Winning Sports Cards from the Claw Machine! + Opening Packs (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL)

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Today I win sports cards from the claw machine! Let's win NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL cards from the arcade claw machine and then open up the packs and see if we get any rare cards!



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Winning Sports Cards from the Claw Machine! + Opening Packs (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL)

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43 comentarios:

Vashon Cannady
Vashon Cannady:
I never used to played a card thing, but this is fun. My Chicago representative is Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears. Great video, Erik. Well done.
Tam Tran
Tam Tran:
While it would be cool to see packs of sports cards in machines like this out in the wild, the reason you don't see them mostly is that no one would want them as the cards would get banged up, with the high probability that the edges and corners of the cards would be all bent up from the claw grabbing them and definitely from the drop.
Yoshi Bros
Yoshi Bros:
Sports Cards are definitely the best, and in a claw machine is double amazing!!! Is this your first time seeing a claw machine filled with sports cards?
Aussie Racer
Aussie Racer:
Love your videos keep it up ❤
Deion Sharpe
Deion Sharpe:
Hey Erik, I m pulling for the St Louis Blues 💙 since I live in Carthage Missouri 🤣🤣🏒🏒🏒
Brad Francony
Brad Francony:
loved the hockey cards wishing stars luck in playoffs! huge St Louis Blues fan!!
Nerdiest Ken
Nerdiest Ken:
Funny that you're wearing that Dallas Stars jersey, Erik because as of this filming, the Stars & Flames tied this 1st round series 3 games each with game 7 to be decided tomorrow night.
Heidi Williams
Heidi Williams:
Loved the video Erik!
The Insider
The Insider:
Panini is going to have an arcade machine that dispenses cards at Dave & Busters and Round 1 in the future. It was at display at IAPPA.
Tammy Kuzmicz
Tammy Kuzmicz:
Loved the Tom Brady card
Patrick Saylee
Patrick Saylee:
Nice one brother 👍
Arcade Warrior
Arcade Warrior:
What’s your favorite sport and who’s your favorite team? Comment below! 🏈
Back in my day! Sport cards used to have chewing tobacco In them. But they had to switch to the bubble gum. Because everyone copied that carnival scene from The Sandlot.
Michael littlejohns
Michael littlejohns:
Great video Eric
Rachel Schroth
Rachel Schroth:
I really loved this video
Michael Edington
Michael Edington:
Football: 49ers
Baseball: Giants
Basketball: Warriors
Hockey: Sharks
brian kelley
brian kelley:
Awesome video man
Jarrod Gauntner
Jarrod Gauntner:
Maybe you should put your bottles of Mountain Dew in your claw machine.
But don't let them shake, they'll explode! So, be careful!
Nick Werner
Nick Werner:
Is there going to be a hockey coin pusher in the future?
Demir Kadin
Demir Kadin:
Ești un idol REIKOO.Uno mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintrea cele mai bune concerte....
Raymond Provost
Raymond Provost:
That sucks they put a limit on on how many you can buy. Don't they know you're Arcade Warrior an you make your own
Edmo Brad
Edmo Brad:
Nice .enjoyed that.
McSergii Vlogs
McSergii Vlogs:
That’s what’s up! Dallas all the way!
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A player's life for me!
david whited arcade & toy channel
david whited arcade & toy channel:
great video
my teams
baseball: Cubs/Red Sox
Football: Saints
Hockey: Blackhawks
Basketball: Bulls of course
What if the tater tots weren’t ready🤔
Jeremy Whitehead
Jeremy Whitehead:
Cool jersey!
Nick Osborn
Nick Osborn:
My favorite sport is fishing
Nice that my favorite player
Artem Dzuba
Artem Dzuba:
Ese atuendo me vuelve loco XX18LIKE.Uno loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantaj cómo los cinturones de liga se.
The Dude
The Dude:
Arcade Warrior Clique meets on Sundays. We will be serving tater tots and mtn dew. Yaheardme ✌️
tractorbatman2020 lol
tractorbatman2020 lol:
ill like to buy cam talbot from the wild
Let’s go pens
Let’s go pens :
Who remembers “ let’s try to get to 2 likes on today’s video.”
Maxi Maxi
Maxi Maxi:
Ese atuendo me vuelve loco QUINZAA.Monster loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantau cómo los cinturones de liga se.
James clyde anacleto federico
James clyde anacleto federico:
Hey erik are you have fun?? Where your brother erik do you have fun all toys in the claw machine???
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez:
So good
Jill Pohrte
Jill Pohrte:
I live in western ny too where in western ny
Deion Sharpe
Deion Sharpe:
Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry, Clay The Splash Brothers with Green and Poole. , Into the Western Conference FINALS 🏀🏀🏀🥳🥳🎉🎉. COOPER on the Cleveland Browns now ,,. BETTER HANG ONTO THAT TOM BRADY card , that is gonna be worth A TON OF MONEY 💲💲💲💲💲💲 BIG MONEY BRADY😎😎
Cristian Vasquez
Cristian Vasquez:
You live in dallas
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez:
Homie Eric
Aussie Racer
Aussie Racer: