Why Is New Balance So Popular Right Now? | The Complex Sneakers Podcast

The Complex Sneakers Podcast is co-hosted by Joe La Puma, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty. This week, they talk about New Balance's collaborations and the sustained energy around the brand's lifestyle sneakers. Beyond from the recent heat by partners like Joe Freshgoods and Salehe Bembury, the co-hosts reflect on the last 15 years of special edition NB collaborations from Solebox, Concepts, Hanon, Burn Rubber, and more. Also, Brendan relives a tense situation in Times Square and Joe plans for a very special dinner.

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0:00 - Start of episode
5:00 - Guys talk Lorenzo G's new jacket
10:00 - Brendan talks NYC confrontations
15:00 - Welty & Brendan talk false Nike story
20:00 - Premium Pete talk, JLP has some news
25:00 - Ebay Question of the Week
30:00 - Welty and Brendan talk New Balance
35:00 - Dunne talks New Balance 997 x Nonnative collab
40:00 - Welty talks New Balance reaching across cultural lines
45:00 - Guys talk J Crew x New Balance collab
50:00 - Guys talk New Balance 550 popularity
55:00 - Welty on Macklemore wanting a pair of New Balances
1:00:00 - Welty on difference between New Balance & other brands
1:05:00 - Welty talks his ALMOST New Balance collab
1:10:00 - End of episode

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100+ comentarios:

What's your favorite New Balance of all time?
Loved getting more of the background and history of NB on this episode. I can always count on NB for solid color ways, collaborations and comfort across the board - it also feels like they're making real unisex sneakers. No pinkification or adding jewelry like Nike has been doing lately to their women's models. I can be on my feet all day running around for work comfortable but still feel cool in an understated way while wearing a 99x or 550, and even new silhouettes like the 327. Gonna keep wearing them in to the ground even when the hype dies down.
Phil Nguyen
Phil Nguyen:
Oh my gosh! Thank you!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Cant’t believe I won! Can’t wait to receive them! Love listening and watching to this podcast! Always waiting the next episode! Keep up the great work you guys do!
J G:
This episode turned into a history lesson, a love letter to NB, to the vindication of Matt Welty. Can't wait till we get the Official Matt Welty NB collaboration
Dollar to Baller
Dollar to Baller:
New balance has been the vibe for a while now I feel. The 990 series is my all time favorite, with the 990v3 being the best of the best.
Skateboard Dad
Skateboard Dad:
Let's not forget about New Balance Numeric. They're killing the skateboard game right now with the 1010.
Raymond Metzger
Raymond Metzger:
Shout out to Welty for making sure they spoke about the DMV! Always been popular and a huge part of the culture here.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
Brendan makes a great point. NB could flood us with all the different silhouettes, but they haven't. Smart marketing. Makes me want more. I have become a huge 992 fan recently. I wanted the 992 Todd Snyder's so bad. Of course, it's hard to beat the JFG 990s last year too.
been rocking New Balances for 5+ years can’t go wrong with them they’re comfortable & have style 🔥🔥🔥
Allen Smith
Allen Smith:
Man that hour felt like 20 minutes, that's when you know it's a good podcast 👌
Papa Alpha
Papa Alpha:
I loved New Balances in high school and at boot camp, that’s the shoe issued to us for physical activity. 20 years later…still loving them.
Dennis Zuckerman
Dennis Zuckerman:
Man I really enjoy this show.. they be sharing a lot of history and knowledge on the shoe game… but they right the DMV will always rock NB especially the 99X’s…..
BASE maryland
BASE maryland:
Man what a great episode, this is real sneaker nerd talk and I love it !! The 574 and 576 I never liked but the 577 is my ish out of the 5 series.
Robert Spies
Robert Spies:
I love New Balance because their one of the few shoe companies smart enough to make an Extra Wide shoe size
Brand TEOKi
Brand TEOKi:
New Balance shoes have been the favorite for us Washington D.C. dudes for at least 35 yrs plus. Shalom to The City.
Andrew F
Andrew F:
Love how Joe took a backseat on this one and let Welty and Brenden nerd out 😂
Andre Long
Andre Long:
Because we love the vintage new looks. The underdog creators are finally coming for Nike and jump man.
Yelle WZE
Yelle WZE:
What a great episode! Love that you touched on a lot of the history! Thx guys
I thank Matt for putting me back on New Balance. Been wearing jordans for years that I forgot how great NW are on feet. Comfy af
Phillip Trevino
Phillip Trevino:
I really loved this episode, love y’all keep up the great work!
Jou. Lopez
Jou. Lopez:
Great episode! I was hoping the guys would discuss the 2001GL or BK's. Those shoes were clutch with the N-Ergy Cartage tech in the heel! DC area loved those shoes!
Jeffrey Vazquez
Jeffrey Vazquez:
Been a big big NB guy and I think people are finally seeing the different colorway and designs New balances have. The future is going to be big for NB. NB GANG GANG 🙏🏾
Lukas Florencio
Lukas Florencio:
One of the better episodes! Well done guys, I wish I could meet you guys in the future. With love from Sweden 🇸🇪
Ricardo Orozco
Ricardo Orozco:
I found the car situation hilarious. I love it. Amazing episode as always.
🔥🔥🔥 episode.. loved the NB talk, this conversation was long overdue
my favorite episode ever

I like it when yall just flow in conversation and deeply discuss one topic as supposed to switching different topics - maybe this is just me lol
I got into new balance right before the pandemic, but I never have the patience to figure out how to get a nice premium collab, plus they’re expensive. I stay getting the sales and outlet stuff, also Joe’s new balance is good
Welty has had an effect on me with new balances over the past year I now have 3 pairs of 990s and a pair of 993s.
Brendan Long
Brendan Long:
Learned a lot this episode. Got my first 990 v5 this year and really noticed the quality. I’m hooked now.
Jaimie Guzman
Jaimie Guzman:
Brendan’s energy went from NY to Oregon real quick with the smoke 😂
Zen Alien
Zen Alien:
Definitely one of the best videos. You guys need to interview a person from NB with regards to quality, comfort and impact in the environment.
Kurseaan Muhammad
Kurseaan Muhammad:
Really liked this Episode. I love learning about sneaker history and different models of sneakers I know little to nothing about
B Boots VivaHateInc
B Boots VivaHateInc:
😂🤣😂 Welty is 100 percent right about the hitting the car stuff. I'm one of those crazies who has gotten out of my car and hit people for touching my car. Those people do exist in the world, Brendan. Gotta get out that little safe bubble of yours and realize there's plenty of people who will give you that smoke if you want it 😂🤣😂
Igor Grechukha
Igor Grechukha:
Awesome podcast guys. Love every episode you put out.
Darrel Kidd
Darrel Kidd:
Grew up on 574s and 997s. Dope episode! JFG 992s and Classic Navy 993’s are my 2 faves
Daylon Monette
Daylon Monette:
Joe is absolutely right about the model numbers and price. I worked at Just For Feet late 90’s and early 2000
This was my favorite episode this season. I love New Balance and it comes from back home in Boston!!
d0n't change!
d0n't change!:
Quiet as kept the OG steel blue New Balance 2000 are possibly one of the most gorgeous New Balances ever made
New balance is by far my favorite brand right now
Sneaker Dad
Sneaker Dad:
Two shoots in one day, respect to Welty and Dunne 🙏🏼
Kmac LA
Kmac LA:
My top 3 NB shoes: 1. "Great Whites" Shoe Palace Collab 2. 997s Bodegas 3. 2002R Rain cloud Protection Pack
Stussy Mt580s will crumble the minute they hit pavement. My favorite new balance collabs are from DTLR. June Sanders stays bringing dope, wearable models that harmonize dark and bright colors. The recent varsity joints were so slept on. I’m still huntin the American muscle pairs!
Booker T
Booker T:
Great episode dorks! Love the show
William Rose
William Rose:
Loved the podcast! Touched on so many beloved sneakers. Only one I expected but didn’t hear mentioned was the 2002r’s and the GR of the year - “protection pack” or refined future trio. Incredible shoes and my fav design of the year.
We need an episode like this for other brands like Diadora/Asics etc.
Chris Lott
Chris Lott:
I feel like Kawhi’s increase in popularity after his 2019 Playoff and Finals run definitely helped NB a little bit
Kenneth Patton
Kenneth Patton:
New balance was always a sneaker that people always in love with but company’s are jumping on the wave of the brand
Ty Yoder
Ty Yoder:
As someone who's relatively new to the sneaker game (about 2 years) (also 23 years old) Jack Harlow has done more for marketing New Balances than any other person from my point of view. He's the new icon of what cool is, and he always has a pair of NB's on. For the past year or so I wanted a pair of 550's, but the Nail Tech music video is what actually made me finally pull the trigger
Elius Graff
Elius Graff:
Really feels like the reason NB has had such a wave is because the brand is making NB collecting feel like old school sneaker collecting, not just hype, limited, high-resell shoes.
Curtis Mateo
Curtis Mateo:
NBs were my go to shoe back in the late 90s, early 2000s. Now I rock HOKA.
Xavier Patterson
Xavier Patterson:
As somebody from the Philly area I can attest to 990 v4's and v5's being huge. Not so much the ALD's. that's definitely a more NY thing
Rakeem Harris
Rakeem Harris:
The DC/ DMV Area kept New Balance relevant for years. Cant deny or leave that out of the conversation.
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez:
Big fan of NB!! in my opinion best quality materials for the money.
NB has been a buffalo ny go-to for years because they were always cheaper and alot of people couldn't afford designer, Jordan/Nike colabs etc.
Outlaw Firefly
Outlaw Firefly:
Man, so happy they mentioned the suede 1400s amazing shoes 👞
Edoardo (edo_roma)
Edoardo (edo_roma):
In italy it’s been three years that new balance made a huge comeback. Very nice trainers!
Shawn Diaz
Shawn Diaz:
Been rocking 801 pairs, solid and cheap , but now prices are skyrocket bc of hype
one of my grails i’d love to own are those 998 bodegas and 998 todd snyder 🔥🔥
Welty's NB knowledge goes deep. Also shoutout to VIRGINIA as well for New Balance culture
Ozy Gomez
Ozy Gomez:
It’s crazy I have some heat from air maxes& Jordan’s but my most complimented shoe is a GR 580 😂
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins:
I remember all the ASICS stuff. And when the shoe tubers were getting Saucony deals. Now... people aren't wearing em and talking about em. I feel New Balance will return back to being chill. Look at Adidas now. Definitely slowing down.
We need a new balance app rn
Concepts C-Note 998 deserves a mention. That banged when that was released.
Joe with the sweet revenge not inviting Dunne or Welty to his dinner plans tonight! Haha love it!
For those looking for some of the crazy 580 collabs these guys are referencing, yahoo Japan auctions is the spot, got a few used pairs of Mita x mad hectic collabs for like $60 a piece a few months ago lol
Segun Kogbodoku
Segun Kogbodoku:
Great ep. Welty is the goat 🤣😅
my favourite model of NB's are the 574, imo they feel great on your feet.
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright:
The DMV love Welty you are a OG for representing ❤️
Batman Kicks Hard
Batman Kicks Hard:
The DMV and us old heads appreciate you Welty!
Alex U
Alex U:
Great shoes. Other brands getting political has also helped them, at least in America.
What a great episode!
Would you say that the 550’s are new balance’s version of the the Air Force 1 for nike or the Stan smiths for adidas?
Thabana Kabo
Thabana Kabo:
I remember me and my cousin used to talk about how NB was ahead of time ,this is was like in 2016..put respect on NB
Joe Ramcharan
Joe Ramcharan:
I'm making the switch from Ascis to NB after knowing they're made in the MA, USA
Will Ashe
Will Ashe:
I’m from the DC area and I remember 990s being an aspirational shoe.
Mick Lo
Mick Lo:
Been rocking the NB since the 80’s
George Williams
George Williams:
Meach DaSilva
Meach DaSilva:
Back in the day, were the first two numbers the price point, so 550 were $55, 570 were $57, 800 were $80, 990 were $99?
Those convos ARE compelling 😁
Corey S
Corey S:
Those are nice trainers... Those New Balances.. Very cool design!
B Palm
B Palm:
Those Paperboy NB 991 as of rn our my favorite recent NBs even tho they were impossible to get lol
Mr. Vega
Mr. Vega:
Alright, so I'll keep posting this on every episode in 2022 until eBay and Complex let overseas folks participate in the giveaway... If we can sell on eBay and pay fees, we should be able to participate.
Ronald Desjardins
Ronald Desjardins:
Cycles, everything comes in cycles..... I mean my dunks early 2000s dunks have trippled in value, my old NBs make me look trendy again, my Polo sweatsuits that Ive been rocking since the 90s..... Its all in a cycle.
MT 580 is legit. Also always try to find another pair of the 999 Wanted Pack I used to have that I beat up. Those were really nice.
Joe Tee
Joe Tee:
All this talk about about new balance just made me cop a pair of Diadora , great show keep up the good work
Young Kye Kim
Young Kye Kim:
South Korea also loves New Balances. Some of their biggest fashionista celebrities swear by New Balance. 530s and 327s were in for a while, and I think they're getting into the 550s as well.
“That’s aggressive, Dunn!” 🤣🤣
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez:
One day, I might just buy a pair of New Balances. MAYBE 🤔
Errol Sy
Errol Sy:
New Balance going on up! 📈
Welty amazing tee
Kevin Wetzel
Kevin Wetzel:
Color blocking and materials is why new balance is so popular . Quality for a reasonable price
Ollie Simpson
Ollie Simpson:
Dunn you’ve jinxed yourself saying not a scratch on you, hope your all good after the accident 👌🏼
My Favorite Collab Is The Black Engineered Garments 990 v5 My Favorite Shoe Period is The Angora 990 V4
Rob Flick
Rob Flick:
The fight situation just makes me think of the movie “I love you man”. You just gotta charge at the dude like your batshit crazy Jason Segel style.
Russ Reinger
Russ Reinger:
2002r has seen a huge jump in hype currently
Dunne with the “ay I’m walking here” energy
Micah M
Micah M:
Dunne is a menace in these streets ! Hitting cars with his bag - knocking off mirrors with his moving truck... slandering Premium Pete !!
Law Hoog
Law Hoog:
NB 57/40 is my favorite silohuette right now
Moon Boy
Moon Boy:
NB 1500s are straight fire. GOAT kick in my eyes.
David A. Moore
David A. Moore:
How Welty going to forget Virginia in the DMV starting NB wave…smh
VLX Trippyy
VLX Trippyy:
this is gonna be a good one 🤯