Why Robert Lewandowski is PSG's Biggest FEAR

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From Luis Suarez to Karim Benzema to Sergio Aguero to Edinson Cavani, these are just a few names that spring to mind when we talk about the most consistent strikers of the last ten years. Poland international, Robert Lewandowski is also one of those stars and perhaps, far ahead of his contemporaries. The immensely talented striker was once again in free scoring form for Bayern Munich, for whom he scored 34 goals in 31 Bundesliga games as the Bavarians romped to yet another domestic title.

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5 goals in 9 minutes— breathtaking.
Priyansh Rana
Priyansh Rana:
Muller is also a underrated player in Europe
Lee Wen Yeong
Lee Wen Yeong:
Him and Muller have definitely become of the deadliest Duos in Europe
Mwansa Mundea
Mwansa Mundea:
PSG's defence is currently having nightmares of Lewandowski
Innocent O.
Innocent O.:
Wow there is still an award called Balón d'Or. I forgot about it when it stopped being about performance and was reduced to politics (Ribery and Schneider will understand).
Don’t Read My Profile Picture
Don’t Read My Profile Picture:
“You just cannot be that good!!!!”
Jestem dumny z naszego rodaka

This dude is an absolute machine
People don't seem impressed by him as he lives in the same generation as Messi and Ronaldo. Lewa is physically impressive like to think he almost ended up in Venky's era Blackburn and was only stopped due to a natural disaster lol.
Jesse Minnema
Jesse Minnema:
Lewa definitely deserves Men’s Award, he’s been phenomenal. Bundesliga has never been this entertaining, so yeah, give the man his recognition FIFA.
Daniel Zylkiewicz
Daniel Zylkiewicz:
Man this is the best striker in the world 🌍!!! When he finishes his career he will be the first polish legend on FIFA
Felix Stoye
Felix Stoye:
I was in the Allianz arena when he scored the 5 Goals in 9 minutes. I saw that he will be the best player in the world
Göran Bror
Göran Bror:
Lewandowski is really underrated, he’s been the best striker in the world this season and Ronaldo fans, go ahead and try to change my mind ;)
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
They can take the ballon Dor’ away from Lewandoski but they won’t take the champions league trophy away from him
Robert Lewandowski, my compatriot this season and for all his work. He should win the golden ball, the statistics speak for themselves, but unfortunately the truth is that only Messi or Ronaldo counts for them, the situation would have had a different meaning if he had played for Italian or Spanish clubs. Anthony Clement said Benzema is better than Lewandowski makes me laugh crazy. The way Robert was treated when the golden ball was called off is irrational. I hope Bayern will win the Champions League Robert will do hattrick showing his class I wish him this with all my heart
Lukasz Sleczkowski
Lukasz Sleczkowski:
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat:
I literally feel bad for lewandowski..he is really underrated player and is given less respect and recognition. His ballondor is also getting ripped off. Players like him deserves respect and love. Messi and cr7 has tonnes of ppl to love them but thjs guy win hearts❤... He is a such a humble and decent dude
Maciej Szymanski
Maciej Szymanski:
1. If PSG defence will focus on Lewandowski to cut him off the ball, all the rest of Bayern team will do what they want. It was clearly visible in last two matches against Barca and Lyon. And Lewy scored anyway.
2. He seems to enjoy every minute on the pitch, never get bored or tired or discouraged. Psychologicaly invincible.
3. He is a perfect team player who can precisely pass the ball to companion who is in better position to score.
How is he a "secret weapon" when he is literally the best player of Bayern ?
Bao Chau Nguyen Van
Bao Chau Nguyen Van:
Bayern high defensive line works because of Neuer, he has experience , he can plays like a defender sometimes very well and his goalkeeper skills are top class. Bayern is really confident about Neuer. Same as Germany team in 2014 lol :))
irwan adnan
irwan adnan:
Injuries free thanks to his beloved wife anna love and cares, respect this man a lot not from just him as a prolific striker but also as a great husband and father. I can say, he is a prefect role model for a man. Professional on the pitch, a caring family man in his home. His attitude is worthy of praises too, humble and positive. I hope he achieved his dream of winning a champions League, im sure he will.
Sumeet Chand
Sumeet Chand:
Lewandoski is a beast and today is his birthday
Happy Birthday to the most prolific striker of the 21st century😀
He will surely celebrate his birthday with fireworks on Sunday against PSG.
If he played in La Liga or Premier League, he would be famous 😂🇩🇪😂🇩🇪😂🇩🇪
Petition for french football to give out 2 ballon’dors next year for 2019/20 and 2020/21
A P:
let's face it, Lewandowski has 1.2 million Twitter followers and a player like Mbappe has 4.8 million.
while that may sound silly it proves a great point. Lewandowski is certainly underrated by many.
his simplistic and efficient approach doesn't appeal to great many people. people like to see dribbling and flash and this is just a fact.
RAP 4Live
RAP 4Live:
1 of the best of all time.
Sane Raheem
Sane Raheem:
I knew Lewandowski was good but HOLYYY!!!!
Don Juan
Don Juan:
Best player in 2019/20
Anh Mai
Anh Mai:
He is Polish and playing more than 10 years in Germany in a top German club. Polish and German standard put together, how could it not at great?
offy Dännerson
offy Dännerson:
"Why Lwandowski is a NIGHTMARE for Defenders" -> "because he is never injured"
Pawel C
Pawel C:
6:42 lol, he won't beat 5 players? xD Have you done proper research mate? Just check bundesliga goal vs hannover 96 or against Slovenia ( international) :D
Muller Basnyat
Muller Basnyat:
When ever you talk abt lewa the 9 minute miracle will always be remembered
Red Pill X X
Red Pill X X:
Not to mention he's ball control is AMAZING!
Orient Longman
Orient Longman:
if he was in real Or barca he would have been noted
Rohit Mallah
Rohit Mallah:
I like 3 players most and cr7 messi and Lewandowski. I watched Lewandowski since he came to bayern I love the way he play.this 3 are my pick. I love watching neymar and mbaape too.
I really hope Lewa gets his ballon d'or eventually, and I´m no Bayern fan.
Chandu JR
Chandu JR:
Think about it, the 5 goals in 9 minutes record is something that may never get broken. It is one thing to score a hatrick in under 10 mins, but 5? That's ridiculous! I was lucky to watch that game live. Pep's reaction at the 5th goal felt soo natural. It was a surreal moment.
Remember when no one even spoke about him 2 years ago, man's been the best striker for years now
Biggest PSG fear are Bayern pressing.
Armando G
Armando G:
They will probably watch out for Gnabry too and Goretzka.
Thank you for this movie - a great fan of Lewy from Poland
"Why Robert lewandownski is PSG's biggest fear"
In other news, the sky is looking blue
Itos LaBlanc
Itos LaBlanc:
Lewandowski has clearly learned that it takes a lot of work just to be okay day in day out
If he would've ever played for Barca or Real Madrid, he'd definitely have won the Ballon d'Or already.
LightninG 360
LightninG 360:
Must win the balon dor
Madhav Aratikatla
Madhav Aratikatla:
Happy birthday Robert Lewandowski! 🎊🎊🎉
I watch him since he was in Polish league. After first season at Borussia Dortmund, I knew already, he will become one of the greatest strikers on the planet. I did not know yet then, he will become the best. I realized that about 3 years ago. Trust me, year after year he only gets better. I like this consistency and I know he did not say last word yet.
Robert Playz
Robert Playz:
3-1 Fc Bayern Win!
Great Video, Lawandowski is defently a very dangerous Player!
salka koloi
salka koloi:
This man just can't stop scoring, always hungry the absolute monster and that 5goals in 9minutes
Senadin B BBB
Senadin B BBB:
Why Robert Levandowski is PSG's biggest fear?
Erling Haland: Why not.
Robert Playz
Robert Playz:
Love the videos GoalSide keep up the good work
Leo Randolph
Leo Randolph:
I love how when he was reading out records he did like 5 of them in one game...
I thank Klopp all the time for giving this legend a chance.
SWARM 777:
When talking about careless, injury prone players, a footage of Harry Kane pops up😂😂😂
Pilot Fire
Pilot Fire:
Imagine if Blackburn had signed him lol
TV _Gaming
TV _Gaming:
salka koloi
salka koloi:
He's amazing player deadly strike n axist
jasper van der plas
jasper van der plas:
Ballin do'r organisator: Wait. neither messi or ronald will win. alright cancel this year
heck, even im scared of him
baibaswata nath
baibaswata nath:
Lewandowski scored 4 goals again two days ago lol.
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee:
Definitely the best forward/striker for the pass decade !!!
Lewandowski wife Anna Lewandowska is fitness expert. She have a channel in YouTube about fitness
Jonathan. Christopher
Jonathan. Christopher:
Incroyable reaction 🔥🔴💯
lewandowski turned 32 today happy birthday lewygoalski
What are your Champions League Final score predictions?
Sexy Platoon
Sexy Platoon:
Yeah for years, the best Managers in the World (with their Team) couldn't decode him, but a random YouTube guy did. Seems legit bro.

Anyways good Video don't get me wrong, but still : seems legit bro 😜
There is no sense in "Lewa" in Poland we say "Lewy" and its means "left" so this is correct abbreviation
GNABRY : Am I a joke to you?
PSG : "_____"
Lewandowski is most complete No.9. #BayernLegend
Cxnnor YT
Cxnnor YT:
Shouldve watched out for coman....
Jack William Smith
Jack William Smith:
Wow! I already knew he was in the top three strikers in professional football and I already rated him very highly before watching this but this video has more than confirmed it.
His stats are outstanding
Patryk Pluskota
Patryk Pluskota:
。    •   ゚  。
  .   .      .     。   。 .
 .   。  ඞ 。  . •
• red was not An Impostor. 。 .
Tom3K GrabarzzZ
Tom3K GrabarzzZ:
If i would ever bulid my fantasy football team i would start it off with putting RL9 as CF just because this man is unstoppable and can do anything on the highest level and the best part is that he pretty much never gets injured.
You can't say "ever" and then add "in the last decade".
Ich liebe Dich Baby
Ich liebe Dich Baby:
No Messi or Ronaldo in the final match? But we have Lewandowski, who is on the same level like Messi or Ronaldo. Unluckily this guy never won the ballon d'or. Maybe this year. Best wishes from me (who hates Bayern Munich)
Nathanael Song
Nathanael Song:
There's no point in why it's how
I mean he's lewandowski
Matt Sada
Matt Sada:
simply put-this man is a genius! best striker in the world at the time without the doubt!
Avant Shrestha
Avant Shrestha:
the background music was great!! anyone know the name of the tracks?? thanks in advance!
Lova Rai
Lova Rai:
Well he’s Lewangoalski..you know lewanGOALski....
Bryan Arsenio
Bryan Arsenio:
Scored 4 goals against hertha 2 days ago, gets his master degree for physical education yesterday, goat on and out side of the pitch
Sherzad -_-
Sherzad -_-:
This is gonna be a huge game fcb have (gnabry, muller, Lewa). And psg have (neymar, mbappe, di Maria)
Watch Cartoons
Watch Cartoons:
His love and respect for his team mates and his out standing talent is his secret for scoring more goals
Grzegorz Jacek
Grzegorz Jacek:
Thats why i love Jurgen Klopp.
demonDuncan 14
demonDuncan 14:
He can score 5 goals before you finish watching this video
Manuel David Pisapia
Manuel David Pisapia:
0:05 he said all the "godly" good strickers that wear a number 9

Coinsidence I don't think so
303 sqadron tributte
303 sqadron tributte:
Staphan... is that You?:] I'm almost sure that I know that voice
Lewa is the King of the North all day long, best in the world right now,
I like how now every channel talks about bayern😂😂😂only because they are the favorite to win now😑😑😑....
What happen to liverpool...they where the trend.....so channels spoke about them evertime...last year underdog Ajax was the trend🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.....get clickes and views.....🤑🤑🤑i feel like most channels on youtube only do it for money....they don't really care for football........
Mouad Chaiabi
Mouad Chaiabi:
So many legendary players are unlucky to play in the same generation as Cristiano and Messi. Lewandowski is just one of them.
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
We don’t call him The Grandmaster for nothin’! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
N U:
Imagine having van persie and lewandoski as 2 CF😱😱
David Vasquez
David Vasquez:
0:07 hold up
Jerry Warren
Jerry Warren:
Lewa is one of my favorite athletes of all time but to say he’s a big game player is just lying through your teeth. Aside from a a couple occasions, it’s his biggest flaw.
Marcin Beniak
Marcin Beniak:
He is definitely one of the best strikers in history that for sure!!!
daniel w
daniel w:
What a great video , bravo !!!!!!
Uku Alvela
Uku Alvela:
Anybody here after the ucl final?
Patryk Iwanowicz
Patryk Iwanowicz:
there will be ballondor ceremony :D
pro player
pro player:
9:00 fugo tv does not work in my country. Am in Uganda