Will Bale Start? Tottenham Vs West Ham [PREDICTED LINE-UP]

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Need to do a predicted bench lineup these days! The squad is stacked!
Quake: Destroyer of worlds
Quake: Destroyer of worlds:
Bale won't start. He'll probably come on in the second half win lose or draw because he needs some minutes to get back into it.
Josh Wiggan
Josh Wiggan:
Aurier Sanchez Toby Regulion
Sissoko Hojbjerg
Bale Ndombele Son
Kc Link
Kc Link:
Son, Harry and Bale all playing at once. Any time would be scared of that.
Michael Scales
Michael Scales:
I think Jose will put him on the bench,and start very defensively.West Ham are on a decent run,(3-0 against Leicester and 4-0 v Wolves) and we must not underestimate them.With 30 mins left he'll put him on.If we're winning at that stage he can show us what he can do,and if we're losing he'll give us an extra goal scorer to turn the game around.
2-1 to Spurs.
Josh Simons
Josh Simons:
Keep up the content lads keeping us updated all things spurs out of curiosity which of our kits do u like the most mines the yellow one
Jose principles are you put in the work ànd fight for him and you will get the minutes.. simple as that
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar:
Sonny 🔥🔥🔥🔥 absolutely world class
Football Heritage
Football Heritage:
Doherty Sanchez Toby Reg
Ndombele Hojbjerg Sissoko
Bale Kane Son
Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner:
I think Alli ought to come in this game. With Lo Celso out, a derby game is just what he needs to get fired up again
Reagan Steyn
Reagan Steyn:
not from the UK but wouldn't it have been something if u guys were allowed into the games n there when Bale was brought on as a sub against West Ham,sure the roof would have been blown off,real pitty
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
To much to comment on in one comment.
About the line up, exactly how I would've put them accept with Hojberg dropping back and winks on the right instead of Sissoko, because I think Winks only dropped out to be fresh for the Premier League, maybe he listened to José and thought I'd rather stay fresh and get my place in the starting 11, or not maybe he had git a niggle needs dealing with but I doubt it, plus if he's not injured then the international break should've given him plenty of rest time apart from training obviously.
About G. Bale I think will either start and go off at around 65+mins swapping for Lamela or Lucas or he'll come on for one of them for the last 25mins.
Carlos Vicinius will come on for Kane second half around the 74th minute.
#COYS, Potential EPL Champions 2020/21.
Dean Cox
Dean Cox:
My prediction = End to end game final score 3-2 tottenham Kane pen, bale free kick , and son worldie assisted by Kane through ball , Antonio brace , come from behind aswell
Peter eseme Aduma
Peter eseme Aduma:
Tottenham will destroy EPL and Europe this year
3-0 Tottenham, 1 Bale goal
Bongo Bongo
Bongo Bongo:
The energy around Tottenham is great 👍,hope at the end of 2020/2021 season,a cup to show up!!
Paul Ahton
Paul Ahton:
Hamstrings are due to too many games.
PVP Penguin
PVP Penguin:
West Ham show up twice a year and both times against us😂😂😂
Asher Mazibuko
Asher Mazibuko:
Come On You Spurs!!
Electric Forest
Electric Forest:
Bale won't start. Just watch
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas:
Centre half injuries? Ben Davies can play as a left handed CH in a back five. He has been so consistent for Spurs & Wales this season. He will be very unlucky to be left out
Peter Fairhurst
Peter Fairhurst:
I've a feeling Bale will start. Kane, Bale Son on the teamsheet would put the fear of God into any team and then we have that crucial psychological advantage going onto the pitch. Never underestimate the power of psychology in football.
Goat Alert
Goat Alert:
Just can't wait for the front three🤤😂
Sergio amos
Sergio amos:
I predict 3-0 win for Tottenham
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
I've never understood that term , " Starting on the bench " .
zanir ebrahim
zanir ebrahim:
You got it right about Toby, he is pedestrian and is likely to be a spectator against real pace!
Valdemar Duarte
Valdemar Duarte:
Vinicius coming off the bench at anytime
Mr. Bawajee
Mr. Bawajee:
No way Aurier starts ahead of Doherty. Too unreliable and plus he’s played a lot over the international break.
My prediction
TOT 3 - 1 WHU
Immortal Training
Immortal Training:
I’ve got £20 that says Ben can’t go an entire episode without saying “💯%” 😂
haniffa lafir
haniffa lafir:
Come on you Spurs continue the demolition job.
Good luck guys
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
We really spoilt for choice! Strong first eleven, strong bench!💪💪💪👌👍
Inotnersh 27
Inotnersh 27:
My predicted lineup Hugo, Doherty, Sanchez, Toby, Reguilon, Sissoko, Højbjerg, ndombele, Kane, son, bale,
alex xoxx
alex xoxx:
Toby should start regardless
Over Powered
Over Powered:
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang:
Hope u guys lose bc of bale performance 🤣
Will Pickering
Will Pickering:
Would love a clean sheet
ssai james
ssai james:
Son Offers from Manchester United ?
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
I've been commenting on many videos since José arrival at #THFC and commented on José Mourinhos' busy language, his facial expressions, his attitude, his press conferences, saying he's never looked more relaxed and at Home as be dies since joining #SPURS, more than I've ever seen him at any other club at any other time in the EPL. I think he's really found his home, and could thus actually be the club he spends more than two seasons at, making it his longest serving run at any club until he gets offered a Portuguese international managerial position.
Do you agree, viewers please press like if you do, and your opinions at W,A,T,TV, please lads.
Jamie pretty
Jamie pretty:
UNOFFICIAL Manila/Philippines Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club fb shared
Robert Yi
Robert Yi:
£200+ million transfer fee bench. When has this ever happened, never.
Pierre doesn’t give hammers a chance to make a run for goal. 3-0 Spurs
Bry Reynolds
Bry Reynolds:
Gareth WALES
I can't wait too watch the game
i like that you guys talk positive things even from opponents like u said bowen is dangerous etc. In the arsenal fan channel or waht even is it they just say that opponents are shit theyll win they game and stuff like that #coys
KBS 가즈아~
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
4-1 with West Ham playing 5 at the back with four in midfield and one upfront, a 5-4-1, so hopefully the front three are in fire again tomorrow. T.H.F.C 3-0 W.H.U.F.C.
Bake Kane and son/Lamela.
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith:
The match begin and we're 1 up
Breast Masseuse
Breast Masseuse:
Caught out on the rodon signing! Should have recorded 2 sets, on with and one without the transfer :p
Vincent Webster
Vincent Webster:
Morning Ben and Sim this game has got a bale debut goal all this derby great content again guys
James Fennell
James Fennell:
Let’s hope the Cardiff lad turns up! 🤩
Curtis Piper
Curtis Piper:
Maria Fred
Maria Fred:
##Tottenham 5 west 0 #
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar:
Sonny hatrick 🔥🔥🔥🔥
What do you mean regullion keeps his place we bought him for a reason and that’s to start🤦🏾‍♂️
I agree with starting line-up , even though Lamela played well against united albeit for the 1st half , you can't ignore Bale , he has to start. Not only is the starting line up impressive the bench is also fcking awesome . Vinny, Lucas , Lamela , Alli , Davies ,Winks, Hart etc.. we have such impressive depth now. COYS...!! I'm going for a 4-2 win.
5-0 Tottenham 🙌🙌🙌
Raheem Cousins
Raheem Cousins:
6-1 spurs
Tyn's Never Sus
Tyn's Never Sus:
I hope Toby plays well 😔😔🥺
Ay Guy
Ay Guy:
HE WILL NOT START. Jose already made that clear. Def a bench option this weekend though
the score is going to be five one
doherty Toby Sanhez Regulion
sissoko Hojberg
Bale Kane Son
Fadjar Abdillah
Fadjar Abdillah:
Yes Ba-so-ka
Shaun Sam
Shaun Sam:
Love u guys. Great channel
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
Whats happened to bergwijne and moura .
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor:
I have a serious question . Are ham strings just the non vegan version of cheese strings ?
Bright Avuglah
Bright Avuglah:
6-0 to Spurs
Don't believe Bale will start, will definitely play in the game, but I feel like they slowly give him time to be full 90 fit
Broad Sword
Broad Sword:
Wish the result 5:2
hslatts YT
hslatts YT:
Is that a green screen?
jamaja and trash
jamaja and trash:
Adam F
Adam F:
3-1 with Bale brace and a goal from Son
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
I know we should be confident and optimistic after the last league game result , but this is Spurs , and we've seen this so many times before , preparing for the best , and receiving the worst . Still i expect a hard fought win , 3-2 or 4-2 , regardless of the line up . David Moyes being back on the touchline for them , is another positive for us .
2277 72
2277 72:
SandD Simpson
SandD Simpson:
Clean sheet for us,3 or 4 for us,COYS
Peter Fairhurst
Peter Fairhurst:
Are there any Spurs fans out there not getting very excited about the coming season?
Overc spurs
Overc spurs:
Not worrying since Moyes is back. At their best Antonio will probably score 1 but we are going to hammer them for at least 4! CoyS
John Kedward
John Kedward:
HaHaHaHaHa HaHahaHa
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog:
3go Nines
3go Nines:
D Freitas
D Freitas:
Bale will jot play in the 11.. he will be on the bench and enter in the second half. He is not 100% Fit not yet
Peter J Mallia
Peter J Mallia:
Injuries are gonna happen especially to a young player like Japhet Tanganga who's eager to please and eager to shine which as he's the type to go all in on tackles all out in defence, he bound to get injured lads, it's a shame because he's Avery very good prospect for #SPURS the sort of player I like because he like an old school defender to whom puts the game, his job first before his injury worries, plus he'd push the others defensive players by showing them how good he is at his age, a lot to learn but a brilliant prospect for the future of THFC as long as all goes to plan and there's no lashing injuries.
Great Episode lads.
The fantastic We Are TOTTENHAM TV.
Bop Hero
Bop Hero:
Tot will lose West on Sunday tomorrow let believer me
Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker:
Be surprised if Bale starts but yeah agree with predictions
LOST Galaxy
LOST Galaxy:
What time te game?
Drsoumen Biswas
Drsoumen Biswas:
You know a thing .......when Jose says umm ya we'll see probably .......that is the most certain thing in the universe ........But still I have a 50-50 feeling about bale bcz of his lack of game time last season .......don't seeing Jose pushing him quick .......let the king return steadily but to fit perfect to the team
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith:
1_0 to spurs
tai long
tai long:
Who s on the bench
L Peterden
L Peterden:
What a good front
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Jeff Stelling on Saturday there's not a harder working centre forward Dominic calvert lewin obviously not watched spurs before there's not I repeat Jeff Stelling there's not a harder work g centre forward in the world than Harry kane
Des Futcher
Des Futcher:
2.0 fancy a clean sheet
Sue Smith
Sue Smith:
Can’t see Gareth starting , probably come on in the second half ( hopefully when we are winning ) . The sight of him on our bench will be intimidating enough for the opposition .
that is a scary arse team i predict a riot
Hanny Surya Lasmana
Hanny Surya Lasmana:
Super Basoka, Bale, Son, Kane
The Realist
The Realist:
Lloris, Aurier, Toby, Sanchez, Reguilon, Hojbjerg, Sissoko, Ndombele, Lucus, Son, Kane. I think this will be the lineup Jose should pick to start, Bale, Bergwijn, Dele, Vinicius to come off the bench if we are need of a goal.
Some Guy
Some Guy:
Winks should not be starting! He is ok off the bench in the second half but not starting. He is not strong enough or creative enough
Atifa Hassani
Atifa Hassani:
5 1 bape 2 goals kane 2 son 1
Raymond Tavener
Raymond Tavener:
Gareth will get a goal in and will start most definitely as he is fit to play and a manager like Jose will play him. If you think otherwise that’s silly, put Doherty in instead of aurier as he’s absolutely shit and then we have ourselves an amazing line up for Sunday !! COYS 🇮🇱🤍💙