WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange extradition blocked by British judge | DW News

A British judge has ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the United States to face espionage charges. The judge said extradition would be "oppressive" to his mental health. Supporters celebrated the verdict outside the courthouse in central London. Assange would have faced up to 175 years in prison if convicted of violating the US Espionage Act. In 2010, he released thousands of classified US military files online. The Australian was first arrested in Britain ten years ago, and sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years. His lawyers have consistently argued that Assange was acting as a journalist and is entitled to freedom of speech protections.


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100+ comentarios:

USA hypocrisy at its best. They always talk about "freedom of speech" but then suppress those speaking the truth. 😷🇺🇸
Oppressed Democracy
Oppressed Democracy:
He is being prosecuted for exposing the war crimes Blackwater committed while Blackwater has been pardoned!!!! This is beyond tyranny!!!
The US is a pariah state. They fabricated lies to go to war in Iraq and journalists and whistleblowers who refused to be complicit paid the price for it like Assange, Snowden, Chelsea Manning.
Some One
Some One:
Uncle Sam without wiki leaks the world would not have learned about American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and diplomatic sources. Thank u Assange 👌👌👌
Yves L.
Yves L.:
Free Julian Assange! It's a shame that the Australian government could not stand up against Uncle Sam to protect its citizen.
Ausun Chang
Ausun Chang:
He should be freed. It is ridiculous that those who were killing civilians and those who committed war crimes are free of charge and instead to prosecute the individual who just revealed the truth that he put life in danger, totally nonsense. Where is justice? Finally this is going to the right direction.
Rollie Tay
Rollie Tay:
They need to give him a noble prize
Jim Carrie Fan club
Jim Carrie Fan club:
This is great news, well done everyone and thank you for your activism.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
USA lecturing the world about human rights while simultaneously engaging in endless wars of imperialism since the 1950s. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq:
in my openion Julian Assange is real hero ..... his only crime is that he expose the biggest criminal enterprise ...
/ khokhar
/ khokhar:
“Not extradition due to mental health” I would call this ruling an oppression, where is so called civilised nation; man was put behind bars for nothing but bringing truth to Iraqi people the atrocities killing millions of Iraqis let alone other countries where drone strikes are regularly carried out.
He should have been thanked and honoured for what he stand for... but we live in civilised democracy where these consider crime.
Henry M
Henry M:
He is a hero. Well done everyone.
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty:
Good news, however the fight for Justice, Freedom of speech, and the protection of press, privacy, whistleblower continue ⚖️
Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter:
Just as a reminder: Trump just pardoned Blackwater’s employees without them being under any threat of war or combat and who still massacred Iraqi men, women and children!!!
Assange is a HERO not a Criminal... US Empire is the criminals
Free Assange US is the criminal!
It's ridiculous to torture anyone in any form anywhere, specially in those 'developed' ones
Ruben Rune
Ruben Rune:
The judge knew he would be in, Epstein- style suicide risk
Avelier Plays
Avelier Plays:
Assange, Manning, Snowden = Heroes

The US = bad guys
One thing I still admire the west is they still have people with heart that care the others.
David Boskett
David Boskett:
This is ridiculous .The US Justice Department is going to appeal -how much longer will this take. How much longer must Julian Assange be kept in prison and in solitary confinement .He needs to be freed as he has already spent 10 years of his life imprisoned in one way or the other .Murderers and rapists are treated with more humanity.
FREE ASSANGE! The satanists will NOT win.
This is a small victory for humanity against the evil and brutal American regime. Please continue exposing the war crimes and barbarity of the US! Assange, you are a hero to the world.
This is brilliant news. 2021 is off to a great start.
We need to senate to bring up the legislation that approves of prisoning whistleblowers.. it should be an ABSOLUTE RIGHT for the citzen of the nation to know what their government is doing!!
Robin Brisebois
Robin Brisebois:
Shining a light on a dark corner filled with maggots isn't a crime!
J. S.
J. S.:
The US judicial process is crazy, filled with pitfalls and unpredictable nonsense. The law enforcement and prosecution teams that legitimize their own actions, are above the law and procedurally do things that are nothing short of inhumane, as is the prison system he would be subjected to. Hopefully the UK will continue to not extradite him to the US, on humanitarian standards alone.
John B
John B:
Mexico has offered Assange political asylum.
Reg G
Reg G:
Free Julian Assange!
Ossie Weinert
Ossie Weinert:
Release him NOW!!!
Πάτροκλος Ἀχιλλεύς
Πάτροκλος Ἀχιλλεύς:
Finally a good news from UK. Well Done !!
Ela Cast
Ela Cast:
I'm so relieved to get these news! I wish Julian will be a free man soon!
Very bad ruling but a very good decision. Free Assange. End the prosecution, not only of him but of all whistleblowers
Free Spirit
Free Spirit:
Australian government involves itself to rescue Drug mules or terrorist group involvement YET turned its back on Assange.🤔🤫🤬
They tried to get the Snowden same method
Kai Harder
Kai Harder:
When they say suicide risk they really mean “suicide” risk
Finally someone with a spine. These developed nations are behaving like terrorist regimes, incriminating anyone who is exposing them.
Mark Drinkwater
Mark Drinkwater:
He is a hero! That should be freed immediately for exposing the TRUTH.
How wonderful must it be to be white, and European. He is going through, “torture.” Imagine what those in prison are undergoing.
Victor Girbu
Victor Girbu:
That's good news
Marcel Terwiel
Marcel Terwiel:
If this will be the final decision, there will be always the possibility that the USA will kidnap Julius. Their leaders are totally sick and paranoid enough to fulflill such an act of crime.
Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice:
Free Assange the great free journalist in western countries.
Danny Medina
Danny Medina:
Tristan C
Tristan C:
Satish Bhat
Satish Bhat:
The smile on the lady lawyers face shows the pressure she is released from.
John Gamble
John Gamble:
just as well , the US would disappear him..
Victory for Justice!
Assange uncovered truth.. if you want to imprison him you are an enemy of truth!
Sergio Gravier
Sergio Gravier:
Find the way to send him to Russia, that is the only place he gonna be safe. Look at the Snowden - lived pretty happy, working, got married.
Sadly there will be different attempts for extradition.
The is no country brave enough to offer asylum, because of fear of the USA
Koude Kroket
Koude Kroket:
I'm not happy with this outcome.

He's not being extradited for the wrong reasons.
clarence Wilson
clarence Wilson:
Imagine America is behaving like the Romans that murdered jesus for speaking the truth the Italians was the Romans at the time
Jerk of Hearts
Jerk of Hearts:
The bigotry of the USA ladys and gentlemen. Grant him asylum here in Europe and give the US the finger.
Great news!
Johnny Tiger
Johnny Tiger:
Too many journalists has been silent. Shame on them-
I love how the truth about the US keeps unfolding! Thank god I wasn't born there
Thank GOD
Very interesting! The Judge literatly labeled the US as a Rogue State.
G Beary
G Beary:
Trump, let him go. We need transparency now more than ever, Mr. President.
Ryan Harriss
Ryan Harriss:
This has to be one of the most angering cases of its nature. We are being well and truly controlled by those whose sole purpose is to serve us. I'm disgusted. I hope for consequences.
Michael Schiffmann
Michael Schiffmann:
Great report by DW! Thank you very much. This is what journalism looks like.
Adrian Eyre
Adrian Eyre:
You ain’t getting assange and that’s the end of it hahaha
Nueroendoctrine carcinoma a family destroyed
Nueroendoctrine carcinoma a family destroyed:
Unaffiliated 1
Unaffiliated 1:
Leave the door 🚪 open, we'll take it from there
Lidija Popovic
Lidija Popovic:
Support to Julian Assange..a hero to many ♥️
Some One
Some One:
Thanks to the almighty Christ that Assange will not be brought to USA.
That’s great news for this year. Uncle Sam cannot kill journalism 👌
It would be great if he discloses his meeting dealings with Nigel Farage
Syed Shah
Syed Shah:
There should be a Nuremberg like trial for these criminals who murdered people in cold blood . Why is there , this double standard ? Why is the “bully on the block”, allowed to go Scot free ? Why does the conscience of the world drifts into deep sleep whenever the crimes of this Hegemonic state and it’s “crony”in the Middle East , come under the microscope ?
Good jugde, don't bow to the US.
James Anderson
James Anderson:
He should be protected under international laws for exposing US war crimes - many political war crimes for oil
Stormy Snyder
Stormy Snyder:
As a US citizen, I am ashamed of our actions and I plead that anyone who can help to keep Assange safe, please do so. Please do NOT send him to the U. S.
delmarie crandall
delmarie crandall:
Assange is a journalist who reported truth and violated the rights and safety of no one! I petition Queen Elizabeth II to free Assange, to pardon any claims that he criminally obtained his video of military abuse resulting in murders of civilians. FREE ASSANGE. He has the right to heal. It is inhumane what psychological torture he has been subjected to and his body surely is in bleak condition. FREE ASSANGE!
1 2
1 2:
I wouldnt be too optimistic about this, they had to use his health as an strategy to avoid extradition because they consider what he did is punishable, he was saved but journalism wasn't, even worse he will have to defend himself in court again. I wonder what the chinesse news says about this.
Alex Povolotski
Alex Povolotski:
Victory for judiciary system!!
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
How very cruel!!! He hasn't gotten any sun. That reminds me of the last time I was on holiday in Ibiza. It rained the entire time. Talk about torture!!!
Christine Maher
Christine Maher:
Julian, is a world hero.He should be FREE.
Woww, bold move from the 51th member state :D
Elci Queiroz Borges
Elci Queiroz Borges:
Que bom que as autoridades Britânico, bloqueou a extradição de ASSANGE JULIAN.
#ASSANGE JULIAN herói humanitários
Akmal Hafiz
Akmal Hafiz:
Good news
R Smith
R Smith:
This news gladdens me . Mr. Assange's persecution by my government , for exposing the shame of my government is yet another shame . That said , we need another word in English to describe his experience . It is not torture , and frankly describing it so is offensive , and harmful to all those who have and will suffer it .
Radar Finter
Radar Finter:
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador President of Mexico just offered Julian political asylum.

Assange FREE NOW!!!
The true base of western countries is showing itself through its treatment of assange.
Not so concerned with democracy, liberty and human rights after all.
Tiffany Hammond
Tiffany Hammond:
Thank god. The dems already threatened his life. Cant wait for assange to be free so he can take down the entire united states. The ccp is going to cease to exsist.
Three cheers for the man who helped pulled the strings! All hail Assange! 🙌
Good for him, he really exposed hypocrisy of political leaders
Ceres Station
Ceres Station:
Sad day for DW news and all other American puppets out there 🤣🤣
Sully Velasquez
Sully Velasquez:
Miracles happen ❤️.
When can we expect US administration butchers extradited to Nuremberg to face a trial for crimes against humanity?
2021 starting off to be good with this decision
Y Qisq
Y Qisq:
The fact that the US wants to bring him down so badly shows that the US has many more unthinkable atrocities yet to be exposed.
chacha Truth
chacha Truth:
If the Clinton's & the Bush's& Obama can get away with MURDER!
Grimm Viper
Grimm Viper:
LOL Now he has to deal with Biden, lets hope Julian has a lot of money, Biden only understands one language.
Ali Aboudi
Ali Aboudi:
Stay strong Assange, God bless you
Elizabeth Gallagher
Elizabeth Gallagher:
I am glad he won't come to the USA. He has been tormented for far too long.
Walter Kai Yuen Pang
Walter Kai Yuen Pang:
WOW !!!

The U.N. actually ' did something useful ' .....

Thea Ouch
Thea Ouch:
Free him at once, all charges drop.
Ale abogado
Ale abogado:
the Judge should exonerate completely of every charge to Julian from my point of view.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
Well, that was a fair and balanced report. Bravo!!!