Why People Are Freaking Out On Vanessa Hudgens & Gal Gadot, Lakers, & Why CA TX Voting IS A MESS!

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00:00 - Lakers Win NBA Finals
01:34 - Gal Gadot As Cleopatra Backlash
02:21 - Vanessa Hudgens' Cemetery Photos Backlash
03:20 - TIA
04:49 - Voting Fights In Texas and California
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NBA Bubble Proves to be Successful:

Gal Gadot Faces Backlash After Cleopatra Casting:

Vanessa Hudgens Criticized For Cemetery Photoshoot:

Texas and California’s Confusing Absentee Voter Situations
Official Drop Box Locations in CA: https://caearlyvoting.sos.ca.gov/
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
#DeFranco #GalGadot #2020Election

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100+ comentarios:

Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco:
Oh hey there you. Yeah, you with the face. You're cool. No, not you Greg. Everyone else though, definitely cool. <3
I’m not from the US but like, are you guys ok? Seems like your politics are a dumpster fire
The Gal Gadot thing is pretty funny considering Cleopatra is generally agreed to be Greek. So I guess an Egyptian or Arab actress is equally suited to the part as an Israeli one.
Dave yng
Dave yng:
Cleopatra wasn't ethnically Egyptian. Gal is fine. I still cringe at the imagine video but for this argument they don't have legs to stand on.
Kaitlin O'Malley
Kaitlin O'Malley:
Vanessa Hudgens: gets shade for cemetery photo shoot.
Chloe Gregersen
Chloe Gregersen:
Seeing Gal Gadot and Vanessa Hudgens in the thumbnail feels like being transported back to April
Cold Raviolis
Cold Raviolis:
Why is it so difficult to vote in the US, shouldn't that be made as accessible as possible? It sounds so complicated
The level of historical ignorance you need to boast in order to complain about cleopatra as a stolen Arabic role.
Will Wells
Will Wells:
labelling an unofficial drop box as “official” feels like an open and shut case
Dan Lanoue
Dan Lanoue:
I'm shocked they didn't cast Cleopatra as a woman whose family tree is a straight line to truly represent the Ptolemy ancestry.
In regards to the Vanessa Hudgens cemetery thing: people saying what she did was disrespectful is trying to force their cultural ideas of death. My comment is ridiculous but man are these people using being offended to control other people.
__Grist for the Lel__
__Grist for the Lel__:
Cleopatra was Macedonian. The dynasty married brothers and sisters. Her family is descended from former Alexander the Great generals
Jesus Christ, so many things to get pissed off over. Instead of things that matter, people choose the most inane and asinine things to get angry over. Nice.
Yael G
Yael G:
Ancient Egyptians were not Arab lol. It doesn’t make any more sense to cast an Egyptian actress then it does to cast an Israeli one.
Amy Lee
Amy Lee:
Fun fact: Cemeteries are for the LIVING. NOT THE DEAD. They're meant to be places for the LIVING TO VISIT. That's the POINT.
Adrian Spade
Adrian Spade:
At Gal Gadot's role as Cleopatra: calling her "bland" is a trash attempt at cyberbullying 😒 I'm more concerned if the _entire_ cast from the costume design, set designers, to scriptwriters will be as historically accurate as possible.
At the Vanessa Hudgens posts: the Goth community needs to make a judgment on this honestly.
People getting offended without knowing the history of cemeteries 🙄
Anastasia Barth
Anastasia Barth:
Cemeteries are wonderful places to go if you want a peaceful time. My father died in 2015, and I go and visit his grave when I can. I usually get some lunch and will sit by his grave and talk to him. It's a great catharsis. Before my father died I used to walk around in cemeteries and sometimes do my homework in them when I was a kid. I even made an experimental film and taped in my local cemetery. It has some lovely monuments that I thought would fit the aesthetic of my video. Vanessa is 100% in the right to feel that a cemetery would be her happy place.😊 If they think shes offensive by having a photo shoot, and declaring a cemetery her happy place they'd freak out to see what Mexicans do on the day of the dead!🤦‍♀️
Google is an unprecedented Monopoly
Google is an unprecedented Monopoly:
I personally love cemeteries. They are peaceful. As long as somebody is not destroying/thrashing the place, I fail to see why visiting or taking pictures would be an issue. It seems to me that the people who criticized would have, in fact, criticized anything...
Why are people just now being offended about goths/emo kids enjoying cemeteries. I mean, if I was put into the ground I'd love visitors... just saying.
English Cloud
English Cloud:
people will get offended over everything, taking pictures in a cemetery isn't disrespectful unless there is an active funeral going on in the background smh
I'm not from America but it's honestly pretty wild watching an election be so blatantly rigged
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams:
How dare they not cast the direct descendant of cleopatra herself
Tommy E.
Tommy E.:
Really don't care a Gal Gadot playing cleo, she's hot atm in Hollywood, thats why she got picked
Coronavirus news, politics news... somehow these type stories are less annoying and exhausting than the Gal Gadot and Vanessa Hudgins stories.
Jesus Christ. Its hilarious that the US calls itself a democracy, being arguably the least democratic western nation.
Astreal Brizbee
Astreal Brizbee:
As long as the movie isn't four hours long, let Gal Gadot play Cleopatra.
People calling for an arabic Cleopatra really need to chill...
Especially because Cleopatra was of greek heritage not egyptian.
Milkshake Barrage
Milkshake Barrage:
Cleopatra was descended from a Greek family line... Twitter really is IQ reducing.
Well, to be accurate Cleopatra should be played by a Greek woman.
Josh Cunningham
Josh Cunningham:
the solution is simple. citizens use their ssn to login to a secure portal, cast their vote, and submit it. all online, all secure. we have the technology to keep medical records, credit card info, personal information, and more secure, so why do we not have a method for voting that can be done online? This would increase voter turn out and prevent fraud. For the love of god, its so simple.
Samantha McCoy
Samantha McCoy:
CRAZY how people aren’t up in arms about damaged property, injured cops, and refusal to follow orders when it’s over a Lakers game and not a protest. 🙄
danis k
danis k:
The US: Land of the controlled and home of the indoctrinated.
Farrakhan Wolcott
Farrakhan Wolcott:
Politicians don't care about the American people; they only care about getting and staying in power. So they can continue to line their pockets with cash
Max Heim-Salgado
Max Heim-Salgado:
I feel like, if you’re constantly taking active measures to limit democracy and the will of the people, you should already realize there’s something wrong there no?
I MadeThisEmailWhen I WasTen PleaseDontJudgeMe
I MadeThisEmailWhen I WasTen PleaseDontJudgeMe:
It's times like these that I'm glad to live in a state where anybody can vote absentee without cause and has a drop-off location in every city.
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great:
Cleopatra was of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, they were GREEKS, meaning people from the mediterranean as Gal is, being an Israeli jew
Holly Smith
Holly Smith:
Can you cover the COVID stories going on in Europe right now? There’s a lot happening that’s pretty big
Gage Fraw
Gage Fraw:
Lesson of the day: Social Media is a dumpster fire.
They better not have a mummy that isn't played by an actual mummy or ima lose my shit!
2020 News- Everyone is offended. That is all.
Lola Poppy
Lola Poppy:
I feel like the videos are always titled “people are freaking out over...” and if that doesn’t sum up 2020, I don’t know what does
Mae Falkenrath
Mae Falkenrath:
when will people realize that "timely" is not an adverb
Rick U
Rick U:
Up until roughly a hundred years ago cemeteries doubled as public parks. People would go on dates and picnic in cemeteries. Our society is almost completely out of touch with the cycle of life and death. There are many beautiful cemeteries and they should be used more often. To connect ourselves with those that came before and to humbly remind us that one day we will join our ancestors.
Do you have to "report" on "outrage" stories?

Not a single person who was offended by the cemetery picture is worth having on earth, let alone talking about.
Kim Amberg
Kim Amberg:
Voting should be a lot easier. In Switzerland everyone who is a Swiss citizen and over 18 gets their ballot trough mail. You can then decide whether you want to vote by mail or in person. And even when voting by person you have to bring the ballot you were sent.
Jerrot Lainez
Jerrot Lainez:
"Awe he remembered us. Thanks phil" - canada
Walrus O
Walrus O:
If Cleopatra ain’t played a historically accurate heavily inbred Macedonian I’m gonna freak!
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia:
Twitter: Why isn't an Egyptian playing Cleopatra?!
Everyone who didn't fail history: Because she wasn't Egyptian.
I LOVE cemeteries - they’re literally my favourite place to walk - but I’m nottttt sure I would take pictures in one.
"We're gonna be blood on blood on blood, stacks on stacks on stacks."
Brennan Beyer
Brennan Beyer:
As a funeral employee, I love cemeteries and find them beautiful.
Chris Flad
Chris Flad:
Cemetries are LITERALLY the first public parks. People used to picnic in them because they were so beautiful. It's perfectly acceptable to take pictures there and even ENJOY being there. Especially Sleepy Hollow.
this election feels like watching a train crash in slow motion
Owain Hale
Owain Hale:
Them: "I'm unhappy so I MUST be angry at everything!"
Everyone else: "... Oh that's sad." *carries on living a life*
Hey Phil, just a Canadian saying Thank You for the Thanksgiving shout out! Hope you had a good weekend as well. 😊🇨🇦💜
This channel has just become "who's outraged on twitter today"
Kendo Langga
Kendo Langga:
I find it kinda weird to label something as “official” when it isn’t . . .
Cemeteries have been my happy place from a young age. I feel at peace when I’m at one. If that offends you, sucks to be you.
Kayleigh Fredericks
Kayleigh Fredericks:
I buried MY father in a cemetery, I love cemeteries. When I am in one I feel close to him and my family that has passed.
Alexia's Shado
Alexia's Shado:
Phil! I missed the drop, please do the mask again!
Suggestion: the skull design on the mask on the opposite side of the "Don't be stupid" quote.
...Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings, Phil! :D That's all I'll say, and Happy Thanksgiving from Nova Scotia!
Casey C
Casey C:
"He can't change the rules this close to the election" oh you mean universal mail in voting? Ah ok.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith:
I have the feeling a lot of players already caught Covid when they were over in China last year.
August Celine III
August Celine III:
I love walking around cemeteries. My dad used to love it too, and he would try to find old historic graves. In general they are relaxing and peaceful places, more people should try it.
AJ Arciniegas
AJ Arciniegas:
Feeling like it’s disrespectful to visit a cemetery is a very modern thought. People used to go with their families to picnic and such. There are so many beautiful older cemeteries around the world. It’s not like she’s sitting on nameplates of recent burials.
Me: I thought Phil didn't do shows on holidays 🤔
Also me: ohhhh, right....
Jake M.
Jake M.:
I love how Phil wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving every year 😊🇨🇦
A Philip Defranco show for my birthday. Thank you, Phil. ❤
Renee Padilla
Renee Padilla:
Thank you for pronouncing my last name the right way... It sounds so sexy coming out of your mouth 😊
We already had an Egyptian queen, it was Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Happy Columbus Day! So happy to have a paid holiday, ty to my work!
Meme Name
Meme Name:
I can always count on Phil wishing us a happy Thanksgiving every year 🇨🇦
James G
James G:
Ohh she took pictures in a cemetery, let’s all cry.
Seeing this episode confused me since its a holiday here in canada
Vitto Prince
Vitto Prince:
I mean, if someone took a picture near my grave, I’m not going to do anything (obviously).
Phil, the reason I like you is you're responsible with you're reporting. Thank you!
charlie miller
charlie miller:
I would really appreciate it if you cover the stuff that's happening at roosterteeth
Jyps Ridic
Jyps Ridic:
It's amazing how loud the racists get every time a casting decision is announced.
There are so many things to get angry over these days. Don’t waste your anger on a dumb photo shoot.
thank you for my left wing news for the day
Amy S
Amy S:
2020, the year we cancel someone new every day. 😂😂😂😂
Liam Pattison Photography
Liam Pattison Photography:
Thanks for the well wishes, cheers from Canada 🇨🇦
I definitely do not ride or die for celebrities... however, the hate being thrown at Gal Godot is ridiculous. She is acting, this isn't ghost in the shell, but I understand the comparison.

As for Vanessa, she isn't hating nor causing strife. Leave her be, there are plenty of people to troll!
My throat feels extra safe today. In other news, I need to do something on this video, but gosh, I cannot remember what it was... oh well.
Can we get it so I can just vote on my phone already?
Ryan Esdon
Ryan Esdon:
You wishing me a happy thanksgiving made me smile
ThatFagGuy Returns
ThatFagGuy Returns:
Too many female employees dawg! Feels like I’m watching a girly show
paul bone
paul bone:
Watching at 1.5 speed is the best way to consume this content.
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen:
That Vanessa story must have true to the name goths seething. 😆 😤
Noa Greenini
Noa Greenini:
I love how the GOP in California is alright with just straight up lying about the drop boxes being official.
With the Vanessa Hudgens story, I think it really depends on your perspective on cemeteries and death.
Ellie Smithy
Ellie Smithy:
My friend was found in a graveyard on Friday morning... I found out yesterday. I'm broken.
NBA Finals had their lowest ratings in 30 years 🤣🤣🤣 “massive success” my ass
ory lande
ory lande:
Instead of doing a 3 hour podcast he does a line of coke before he starts
Some people accept their dark side and see cemeteries as a resting place- people need to see things on both sides
dyl flah
dyl flah:
It’s amazing to consider the nba season a success when the ratings were down roughly 70% from last year.
Samantha Dumont
Samantha Dumont:
Happy Indigenous Day Philip! 🤟🏼
US: *has elections *

Me: *cringes in European *
Mhmh YouTube is suppressing you again, no notification etc. with bell amd all...