Will Smith - Switch (Official Video)

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Music video by Will Smith performing Switch. (C) 2004 Interscope Records

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Skyler Cook
Skyler Cook:
Who’s watching after “Will Remix” by Joyner Lucas and Will Smith 👋
Who’s here 2020 listening to this banger
Orhy Legagneur
Orhy Legagneur:
Who’s here after his remix with Joyner?
Syamand Atrushi
Syamand Atrushi:
I just can't imagine the world without will Smith
Who is also watching this in corona time ?
Alandroid YT
Alandroid YT:
Like si estabas buscando un comentario en español
Will Smith - one of the coolest & cleanest guy of the entertainment industry.. and multi talented !!
CallMe_ Q
CallMe_ Q:
*"Y'all forgetting when I was amature spittin before the scripts where written"*

11 years later still one of the hardest bars. People forgetting how long this man in the game.
Nana Tilda
Nana Tilda:
🇺🇸Will Smith for 2020 President 🇺🇸
Ahmed Abderaman
Ahmed Abderaman:
You can actually understand will’s words unlike other rappers.
2020 club home.. Hope everyone is safe in this pandemic
dasean mcclarin
dasean mcclarin:
Only the real ones here in 2020 Jan
JonGon Productions
JonGon Productions:
Will Smith-White peoples' favorite black guy
Veysel Haçi
Veysel Haçi:
Who is her in 2020?
Pearljit Singh
Pearljit Singh:
Who else came here after he did Will Remix with Joyner? Now I'm on a Will Smith music marathon 😆
Marty McFly -
Marty McFly -:
There’s just something about Will, you can’t hate the guy.
Kaká Badi
Kaká Badi:
أحلى لايك وأحلى كومنت وأحلى سبسكرايب لعيون ويل سميث 💕😍☺🥰
RedDragon Smaug
RedDragon Smaug:
Still can’t understand Nintendo not using this in ads for the Switch 😂😁😂 just clean up the lyrics a bit and BAM instant sales
LP on green
LP on green:
Whos here after will went off on “will”
Christopher Scriven
Christopher Scriven:
If your here after his rap with Lucas Joyner give this a like
I just realized he rapped like a dad on this and still killed it.
i remember listening to this song in the car in like 1st grade
Gus Palentino
Gus Palentino:
You cant hate Will Smith great actor and a damn good rapper!!! This song is great
Billy Enzen
Billy Enzen:
No other generation will be as cool as us 80's & 90's kids we are the generation that was both modern and old school at the same time we had the best music and the last good days of earth cause the future will be very awful for humanity
Nouman Awan
Nouman Awan:
No one:
Literally No one:
Youtube:lets put this in recommendation
Carson Archibald
Carson Archibald:
wHo eLsE iS lIStenInG iN [insert time period here]
Gary Williams
Gary Williams:
Nintendo need to hit Will up about using this song in their Nintendo switch ads it fit perfectly and make perfect sense plus a ton of money for both sides🤑🤑🤑🤑
Damian Christopher
Damian Christopher:
Me in my clubbin' phase:
"Oh so you just gonna stand there huh? What? You too cute to dance? Or you scared?"
Big Willy ain't no joke. #Respect
Ramon Freeman
Ramon Freeman:
Don't know why I'm here but I'm not mad about it
Josh G
Josh G:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
YouTube: recommended me this 11 after it came out
All i know i was upstairs listening to my will smith cd..... 😂🤣😝
will is talented in everything 
Brendan Atkinson
Brendan Atkinson:
Will Smith is a all rounder the man can sing he can act he's brilliant
Super long
Super long:
1:41 lowkey legenday move
Temwani Maiwanga
Temwani Maiwanga:
If ur here in December 2019 u a real one ☝️
me lembro desse clip como se tivesse sido laçando hoje kkk
Abdul Dervishi
Abdul Dervishi:
"I was upstairs listening to my Will Smith CD" brought me here
mr35world mer
mr35world mer:
i love Will Smith rap songs/ songs... Its almost like hes trying to be a gangster rapper.... but just cant get over that last hurdle to be a real og....
Matthias Krug
Matthias Krug:
1:40 this moves man 😅
dutchfutsal competition stanga
dutchfutsal competition stanga:
90's babies where ya at
Still listening to it until now. 2005-2019 😊💖
Ms. Wilson
Ms. Wilson:
We need to Switch our way out this Virus.
TheOnix One
TheOnix One:
2020 the fire still lit 🔥🔥🔥 T.Q Will
Tyler Sherman
Tyler Sherman:
Nintendo Switch is out of stock during quarantine so this is gonna have to do
Charity Chauke
Charity Chauke:
" its a club gal why u arrive naked" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
De Fowl
De Fowl:
This almost like the fresh of bel air.
Renee Dillard
Renee Dillard:
2020 still love this
KOBA 177
KOBA 177:
3:06 Tight Eyez!!!! The Goat!!!!
Aiden Hutchison
Aiden Hutchison:
This brings back memories, the good old days of songs, not the shit songs you get nowadays
Gnana Prakash
Gnana Prakash:
You rarely find people like Will Smith who don't use swear words while rapping.
Holly Grant
Holly Grant:
I’m listening to this in 2020 March 31
Celine Cisneros
Celine Cisneros:
I have loved this song for years and never stopped 10years of love
Rahul Ajith
Rahul Ajith:
"Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records"
Player Doi
Player Doi:
He will always be the most fresh prince ever!
Don't care what anyone says... this was a fun oldschool style track you could dance to. Nah, it's not gangsta, no, there's no metaphors (well, maybe a couple); but the point is it's a "fun" track...
The legendary sweatbands. I had 2 or 3 laying around during that time haha
This them STEP UP vibes 💥
joelgamersonic 64
joelgamersonic 64:
0:20 he got that new thing it's called switch
Me: holds up Nintendo switch
Okay, for real though, I bet he could still release a fire record.
Rosie Maley
Rosie Maley:
Who is here in 2019
Luc McLaughlin
Luc McLaughlin:
The Nintendo switch edit of this is legendary
Davie Bellingy
Davie Bellingy:
Will should do a reaction to this. 😂
Geme Geme
Geme Geme:
Will Smith ... When the dad is more cooler than his kids !!!
Tony Nolan
Tony Nolan:
Who doesn’t love will smith the mans a legend xx
His body is amazing! By the way his Lost and Found album was so slept on!
Danilo Sagarang
Danilo Sagarang:
Woah. I'm today-years-old when I discovered Will Smith is a rapper.
seir nunes
seir nunes:
Esse cara é o máximo em td q faz 😍😍😍😍
Abihanad CHANNEL
Abihanad CHANNEL:
Who is here 2019
Armando De La Fonte
Armando De La Fonte:
The man make hits without disrespecting or cursing so can't the so called Rappers do the same thing
Man, Will really loves his Nintendo Switch huh.
jk, obviously.
kendo kaponi 2019 Arcángel alka
kendo kaponi 2019 Arcángel alka:
Desde Colombia activó 2019 y pa 2020
Pocket Sand
Pocket Sand:
This was the song that introduced me to hip hop. Thank you Will
Why can't more rappers get on Will's level, He has had blockbuster songs but he doesn't have to be overly vulgar or sexual to do it. loved his music as a kid but i respect on even higher level now.
Beto Rosas
Beto Rosas:
Like si hablas español y no sabes por qué te recomendó YouTube esto 😂
Jonathon Whitington
Jonathon Whitington:
It's been almost 15 years since this album was released. I kinda wish he'd release another sometime. 🤷🏼
Senan McCorry
Senan McCorry:
Switch is at like the top of my playlist along with Miami
Blass Dj
Blass Dj:
YouTube recomienda éste clásico..

Que buen servicio :') septiembre 2019
How can you not love Will Smith!? I know his father is somewhere like “damn, I made a legend” 🤯🤩
Luna Loo
Luna Loo:
Aw, dats hot. Dats hot.
Eyas Almlibari
Eyas Almlibari:
2019 🤘
Eminem said he was soft

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josefina manuel
josefina manuel:
Lembrei duma amiga minha de longa data, Avo ila grandes tempos que Deus cuide sempre de ti e da tua familia saudades é tenta ☺️😘❤
I really hope Will Smith is used in the Nintendo Switch advertising campaign.
FeeFee 86
FeeFee 86:
Who was in high school when this came out class of 04-05 represent❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Keniesha Carter
Keniesha Carter:
i just realized moose from Step Up 2 is the little boy dancing in the blue 🤯
Joao romao
Joao romao:
O cara simplesmente é mito em tudo oq ele faz
Nick Jones
Nick Jones:
Completely forgot about this song, wow the memories
i hella remember this song! use to be my jammmm!!
Najiee Edwards
Najiee Edwards:
21 years, this is the most positive and cleanest song I have ever heard in my life. Prince can’t beat this.
WolfKing Life
WolfKing Life:
Alguien está aquí por la cuarentena y porque es Will Smith??
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez:
Nintendo's new theme song.
Will Smith Don't got a cus in his raps to sell records!
Captain Badass
Captain Badass:
When nintendo switch was announced the first thing I thought of was this song
Joelma Pereira
Joelma Pereira:
2020 caralho ♥️🖤🖤😎
Jazelle G
Jazelle G:
Girl with the camo pants looks like a girl I was crushing on when this song came out and whoops I'm gay
Ceee Ceee
Ceee Ceee:
Music has changed so much since 2004. It's crazy to see the difference from then to now.
João Marcos Romão
João Marcos Romão:
Descobrindo will Rapper Smith só em 2020 😱😅