Why Michael Knighton is NOT buying Manchester United Football Club

The 'Silent Knights' are British billionaires backing the consortium that Michael Knighton hopes will be fronted by a multi billion pound investment company in the City. Filmmaker John Gubba calls for Manchester United supporters to back the consortium and stop attacking Michael Knighton for doing his best to bring investors together to buy out the Glazers. Meantime, fans are being urged to continue with peaceful protests organised by The 1958 and to help remove the current owners.

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Sorry John, but people asking legitimate questions isn't "attacking" as you call it. You don't seem to want to ask the questions that need asking. Maybe you're just too close to it to do so. Knighton has a checkered history and frankly, threatening to sue people who call him out on it doesn't inspire confidence in the man. We all want the Glazers out but getting them out isn't going to matter if the new owners are just as bad or worse so some due diligence from sceptical fans is absolutely warranted.
Jacob Karr
Jacob Karr:
You can't blame us for being suspicious. You are just saying there is money out there and to trust you. Also, silent partners are not an option to me. I want to know where the money is coming from.
Binary Bad
Binary Bad:
Being told to trust anonymous billionaires by someone who seems to have based their presenting style on Hannibal Lectre isn't as persuassive a strategy as you might hope.
Kill Streak
Kill Streak:
Just want to know as I’m curious, will we ever get any details on the consortium and the members when the hostile bid is officially launched? Or is the hostile bid already on the Glazers table and we will never know the members until they acquire the club? It would be nice to also know what stage we are at the moment also I believe its key we know whose are the members of the consortium as these are the people who could possibly take over the club from the Glazers
If those fan channels discredit knighton, why doesnt he show face and appear on one of the streams to clear up doubts, misconceptions or questions. If reaching out to people is the goal, how better than use channels with a big following as a platform to display the legitimacy to the intend and while doing that gain new supporters? People aren't trolling, they have questions and generalizing that as trolls is neglecting a legitimate concern. You can't just disregard questions from channels that are backed by a following of hundreds of thousands, especially because part of their response added to the momentum of the video going viral and because youre trying to address the fans.
Will Charters
Will Charters:
Can we all just take a minute and think if we want the sort of person who threatens to sue a youtuber and kicks off on Twitter because someone has said they've bit of a dodgy past with this kind of thing anywhere near the ownership of our club?
Omar El-Kikhia
Omar El-Kikhia:
I'm sorry but as a life-long supporter of United (through the 70's relegation to the present) I don't find a single question that was raised by Howson to be unreasonable.

I've watched your interviews with Mr Knighton and he did not speak in specifics. He did not mention who the members of the consortium were (which you've now said is being kept quiet until the offer is announced, which in itself is extremely problematic and raises more questions than answers). Even more troubling is that Mr Knighton called up Howson and, according to Howson, had a 10 minute conversation with him in which Knighton did most of the talking without answering any questions while threatening to sue Howson several times for libel. This is after Howson publicly invited Knighton join them on air to answer questions and clear up any misconceptions. Yet even more troubling is the revelation that Knighton and his consortium are looking to buy control of the club from the Glazers and then turn around and sell it to someone else. And then there are questions about how they plan to give 25 percent control to the supporters, over a billion pounds worth of shares in the club. Who is this consortium of benevolent billionaires that have the best interest of the club at heart so much that they're willing to part with a billion pounds of value to the fans? Are they our fairy god mothers or did they come out of Aladdin's lamp?

The most troubling aspect is that if Mr Knighton is so thin skinned as to have been already drummed out of the club by the press a couple decades ago and he's now triggered by a YouTuber asking absolutely legitimate questions while informing fans on Knighton's past which is all public information. Did Knighton sue the websites and journalists that published the articles about him? Did he win? If he did win then the articles wouldn't still be on-line.

t's obvious that Mr Knighton has neither the temperament, patience, or people skills to lead a consortium let alone run one of the largest clubs in the world through a massive rebuild, debt repayment, stadium and grounds repairs and renovation, and fan ownership schemes.

He should have simply moved in silence, gathered his consortium together, put in the offer, and then formally announced an offer has been made. By doing as he has he's turned the Glazer's United 3 ring circus into a full blown clown act.

As for Howson, and the rest of Stratford Paddock, they are the least click-bait of all the large supporters channels. They don't overreact the way other channels do. Their opinions are well thought out and usually pretty balanced. Will they throw in the occasional hyperbole and insults from time to time? Sure, but it's not out of the blue and it's not a constant barage for clicks and clips.

You yourself were invited to come onto the channel by Howson the moment you posted your comments in the live chat. Instead you've decided to make a counter video to clarify the misconceptions of your last video in which Knighton gave the impression he was to be one of the owners. Perhaps a bit more clarity from you and Mr Knighton from the very beginning would have gone a long way in avoiding some of the unnecessary drama?

Anyways, keep up the good work. We all want the Glazers out but we don't want to jump into a potentially worse situation with unknown actors pulling the strings behind the scenes. This whole idea of 100 percent British billionaires is nothing but catering to the Little England mentality. How did they make their money? I've never known a billionaire that got that wealthy by not stepping on a number of people along the way either through taking advantage of slave labor or child labor or tax avoidance or outright theft of intellectual or physical property. Have you?
Top Bins
Top Bins:
Please continue with the Consortium and please do everything you can to fight to get the Glazer’s out and to help this cause. The United fans are dying. Depression, humiliation, embarrassment, laughing-stalks, mental health struggles; the list goes on and on. I fully support this movement. Please get United back. The club will die without it ❤️🖤
Josh Bithell
Josh Bithell:
Honestly I'm shocked as a journalist how you can say some of the things you have in this video and totally disregard legitimate question marks and previous failures of Michael. This all is some weird propaganda you are pulling and if you have any journalistic integrity you will acknowledge and explain these questions marks over the consortium and Knighton.
Kong Bundy
Kong Bundy:
Great work John. I’m fully behind this consortium bid to get United back! Keep up the good work!
Dont tell people how to interpret information or write off questions and concerns as misinformation. If you disagree, seek out dialogue not insulting a large base of the people you're trying to convince.
Luke Crowe
Luke Crowe:
I think Howson had valid points and questions. What I instantly don't like about this is how MK decided to go on twitter to have a spat and how this video seems to be an attack on a united fan asking questions. Just as you've said we all need to be united. Also I don't like these silent parties. This whole showing of MK hasn't come across well and fans will ask questions and raise concerns.
Dancing with the Devil
Dancing with the Devil:
I really do hope we can get the glazers out, I want my club back , fans we must unite 🙏
Callum Carron
Callum Carron:
I as a fan for 28 years am glad we have real people who want to make a real difference to our sleeping giant of a club. Appreciate you
If the intend is raise awareness to the glazers and hoping to tract controversy or bidders i dont necessarily critique that but as far as trusting knighton goes the only reliability we're given is your word which somehow we're supposed to take for face value. It almost clarifies why the channel is called religion... Dont have it be based on blind belief.
I have my doubts if it'll ultimately be successful but there's absolutely no reason to go out of your way to put it down like some people are doing
Gareth Richardson
Gareth Richardson:
So is he going to confirm that they have the money to cover the cost of buying the club...and to also cover the debt, cost of upgrading the stadium and training facilities and properly invest in the first team squad? Also if it is so genuine why doesn't Knighton talk to the fan channels and answer Thier concerns
Moe Freakin’ Benali TV
Moe Freakin’ Benali TV:
Continue with what you are doing John. I’m really behind Michael Knighton. Just hoping we are nearing the end of this dark tunnel soon
Great video, good to see you’re still keeping us up with this. I honestly thought it fell off recently. Let’s get them out! #glazersout
Gav Kinnear
Gav Kinnear:
Michael Knighton never said that he was buying Man United he has spoken about bringing money together to save our club.
I'm following this topic with great interest, as I've had enough of the Glazers for about 7-8 years now. However, more information will be needed for the fans to fully get behind this consortium, first of all, we'd need to know who these people are. But, as I understand it, they will come forward when they are ready to make their bid. As more information comes to light, I'm sure more and more will make their mind up...until then, there will be many sceptic fans (can you blame us, after these past years?)
Zac Ukleya
Zac Ukleya:
You can’t go on the defensive the first time anyone asks legitimate questions about you and your motives. Just trust us isn’t any type of answer. You can’t ask fans to trust you when you have nothing to show.
Let’s get this club back to where it’s suppose be !
Thanks for the video, and I appreciate Knighton's work. I would take your word over any of those ego-filled, expert-wannabes. Keep on providing honest, quality content, John.
David Hutton
David Hutton:
John , This was great. I started following United in the mid eighties and that Knighton period was one that always came across as a joke. I will admit my views were formed by the media at the time. Always remember an interview with Sir Alex saying he was in the dressing room when he saw Michael out on the pitch on the monitor and he could not believe what he was seeing. (not associating Sir Alex with the gutter press).
Most of the guys on those podcasts do have Uniteds best interests at heart ,you can tell by the passion they have to get the real United back. They are of the same vintage as myself and may not have known the info you are sharing. My first thoughts were negative when I heard the name Knighton mentioned.
Paul Devlin
Paul Devlin:
As much as i respect Michael I'm suspicious about silent partners i remember the last time and i understand Michael isn't the money behind this takeover, I've supported Manchester United for 50 years and will always, so i hope Michael is on the level because i love this football club and i think it has endured enough, sir matt and the lads from 58 would be turning in the grave if it all go's pear shaped so it would be good to know wear the money is coming from because if this is going to happen it has to be serious and not just the buying of the most important football club of all time but in many peoples lives a get away from the everyday trials of peoples lives so if you have the money in place to buy Manchester United that's fine but how much money will there be for players and giving old Trafford the makeover it needs, we as Manchester United fans need to know.
Mate whilst it's good news, I don't think they have the 6 bill it needs to buy, repair, upgrade, restaff, recruit and reset the club, hence his appeal to Radcliffe. I will say the fan base including channels could have raised 4 -5 bill themselves over the last 15 years = 3mil fans x 10/mth x 12 mths x 15 years = 5.4 bill, so I'm always disappointed on this topic as the fans could have come in long ago...but just argue amongst themselves. BTW Maxwell was a Mossad hit, lol for Murdoch, the king is dead. Don't start a war with the Channels and EGO-driven crap, that is the nut shell problem with FANS (hence why we never get UNITED) and now you're kicking it off too, which is the problem, everyone is right, everyone's an Angel, and guess what the RED DEVILS are still controlled by the GLAZERS after all the chat and EGO shite.
Ashley Bradbury - Multimedia Designer
Ashley Bradbury - Multimedia Designer:
Your one of the best documenters that represents the fans and represents the club to it's highest level. As much as I love the opinions of such fans on other Man Utd fan channels, this is one channel that has a lot of valid opinions and genuine information

I agree with this statement: and let's remember the name of this club - Manchester UNITED, hence the word "UNITED" - a united of fans coming together with the sole purpose, and it's not just about the football, it's about a community. If not every United fan is together to fight for new ownership, we can't call ourselves a "United" football club.
I’m just confused as to why Knighton announced he’d be going in for a bid well before doing so. These sorts of things are held from the public until the very last minute, whether it’s a football club or any other big company out there, and for good reason. Him announcing it directly put the share price up by 12%. Surely he could see that coming. Why would he do that if he was serious about buying the club? Every United fan wants the Glazers out but we don’t want is false promises. We’ve had too many of those.
Bryan Nield
Bryan Nield:
Like you John I've been a life long United supporter. I was at the game in 1989 when Michael came on to the OT pitch. I was so disappointed that Michael missed out on buying the club. How things would have been far better with him in charge. Thanks as always for the updates. Keep up the good work.
The Moore
The Moore:
Good luck with the libel case, you're just going to lose that in a court as all this information is available, while also being free for discussion, in the public domain.

You talk about clickbait headlines then proceed to use clickbait headlines as the weapon to bash a person asking perfectly reasonable questions to a man making extremely bold claims.

You have put your reputation in a noose here with the lever in the hands of the public with this video, not a good look. Glad I stopped by to watch if only to remind myself of the old adage - "If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't"
Jack Duggan
Jack Duggan:
Stephen Howson and Stretford Paddock are us, they are the fans, they are our voice. Most real down to earth fan channel on YouTube. They are not at all what you describe them as. If the man's this upset about a YouTube video then clearly doesn't have the minerals to own the biggest club in the world.
Markus Town&Country
Markus Town&Country:
Well said, and well done, John. The sooner those carpetbagging chancers go, the better.
John Wroe
John Wroe:
Shouldn't the "One Desire" be to get United back at the top of the Premier League and of World and European Football? Not just to get rid of the Glazers?
knocks Martin
knocks Martin:
Hopefully a massive turn in our fortunes and future.
Can’t the offer made to the glaziers reflect 500 million in the loan payments ( a conservative figure)come out of their pockets in the final price.
James Radcliffe
James Radcliffe:
More power to you John. Top class journalism
Stuart Nicholson
Stuart Nicholson:
What he did at Carlisle was hardly great for the Club,,,,,,, he did make a lot of money of houses off land near Brunton Park.
Where's he seen the opportunity to make money????
Ulf Lilienthal
Ulf Lilienthal:
Until you and Michael Knighton are in a position to share actual details of a bid and how supporters can help move it forward there will be doubts still.
Therealkhaled _
Therealkhaled _:
Thank you for your updates and keep going 💪🏾 #Glazersout
Jay oz
Jay oz:
In Micheal we trust 🙏
Liam Mills
Liam Mills:
I think Howson is working with the information he's got. It's up to Knighton needs to show us the facts if he's coming at the situation with words such as "hostile take over". We've all been suffering and we all want the Glazers out but we need something more and evidence he can pull this off.
Fred Zed
Fred Zed:
It’s imperative that the protests continue 💯 % - for the fans by the fans.
Susan Pritchard
Susan Pritchard:
This is the most precious football club in the world since the Second World War and it’s being ruined no other club has a history like ours
The Koochy
The Koochy:
I feel a video like this is more damaging. I've seen these fan channels you're talking about, and all I see is them asking legitimate questions and having legitimate concerns, and said that they are more than happy to talk to Knighton. He does have a checkered and documented history, and now threatening to sue over some legitimate questions and concerns over this whole thing, should not fill anyone with confidence. Knighton is not helping his case here to be honest.
i think knighton consortium getting united trust fund on board would be a start its not the fans shares fans would be worried about if the club is run right i wouldnt be to worried about no fan shares if running of the club was been run right just be a nice gesture but first step is removing the glazers im behind the consortium and prob alot more to it than i know about we in a better state with the knighton consortium than the leeches of the glazers and there inept board
You're totally right about some of these fan channels,the United Stand is clearly one of them,pure click bait.
I've been supporting United since the 70s and I've never been so disheartened about United.
We must get the Glazers out, otherwise I fear a life fighting for mid table until they leave .
James Russell
James Russell:
Who ever buys utd they must learn to keep utd at the top not just use utd to make money football should come first 💪
P P:
Thank you for all your work (Just registered on your site). Glazers out!
Professor Zoom
Professor Zoom:
So is it about the consortium buying united to then sell it to Jim Ratcliffe or to someone who will have united as their number one priority
Connor Micallef
Connor Micallef:
If you want fans to united you need to united them not tell people how to think or go after fan channels for sharing an opinion
Emmy Ozegbe
Emmy Ozegbe:
Yes Sir we're %100 behind you, may God stay with you.. please do your best we love and believe you ❤️ ♥️
Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison:
Framing it as if you don’t want Knighton then you clearly want the glazers to stay is wrong and gaslighting.. and trying to flog us a book at the same time.. whole thing feels fishy I’m just hoping this opens the door slightly and then a legitimate bid comes in.
ankit rawat
ankit rawat:
Sir Jim Ratcliffe has to come together and save the club.
Kelvin Lal
Kelvin Lal:
Great to see genuine people fighting to get our club back. Hope this consortium is finally successful in getting the Glazers out. GGMU
Jamie C
Jamie C:
That book, 'Visionary', is currently reduced from £20 to £2 at Waterstones.... which doesn't fill me with confidence (and I'm still not going to buy it). I can't find a single review of the book from a reliable source. I did find one reader submitted one that said it was clearly very biased (Still gave it 3 stars). Also can't find any info about the author, so I'm not sure how 'hugely respected' he is??
It will cost about 8-10 billion to turn us back into what we were I hope it happens but I’m not getting excited.
Gt 11
Gt 11:
None of the issues raised in howsons videos were addressed in this video. Disappointing
Liam Mills
Liam Mills:
I hope Knighton will save this club, I hope everything he's saying is true but I'm not getting my hopes up. #silentknights #Glazersout
alan stone
alan stone:
as a Manchester United fan I want them out . Manchester United is a giant, beast club , but we are sleeping
Winston Brown
Winston Brown:
Look at all the brainless, shouting, "we want glazers out", in their recently purchased Man Utd tops.
You couldn't write this!
James Bagworth
James Bagworth:
John. Your asking for the fans to be united behind this, whilst at the same time tearing in to howson for some basic scrutiny. How can you expect this consortium to take on united if it cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the fan channels that love this club? Throwing around accusations of trolling etc isn't helping. If you want the fans on board, work with the fans.
All Man Utd want glazers out, and would love British owners. We understand, at this moment the names can’t be revealed. But we be on false hope for years. The money to buy Utd is going to be the most expensive football club ever, mainly because of the greed of the glazers, and the debt. Any buyer know they also have to invest millions to redevelop Old Trafford and Carington. That before investments in the squad.
Martin Barr
Martin Barr:
I saw Howsons video in relation to the Knighton bid, I do think he was out of order to be so abusive. Obviously this bid will be met with some scepticism but anything that leads to the removal of the Glazers should be encouraged. The fan channels should be used to get the message to all the fans across the world. I have to agree with what Goldbridge says, If Micheal Knightons consortium's bid sparks the interest in the sale of UTD that can only be a good thing. He also said that all fans need to come together, putting their differences aside like we did against the formation of the super league.
James Davin
James Davin:
Thank you so much for all your updates and your passionate defences on Michael's behalf John. As one of those who has read said book, I firmly back and support his endeavours to the last. I'm one of so many who eagerly await the future developments. Thank you once again for your unwavering and loving support as a fellow Red!
I want to believe this I really do but there are legitimate questions the fans have not just Howsen. But instead we get a load of waffle no real answers at all we have a right to know who is involved in the consortium so we as fans can decide if we want to support them. so far we've been told three billionaire that don't want to be named want to buy our club. How can we support something we know nothing about. with good vibes and positive comments who the fuck is that going to help seriously are these people only going to buy the club if we say nice thing about the bid if so thats concerning will we only be allowed to say nice things about the new owners and not criticise them if they turn out to be fucking idiots. And if you could have torn apart Stevens video you should have it would have given the fans reassurance and would have give mk bid more legitimacy. But instead you chose to bitch about Howsen in the video and in the comments when replying to people who are also asking the same questions and are still not getting any answers. Instead you just say hey look how bad Steve is he done some bad shit. Well guess what Steve isn't claiming to lead a consortium to buy manchester united he is just a fan with questions but you want to dismiss it as click bait and call out fan channels that give a voice to real fans? Very strange if you want to get people on side it's time for some real answers and mk to be honest with us about himself because at the minute he is trying to come across like a godly figure who can do no wrong and we should just put are faith in him and all will be well. All you have to do is look into his time at Carlisle he claims to have never been the manager and yet there are numerous newspapers and websites that say differently some even have his managerial statistics played 68 won 19 drawn 12 and lost 37. why did the Carlisle fans form an independent supporters Trust to protest against his running of the club and why did they end up going into administration is all this just fake news or are all of these publications wrong and therefore I assume will also be getting sued.

Like I said in the beginning I really want this to be true but if you and mk are unhappy with how people have received this then you only have yourselves to blame. You had total control and how and when people would receive this and if they have taken it badly its on you to address any concerns they have if you cant give people answers yet then you and mk should not be releasing vides and chatting shit all over twitter.
Howson put the texts between him and Knighton on his twitter. Dude you need to back away from Knighton as quickly as possible, the guy is an obvious trickster. I know you want what's best for United and he convinced you that he was the man to save the club but by his own words he's showing he's not to be trusted. Do yourself a favour and get out while you can. Don't follow this man blindly into oblivion.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson:
‘Most libellous claim I’ve heard in 30 years’ well that’s not sensationalist and extreme hyperbole at all is it
Amna Aziz
Amna Aziz:
Dear John, I hope the Glazers sell and we the fans get our club back and get rid of these vampires. Thanks a million
Sum man 4 1 man
Sum man 4 1 man:
Everyone, including these fan channels, are trying to exploit our club for their own financial gain. Glazers on a smaller scale.
It's like watching rats around bins.
paul price
paul price:
I hope Michael Knighton goes on the United Channels for interviews on the takeover
-invisible light-
-invisible light-:
What exactly did Howson say that was libellous? 🤔
So where is the silent knights BID? Knighton spoke about this a good while ago still no bid
So money to buy the club with this bid but further investment needed to improve the squad, stadium and Carrington? Also will the bid wipe out the £500mm debt? Whole thing whole I support change seems shy in detail
Sigmund Judge
Sigmund Judge:
Superb video John. Thank you for the clarity and your continued high-quality journalism.
Richard Gibson
Richard Gibson:
How can we be expected to support something without knowing what it is.. This has just been a hit piece on someone who dared to ask questions about it. You have gone down in my estimation. I now doubt your integrity 🤷‍♂️
Harry Lakin
Harry Lakin:
Silent Knights 😂😭😂😭😂 i see it’s evolved ever so slightly since the Red Knights bollocks that Knighton spewed back in 2010!
Indra Xx07
Indra Xx07:
Good job knighton 🔥
Funky Monk
Funky Monk:
Knighton is full of it. Loves the attention but keepie Uppies in front of the stretford end isn’t an option.
The only negative story I’ve seen is his own ridiculous threats on Twitter. He’s not presenting himself in a way that inspires belief he has the capability to organise such a gigantic takeover.
Saif Dia
Saif Dia:
You have too many videos with him, so this definitely does not feel that objective. Almost as though this is his PR arm. But only time will tell
Elvis Mawhinney
Elvis Mawhinney:
This channel needs good videos with yourself talking over it. Great to listen to, hard to look at (only banter ha)
But in all seriousness; I think it would help a lot. Just some random persons opinion.

Peace from Ireland 🇮🇪 ✌🏼
dan brayne
dan brayne:
Glazers out . We need the club to be in good hands
Alien Observer
Alien Observer:
"So-called fan channels"? Way to unite the fans.
Dylan Sheridan
Dylan Sheridan:
This video honestly gives me the creeps. It seems like complete propaganda.

Stephen Howson voiced legitimate concerns of many about the character of Knighton and his business history.

If someone doesn’t believe they are going to get criticism when they attempt to take over the biggest club in England if not the world, they are living on a different planet.

Going around threatening legal action to try silence fans is also not a good look.

Completely agree with the opinion of if Knighton generates legitimate interest in a sale it is not a bad thing. The way he has handled himself since the last interview on this channel is a worry.

No fan of fan cams this side but if they think larger media companies (who are mostly not at all covering this news) won’t ask the same questions - then you have another thing coming.

Here’s hoping for a better future everyone. Let’s try have an open dialogue with all fans and listen to the genuine concerns.
K Payne
K Payne:
Oh so it's a plug for his book. Quality. I agree with Howson, legitimate questions need to be answered. It's not slanderous to suggest you have an obligation to inform us fans of the details of the consortium.
Aaron Knowles
Aaron Knowles:
Have you yourself seen proof of funds have you seen proof of the consortium?
Richard James
Richard James:
keep up the great work, mate
No one said that the bid wasn't real to my knowing. The only thing that Howson did was asking an honest question, "is going public about this the right way to go about it?". He pointed out that the club's value went up 12% after the announcement, which Micheal Knighton should have just ignored or replied to because there's a lot of solid counter arguments. Being able to wistand constructive criticism shows more strength than suing people... I don't think that it's fair but more importantly I don't think that it's the smart thing to do, for many reasons.
Kyle Kalakoda
Kyle Kalakoda:
Tell them to get on the phone to the Glazers right now 😭😭😭😭
As a true match going red since 1969/70 season stood on the left side of the Stretford End then LMTB/season ticket holder since 1973/74 - also away games since 1970 and hundreds of sorties overseas you have my wholehearted support ...
This is the one !

I urge any bamboozled true supporter to get behind this campaign ... We really do need 'SOLIDARITY' on this one ....
We all need to behind the 'ONE BANNER' and keep up the momentum ....
Singing from the same hymn-sheet
Finally the penny has dropped for those fans not previously convinced of the toxic parasitic nature of the the current owners .

We can generate our own money with our fan base - The amount of money stolen from our club is obscene ...
Should never have been allowed in the first place (leveraged deal) and there are certain people in my eyes that need to be held 'accountable' for letting our beautiful club be sold down the Swanny ...
Make no mistake - Failure to remove these owners will inevitably lead to rack and ruin It's already begun !

Just a 'heads up' to a few of our well meaning protesters in the latest kit .... (Think about it folk) 👍

Keep up the excellent work Michael and John and from myself at least your efforts are truly appreciated ...

Manchester United Will Rise Again !
You speak far better than Knighton and I am far more inclined to believe what you say but it does not negate the fact that what Howson said was in no way libelous and he was stating what is thought to be factual information from research that had been done. The fact that Knighton spat his dummy out in such a way over that livestream speaks volumes of his character.

He comes across like a budget Donald Trump, good for laughing at, not much else.
ankit rawat
ankit rawat:
What are must doing? Still sorting out a 50 percentage fan's share?? Get those people on board too.
knocks Martin
knocks Martin:
Another fine documentary again mr gubba.
More interesting facts emerging again.
Ocheholunu James
Ocheholunu James:
In Michael Knighton we trust. #GlazersOut
This is a ridiculous video, just a promotional video for Michael, I don’t like howson, but all he did was state PUBLIC facts, and the fact that he can’t handle any criticism is an extremely worrying sign, if this is legitimate and that’s a BIG if, I can’t see the investors wanting someone as childish as Michael as the face of it
He bought Carlisle utd we know what he was like
The Glazers must go !!!!
So you're saying that a guy who bought Carlisle United, appointed himself as a coach, and ran the club to the ground through his mismanagement is fronting a bid to buy one of the biggest clubs in the world?
Kristian Nissen
Kristian Nissen:
If you want to come across as a neutral, then you did a real bad job. I'm not gonna say you are "paid" by MK, but one can't help to think that you are send to town by MK. If you were neutral you wouldn't be so aggresive, so patronizing and narrowminded.

We all want the Glazers out.. but we also want to know "everything" about the new people, the money and the setup they want.
Mark Antony
Mark Antony:
100% behind you both