Woj breaks down the blockbuster James Harden trade | NBA on ESPN

Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down all the details of the 4-team trade that sends James Harden from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets and where each team goes forward.

#NBA #Nets #Harden
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100+ comentarios:

Nets about to be more toxic than Chernobyl
Protech Sports Network
Protech Sports Network:
You know it’s urgent when Woj is on NFL Live
Diggy Griffin
Diggy Griffin:
Nets are gonna have 60% chemistry on 2k
KD: I can win without a super team.
Also KD: *makes new super team*
Nathaniel V
Nathaniel V:
I always wanted to have a Nets team that’s a legitimate contender. I’ve been a fan since 2004 and been through some really shitty seasons, and while I should be happy, I’m gonna miss Levert and Allen a lot man. That 2018 season was some of the most fun I ever had watching the Nets, the chemistry was just so fun to watch. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like another Boston trade now that the Nets gave away their future again. And hopefully the team doesn’t implode.
Simply Luis
Simply Luis:
Im happy for my Rockets and for Harden. Both of them can start fresh now. Silas deserved better anyway.
I have no words for the foolery we are about to witness 😂
Basketball God
Basketball God:
Nets new bench after trade.
1. 2 of harden strippers
2. kd's barber
3. lil baby
4. whoever sold sage to kyrie
Rocky Doggy
Rocky Doggy:
I hope this can work, idk if harden, kyrie, and kd can share the ball but if they could figure something out it would be amazing to watch
can't wait to see harden in a nets jersey on Saturday 💪
Time to trade Kyrie for Westbrook now 😅
Ben Toney
Ben Toney:
My favorite player got traded to nets so my allegiance is with them now. Go Nets
Really cool to see Woj get excited for being on NFL Live 😁
young brandz
young brandz:
This is great for the league, it was about time for this to happen.
David Oh
David Oh:
Kyrie acted this way so nobody would want him. Very smart!!!
The reaction of the hosts when Woj said he was excited to be on the show coz he loved it 😂😂 haha that’s real love
John50 Beach
John50 Beach:
This will be a disaster. When you have a big three and KD is the mature one lmao
jason jones
jason jones:
The Nets was good with the pieces they had. The had good role players. Some future all-stars.
Mario S
Mario S:
Huge move, Nets are going to be unreal
I am Rashad Fox
I am Rashad Fox:
Why I will always respect Kobe is because through thick and thin he stayed with LA. To me that's the ultimate team player. I understand you want a championship but it's ways to go about it. Hope he get what he's looking for out this trade
Muhaymin Alam
Muhaymin Alam:
You know it’s real when they have Woj on NFL live 💀
Starship Captain
Starship Captain:
Crazy that Nets kept Joe too, now with Kyrie, Durant and Harden they have 4 big time shooters and scorers, it's really a big 4. I think they should start all 4 and give Harden the starters he always wanted shooters!!!!
King Austin
King Austin:
I official am taking the Nets to win the eastern conference finals. Also when Woj is on NFL Live talking about basketball you know this trade was definitely something crazy 😂😂
Christian Rios
Christian Rios:
I love the fact that they had Woj on NFL live
Daniel Vallejo
Daniel Vallejo:
Well, I gotta say I'm glad it happened. I'm a Rockets fan and I'm not gonna hate on Harden either. He didn't want to play for us, we traded him and got something good for him. I'm just happy the Rockets could get something out of a trade unlike the Texans!
Michael Young
Michael Young:
The chemistry isn't going to be as good as you may think. Kyrie didn't want harden there. They are both terrible off the ball. And they both need the ball to be effective. They also gave up some good defenders in Prince, Allen, and a great bench player in levert. Dinwiddie probably isn't coming back this year, so that's another great bench piece. They only player they really have off the bench now is shamet and Joe Harris
Rockets really low key made out very well here. An all star caliber talent in Oladipo and 4 first round picks. Plus they have John Wall
Marlon Hester
Marlon Hester:
Team therapist is now asking for his contract to be restructured.
Usually, I get so upset when there’s a Super Team in the NBA, but for some reason, Harden, Durant and Irving on the same team doesn’t look scary to me.
Sending LeVert to Pacers was a mistake. Had to keep him0
They already struggle with defense and still traded away Jarrett Allen? 🤣
"You have a 1-2-3 perhaps unlike we've seen in this league in the modern era" - Woj

Is he forgetting how deadly of a 1-2-3 the Warriors were with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and KD? I'd take a prime and healthy Curry, Klay, and KD over Kyrie, Harden, and KD any day. The former actually worked and won back to back championships. The latter might be a huge disaster.
John Maring
John Maring:
A Super Team Grows In Brooklyn! Go, Nets!!! 🖤🤍
A Boogie wit da Coochie
A Boogie wit da Coochie:
If I were to tell you 3 years ago that the Nets will have KD Harden and Kyrie by 2021, I wouldn't believe you.
Mark Tuason
Mark Tuason:
Look at Woj's smile so inspirational

The guy obviously loves his job
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker:
The Nets are finna have more drama in the locker room than a season of Keeping up with the Kardashians 😂
Still blows my mind the NBA said no to Chris Paul going to the Lakers but trades like this are still happening
Sander Buik
Sander Buik:
Think of all the talent on the Nets that Harden won't pass to
This is the best way to send a msg to Kyrie, to get in line. Even though it will be chaos I'm happy the Nets have put Kyrie in his place ..
Damion Fiore
Damion Fiore:
What if all this was planned Kyrie started not showing up to games so his market value drops and the rockets are not interested in having him, so the net could trade for harden without losing Kyrie. They say in the video KD was talking about this for months, this could all be planned. Think about it
nick M
nick M:
Can we talk about the pacers and how they turned an expiring contract and a 2nd round pick into caris levert?
Geoff Daly
Geoff Daly:
A number of people will assume this is a major advantage for the NETS because of the caliber of these 3 players. Having said that, even if the miraculous scenario happens where over the rest of the season Irving doesn't miss at least 40 percent of the rest of the games and/or Harden doesn't begin to dissent with Irving, Nash, and Durant, there are still some issues I see. They lost their low post presence and arguably the best 6th man in the league in Levert and Dinwiddie is out and they have a rail thin bench especially now and that's IF Irving comes back consistently. That's BEST case scenario. Worst case scenario is this will be like a reality tv show the rest of the season, lol.
Moronic Variant
Moronic Variant:
Wow! Nets didn’t learn their lesson from the KG and Paul pierce trade.
It took them around 8 years to bounce back from that horrible deal only to put themselves back to that horrible deal again 😂
I wonder if the deal would have still happened, had Kyrie not acted so weird the last couple of weeks. Or maybe Kyrie knew something was brewing and he wanted to get out.
king bgo
king bgo:
He was just with Westbrook. An old teammate from okc. Now he is teaming up with kd. Another teammate from okc. I dont see this going so well. But here's to the best
Michael H
Michael H:
Can't wait for the Nets to trade Kyrie. I don't imagine him staying in Brooklyn much longer.
Eddie Patiga
Eddie Patiga:
I want kd, Westbrook, and harden to run it back together. They would be hard to beat
Dinesh Sai Basa
Dinesh Sai Basa:
As a wise man once said “defense wins championships”
Captain America
Captain America:
Even as a Nets and Lakers fan this is the best day ever!!
T Rhoades
T Rhoades:
Would love too see westbrook reunite with them and they win a championship after they trade kyrie to Washington
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper:
First, it would have been nice if they'd shown a full screen graphic just to visualize the moving Parts in the trade.
Second, wow. As a bulls fan, I was hoping we could get in there and mix them things up and make some things happen.
Caris LeVert on the Pacers? That team is the real deal. They are going to be trouble. I would be quaking in my boots if I was Milwaukee, Boston, and even the nuts. LOL, I'm going to leave that typos in there.
And how funny is it that Kevin Durant and James Harden unite once again with a Mercurial and somewhat questionable point guard of utmost Talent that always manages to boggle our mind.

Update: okay, I just read the details of the trade and this video is practically clickbait. They didn't even go over Jared Allen and Taurean Prince if I remember correctly
Norti Wriot
Norti Wriot:
James Harden + Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving = Championship, Let's Go Nets!!!!
randy brooks
randy brooks:
The Nets have a superstar offensive team but no defense after giving up Allen they should have kept him, that was the Nets big mistake.
Juy Ahmad
Juy Ahmad:
The rockets honestly won this deal 💯
Aaron Curtis
Aaron Curtis:
Why did Harden want out of Houston?

From what I'm reading, it's because they weren't good enough. But, as a member of the team, isn't that partially his fault? He's the star player on the team, and they aren't good. So what does that say about him as a winner? Isn't this commentary on his end a weak-minded, team-last kind of thought process?

Is there another reason he wanted out of Houston and I'm missing it or something?
Crazy trade (Gave up four 1st rd picks) but it had to be done to possibly get them to the finals.
I can not wait to see this absolute inevitable disaster. We’re 12 games in and everything is already falling apart, now this 😂
Afaq Ahmad
Afaq Ahmad:
you can have Kyrie, you can have KD, you can have Harden, Lakers in 4
Three superstars with questionable mental stability? What could possibly go wrong.

People comparing the Nets to the Celtics are downplaying how unstable the three nets superstars are in comparison to the maturity of KG, Allen and Pierce.
liu travis
liu travis:
Well, Wall + Oladipo + Wood, this new Rocket ain't bad, given the circumstance that's a good trade, if the Nets implode like we wish, two out of those 1rd draft picks would be something, I feel happy for coach Silas, he can do his job now.
Ty-Ron Morrow
Ty-Ron Morrow:
I feel bad for KD. The one time he went to a team to prove to people that his rings count, he gets pulled into another MASSIVE super team situation.
will burt
will burt:
This is horrible. I am not excited, but you have to be happy for Harden. He deserves a ring, and I hope that he gets it. It would be good for him.
Sjögel Miihels
Sjögel Miihels:
If Kyrie shows up now and starts playing then i guess the whole Kyrie situation was made up just so that he would not be involved in the trade. One thing for sure Kyrie and LeVert could not play together at the same time.
I can’t believe the Pacers and Nets agreed to this. Gave up all that talent to appease a diva.
CB World
CB World:
I don't understand this deal whatsoever. Nets already had a good thing going. Might benefit them offensively, but come playoff time, you have 3 ball dominant players on the floor. KD doesn't care much, but Harden and Irving on the floor at the same time, I'm not sure about that.
Kanye Rae Jepsen Homme
Kanye Rae Jepsen Homme:
These three will start a YouTube channel.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez:
Rocket fan here , so happy that ball hogg is gone with his B.S iso game 😂 Thank You NETS .
Multi Style
Multi Style:
G M:
Kyrie gonna be frustrated when Harden is the primary ball handler. KD gonna thrive as spot up shooter and go to option on breakdown of play. Kyrie will be a third wheel and not rounding off a big three. I don't think it will balance.
J Barrera
J Barrera:
I really don't see why the Raptors didn't try to trade for Victor Oladipo he wanted to join the Raptors. Especially after Giannis resigned, I say this here first. Masai Ujiri check out, he's not resisting with the Raptors. I can feel it.
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo:
The rockets got the best injury prone lineup I have seen in a while
I really believe the Nets are about to trade Kyrie. Keep watching 👀💪
🔥🔥🔥🔥 let’s get kyrie back n get it together 🦅🦅
Gods don’t have 2 choose, we take
Gods don’t have 2 choose, we take:
It’s crazy the teams they gotta construct to compete against Lebron.
HOUSTONIAN 4 LIFE. Harden had it all in Houston then gave up. Cee ya! This is gonna go done just like Harden and West. Rockets 2021 - Victor Oladipo with John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Christian Wood. I'll take it!! ❤️
Benniah Hah
Benniah Hah:
They really traded away Jarett Allen, Caris Lavert and a boatload of 1st rounders, all just for Harden 😳 Now I see why Kyrie is MIA because he’s going to get traded guaranteed. The Nets now have too many holes in their roster and it doesn’t make sense having three super max players. KD a 🐍 😂
J.C. 50
J.C. 50:
As a Spurs, fan its amazing how little they got for trading away finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. They got nothing compared to this trade
Marko 05
Marko 05:
They will need 3 basketballs to play.
John Pestano
John Pestano:
Rockets didn't get the all star superstar they wanted. Ben Simmons would have been the piece in return they were looking for. Vic can dip after this season so there's so pluses and minuses in this trade.
Dee Pee
Dee Pee:
Kyrie just trolled the league and the media and was able to get harden to the nets without being traded for him

Gunhoo Aciel
Gunhoo Aciel:
Feel bad for oladipo tho. He was betrayed by his college state. He made the pacers great after PG but was outshined by Sabonis coz of injuries.
I dont think this would work for BKN. Imagine putting together two dramatic/problematic players in the same team 🤔
Three temperamental stars on one team. What could go wrong?
james david manning
james david manning:
The Nets just got worse. Their defense was already horrendous and now you got rid of your best interior defender (Jarrett Allen). Plus, you lose depth with LeVert/Prince gone and not to mention Spencer Dinwiddie is out for the year. This looks great on 2K though.
If it aint breaking on NFL Live from now on, I AINT WATCHING IT!!!!!
They need to trade Kyrie for defensive-minded players or else no finals. Too many ballhandlers, not nearly enough defense.
Syauqi Rashad
Syauqi Rashad:
Are the nets just refusing to learn their lesson from the last time they tried to form a big 3.
Zander Quiring
Zander Quiring:
Steve nash said flopping “isnt basketball” so like what is he gonna do now?😂
Bro this team is gonna be unstoppable
Goyo Falcon
Goyo Falcon:
The Rockets were not going to win a championship with Harden so this was a smart move by the Rockets.
so basically Only 3 players thats allow to shoot the ball for the nets is kd , irving , n harden now.
the REST of the nets p layers who shoots the ball will be benched and fired.
kd 20 fg attempts per game, harden 25 fga , irving 20.
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich:
It's Brooklyn in the house without a doubt. Now Let's trade Kyrie for a couple of picks some defensive help and with Harden and KD It's the finals against the Lakers.
It's gonna be sad when Harden and Durant have a ring, but Westbrook doesn't
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson:
the great thing is: the Rockets might finally be fun to watch, now.
Justice for Seth
Justice for Seth:
4 first round pick and victor oladipo Houston got rid of a problem and won the trade like they got potential to be the Miami Heat of the western conference
CG Alchemist
CG Alchemist:
imagine they trade kyrie for russ now
Sooooo they only gave up picks and levert??? That’s insane somebody comment if Brooklyn gave up any more players
U Stooopid
U Stooopid:
NBA just seems like a mess right now. Brooklyn will probably regret this
The King Of Abs
The King Of Abs:
More Seasoning For The King. Increasing the legacy of LeBron James and The ensuing 3PEAT👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 Go Lakers!!!
Steven Brathwaite
Steven Brathwaite:
Houston is going to look real good and got picks
They can make it work just like the 2012 OKC Thunder if Harden just comes off the bench