Wild ‘N Out Cast Wilds Out w/ 2Chainz 😂 Kick Em’ Out The Classroom (Full Video) | Wild 'N Out

We celebrated the VMA’s by taking things back to the classroom and kicking off a new game with 2Chainz 📝 Watch both squads try to hold their own with just a beat bumpin’ on the desk, following a previous classmates flow.

#WildNOut #MTV

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No body in the entire world:

2chains: a turkey burger
gabrielle de la rosa
gabrielle de la rosa:
DC trying to rhyme with " geometry " had me ROLLING 😭
MollyWorld Bih
MollyWorld Bih:
“ I be lookin like Mona Lisa in the classroom! “
‼️‼️ “you got MAN features in the classroom!”😭😭😭💀
Lyrical genius
Lyrical genius:
Britain Hicks
Britain Hicks:
“You got a lot a man features”😂😂😂
Camila Bezdán
Camila Bezdán:
When Con said "I've been doin' geometry in the classroom."
DC turned into Designer at the end. XD
“I be doing ge-omerty in the class room”

*DC: “ninja was happien in da nakin in yeh yeh”*

1k omg I am not that funny 😭🥴🤍
Daquan Smith
Daquan Smith:
“Where the hell you going with the pizza in the classroom” 💀
Officially. Asia
Officially. Asia:
I actually like this game🤣 they should do more of it
They should definitely do this more often
DAIZ aloka
DAIZ aloka:



Hayford Sarfo
Hayford Sarfo:
Cooper St Onge
Cooper St Onge:
When dc spoke gibberish bc there’s almost nothing that rhymes with geometry
1422 NV
1422 NV:
“Charlie Clips aint got no neck in the classroom” had me 💀
Kenneth Quezada
Kenneth Quezada:
They really just did Justina 😂😂😂
“I be doing ge-ometTRY in the classroom!”

“Ninja was happened gn neyneyyama yet!!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laci Pink Mancha
Laci Pink Mancha:
Okay they definitely need to do this more often and lmao poor Justina 😂
2:01 - DC soundin' like DoodleBob. 😂
she she
she she:
Justina so cool. She just plays along and just laughs. Looove her😍😍
“You gotta lotta man features...”😭🤣
Siana Lindsay
Siana Lindsay:
“You gotta lotta man features”😂
studio manager
studio manager:
2:32 His big ass just said “Yeah” 😂😂😂
Anne Gabrielle Velasco
Anne Gabrielle Velasco:
rip michaels roasting on justina during the whole game had me laughing 😂
Premire Jackson
Premire Jackson:
DCyoungFly: " yall know Im fresh as death in the classroom" 😂😂😂
“What’s happenin hahgdhhajhtbenhrbr” dc quotes the words of a god
Axstro_ Flyz
Axstro_ Flyz:
When dc says what’s happening in yeyanagy 😂🤣 I died 1:59
Emmarie Garcia
Emmarie Garcia:
3:11 Paper in the background says "do you like me yes or no" Im deaddd
Thazz Sline
Thazz Sline:
Lmao yall heard dc youngfly mans said "nvgha was hadnen niyagyag yea yea" LMAO 2:00
Jeffrey Pittman
Jeffrey Pittman:
Charlie Clips ain’t got no neck in the classroom 😂
the dreaming hermit
the dreaming hermit:
Con: “Geometry in the classroom”

DC: Yin yang ya ya yee yang
Let’s be honest we all came here just to see “you got a lot of man feature” 😂😂
Seriously they need to do *kick em out the classroom* more often I love this
Patience Kanyiki
Patience Kanyiki:
“Hitman hit then I’m next” 💀😭😫
Deja Lee
Deja Lee:
2chains had me in my grave talking bout some dang on turkey burgers in the classroom 😂
Musaab Agraw
Musaab Agraw:
Wait when Carlos got kicked out there was someone on his left and 2 chains right wearing red. After they kicked him out he disappeared and 2 chains went. HUH?
ZZ periodt
ZZ periodt:
Me: justiana want DC young fly,Hit man want justiana.
Me again:🙄😏😂
Iceberg MM
Iceberg MM:
Rip Micheals has been dissin Justina Valentine the whole damn time
Landen Wallace
Landen Wallace:
They had to feed Big Mac for him to participate in it 😂
T Mill
T Mill:
I died at man festures lmfaooooo he was on her AZZZZZ
Ramon Heffe
Ramon Heffe:
Hitman’s dance at 1:37 is me when I get the email that my vacation time was approved
Peachy x Crys
Peachy x Crys:
ahem "Hood school musical" anyone
francesca shinhoster
francesca shinhoster:
That dude been roasting justina the whole game.

Edit: thanks for 1.1k❤
Karabo Molotsi
Karabo Molotsi:
AM I THE ONLY ONE who can't see where the dude next to two chains disappeared to???
That man big Mac fat

He got a whole pizza "in the classroom"

Also happy 2020 everyone
I be doing geometry in the classroom DC: was happening nannahdh
Nick: "ah do it to the left in the classroom"
Jaydan Rice
Jaydan Rice:
Big Mac didn’t even care about the game he had a whole pizza😂😂😂😂
ReeAnn Ellison
ReeAnn Ellison:
"You got a lotta man features in the classroom" 😂😂😂😂
Marcus Bell
Marcus Bell:
I still don’t get how karlous Miller got out lol
Ck C
Ck C:
Karlos said “ain’t nothing left” and then nick said “dude to the left” why ain’t nick go out?
Miracle Chiiild
Miracle Chiiild:
B Simone should've said "I'm Bobby Shmurda in the classroom" or something like that🤷🏽‍♀️
when dc said "nyingnyangnyiyoyeye" I felt that.
Bee Sims
Bee Sims:
0:56 is it me or was that Lil' Zane??!!
I love how everyone one was “justina’s ass .... in the classroom” 😂😂
Cyrus Wanyaga
Cyrus Wanyaga:
Teacher: No eating in the class
Should've had a wild n out girl as the teacher
Donoven Michel
Donoven Michel:
“Where the hell you goin with the pizza in the classroom” I don’t see that in the comments🤣🤣🤣
Hahaha! Conceded totally targeted DC when he opened with that "geometry" line. 😂
Chalaylee Myers
Chalaylee Myers:
"Man your weave is the best in the classroom"
"im 2chainz. turkey burger"
Drippy Gamana
Drippy Gamana:
“I just subscribed in the classroom”
Sheen Boo
Sheen Boo:
Man I didn’t think I’d like anything more then “ Pick Up and Kill it “ But “ In The Classroom “ is making its way to the top of my list 🥰
Marvin Guzmán
Marvin Guzmán:
I should probably charge my phone, in the classroom
destiny morrow
destiny morrow:
I love this game.They should do this game more often on the show.
Al Tee
Al Tee:
🔥🔥🔥 please bring this game back
Karabo Molotsi
Karabo Molotsi:
"You got a lot of man features" That dude buried Justina!! hahahaha!
The Malik Experience
The Malik Experience:
“You Got A Lot Of Man Features” in the classroom 🤣🤣
Percy Bello
Percy Bello:
2 Chains Brain: wtf did I say...Oh!
2 Chains: "A Turkey burger in the classroom"
Dorian Bivens
Dorian Bivens:
“Ninja was happening in pn namanya yeh yeh”
-DC 2019
Darin Hiwa
Darin Hiwa:
I would actually listen to this on spotify
Aaydia Lí
Aaydia Lí:
‘GOD BLESS IN THE CLASSROOM’ I liked that one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Anyone know why when Karlous got out the person next to him did as well?
Imvu Imvu
Imvu Imvu:
"where the hell you going wit the pizza in the classroom"🤣🤣
The Chosen ONE
The Chosen ONE:
This was the best they've came up with overall. #ThatAssImNotImpress💣😂
Samantha Jagroop
Samantha Jagroop:
They really ganged up on my girl Justina 😭 “you got a lot of man features “ “that a** I am not impressed “ “looking at that a** imma laugh “ he’s really tryna kill her vibe 😂😭
Princess Jada
Princess Jada:
DC should have said "all of y'all really should follow me" in the classroom
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce:
2Chains Best Saying Is Turkey Burger In The Classroom
Honey Is Natural
Honey Is Natural:
Need to add this one more often.
C'Jae Ransom
C'Jae Ransom:
rip michaels roasting on justina during the whole game had me dyingggg 😂
“Charlie Clipse he ain’t got no neck!” In the classroom 😂
Queenisha Harris
Queenisha Harris:
I laugh everytime it's his turn TO COME FOR JUSTINA again 😂
Zain Ali
Zain Ali:
“You got a lotta man features” 🤣😭🤣
Love Trolling
Love Trolling:
2:39 this is what happens at the back of the classroom 😂😂😂
Sir FluffyLJ
Sir FluffyLJ:
I lost it when he said "you got a lot of man features"
riaa williams
riaa williams:
“ ion even rlly see a preacher i/n the classroom “ 🤣!
"The he'll u goin wit da pizza"😂😂
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart:
Did Chainz really say “a turkey burger in the classroom”? What? 😂
When u just talk at loud be like 2chainz: a turkey burger in the classroom
Jim babosa
Jim babosa:
Meeen we need Michael Blackson, in the class room
The Freak
The Freak:
The boy who kept eating the pizza: “yea🤤” shit had me crying😭😭
Eunice Castro
Eunice Castro:
justina must've been like "why he keep coming at me for no reason"😭😭
Furry Mike
Furry Mike:
I never had this much fun IN THE CLASSROOM!!!
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham:
"The hell u goin wit the pizza in the classroom" lol My new favorite game on the show. Love it.
Real Slaxx
Real Slaxx:
"I be doing geometry in the classroom"
"Aye what's happenin eniñomenenee in the classroom" 😂😂
Brayden Sanford
Brayden Sanford:
I need to see more of these 💯♨️🔥
Toxic_silkyyboi Toxic clan
Toxic_silkyyboi Toxic clan:
1:58 had me dead😂
Daniel Bowen
Daniel Bowen:
Yeooo he been on justina the whole entire time!😆🤦‍♂️😂 But honestly did y'all see big mac da whole time?!🍕😂
Kick him out the classroom 😂 when you born with the pizza at the classroom 😂😂😂😂😂
A.D. Jackson
A.D. Jackson:
Rip has it in for Justina in this one. Sheesh.
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor:
Rip just kept frying Justina😂😭🤦🏻‍♂️