Will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer set Manchester United up for success vs. Sevilla? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol preview Manchester United's Europa League match against Sevilla. Marcotti believes Man United are favourites, but only because of Sevilla's performances against AS Roma and Wolverhampton. Nicol wonders if Man United will be motivated to win Europa League and says the attitude of Man United's players will determine the result.


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100+ comentarios:

The delusion of PL pundits, Sevilla are better than United.
Pierce O'Connell
Pierce O'Connell:
Isn’t it funny how Man U is the only English team left
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Nope, they can't score without penalties.
Walaalaha fitness
Walaalaha fitness:
Anti Man United correspondent to give us his prediction. 😂
J. B.
J. B.:
Everytime Stevie's wife asks him if he's still awake:

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhh "Well you know wut"
joseph mensah
joseph mensah:
Who's watching this after the match and laughing at these guys.
Tensa Zangetsu
Tensa Zangetsu:
Honestly, after this week, anything is possible in 90 mins of football. If Ole tries to chance formation and drop Matic in favour of Fred or play a back 5 like City did today, Man united will lose but if Man United scores first then they win 80% of the time.
CR bvb
CR bvb:
Stevie hates united with a passion...🤣🤣
Ilerioluwa Shitta-Bey
Ilerioluwa Shitta-Bey:
I miss when YouTube didn’t have so many ads disturbing the video ones watching
Maz I
Maz I:
It’s going to be tough match for united.
espn calling united performance against copenhagen lackluster. could have easily scored 10 by the time the whistle blew if it wasnt for probably the best goalkeeping performance in the world this year. these guys.
Jay Satoskar
Jay Satoskar:
Stevie is so unhappy in his life !! . United have definitely put a permanent dent in his brain 😂
ricardo howell
ricardo howell:
Stevie was right... Sevilla scored 1 more than united.😐
Also, how many penalties did manchester score this season ? Like 23?
I remember it was like 21 about 2 weeks ago or so..
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
I can tell you that we wont setup like Fraudiola for sure.
Mohit Ranoliya
Mohit Ranoliya:
Even if united win 4-0 over Sevilla.. Stevie will say it was bad performance by Sevilla.. not good performance by united... A thorough united hater...😂😂😂
Luis Feijoo
Luis Feijoo:
The comments about United winning and getting a penalty are hilarious after watching the game. We have both amazing and unfortunate predictions in these comments!
Conwill Young Williams
Conwill Young Williams:
"Anti man u correspondent" hit the nail on the head
Sevilla are the beasts of Europa League. They are the favourites
Abdulkareem Kerbelker
Abdulkareem Kerbelker:
can we just appreciate stevies breathing before every question
incel brah
incel brah:
I think Sevilla will win in the end simply cause Man Utd haven't been very convincing lately.
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ:
What an inept question, will Ole set Manchester up for success vs Sevilla? No, he will set us up to lose against them, typical ESPN, it surely won't be an easy challenge, which will only do us good, but we are going to win..
Remember guys that Sevilla has the same 20% chance vs Man U as Lyon had against man city!!!
Lakshman Aravind
Lakshman Aravind:
I love it when Dan keeps pulling Stevie’s leg when he gets the chance. The anti-Man Utd correspondent jibe was hilarious 😂
Selvin Martin
Selvin Martin:
Just came to say he looks like a Don in the Picture 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
ThisIsFootball HD
ThisIsFootball HD:
Come on UNITED🔴❤️🔥
Begatim Bytyqi
Begatim Bytyqi:
The last farmer is going to be harvested today 😂😂
Anish Ahmed
Anish Ahmed:
Be aware of sevilla I mean anything can happens and it look likepremier League clubs are cursed this year
Jebaraj Samuel
Jebaraj Samuel:
@Stevie, when will you have love in your heart for Manchester United
Batyngshain Majaw
Batyngshain Majaw:
The fact that ole starts a strong line up against a team like Copenhagen makes me think that be wants to win it all.
SergioSkywalker _
SergioSkywalker _:
they're going to lose 2-1, mark my words.
Prince of Bel Air
Prince of Bel Air:
Cant wait to come back when united is demolished😪😪😪😪
M H:
Incredible how they dont talk about how all English teams looks exhausted this late in the season
Pratap Mishra
Pratap Mishra:
2:17 , no one has said that , as usual delusional comments
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs:
Sevilla have been experts in winning this competition, so you’d have to imagine they are the favourites. 3-0 Sevilla
dan lowkey hilarious
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin:
Stevei....right again!!
P Dark
P Dark:
That was good! Anti Utd correspondent 😂
Josh Cox
Josh Cox:
Sevilla are a good team so , me personally I'd go toe to toe with them 433 push pogba and Bruno high but soksjaer will go defensive 4231 and we will loose just watch
mohan shrestha
mohan shrestha:
lack of substitution in correct time player were so much tired!!! when did the first substitution came?????after conceding goal
SamiJeff KOR
SamiJeff KOR:
4 nil man u
prudhvi M
prudhvi M:
Thats funny from Dan!!! :D
rita lagge
rita lagge:
Steven can’t give credit to UNited I don’t know why
Lord Katakuri
Lord Katakuri:
Ut can go either ways honestly
Add it
Add it:
Well we know Dan be reading these comments 😂
matt halsey
matt halsey:
No Sevilla will teach them a lesson, he Ole the fraud
Records are meant to be broken.....
If united play 433 with matic sitting in front of lindelof n maguire, and they play through bruno then united win.
Paul Brown
Paul Brown:
Wow, puts seeds into the players minds?, ffs ex pool player just said that wow.
Moonis Usman
Moonis Usman:
It'll be a good game. I want united to win and I think we have the quality to do it but United's recent record against Spanish teams is pretty bad so we need to be vigilant especially since sevilla looked really good vs wolves
Umair Asghar
Umair Asghar:
haha Steve Nicol triggered again. United hater
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri:
No but pls keep ole for as long as he lives...hahaha
4-1 utd Pogba ball 😅🤭
Angelos Saniotis
Angelos Saniotis:
Answer: Nope
kulumba gideon
kulumba gideon:
Steve hates united with passion
Sujan Babu
Sujan Babu:
will they again be relying from the ball on the spot.
Aryan Awasthi
Aryan Awasthi:
I think United will win this game but it will be pretty close
1-0 or 2-1
We aint like Pep we gonna set a Ole Gunnar Freestyle for our match 😎
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
This is 50/50
Shahin Alaei
Shahin Alaei:
Stevie the most biast pundit in world football Hahahaha
Sevilla looked great against wolves, i think this could be a big challenge for United
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ:
Sevilla will inverted 60% to 40%.😎
Troy Fx
Troy Fx:
Lol Stevie is a funny guy 😂
Aaron T
Aaron T:
Seville W incoming
Will who what? Hahahahahahahahahaha...
ESPN Ununited
True Religion
True Religion:
Thank goodness no Burley😅
Man Utd 3-1 Sevilla
B D:
70th comment
I think we got this game because Sevilla has got no one upfront in comparison to Manutd.
DEW SLAYER • 8 years ago
DEW SLAYER • 8 years ago:
2-1 to sevilla
Juntunu Zion
Juntunu Zion:
Oscar Plata
Oscar Plata:
United have lost two semifinals already this season. I hope they are mentally prepared to take on Sevilla and take this game seriously to prepare themselves for Champions League next season. The competition obviously isn’t the same but they need to be able to experience the pressure of playing in a semi final and a final
All Lives matter
All Lives matter:
Sevilla easy win and shutdown united with penalty
Akash Thomas
Akash Thomas:
4-2 Seville win
regular joe
regular joe:
i m a man united fan, but im not sure we can overcome sevilla
Tough to predict Sevilla are an experienced team in Europa League winning this many times but if Manchester United play well they can win it. Anti Manchester United correspondent 🤣🤣🤣
Teo Teo
Teo Teo:
No way
Muhib Hoque
Muhib Hoque:
I get the feeling Man Utd will blow Sevilla away we’ve been holding back ..but the guns will be brought out ..
Vikandi Help
Vikandi Help:
Well didn't go well for ole
El Sol
El Sol:
Go away Steve
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers:
Yeah they did lol
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga:
Why wouldn't ole set up for success? What kind of question is this? 😅
Ehbok Khongstid
Ehbok Khongstid:
Man united
Utkarsh Sawant
Utkarsh Sawant:
Gab♥️♥️♥️♥️ always support barca
Raw King
Raw King:
Lingard will score 3 goals
5-1 united win
Is stevie saying ole might not be interested in wining it?
their need to bulid more a defensive at the back and create some counter attack to strike...
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe:
Juz dun play a back 5 and drop Romero as he’s been consistent and try to play with a 4231 with lower tempo to mainly juz keep posesssion and not look to counter at every opportunity cuz if Sevilla get the ball , we’ll get fucked cuz we r not suing gegenpress like Bayern or liv
Andy Y
Andy Y:
Lack lustre performance, Stevie? Did you even watch the match? The Copenhagen keeper had to make 13 saves! If that’s lacklustre, then I’m happy and looking forward to when Utd are not lacklustre 😂
A H:
Lacklustre performance? Did Copenhagen even have a shot on target? The GK played the match of his life and kept the score respectable
Tisito Saidi
Tisito Saidi:
Who is here after Seville won 😂😂
prabhakar mishra
prabhakar mishra:
Espna FC prediction always go against the team they think will win the tie
Stephen Burrows
Stephen Burrows:
Everything Channel
Everything Channel:
Manchester United to win tomorrow without any doubt ❤️🔥..
Firey But Mostly Peaceful
Firey But Mostly Peaceful:
I think United don’t care it would be nice but it’s not important, I think Savilla win on pens
Zack Meister
Zack Meister: