Will Cristiano Ronaldo win a trophy with Manchester United? | ESPN FC Extra Time

ESPN FC's Don Hutchison, Gab Marcotti and Shaka Hislop join Dan Thomas to answer the best fan questions in ESPN FC's Extra Time.
0:00 Does the Premier League analyze a referee's performances for biases?
5:30 Is it harder to play against 10 men?
7:00 What percent chance does Cristiano Ronaldo have to win a trophy with Manchester United?
8:00 Why is no one talking about Jamal Musiala?
9:00 Who is the new face of the Serie A?

10:32 What went wrong for Shaka on Ronaldo's first career goal?

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100+ comentarios:

This is the best United 11 since Alex Ferguson retired. Ole should get a lot of credit for that, (even if you take out Ronaldo) however this is the season that he has to deliver
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar:
By getting in Ronaldo, the glazers have in fact increased the marketability of the club, and stocks are gonna go up. If they don't use the profits to invest in a quality CDM, trophies are going to be but a dream. Scholes, Carrick, Keane. Every club that has won the league or the CL or gone on to win doubles and trebles have had quality midfielders, especially a top quality CDM. Get it done!
S Bam
S Bam:
That 1st question "should Arsenal bring in a relegation specialist manager" was hilarious.
Olaf Haroldsonn II
Olaf Haroldsonn II:
Extra time is starting to become my daily entertainment
Matthew Snider
Matthew Snider:
Best chance for United to win silverware in years (and this team is waaaay better than the team that won the Europa League in 2017 or the FA Cup the year before). Nothing is guaranteed in football, but as a United supporter, I'm as excited as I've been since SAF retired.
Monsieur Doug
Monsieur Doug:
Always chose YES when it comes to CR7. He's all about possibilities.
Mikey Johnson
Mikey Johnson:
To be fair, given last seasons improvements, I think it's fair to say that Man U had an extremely good chance of winning something. Add him into the mix. 20+ extra goals a season can only increase their chances.
Professor Haaland
Professor Haaland:
If Ronaldo bang in the goals and United defend as a unit, Ole thinks he might not need a CDM.
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty:
Muriel, chiesa, Lozano, Martinez... Lots of brilliant players
Alistair Archibald
Alistair Archibald:
at first i hated how off the rails this show gets but now i love it, keep er goin boys
Jefferson Kaka
Jefferson Kaka:
If he had given the penalty in real-time and VAR asked him to have a Check. I would understand him just having a look at the frame freeze and sticking to his decision.
Forrest Pump
Forrest Pump:
Imagine United not finishing top 4 or finishing 3rd in UCL group stage. We'd see CR7 in UEL. They have to win something major now.
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor:
I think the referees are more affected by the return of crowds than the players. All the controversial calls have gone to the home teams. 🤔
i n t e l l e c t w e b well done for everything you have done
It's not about winning trophy for untied at this point they just saved their legend from City
ankeet sharma
ankeet sharma:
Gab looks like he has been punished to sit there. The way he rolls his eyes on some of the answers is epic.
Patrick R
Patrick R:
Gabs facial expressions tell the whole story
KAsh Sres
KAsh Sres:
That first question about bringing a coach for relegation is the most insulted and offended Arsenal fans have ever felt almost to the point of feeling abused.🤦🏻‍♂️
Tom D
Tom D:
Like every season the officials will do everything in their power to help them yesterday's game against Wolves was another classic example of Utd playing under different rules than everyone else.
There is no truer saying that it is better to be lucky than good.
If Arsenal go down, they will have - by far - the largest stadium in the EFL Championship.
Ford Bass
Ford Bass:
Wonderful ⚽️💪💪🏼💪🏾
So let me get this straight, the ref who Gab spoke to never outright denied that refs can be biased and instead says that if he wanted to be biased then it'd be smarter not to make a bad call on a big play. 🤫
Dermot O'Connell
Dermot O'Connell:
I usually enjoy watching the guys and value their expert opinions on all football related matters. However, I find the ongoing pillorying of Don Hutchison distasteful. It reminds me of my school days when ill-informed teachers would humiliate pupils with dyslexia and dyscalculia in front of the entire class. Craig Burley actually refers to Don as being stupid on a regular basis. 🙄
Frank Codrington
Frank Codrington:
Yes he will win a trophy in his second term in ManU because he is that good an he will score ah hatrick on his first game on his second coming
sakin hasan
sakin hasan:
The Don and Dan show! Make it happen 😄
Yes. The depth in this current United squad is possibly the best depth in the premier league. I think United will compete for Trophies on all competitions this season, exciting season ahead. Ronaldo will bring a winning mentality to this squad on top of what Bruno has delivered. A title charge this season is the only acceptable target at this point.
Kyle Boswell
Kyle Boswell:
15+ over the next 4 years. 3 trebles. 2 6 title seasons plus a WC and another Euro
We have such a big squad,need to sell players like lingaard,martial,mata,james ,van dee beek.Definitley they are not going to get much playing time.I
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen:
Ronaldo comming back home his mere presence in united is gonna lift the boys game big time and get united playing entertaining footy again.
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley:
Would love for a reality check for him and Messi
Nirvana Bliss
Nirvana Bliss:
It's amazing nobody is realising how City has made sure there's no room for Halland in any other team apart from them, now Halland has no other choice apart from going to City. City has a brilliant business strategy 👏
Abhinav kumar
Abhinav kumar:
I dont know why there's so much hatred for Ronaldo🤦‍♂️
I think he definitely will, no brainer
Why Douwanttoknow
Why Douwanttoknow:
Question should have been.. Can Ronaldo win a trophy with ole.. Answer to that would have to be.. Ronaldo may be the greatest but that's asking to much let's just aim for 2nd an finals. 😂 😂 😂
One Ghee
One Ghee:
We need to Get Fabrizio Romano on ESPN FC
Aritra Roy
Aritra Roy:
Well if he doesn't, Ole needs to be sacked on the spot.
Enough excuses so far. Now United have one of the best squads around. Time to deliver silverware
Dan Thomas is pure entertainment
Attila 22
Attila 22:
Don should just say 50% from now on. It either happens or it doesn't.
Banana Spiel
Banana Spiel:
ESPNfc trying to come to terms with the fact that Cristiano is now a MU player…
Fadi Ajina
Fadi Ajina:
United are now a big team with Ronaldo and their transfers so I think possibly two trophies or three if possible which I hope they do win.
Beast YT
Beast YT:
The best signing Manchester United has made since the signing of ronaldo in 2003
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447:
If Man UTD & Ronaldo win another CL then Ronaldo needs a statue outside Old Trafford 🔥
Roberto Mari
Roberto Mari:
Oh so now Ronaldo plays in Premier and suddenly he is good again 😆
Dez Herz
Dez Herz:
Imagine thinking an out of prime 36 year old is the answer to not winning anything important in years 🤣🤣🤣
Teal Square
Teal Square:
How TF did Fabinho & Salah not get a booking?
Bon Kngr
Bon Kngr:
SHAKA: Ronaldo if he wins trophies for a real Manchester United it Will be because of Pogba the best player in the world.
N K:
Man u are def not the favorites to win any major trophy but they are one of the top clubs in the world especially with the addition of cr7. So anything is possible whether it is the pl or the cl or both.
Sean Rid
Sean Rid:
Such a good show they all make me laugh and all cant stand man united, but thats ok 🤣
Alex Perez
Alex Perez:
I think they can win the league this year or next, and if Ronaldo took them back to the top after 8-9 years without the title (remember United used to win more than half the titles for the first 20 years of the Premier league under Sir Alex) it would be huge.
Jax Cane
Jax Cane:
🤣🤣🤣people still doubt Ronaldo?! Unbelievable
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy:
The papers all over the place just shows Dan's dynamic character. Not overly controlled, not overly neat and tidy. A go-with-the-flow kinda guy. Not like some pundits who make sure they convey a sense of complete correctness, complete tidiness, complete control . . . . . . except for the bobbing up and down in his chair as though he were in a small rubber dinghy in the middle of a tumultuous ocean. Eh, Shaka ?!!🤣🤣🤣
sweety chakma
sweety chakma:
I Love Cr7
These man talked about Mourinho when he was at Spurs. Now that he is ripping it apart in Serie A he is not in the focus 🤣
Pradeep Tudu
Pradeep Tudu:
MU has really young and talented squad... With CR, Varane and Cavani they should. Of cause it's going to be tough but it's possible.
Young Munru
Young Munru:
Nah. I mean yeah they will probably win conference league next year. But that's it. I mena having 2 strikers with combined age 70+ is like a joke 😂
United is blood we got CR7 back in United is great news for as
There is no bias, that call was correct.
Rodycaz II
Rodycaz II:
Yes, yes he will. How many is the real question.
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol:
Can seen him leading them to Europa league glory in a few years, maybem.
nbk kiks
nbk kiks:
win or not, hats off to CR7 for joining the best/toughest league in europe/world, unlike someone else!😉
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Ace Ventura Pet Detective:
No. They already dropped points. Ronaldo will definitely help. But I believe they have to keep Cavani. Or add one more player. Tbh Bale or Benzema would be good as Ronaldo already knows them.
Someone explain to me how that wasn’t a penalty? Without his arm that was a guaranteed goal. Las team I wanna see score is Liverpool. But if that’s not a pen from now on might as well start training players to stand in the goal and do that all the time. Some people are just stupid.
Pranav Chavan
Pranav Chavan:
Yeah strong contender for FA cups.
Califaz 2000
Califaz 2000:
I say 65% they won’t win a 🏆
Brian Obanda
Brian Obanda:
It's bad. Real bad city had 81% ball possession with 25-1 shots on target . Arteta needs to go and I am not an arsenal fan .
Shaka..what about the kovacic red card..hv u forgotten that?
Its happening everytime AT referees Chelsea dnt u c that pls put a spectacle
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
“Get your life in order!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Will be a tough task to win a trophy with this United and under THIS MANAGER.
rovert mwenye
rovert mwenye:
This guy and percentages 😂😂😂
W. Kamara Njoku
W. Kamara Njoku:
The problem is that Ole will find a way to bottle it
The face of Serie A has to be Jose Mourinho. There is no bigger personality than him in serie A today.
If they play like the did against the Wolfs they would win nothing with or without Ronaldo.
Logan Bopp
Logan Bopp:
ronaldo is the only player that makes up for the lack of a cdm and holes in the back 4
Tristan Gray
Tristan Gray:
United might win something, but I doubt it will be the Premier League. Crazy competitive season this year.

Chelsea still most likely to win it for me.
Prince Whitely
Prince Whitely:
They thing I'm 100% sure they wont ever win again is the epl and ucl cr7 can miss those things goodbye
Amazing ending to the video
I hope premier league allows him to wear #7
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre:
United has become a one man team according to sports journalists all around, the Ronaldo effect
Hey ESPN he will be 37 in 6 months what do you expect from him now, where will he takes all these trophies, let him play and enjoy football now, we all want to see that young joyful ronaldo at Manchester united, so don't make such videos will he be able to win trophies with them. He has won everything and proved everybody, he don't need now to do anything
Shaka Hislop - was "First Blood" for Ronaldo!
Debasish Chapeyar
Debasish Chapeyar:
May be community shield.. But can't see them winning CL trophy or PL or FA cup. Other teams in PL have gone stronger. Liverpool, MC, Chelsea, Leicester, Aston Villa
Ayaat Mehdi
Ayaat Mehdi:
best case scenario they get one Europa league title before Ronaldo turns 40
GABS didn't mention IMMOBILE
I wonder why
The guy has been banging goals for LAZIO like crazy
Yes he did have an average EURO but come on now
100% Man Utd @home in Ferguson era used to get all the 50/50 calls.. it was a joke ..
Tickle Mypickel
Tickle Mypickel:
Can anyone tell me if he would be arriving this season or next season ? Thanks.
Popeye Xc
Popeye Xc:
A carabao cup is a possibility.
Don Jon
Don Jon:
B4 he joined juventus they won league 9 seasons in row and got further in champion league without him
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
Ya they'll win the Europa league this time around .
Xavi City
Xavi City:
Dwl i love these guys
Orlando Sube
Orlando Sube:
No doubt he will
Rob Muerto
Rob Muerto:
Why is Shaka looking so dapper recently? Good on him.
Sisi Cerah
Sisi Cerah:
The answer is so simple : NO!
Tshepo Motokolo
Tshepo Motokolo:
Shaka: "I'm running for president"
Nick88 88
Nick88 88:
Does gab say Scottish players names in a Scottish accent like he does the Italian ones?
Iftys Cut
Iftys Cut :
If Ole was Managing Arsenal then he would have. Harry Maguire, varane, Aron WSK, Sancho, James, Amad, Alex Teles, Bruno, Donny, Ronaldo, Ozil 😛😉
Sidharth biju
Sidharth biju:
If they don't win a trophy then its a disgrace
World Class Gaming Clips
World Class Gaming Clips:
Been so long since man united won a proper trophy
Ah De
Ah De:
At 36 Ronaldo will still be super fit to play in the TOUGHEST LEAGUE in the world. Messi are you tough enough??????
People intentionally asking for negative percentage chances just to scramble Don's brain.
Uttam Dhungana
Uttam Dhungana:
Man United gonna win UCL this season mark my word this season