Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (Official Video)

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On your mark ready set let's go
Dance floor pro I know you know
I go psycho when my new joint hit
Just can't sit
Gotta get jiggy wit it
Ooh that's it
Now honey honey come ride
DKNY all up in my eye
You gotta Prada bag with alotta stuff in it
Give it to your friend let's spin
Everybody lookin' at me
Glancin' the kid
Wishin' they was dancin' a jig
Here with this handsome kid
Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba
I just bite it
It's for the look I don't light it
Illway the an-may on the ance-day oor-flay
Givin' up jiggy make it feel like foreplay
Yo my car-dee-o is Infinit-
Ha ha
Big Willie Style's all in it
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Na na na na na na na nana
Na na na na nana
Gettin jiggy wit it

#WillSmith #GettinJiggyWithIt #Vevo

100+ comentarios:

Ab Damenace
Ab Damenace:
Who’s Here After Will Went Off On “Will”?
Anyone rockin' this on the coronavirus lockdown?
"Must've forgot that I really get busy, they dun forgot who invented get jiggy."
Harri Roberts
Harri Roberts:
23 years later and he’s still got it, absolutely buried his verse with Joyner! 🔥
Hontoni Arigato
Hontoni Arigato:
I am sorry Jaden but you're not as cool as your dad ;T
Ashawn Bourg
Ashawn Bourg:
Who came here right after Will Smith spit some 🔥🔥 with Joyner Lucas?
Hugh & Main
Hugh & Main:
Who’s here after Joyner Lucas x will smith “will” remix ?
ashvanee prabhudial
ashvanee prabhudial:
Will don’t get credit for how good of a hip hop artist he was.
giriraj gobin
giriraj gobin:
Anyone here after hearing him remix Joyner’s “will” track?
How the hell does he look exactly the same like 20 years later
M87 Shaders
M87 Shaders:
Soap: kills 99% of bacteria
The 1% bacteria:
I'm really stoned and sitting out this virus and was like "I wanna listen to some Will Smith" and here I am.
Pearljit Singh
Pearljit Singh:
Who else came here after he did Will Remix with Joyner? Now I'm on a Will Smith music marathon 😆
Tony Martins
Tony Martins:
Funny how my 4 year old daughter only knows him as the genie from Aladdin. What a transformation Will Smith has gone through.
Who’s getting Jiggy with it in 2020?
Chol here
Chol here:
Who's here after listening to Will remix by Joyner Lucas
Kyle Prather
Kyle Prather:
I really hope everyone knew this song befoure the remix with joyner
They done forgot who invented "Get Jiggy," ayy
jj love
jj love:
Whos here after wills remix with joyner?
No more lies
No more lies:
Back in the day this song was so corny, but compare to the sh$t they're playing nowadays this song is a classic.
Had to refresh my memory on what real rap is.
Leah Barringer
Leah Barringer:
Who else is in 2020 listing to this bc ur in quarantine 😂😂😂😂
Eazy 476
Eazy 476:
Why cant there be more people like will,im from germany and every rapper only wants to be the most gangsta and stuff like that,we need more positive rappers like will
Parker t
Parker t:
I was coming here BEFORE the Joyner Lucas song, anyone else? lol
Queen Leslie
Queen Leslie:
We wanted to grow up so fast we didn’t really appreciate this time in music. Take me back 😩 lol
Đā Vıňčı
Đā Vıňčı:
Who came from “Will remix”
Alexandra Watson
Alexandra Watson:
0% Cussing
0% Drugs
0% Dissing other people
0% Auto tune
100% Talent
I thought I would come here and listen to this after hearing Joyner Lucas new song about Will.
Who’s here after his song wit Joyner Lucas
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F:
Will never ages and he seems to blend in with every new generation. I don't think he's human. Also watched BAD BOYS FOR LIFE and the dude didn't age one bit! WTF?
Maui Bro Ka Oi
Maui Bro Ka Oi:
"I'm down, I got the 411 and you are not going out and getting Jiggy with some boy. I don't care how dope his ride is." Wise words of Walter Stratford 🤣
That lyric about just biting the cigar and not lighting it... It's so wholesome compared to the stuff on the radio today it makes me smile.
Me thinking about his kids' current music like: 😶
Adrian Ezzo
Adrian Ezzo:
Who in these Comments knows the writer of this song is none other than "Nas"? Bet 99.99% of you had no clue!!
Sham Mafia
Sham Mafia:
Who's here after the Will Remix?
Swifty Unknown
Swifty Unknown:
I loved when Will Smith didn't know wtf to do with his career.
jared J
jared J:
Who still listening to this during this lockdown. Yeah no cursing just a good beat.
Been gettin jiggy wit it for what feels like my whole life now. 🤣
Joshua Pillay
Joshua Pillay:
To all those here after "Will" I feel the vibes. Man is still a legend🔥🔥
conner toodal
conner toodal:
Anyone here because they just like the song not just for joyner "will"
does will smith age?
2020 Joyner loucas
Dudes Just A Legend No Arguement.
Will Smith got bars don't sleep on him
mondo martinez
mondo martinez:
After hearing the remix of Joyner. 👨‍🎤👨‍🎤 & Will 🎤🎤, wanted to go back in time ⌛and reminisce in some of the old songs.🎙🎶🎵 👍👍 and its still on Fire 🔥🔥🔥
1:45 When this dropped, I was a kid. I thought he said *"In the middle of the winter or the summer time, LETS GET HIIIGH"*
DiMaggia Yen
DiMaggia Yen:
Hey kids... this is what a "bop" sounds like. listen and learn.
Parasmani Sharma
Parasmani Sharma:
Most common comment on every old music video :
"Anyone listening this in the quarantine?"
Herminio Stroppa
Herminio Stroppa:
in the middle of 2020 I'm here again .... this clip is sensational
Ware Production
Ware Production:
This man looks exactly the same today
My math teacher put this on our classroom I— 😂
Will made me cry with lots of goosebumps listening to will remix😭😭 and who came here to listen to jiggy with it just like me🥺🥺
Monyon Don
Monyon Don:
who came back to will old songs after hearing “WILL”
Who is back after hearing him on joyner track
Brendon Shelton
Brendon Shelton:
I don't like when people make fun of will smith because he does not cuss. That is his art so leave him alone.
lala love
lala love:
"All I know is I was upstairs listening to my Will Smith CD"-EM🤣🤣
Extinct Voltage
Extinct Voltage:
This is giving me a flashback of 1st grade P.E on a Friday.
2020 still sounds fresh😎
Mark Jacobson
Mark Jacobson:
Didn't realize how good this song actually was until 20 years later!
Kyle Archibald
Kyle Archibald:
Will Smith one of the best humans on the earth like to agree
Antaeus Gates
Antaeus Gates:
Joyner Lucas/ Will Smith remix brought me here
Liko lol
Liko lol:
Joyner and will brought my ass straight here! Will Smith was one of my favorite rappers growing up no cap till the new school came in
Solomon Aikins
Solomon Aikins:
Who is here after J Lucas ft Will Smith - Will Remix..
No LiiMiTz_
No LiiMiTz_:
Eveyone is here now because of “will” and it feels good
Andy Doufreisn
Andy Doufreisn:
Will Smith dont need to curse in his raps to sell records :-D
“They done forgot who invented get jiggy”
Robbie Landrey
Robbie Landrey:
Man i LOVE the 90s
I was born in 1995 and grew up watching 90s classics like Rugrats, All That, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Kenan& Kel and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
I’m just chilling in quarantine listening to old will Smith songs
This some Will Smith music and it's actually fire 😂. I knew he rapped but I didn't know he was actually so good.
True Alpha
True Alpha:
Jaden: I'm an icon

Will: hold my Carlton
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
"I didn't even have to curse just to keep it real!" -Will Smith 2020
Pls take over
Imma take a tiny bitsy break
Cos I'm hungry
Kai Mzinja
Kai Mzinja:
Gettin' JIGGY wit it BABY YEAHHHHHH❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Anas Qureshi
Anas Qureshi:
Covid brought me here....memories made me stay... Those were the good times for music..hip hop.
Gettin GENIE with it!
DJ 9one
DJ 9one:
Back before there was streaming sales!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿
viard mike
viard mike:
Realy fun to come back 30 years in the past!
BFN Shrek
BFN Shrek:
00:45 *adlays have entered the chat*
Bionic Banana Man
Bionic Banana Man:
This man in his late 50s and he's still makin' hot fire like this.
LvSweet 20
LvSweet 20:
Imagine, if Will Smith would still make rap songs
randon x x
randon x x:
SISTER SLEDGE "he's the great dancer" ( Original ) ❤ cuarentena mayo de 2020 ! Noche retro.
Broncos Country
Broncos Country:
Damn Will Smith Was Using The Word Flex Back In 1997 My Favorite Album By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Is He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Julian Connor
Julian Connor:
who's here after Will went Off On'' Will''
Epic_ Donut2.5
Epic_ Donut2.5:
I was the 70million view
el_boricua_ 81
el_boricua_ 81:
1989: Will Smith looking younger than you.

1999: Will Smith looking younger than you.

2009: Will Smith looking younger than you

2019: Will Smith looking younger than you.
Adrian to be remembered tho
Adrian to be remembered tho:
Had to turn it down because of all the curse words
jojja 86
jojja 86:
someone who listens 2020?
Undreia Lester
Undreia Lester:
No I’m not here after the Joyner Lucas-Will remix with Will Smith although it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sean carter
sean carter:
They must've forgot who invented Get Jiggy
Gal Shalev
Gal Shalev:
Who's here after the remix for Will with Joyner lucas and will Smith dropped???
Damn Will raps like he did 20 years ago!! He is a Legend!!!⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
so who's here after will remix🤣
Jay WBell
Jay WBell:
Who's here after the Will Remix with Joyner
abdullah a
abdullah a:
Must've forgot that I really get busy
They must've forgot who invented "Get Jiggy” ayy
Back before there was streaming sales
Way before all the iTunes and the fans had to get CDs still
Sixty million records sold, I was on fire, I ain't even need a grill
Did it all with no cuss words, I ain't have to curse just to keep it real

Ahhhh that’s hot. That’s hot
Pro Painter
Pro Painter:
One of the only artist to create a hit song without exploiting women, murder, violence, drugs, or self destruction, wish Will would drop another album, real talk!
Sara L
Sara L:
Who else came from straight from Will (remix)?? Just me? Ok 👌🏾
Mattt BrownN
Mattt BrownN:
Came from #Joyner
Matthew BUKA
Matthew BUKA:
"I am Legend" You know who is it
It really is impossible to not like Will Smith.

Anyone else doing this and I would cringe.