Winston Gets Maggie a Tent - Grey's Anatomy

Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is surprised to find out her boyfriend, Winston (Anthony Hill), got her a tent so she can stay near her family. Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Link (Chris Carmack) belatedly celebrate his birthday. And Teddy (Kim Raver) tries to get through to Owen (Kevin McKidd). Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' THURSDAY 9|8c on ABC.

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Belonce Kamz
Belonce Kamz:
Finally they gave Maggie a man who gets her,Winston is fyne.I gotta admit,seeing her and Avery together i wasn't a fan of that.Owen deserves better.
Havilah Driver
Havilah Driver:
Maggie and Winston are perfect for each other. She has an equal ❤️ Don’t mess this up Krista
Why is Teddy acting like the victim? She did this. Suffer the consequences of cheating
Llenos, Seth Angelo
Llenos, Seth Angelo:
Amelia and Link are one of, if not the only reason I'm still watching..
I'm so glad Maggie is with someone who doesn't work at Grey Sloan or Station 19
Taylor Dot
Taylor Dot:
Maggie really traded up. Thrilled for her.
Scout named after Derek
Tuck named after George
Bailey named after Bailey
And Ellis named after Ellis
Priscillia Mbemba
Priscillia Mbemba:
Maggie and Winston make a great couple !
Amelink are life !
Baby Scout is perfect !
Teddy deserves that and I am not even a little sorry for her ass !

Also Dr Perez the intern is a gem 😂

Grey is Back 😍
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
sorry teddy but you deserved that
aida nava
aida nava:
Tbh I’m all in for the Maggie and Winston and also Amelia and Link
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn:
This is so cute 🥰 (I’m here for this relationship) Maggie finally has someone who matches her and I feel like this could potentially be her endgame
Michelle Iturbide
Michelle Iturbide:
I love you but I cheated on you multiple times and I considered leaving with another man. Owen is totally right in this situation. Teddy is a deilusional woman
Nerdy Snailie
Nerdy Snailie:
Owen and Teddy must be OVER .. like NOW! ... we had enough of this mess ..
Teddy degraded herself when she pursued the love she always wanted. She became nothing like herself. Tom actually loved her and was actually good for her but she stupidly couldn't see it!
He is the one she can be herself with and he accepts her as she is.. she cheated on Owen too! She shouldn't think of Owen as that love she always had and she wants because they don't mix well .. they never did and honestly, they ruined their good friendship! Now, it is this mess ... Owen is a mess because he never truly loved Teddy .. or he would know before .. I can't buy that! She also fantasized about him but in reality, he is not for her. I want this to end .. like this is too much!
He is a keeper because he knows and recognised Amelia, Mer, Link, everybody as her family really!
Joshaunna Washington
Joshaunna Washington:
I'm sorry did she really say it was a mistake because she made multiple mistakes with Tom, Teddy knew exactly what she was doing, you got to come better than that Teddy
im in the ghetto
im in the ghetto:
Owen my cheated all your partners. You hated all of them?
Camila Brasil
Camila Brasil:
yes yes yes!!! maggie deserves this new love so much 😍😍😍
Mini Ajayi
Mini Ajayi:
Kenny J
Kenny J:
Don’t get too attached to Amelia and Link. It’s only a matter of time til Krista breaks them up.
Hestia C
Hestia C:
Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln, I am crying
Sara Bedu
Sara Bedu:
Omg Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln ❤️
Meredith & R.I.P Derek.
Meredith & R.I.P Derek.:
I thought this was so cute!
Natalia Williams
Natalia Williams:
So sayisfying to see that Teddy got what she deserves, and thank goodness Owen didn't forgive her for this! This relationship needs to end forever! Out of all the trainwrecks we've seen on this show Teddy is the worst.
Cláudia Teixeira
Cláudia Teixeira:
On the 1st episode I was like: shut up, I want to see Amelia and Link; shut up, I want to see Amelia and Link; Shut up and show Amelia, Link and the baby, grrrr!!!!!
Lauren G
Lauren G:
You know I’ve been watching this show for too long when I kept expecting the tent to catch fire with Maggie trapped inside as a perfect set-up for next week’s Station 19.
Emma !
Emma !:
Right when i heard scout derek sheperd lincoln i started crying 😭
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan:
I can't believe Amelia and Link named the baby Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln
Shirley Nitka
Shirley Nitka:
hope Tedi doesn't get a second chance. She's had too many, just like Owen & Amelia. All duds.
Noah Voris
Noah Voris:
Maggie and Winston are CUUTTTTEE!!
New favorite couple. Honestly the best couples of the show right now is these two, Amelink, and Benley.
Rose Auguste
Rose Auguste:
Oh my I love it Maggie and Winstons relationship is so perfect!!! I’m all for it ❤️❤️
This would now be a good time for Megan Hunt to return
Francesca Rossetti
Francesca Rossetti:
This couple, Amelia and Link,Bayley and Ben are the only good couples for me now in Grey's anatomy.
Kadi Saed
Kadi Saed:
AWE MY HEART💔😱!! Love that Amelia honored Derek with that name for her son ❤❤
The Culture Counselor
The Culture Counselor:
Winston could change your life hunny. Ask Stella! 🤣
Aww manggs I'm so happy for her!
Sophie Shipton
Sophie Shipton:
Amelia and Link are my favourite couple! ♥️♥️
When I tell you I SPAT with that name! Hahah I'm dead
AMELIA AND LINK ARE LITERALLY EVERYTHING. literally they are so adorable and I freaking love them so much. also maggieeeeee and winston oU yes. literally just YES. teddy and owen though. yeah no. I... that scene hurt so much because from what Teddy said to Jo there is def more there and that entire scene with Owen hurt bc she still wasn't saying everything. What she did nO just nO but I think if she wants to make amends with Owen, at least as co-parents to their kid, she needs to figure herself out
B Bess
B Bess:
Yes!! #Magston is 🔥🔥
M Johnson
M Johnson:
Why couldn't she get to that "I love you" and ""I want to be with you" point before she cheated and subsequently got caught? 🤔
Aww they named their baby after derek 😭
july mol
july mol:
You know what is infuriating me ?? They broke Japril and made Sarah Drew leave for literally NOTHING... At least we have Amelink... <3
Andrea DAs
Andrea DAs:
Ooww I really love this couple! They're perfect for each other 😍
Mario Jr Barcala
Mario Jr Barcala:
I can get on board with this.
I need Winston to get a job at Grey Sloan...please
I LOVE them together! I can’t speak for every women but as for me, I would love a man who looks at me like Maggie’s guy looks at her. Oh and Amelia and Linc are a cute couple as well.
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson:
YEP that was the reaction ii was looking for💯🎬📽️
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin:
Someone please fix the teddy character because lord she is trash. Their is nothing redeemable left to like about he character. They have completely stripped her down to nothing and it's sad because she use to be so awesome.
On a high note, Maggie get your lyfe girl ouu yass❤❤
Eden Newsome
Eden Newsome:
They so cute!🥰🖤🖤
James Armstrong
James Armstrong:
It’s nothing but like Amelia to forget buddy birthday 🤣
Judd palmer
Judd palmer:
I am the only one that noticed that Maggie shut a see through tent door for privacy.
Argethlam Sekra
Argethlam Sekra:
Wow i love the moment when Owen stop the background music !
Speak frankly now without a calming vibe !
Owen should get a new love interest but before that stay single for a whole season and deal with being a single dad and his other issues. I feel like this might redeem his character a bit. If he goes after Amelia again I swear...
Denise Iruegas
Denise Iruegas:
I hate not having cable, I'm missing everything!! 😭
I'd drive away from those boots she's wearing too
Gigi Richer
Gigi Richer:
in this comments section we stan amelink and maggie finally getting herself a healthy relationship and NOT the hot garbage fire that is teddy and owen
Jero Medina
Jero Medina:
3:30 Oh Owen! I was sad for you for all that Teddy did to you, but I hate you again for hating Cristina. Poor guy!
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson:
Teddy really crossed over the line!!!!
Titi Oke
Titi Oke:
Florencia Yñiguez
Florencia Yñiguez:
I love them and he is perfect for her, not Jackson.
Virginia Holder
Virginia Holder:
Lol she hated the outdoors when she went with Jackson now she's in a tent with Winston okay doing FaceTime.
The writers need to pick a lane for the women in this show because they’re starting to look toxic as hell.
Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa:
Thank God Maggie and Jackson... Already forgot. They great togeither.
Now, Meredith and Hayes and that will be great!
Maèva Yoka
Maèva Yoka:
Scout DEREK SHEPERD Lincoln this name gives me life arghh😩😩🥺
Yasmine Tabone
Yasmine Tabone:
Glycam One
Glycam One:
I like this pairing
Two of the best couples this series has ever had followed by one of the worst, I admit I hate Owen from time to time but he didn't deserve this, his & Teddy's should've went down as one of the best Greys love stories, a slow burn that took years to pay off but instead Krista crashed & burned it for cheap drama 🤦🏾‍♀️
Blast From The Past - The Good Old Days
Blast From The Past - The Good Old Days:
Wonder if Teddy will turn around and try to win Tom back if Owen is a definite No-Go.
Teddy and Owen's relationship seemed a bit forced to me, Owen only really chose to be with Teddy when he learned she was pregnant with his child. I kind of wonder if Owen actually loves her or if he's convinced himself he loves her and getting married was his duty as father of her child. I think he might have confused love with lust. Still no excuse for Teddy to cheat on him. the first time she cheated on him was because she thought he cheated on her with Amelia. No excuse for anyone to cheat in a relationship
Lasandu Nimjaya
Lasandu Nimjaya:
This season 17 ryt
Lasandu Nimjaya
Lasandu Nimjaya:
Can someone plz send a link to watch/download GA S17 episodes
Phelton Phive
Phelton Phive:
A slight Jackson diss here, I mean the way he tried to force down camping on Maggie was just bizarre!
Gianalys Rivera
Gianalys Rivera:
Teddy is sus af. Let's vote her off!!
Shanster Goodheart
Shanster Goodheart:
Please tell me that they didn't name their human child Scout.
Raephaele Masirnille
Raephaele Masirnille:
I really don't get why Maggie and Amelia are still living in Meredith's house. They are grown women with good paying jobs. It really makes no sense. How many bedrooms does that house have?
Cory Kelley
Cory Kelley:
Consequences of your actions
Siphesihle Kutta
Siphesihle Kutta:
Unpopular opinion: teddy and owen deserve each other
Glycam One
Glycam One:
Teddy is wrong that’s all. After fighting tooth and nail for Owen, she fucked it all up. What kind of struggle love is that?
Why would Maggie want to spent the night outside? It's Washington state, it's cold, and she has a room! This Winston has some revenge plan involving Maggie. He's gonna kill her I know it.
Jenn Bombs
Jenn Bombs:
This is what Maggie always deserved, an innocent and true romance. Instead they made us watch that ridiculous love story with her STEP- BROTHER.
Now, if they destoy April's finale, bringer her back to "reconect" with Jackson, I'll fly to wherever this show is running, find Shonda and demand an apology for all this years of suffering.
At this time I'll be glad if Jo end up with Jackson.
Kikiyu Sergum
Kikiyu Sergum:
If naggy Maggie can be happy, anybody can....🙌🏾🙌🏾
lynn lynn
lynn lynn:
I do not feel sorry for Owen at all
M R:
Theyve really butchered Teddy's character, but I still hate owen and am sick of seeing him on this show
Anparo Lopez
Anparo Lopez:
Owen is dramatic
they all got what they deserved :) can owen leave now?
Matt Hampton
Matt Hampton:
If Jackson had done that she would have said he was controlling and trying to change her.

Hopefully she is more mature in this relationship
Rahnuma Islam
Rahnuma Islam:
Teddy made a mistake! You guys act like no one in this show has cheated. People make mistakes and if they really are sorry, they deserve a second chance. However, she needs to really work on herself, ask herself why she did this?
lyca mena
lyca mena:
I don't think Maggie is in the love stage of her relationship with Winston.
Tess Champ
Tess Champ:
Ya'll should have brought Winston 2yrs ago and Japril would have been okay...
Quinn Quinn
Quinn Quinn:
Why is his middle name Derek Shepherd? Like yes that’s her brother, but Meredith and Derek already have a kid named Derek. They may call him Bailey all the time, but his name is Derek. It just seems weird to me 🤨
Shirley Nitka
Shirley Nitka:
so stupid. I hope they get together & she moves away.
Ishmam Iqbal
Ishmam Iqbal:
I like Winston, still despise Maggie. But these 2 could work well together so I will give them that.