Willie Salcedo - "Emma"

From 1978's 'De Willie Salcedo Para Todo El Mundo,' this is a fan-flipping-tastic slow salsa from Salcedo, who released several very solid albums that are mostly unheard of and remain rare collectors' items. Such a strong melody here, and a wonderful arrangement. I can only pick out some of the words (if anyone can actually understand all of them and write them down, that would be amazing), but the emotion in the song is so clear. My GOD, it sounds like he loves this woman. The way he says her name makes my heart throb. I listen to this one a lot.

Colombian sonero Mauricio Daltaire sings the wonderful vocal. Willie Salcedo (congas), Wilson Viveros (timbales), Hector Viveros (additional vocals), Gabriel Rondón (tres).