment
Brodog Entertainment:
This video contains spoilers to anyone who just crawled out from under a rock...
Chris Cossitt
Chris Cossitt:
No surprise that he lived they made it to obvious at the end of season 3
Kian Gozza
Kian Gozza:
Me: Hopper's still alive
My sister: He's dead
Me: showing trailer
Her: This is Eleven
He went through the upside down right before the explosion that sealed the portal.
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles:
The Russians most likely didn’t know about the mind flayer. And the railroads most likely lead to portals to transport materials from Russia to Hawkins. That is why the railroads are very heavily guarded. The Russians could also have been controlled by the mind flayer.
-the return of Chief Hopper
-cuts to a scene where the man is in absolute Dad mode frustration
Davon Dean
Davon Dean:
Woah, I wasn't even aware! Thanks for the knowledge!!
That long-buried horror... Is my first attempt at cooking dinner. The remains of which were buried in an undisclosed location for fear it would escape!
Bec Taylor
Bec Taylor:
Oh come on. "How did he escape, I need to know?!" Did you even watch the fricking finale? There is a door right behind him. 😒
I want them to finally do the Thessalhydra, teased way back in s1
Becca Johnson
Becca Johnson:
I heard cumshot, russia.
Am I the only one?

I knew Hopper was still alive cause at the moment the Machine was about to explode and the Camera zooms out, you don't see anyone standing next to the Machine not even Hopper....
Ah yes can't wait to see him break out and get his red gaurdian suit back before joining black widow to fight off the demogorgon
gachalife_queen 35
gachalife_queen 35:
Brian D
Brian D:
S4 is going to feature Hopper rescuing Eleven from the Nakatomi Plaza
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles:
They never said that the American in the cell was hopper. It still could be anybody. Now we know for sure hopper is alive but we don’t know for sure the the American in the cell was.
Atori Silver
Atori Silver:
Yes, the thing!
Greatest film ever made!
Kaia :D
Kaia :D:
WHEEZE HOPPERS LIVING (i need the background of how hes in Russia)
King Similien
King Similien:
Stranger Things: “not the American”

Every dumbass: “iT’s PaPa”
Ike No Sike
Ike No Sike:
Wait a second, I never watched the show how did it even go from demigorgon to SOVIET RUSSIA? This is just an SCP!
Oreo 942
Oreo 942:
here is my theory of why hopper is alive:
he teleported through the upside down since they were trying to open it in russia and Hawkins so my man did you teleporting hacks
M Tbone
M Tbone:
Love shows where no harm ever comes to any main character. Live action Scooby Doo
Max Branco
Max Branco:
"For sure alive, and definitely not dead"
So Hopper used the same escape route as the russians and they kidnapped him on the way out.
It always does, these people are *brilliant* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jordan Herkowski
Jordan Herkowski:
The gate is closed yet again, it should have been time to move on from the Upside Down and maybe have the new town the Byers family and Eleven move to have its own dark secret.
Looks like Hopper lost a lot of weight 💪🏻
Vasanth C
Vasanth C:
he knows there is upside down, he knows he'll turn into jelly standing near the portal gun, he gets into upside-down exits on the opening like el did already, possibly in Russia or guess to the nearest exit because there'll be shadow master AKA mind flayer be looking for him and enters into the Russian survivors group travels and starts his day off 'cause come-on he's in love and should go to see her and last but not least we can expect the eleven and other numbers origin story and who's the stranger to do things that are strange for next upcoming seasons and guess what I'LL PIRATE NOT SPEND LIKE A STRANGER
David Halpern
David Halpern:
Love the fear/loathing ink 😎
Tim Knight
Tim Knight:
Hopper’s dream come true, to be... eLeVeN >:>

Edit: just btw, there was a ladder to the bottom of the thing! He prob escape like dat 😮
I knew Hopper is still alive and training to be the Red Guardian for the upcoming Black Widow movie.

I hope Stranger Things gets a season 5 after 4.
Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon:
I think that the new Demogorgon in Dead By Daylight could be a new monster! Maby they experimented with them or the demogorgons had to evolve?
Christy Koehler
Christy Koehler:
Hopper (in season 3) looks back at the portal and then looks at Joyce. I think he went into the upside down
Michael S
Michael S:
I want to know what happened to 11's powers!
Loading Ellipsis
Loading Ellipsis:
Perhaps the Russians have developed the Upside Down portal technology for the purpose of transportation, and now utilize portals for fast travel between great distances (such as from U.S. to Russia)
Nicholas Reyes
Nicholas Reyes:
I knew it! He lives
Jim Gillespie
Jim Gillespie:
As long as it isn't nearly the same story for a fourth season, I'll be a very content fella.
olivers channel
olivers channel:
Maybe he jumped through the portal to the upside down and escaped in another Portal to Russian and they captured him there 🤔
Tony Moore
Tony Moore:
I want more Dan Casey!!
Rich Baker
Rich Baker:
Yeeeeeeeeeah he's a Hoppergorgan now.
Long-buried horror........ Hooray! Barb lives! **cough** **spits slug-like creature**
THANKS for the SPOILER in my YouTube feed.....
Oh, sure. Slap a BIG ASH SPOILER in the title image!
killjoy cola
killjoy cola:
They never showed him actually dying!!! They never showed Faris dead as well.
Charles Goad
Charles Goad:
He went back in time
rené toft
rené toft:
The circular shape of the forest makes me think they are working inside an old crater. As an old x-files fanboy I immediately think Tunguska.
Eddie G.
Eddie G.:
And here I was hoping they would pay homage to Spices Like Us
The King
The King:
I'm glad hopper is alive but I wish I could say the same about billy and alexei billy wad my absolute favorite
Peachy Bree
Peachy Bree:
imagine the show without hopper
Jeff McNally
Jeff McNally:
In Soviet Russia upside-down is rightside-up.
Charles Hollingsworth
Charles Hollingsworth:
Albert Rivera
Albert Rivera:
Wait, What did the trailer reveal more than I thought?
Click bait bullshit.
Oscar Alan Torres Grimaldo
Oscar Alan Torres Grimaldo:
I'm just happy Hoper is back! 😄
Stranger Things
Stranger Things:
The AMERICAN is Brenner and I know it is
S1 Barbra dies
S2 Bob dies
S3 Billy dies
S4 Brenner dies
S1 B
S2 B
S3 B
it’s obviously Brenner in every other season the only people who died were people starting with the letter B
Pamela Somerville
Pamela Somerville:
Who knows, who cares. I'm going to watch the new season
CuBe b0lts
CuBe b0lts:
This trailer ruined the note at the end in season 3 and also i have a theory El moght have been getting new powers and probably doing the thing where she can find people
Supernatural_lover Winchester
Supernatural_lover Winchester:
I love hopper the show wouldn’t be the same without him
Anwar Stevenson
Anwar Stevenson:
Unsubscribing for these spoilers thanks bye
Pit Friend
Pit Friend:
I want to know how the Soviets got all those troops and equipment both into and out of that giant space under Hawkins without anyone seeing them. Especially when the Amry was converging on the place. Did they dig a tunnel through the planet or something?
Laurence A.
Laurence A.:
Welcome back Mr. Hopper....
Eowyn Tamriel
Eowyn Tamriel:
He looks like he lost a lot of weight. I wonder if he gained all that weight to lose it for this new season. If so - awesome long-term move!
Riringo VII
Riringo VII:
Hopper's in Russia. Red guardian backstory lol
Natasha Estes
Natasha Estes:
Ok I scrolled through the whole comments, though not all the replies, & I can't really believe I didn't see an Angry Video Game Nerd reference comment.
Turn around look at what you see
In her face the mirror of your dreams
Barkha M
Barkha M:
A man has shifted to Russia for ST4
Brad Reid
Brad Reid:
I'm not surprised they bought Hopper back in whatever capacity he's gonna get, but also I'm not surprised they showed it in the trailer as history has proven that David Harbour doesn't like keeping secrets from the fans
Mark Bradford
Mark Bradford:
Hoping for a Dan Ackroyd / Chevy Chase cameo for a Spies Like Us homage.
Shea Finnegan
Shea Finnegan:
His moustache was burned off and it saved it
Ian Lacey
Ian Lacey:
Hmmmm...a riffle through Delta Green, and maybe Beyond the mountains of Madness, could give some clues. Something longer buried? Try ‘the secret of the Kremlin’ twinned with Glozal est Authentique.
Hopper is now working for the Russians it was revealed in the Black Canary trailer
Noah Henson
Noah Henson:
I like Dan, he's very personable... but I also miss Amy Vorpahl. Does every Nerdist video have to be hosted exclusively by Dan? Can they bring back Amy for an occasional spot? Thank you.
K.O. Sounds
K.O. Sounds:
Woah, spoilers.
Gary Shaffer
Gary Shaffer:
@movieflicks PLUS adults are talking take your spam back to mommy's basement.
Diversion xF
Diversion xF:
Imagine liking this comment
Jewel Beanie boo
Jewel Beanie boo:
Strange things
Stranger things
Strangest things
In remote cumshot-ka Russia.
Dylan Searcy
Dylan Searcy:
They need to get the eyes right on batman
bad bell sound effect. should have made a joke where they put the bell icon and clicked it.
Dominus Pegas
Dominus Pegas:
Maybe it's Cthulhu buried under Russia?
Shannon T
Shannon T:
I think they showed this sneak preview due to pics otherwise leaking online that he is filming. Same with Batman’s new suit. I am here for it!
Lukas Sobolewski
Lukas Sobolewski:
I think it has something to do with Dr. Brenner because in season 1 El was having flash backs about going into this black watery void (the place where El finds people) where she approached a Russian that Brenner wanted El. I think Brenner might be still alive or has some sort of connection with the Russian man in the Elevens black void.
I knew he was The American Hopper is my Boy Hope He gets back to The US
Forrest McNutt
Forrest McNutt:
Listen, I love The Thing. I dont care for copy and paste of plots. They best not just straight up rip it from the movie and put it in the show. Just make a creature from the upside down that we see that's similar to John carpenter's Thing. It's a whole dimension ffs why keep it so secret after 4 seasons.
Don't forget the new Castlevania trailer! 🦇🦇🦇
Everybody knew Hopper was alive
Mariel Sala
Mariel Sala:
Unsubscribed for spoilers in title
Adam Canning
Adam Canning:
The 3rd season was very Red Dawn.
why tf they gotta spoil it in the thumbnails tf
kajetan kohlman
kajetan kohlman:
the russian hat is named uszatka
The Super Viewer
The Super Viewer:
I really hope things don't come down to an unreliable narrator.
Isaac Rangel
Isaac Rangel:
How is chief still alive?!
zo5N1P3Zoz 2
zo5N1P3Zoz 2:
he literally looks at the portal before he looks back it was fairly obvious he was gonna risk the portal before the explosion lol
My insanity-wall theory is that Karen Wheeler is a Soviet sleeper agent who's been undercover for 20 years, she reported the hawkins research to the Russians, and provided information to cause Brenner to be captured at the end of season 1 after he came after Mike. This is why Nancy's so good with weapons and Mike's such a good liar.

She connects everything.
Danielle Cormier
Danielle Cormier:
In real life Hoper is a drunk and a wife beater. Which is why fiction is so popular. You know im right!