Why Liverpool Are About To Win The Transfer Window ALREADY! | W&L

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Joe & Zac are presenting this seasons final Winners & Losers, with the pair talking all about the final day of the season. The dramatic title challenge between Manchester City & Liverpool, the top 4 battle where Tottenham Hotspur clinched it over Arsenal, and the relegation battle - which saw Leeds survive and Burnley go down.

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00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Manchester City Win The League!
04:58 - Liverpool Come Close
06:21 - Liverpool's Tchouameni Deal Close?
08:37 - Spurs Back In The Champions League & Son's Golden Boot!
09:55 - Will Antonio Conte Stay At Spurs?
12:01 - Burnley & Leeds' Relegation Scrap
17:30 - Moment Of The Week!

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86 comentarios:

Vee Ceey
Vee Ceey:
Would be great if we get Tchouameni but it looks like he’s going to Madrid. I’m excited for Carvalho though! He has tons of potential.
Dimitar Zhivkov
Dimitar Zhivkov:
I'm heartbroken as a Liverpool fan, but at the end of the day, it's a season of 38 games and we got fewer points than City, so they deserve to lift the trophy. We go again next year! Now we have the Champions League final to focus on and this could still be an amazing treble winning season if beat Real. If we want to do better next season tho we'll need new signings and contract renewals. Right now the most important thing for us is to extend the contracts Salah and Mane. We also need midfield reinforcements. Tchouameni is an absolute baller but if he's off to Madrid we should try to sign Bellingham.
Francis Earl
Francis Earl:
I really hope everyone has a great window in the Premier League, City getting Haaland can be game changing because right now it's a team of creative players without a target... even Ederson could get into double figures for assists.
Fee Amerie
Fee Amerie:
Great season from Moyesies boys. 7th place while playing in Europa league up to the semis, with no January signings is no mean feat. Looking forward to winning the euro conference league next year 🙏
my moment of the week: watching Milan lift the scudetto after a long, dreadful 11 years 😍😍
As a Liverpool fan I want Tchoua more than anything. Him and Carvalho I believe will complete our midfield. If we don't get him in gonna cry
sean maddex
sean maddex:
For a moment I thought Joe lost a bet and had to wear a retro City kit. This weekend was absolutely insane only thing we were missing was the signature Aguero shout.
Realeboga Mathibe
Realeboga Mathibe:
We get all of that but I think you should do more videos on Chelsea because they are losing potentially 5 seniors.
I want either Bellingham or Tchouameni, and Nkunku. Nkunku has been one of the best players in the world this season. I’m still proud of Liverpool for pushing City so far. Just wish Villa didn’t collapse. Also don’t know how Salah didn’t win player of the season, he could well win PFA but top scorer and assister and lost the league by a point…
City need strikers and already bought Julian Alverez in January (maybe best young talent playing in South America), and now Haaland maybe best young talent period. That in total is only about 70-75 mill spent, and City will almost certainly sign a mid or 2, plus a maybe a full back and maybe another winger depending on Gabriel Jesus, Sterling, and Mahrez. They already have the best team in the league and will only get better/younger. Especially since with all of the chances created, there will at least be a 6'4 athletic monster in the middle
Jia Shu Khaw
Jia Shu Khaw:
football daily should do a special video on burnley's problem following their relegation to the championship
Les Corlett
Les Corlett:
I already can't wait for next season as I think it's going to be a cracker. Pep and Klopp battling it out again with Conte having a proper pre season and transfer window, Ten Hag kicking arse at United and Tuchel rebuilding Chelsea's defence. It should be a real fight for the title.
Everyone talks about how close Liverpool pushed City, but at no point in the afternoon were Liverpool actually ahead in the title race, they only for their winners after the title had already gotten away from them.
Salim ilyes
Salim ilyes:
I'd love to see liverpool sign Tchouameni, I think he'll fit perfectly in our medfield
Togbeh peter
Togbeh peter:
Yup I loved how everyone in England assumed he’d chose Liverpool lol 😂
Greatness TV
Greatness TV:
Aurélien Tchouaméni is going to Real Madrid.....I think it's safe to say the thumbnail can change
I hope history is kind to Gundogan, one of the most underrated midfielders of this generation, so tidy but so talented and good to watch.
Seems like a "one for the future" signing and as a rival fan doesn't scare me much
Evan L
Evan L:
Tchouameni is going to Madrid so Liverpool need to look elsewhere. maybe Neves would be a good option instead. i'm honestly not sure what signings Liverpool can really make to catch City after they've added Haaland. especially if one of Mane or Salah leaves this summer.
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker:
You dont think Marsh did an outstanding job? What would you have done differently @joethomlinson with what they had as resources?
14 point gap is a myth, Liverpool suffered more from covid and their games got postponed. They had 2 games in hand, so if it were a normal season, we'd say an 8 point gap. Which overall got reduced to 1 point. Impressive still, but that 14 point gap is extremely misleading, but everyone runs with it
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
Contes been at spurs 6 months and has already established a style of play and got spurs into champions league with two January loan signings.. Arteta on the other hand has spent 250 million and we're still in a similar position to when he arrived.. I know which one of those two clubs has made progress but all these Arsenal fans lowering the standards at my club claiming 5th is overachieving after being 4 points clear of them lot down the road with 3 games remaining, you're part of the problem why these owners and this novice manager think they can get away with mediocrity season after season.
Kev Birch
Kev Birch:
Who says psg interested in Conte? If poch leaves they are going for a ucl winning coach. Not conte. And in a dressing room full of egos thats a recipe for disaster with conte
Michael Saab
Michael Saab:
Ross Barkley goal amazed me.
Luca Zaroli
Luca Zaroli:
Beginning of the season I predicted that city would win the league, arsenal would get 5th, Newcastle would survive, and when Antonio Conte joined spurs I predicted they would get too 4. Not too bad when it came to predictions this year
Eshwar Subramaniam
Eshwar Subramaniam:
City won the league after that handball at Everton. Maybe the league table does lie Joe.
Tommy Flynn
Tommy Flynn:
Ollie watkins and jared bowen would be amazing singings for liverpool,
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc:
The thing people don't get about these two Liverpool and Man City sides is that they've set a new standard for points. When everyone's fit an average season is now 90+ points, a good season is 95+ and a great is 99/100 points. They're both already seeing diminishing returns. Adding Haaland won't make a difference to that, at this level it's not about improving, it's about maintaining. So I'm not at all concerned that City will run away with it so long as Liverpool can also maintain their levels which they've shown they can.
S M:
Pep's genius is buying £100 million players and have them on the bench.... How dare other teams have these players
Guins Travels
Guins Travels:
Newcastle should go for sterling use him as the big major signing. Id be happy with that
Creative Dave
Creative Dave:
Grealish: Ive played 45 mins a few times, and really earned this Prem medal! I really made an impact n think I've played at least 4 games combined! Am I still drunk?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
videos like this just proves peps point even further
Joe making an appearance after a United loss 🤔👀
nathan byrd
nathan byrd:
Haaland need I say more? 60m all we paid…… so yeah man city won
Mr Chick flick
Mr Chick flick:
Our recruitment at Liverpool is 2nd to none
X Saber
X Saber:
Best end of season in 10 years since Agüerooo
Liverpool face competition with Real Madrid to sign Tchouameni. I expect Madrid to sign him cuz of the mess with the Mbappe saga
Dino Kovačević
Dino Kovačević:
Man City deffo win the transfer window already lol. Haaland and Alvarez for less than 1 Maguire. Cucurella for 30 million and another midfielder could be signing.I'd say Kalvin Phillips but it could be Nunes as well, both of them would be for 30-40 mill.
Amol Mehrotra
Amol Mehrotra:
Elite recruitment of an elite club
Keith Maher
Keith Maher:
They're not getting Tchouameni, he's off to Madrid
Why is the title about liverpool and not citys epic win?
We need a striker like kane Or nunez and then we are all set to compete with city
Joshua Welch
Joshua Welch:
bros.....where is "the chase" i loved!!! the first showing really need you guys to continue it
Titan Plays
Titan Plays:
Villa already won it with coutinho and Kamara
James Pineda
James Pineda:
Wanted Everton to go down
a ya
a ya:
Unfortunately, look like MC good for local champ not the European.....
hulkboi fanky
hulkboi fanky:
oh man. the look on assenal fans. top 4 gone just like that
Joden Williams
Joden Williams:
as a liverpool fan...
i am traumatized
Abstraqt Philosophy
Abstraqt Philosophy:
Zinchenko does have a corny attitude tho. Don't rate his footballing abilities, don't rate his attitude on cam
Home Run Baker
Home Run Baker:
I think City might win the transfer window...
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens:
City literally have signed Erling Haaland, and football daily are trying to say Fulham’s Carvalho is on the same level of transfer window success?
Adam O shea
Adam O shea:
Jack grealish has potential but he has been a massive flop
Ian M.
Ian M.:
Joe is that a retro City top?? 🧐🧐
Liverpool are the inferior team, either england or outside, if tchouameni wants to be also its his choice
Too bad he’s coming to Madrid 🤩
Mr Fix
Mr Fix:
Just like the EPL Man City already won it.
This whole video is literally just talking about Man City 🤦‍♂️
Samiran Das
Samiran Das:
Antonio Conte could do make PSG genuine UCL title contenders. I think Pogba can step away from the limelight, join Dortmund, and rejuvenate his career.
Meelo the Great
Meelo the Great:
liverpool pulled out for tchouameni so the news is redundant
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens:
How is this your title when man city won the title in the fashion they did?!
To grealish my 7 year old cockapoo would be a genius 😂😂
Boya Taluk
Boya Taluk:
I was praying for Liverpool to make a move for Tchouameni
I think if the Liverpool win the Champions League that'll be a advantage in the race to sign him
i cant see how tchouameni would suit liverpool
Brian Hennessy
Brian Hennessy:
villa just got kamara on a free...you sure about this?
"Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment"🏆
Don't think we are getting Tchouameni tbh
Allen Severain
Allen Severain:
pep too psg
Reza Esmaili
Reza Esmaili:
Very good
Josh Worthington
Josh Worthington:
Liverpool was robbed yesterday 👎
Did anyone else see the little girl in the background get tackled 9:45
Big Mad Andy
Big Mad Andy:
Tchouameni’s agent announced yesterday hes joining Madrid so already a big loss there.
Really don’t understand where Liverpool fans read that Tchouameni is Madrid bound lmao. No reliable journalist has once put out a link between the two at all. Y’all have a chance dummies
Tbf I think tchouameni is more likely to go Madrid or even chelsea than Liverpool
Liverpool were technically 14 points behind yes, but at that point they had 2 or 3 games in hand so it wasnt REALLY 14 points.
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra:
I think Liverpool are gonna have a dip next season
ja pvsj
ja pvsj:
City as good as they were are very vulnerable as Real Madrid has shown. I think they need massive reinforcements in the midfield and at the back. Sooner or later teams will realise that you only need a couple of counter attacks against city.
Liverpool is a much more complete side that would thrive under different managers. City are always an injury to Rodri or a counterattack away from being just a good side.
Caleb Eden
Caleb Eden:
Wouldn’t dogshit be two words? Dog and shit right?
Nikola Savic
Nikola Savic:
Legit even liverpool fans think thcuameni is going to Madrid, why clickbait boys?
Aisha Shams
Aisha Shams:
Inigo Meowtoya
Inigo Meowtoya:
9:44 That girl in the background lol
J haych
J haych:
Didn't celebrate the city goal? I went absolutely barmy, anyone but the scousers
Ryan H
Ryan H:
Andrew Cote
Andrew Cote:
not you guys too
City - sign Players
Media - Ruining Football
LiVARpool - sign Players
Media - winning Transfer Window
No Systemic Bias against City?😂
Bart is a serious fan
Bart is a serious fan:
Congratulations to Steven Gerrard who now has the unique distinction of bottling league titles for Liverpool as a player and a manager