Woj breaks down the blockbuster James Harden trade | NBA on ESPN

Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down all the details of the 4-team trade that sends James Harden from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets and where each team goes forward.

#NBA #Nets #Harden
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100+ comentarios:

Nets about to be more toxic than Chernobyl
Basketball God
Basketball God:
Nets new bench after trade.
1. 2 of harden strippers
2. kd's barber
3. lil baby
4. whoever sold sage to kyrie
Time to trade Kyrie for Westbrook now 😅
KD: I can win without a super team.
Also KD: *makes new super team*
Marlon Hester
Marlon Hester:
Team therapist is now asking for his contract to be restructured.
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker:
The Nets are finna have more drama in the locker room than a season of Keeping up with the Kardashians 😂
Diggy Griffin
Diggy Griffin:
Nets are gonna have 60% chemistry on 2k
John50 Beach
John50 Beach:
This will be a disaster. When you have a big three and KD is the mature one lmao
I have no words for the foolery we are about to witness 😂
Protech Sports Network
Protech Sports Network:
You know it’s urgent when Woj is on NFL Live
K3vy Kev
K3vy Kev:
It’s not official until Chris Smoove post about it
If it aint breaking on NFL Live from now on, I AINT WATCHING IT!!!!!
The Nets bout to be the equivalent to putting mentos into a Coke bottle.
Temporal Soliton
Temporal Soliton:
Netflix needs to get in on this locker room series statim!
CG Alchemist
CG Alchemist:
imagine they trade kyrie for russ now
They already struggle with defense and still traded away Jarrett Allen? 🤣
Kanye Rae Jepsen
Kanye Rae Jepsen:
These three will start a YouTube channel.
David Oh
David Oh:
Kyrie acted this way so nobody would want him. Very smart!!!
Nikolas Noble
Nikolas Noble:
James Harden can finally stop stress eating
Marko 05
Marko 05:
They will need 3 basketballs to play.
Georges St. Pierre
Georges St. Pierre:
I can’t believe the Pacers and Nets agreed to this. Gave up all that talent to appease a diva.
Sending LeVert to Pacers was a mistake. Had to keep him0
Nets about to become a reality show 😂
Sander Buik
Sander Buik:
Think of all the talent on the Nets that Harden won't pass to
harden immediately doing push-ups
Simply Luis
Simply Luis:
Im happy for my Rockets and for Harden. Both of them can start fresh now. Silas deserved better anyway.
Sam Gehrlich
Sam Gehrlich:
Harden being traded just effected half the League
NYCs strip clubs gonna be lit lol
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent.:
The drama that's about to happen on the nets will be more blockbuster than the trade
Ghostpepper 510
Ghostpepper 510:
Looks like the players run the NBA 😂
Nicholas Simmons Thomas
Nicholas Simmons Thomas:
The rockets came up though 💯💯💯💯
Dsco ScoUp
Dsco ScoUp:
🔥🔥🔥🔥 let’s get kyrie back n get it together 🦅🦅
Arnel Nopal
Arnel Nopal:
Brooklyn with their “jersey shores” tv show is coming!!
Zander Quiring
Zander Quiring:
Steve nash said flopping “isnt basketball” so like what is he gonna do now?😂
BenJamIn Durand
BenJamIn Durand:
Here we go. Clippers 2.0. Everyone gets too excited early. In 2 months you'll start hearing these same people getting excuses ready
I bet Brooklyn strip clubs are excited!
Woke AF
Woke AF:
Kyrie Irving goes from Fredo to Tito Jackson on a Wednesday afternoon
Ja’Von Purifoy-Taylor
Ja’Von Purifoy-Taylor:
Let the soap opera continue!!! Kyrie and Harden on the same team! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
ikato kiyazaki2
ikato kiyazaki2:
Good luck having any of them coming off the bench lol
Muhaymin Alam
Muhaymin Alam:
You know it’s real when they have Woj on NFL live 💀
The reaction of the hosts when Woj said he was excited to be on the show coz he loved it 😂😂 haha that’s real love
Juy Ahmad
Juy Ahmad:
The rockets honestly won this deal 💯
R. M.
R. M.:
Harden is a great player... until the playoffs.
-Professor Thunder- -
-Professor Thunder- -:
The Nets Titanic has begun to sink and it hasn't even left the port.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez:
Rocket fan here , so happy that ball hogg is gone with his B.S iso game 😂 Thank You NETS .
Georgi Dimov
Georgi Dimov:
Kevin Durant be like: I only play with at least 2 All-Stars in my team
yo niha
yo niha:
You know it’s a Woj bomb when he’s on nfl live lmao
ronald teves
ronald teves:
steve to the big 3: ok, who will play defence?
🤔Kyrie Irving acting out, was part of the plan.
"I'm fighting for my life right now man."

-Every stripper in Houston
MAKnificent TheGreat
MAKnificent TheGreat:
1:29 very good question!! I've had that question all day!!
Jesus died 4 OUR sins
Jesus died 4 OUR sins:
Wow! Nets didn’t learn their lesson from the KG and Paul pierce trade.
It took them around 8 years to bounce back from that horrible deal only to put themselves back to that horrible deal again 😂
Kdog Poop
Kdog Poop:
Alright now let’s get an insider reality tv show coming from behind the scenes of the nets. Must watch tv.
young brandz
young brandz:
This is great for the league, it was about time for this to happen.
Christian Rios
Christian Rios:
I love the fact that they had Woj on NFL live
Dank Vada
Dank Vada:
strip clubs in NY are thrilled
3 players that equal 39 personalities
Young Black King 👑
Young Black King 👑:
Now we get to see how KD plays with this version of Harden add WB and Ibaka, and you have the championship Thunder.
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator:
🎱 (Shakes 8Ball): Will the Nets have great team success this season??

🎱: Outlook not so good.
Cornell Jones
Cornell Jones:
Harden traveled all the way to Brooklyn from Houston.
Ben Toney
Ben Toney:
My favorite player got traded to nets so my allegiance is with them now. Go Nets
David Eiben
David Eiben:
Levert is the best player in this deal
Mr Community
Mr Community:
This shall be very interesting!!! Let's play ball!!!
Andrew Keifer
Andrew Keifer:
LOL @ Harden being a reason for KD to stay! This is going to be a disaster!
Lol wut
Lol wut:
The Nets have always been good at trading away their future 🤣
Really cool to see Woj get excited for being on NFL Live 😁
Time for my mans levert to shine in Indiana 🔥🔥
Octavius Daniels
Octavius Daniels:
I’ll give him 2 yrs , 5 missed last second shots , 2 finals losses , and he’ll be looking elsewhere
Malachi Washington
Malachi Washington:
NFL live has better NBA coverage than the jump 😂
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson:
the great thing is: the Rockets might finally be fun to watch, now.
Kryie stunted just so HOU wouldn't demand him in a trade... smart move, he playing chess,,he already told the media they was pawns🤔🧐 ♟♟
Yandri Fadli
Yandri Fadli:
WOWWWW The east now is loaded 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Slapping Salmon
Slapping Salmon:
Can't wait for the Nets to trade Kyrie. I don't imagine him staying in Brooklyn much longer.
Plot twist Kyrie was skipping games so the Rockets can get Harden to Brooklyn without Kyrie being traded. 😱 Kyrie is big brain
Hero Miles
Hero Miles:
Kyrie: I don't wanna be the Russell Westbrook replacement of the big three. I'm out
Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad:
no "one two three" can match Steph, KD and Klay
Other nets players: so are we allowed to take some shots or....
If I were to tell you 3 years ago that the Nets will have KD Harden and Kyrie by 2021, I wouldn't believe you.
I really believe the Nets are about to trade Kyrie. Keep watching 👀💪
Matthew Persaud
Matthew Persaud:
Can you imagine their Locker room , this gone be a good soap opera
Wait till kyrie gets back from vacation and finds out he's the third option on the team and has to share the ball with harden. Good luck getting both of them the ball, and good luck to non-leader KD and young inexperienced HC steve nash with containing the two problem makers he has on his team now.
CHOLO Gaming
CHOLO Gaming:
Lebron calling Silver begging him to veto the trade 😂
Cordarius Wilkins
Cordarius Wilkins:
These comments funny af. Y’all killing me.🤣😂
Deangelo J
Deangelo J:
Call me when mj had to face 3 top 10 players in the same team🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Vlone 88
Vlone 88:
Kd went to the nets so he can prove he doesn’t need help 😂😂😂😂😂😂 yeah ok
Kueny Thiluang
Kueny Thiluang:
Imagine being in that locker room
I could care less about the trade I have James Harden on my fantasy team 😂 he’s motivated to play again
Original J
Original J:
Some body gonna get mad when they’re asked to sit in the corner for 3s.
Navakash Gill
Navakash Gill:
My man James just Vince Carter’d his way out of the rockets and to the nets 🚀😂
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican:
Kyrie cant get it done...ok next man up and That James harden thats a great move for the nets. Wow now james harden is going to feel how great it feel to play with KD once again
Rowdy pipper
Rowdy pipper:
Would love too see westbrook reunite with them and they win a championship after they trade kyrie to Washington
Casio Curious
Casio Curious:
They traded Jared Allen, who is gonna play defense? 🤣😂😭
Paul Le Fevre
Paul Le Fevre:
Kyrie can come off the bench when he gets back!
Turlock Kalifornia
Turlock Kalifornia:
Laura 🔥🔥🔥
Mr Fresh
Mr Fresh:
Ok so they just created another team of "we will just outscore you, no defense necessary"
Justin Tran
Justin Tran:
The nets back again with trading away all their 1st round picks for players at the end of their prime
This is the best way to send a msg to Kyrie, to get in line. Even though it will be chaos I'm happy the Nets have put Kyrie in his place ..
I’m so happy
Tech for Dummies
Tech for Dummies:
That why kyrie been missing he knew they was getting janes harden
Usually, I get so upset when there’s a Super Team in the NBA, but for some reason, Harden, Durant and Irving on the same team doesn’t look scary to me.