Wolverhampton vs Tottenham Comparison of Mourinho's Goal reaction

Wolverhampton vs Tottenham Comparison of Mourinho's Goal reaction

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Common Sense
Common Sense:
gosh it's really pouring with rain
Will forever love Poch but the passion here is inspiring man, put me in coach
Winning mentality!
3:00 Mourinho gave intructions to Jan
3:08 goal
Karyna C
Karyna C:
Games not over until the Catalina upload 😀
Jose is so different with Spurs than he was with United. More humble, and a better manager. He probably feels it's his swan song and he wants to win trophies with Spurs to retire as a champ of EPL and CL.... Looks like Levy made the right decision. Poch has built the team, but Jose will bring the bacon home....
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez:
Jose Mourinho outstanding manager
William Tjhang
William Tjhang:
It took 90 seconds for Juan Foyth from celebrating with Jan to get changed and subbed in
Liew James
Liew James:
Priceless goal reaction from Jose and his merrymen!
stephen lyan
stephen lyan:
While the players were celebrating,the coach team were like come back,time's almost up don't waste it.
I frickin' love Jose, haha. That kneeslide, and the arm pumping! 3:08 😂 Epic Mourinho. I love how he within seconds whips Alli and Son off the pitch for two defenders. Boom! Instant.
Robert R Halstead
Robert R Halstead:
Just look at the passion. Everyone understands what they're supposed to do.
Panji Fahmin
Panji Fahmin:
I dont know but i like how Sacramento and Jose celebrates the goal 🔥
Dip kunda
Dip kunda:
That's the video I am searching for last 6 hours!! Thanks a lot. Really thanks again 😊
Entertainment News
Entertainment News:
mourinho assistant manager will be a good coach
Wet n Cool he does'nt care
Nirmay Patel
Nirmay Patel:
Content we like to watch 👍
Andi Romans
Andi Romans:
Coach Reaction Highlight, I really like this new Genre of football Highlights
lung Kamei
lung Kamei:
Thanks for the video, I would love to see his reaction every match if possible😄😂
Abhay Kalasapur
Abhay Kalasapur:
That knee slide though.....Great work we want more of this....❤❤
Otodidak PHP
Otodidak PHP:
So cool.. More video like this.. every match jose is reaction.. i will waiting to watch
Isabella Catanzaro
Isabella Catanzaro:
One's of the reasos for José sucess. Look how fast he was from celebrate to make substituions and gave instructions to Kane. Simple, another level.
Shawn Kristoferu
Shawn Kristoferu:
Mourinho along with Brian Clough are the greatest coaches in the history of football in that order.

They both took unknown teams from obscure leagues to win the UCL even though they were not the best teams. Along the way they defeated teams better than them.

They both had similar abrasive & demanding styles. They required players to put the team above them & work their end off. Things Pogba, Martial, Hazard, Ronaldo, Ramos would not do.

As long as these Tottenham players do that, Mourinho will bring home the trophies one after another.
benpuppy 22
benpuppy 22:
Thanks u I was finding this :)
Dr. Nakrah
Dr. Nakrah:
Mourinho ended up creating a great fence in his defence after the 2nd.
HomeAgent 554
HomeAgent 554:
I love how quick Foyth and Harry were compared to saka on sunday took an entire De Bruyne coal
Benj Serf
Benj Serf:
The woman who filmed this was sat next to me for the whole game. I was wondering why she was filming the match and then I found this in my recommended. I can hear myself in the video
Supervoid Cinema
Supervoid Cinema:
Mourinho is a genius.
Chloe Lui
Chloe Lui:
So many Wolves fans online complaining they got robbed & we should’ve got red cards for fouling Traoré but they did same to Lucas. Do we care? Do we hell 🤣
Well his reaction was gold 😂
It's like Jose just won a trophy, well that's what it means when you defeat Wolves at home.
X T C:
This call team spirit 😎
Chinazor Nwachi
Chinazor Nwachi:
God one at the “special one” a coach with passion. Same passion we the oppressed people of Biafra have for Our beloved nation Biafra. #SupportBiafra Independence. #FreeBiafra
Jordan Blackburn
Jordan Blackburn:
I'm so down for Joao Sacramento taking over when Jose leaves
Simeon Starr
Simeon Starr:
Real general about his business...🔥🔥🔥
베르통언 골 3:08 3:08 3:08
bruno Fernandez
bruno Fernandez:
I like Jose Mourinho
Richard Subi
Richard Subi:
His coaching staff is awesome...I love the passion
Punkjey ThreeSeven
Punkjey ThreeSeven:
Thats my special one 👍
Kurogane Rain's
Kurogane Rain's:
Keep Mourinho please he can make premier league more interesting
Mark shaz
Mark shaz:
Thanks 👍
Life as N•i•k•k•i
Life as N•i•k•k•i:
내친구들도 다 바바티비 보던데 ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 요즘 바바티비 모르는 흑우 있냐?
so much analysis you can take from this. Sacramento is clearly on the wavelength of Jose. Amazing footage
Tee Nine Julius
Tee Nine Julius:
You are doing a great job! Thanks for the upload. 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🙏
2nd guy from right looked like Wenger on the very 1st second
rezaldaffa rezaldaffa
rezaldaffa rezaldaffa:
댓글덕에 바바티비 보고 하루에 3딸 넘게 침;;
New Jay
New Jay:
The only work of the fourth official to raise the time board!
We can do all other?! 🤭
EDM Arcade
EDM Arcade:
요새 누가 ㅇㄷ보노? 바바티비 보면되는데 ㅋㅋ공짜에다가 굿굿
Dlitalia May
Dlitalia May:
pure passion, thanks Mourinho
Yan Simatupang
Yan Simatupang:
0:44 , who's behind Mourinho?
Hamza Aboumaachar
Hamza Aboumaachar:
19 Dislikes are Guardiola's family members
Hanzo Entertainment
Hanzo Entertainment:
Come on you spurs.... face the next challange and take it all....we believe in COYS and MOU
Thamara Machado
Thamara Machado:
바바티비가 진짜 야하기로는 제일 유명함 원래
Michael Archer
Michael Archer:
3points is the main thing hahaha Yidarmy
i mean, interesting video and i watched it because i'm a spurs fan, but who the hell buys a ticket for the game in the wolves end and films the opposing manager for the entire match? very odd, but thanks!
Cornelius Kingsley
Cornelius Kingsley:
Mushotsi Emile
Mushotsi Emile:
My special 💓 one
인방중에서 바바티비 야하다고 유명한데 모르는사람 있음?
So you just film the bench all game?
Francesco Rossi
Francesco Rossi:
Come on you Spurs
Richard Henriques
Richard Henriques:
With Pochettino, Im sure we would've lost this match
nico cacci
nico cacci:
Who are we who are we? We are Tottenham hotspur.. That's who!!!
Ciro Acioli
Ciro Acioli:
3:24 "get the center back here"

_park the bus intensifies_
Fredy Msele
Fredy Msele:
회사상사한테 바바티비 가르쳐주니깐 밥사줌 ㅋㅋㅋ개꿀
Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari
Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari:
What happened to the rest of the video????
mourinho is best
Muneeb Siddiqui
Muneeb Siddiqui:
Pure passion by Jose.
Who go to a match to film the manager the whole game?
The Realist
The Realist:
Loved the way Dele and Son came off when at 2-1 and Winks and Foyth came on to close the game out. People are saying the game's advanced and Jose won't manage, but he has Sacramento who is a great young coach. Both of them together are looking good at the moment, great to see the players back winning games, 2 away wins in 3 games, hopefully they continue.
iRacing Rookie
iRacing Rookie:
He's won everything a manager would want to win.. And a win against wolves means this to him, just shows what a team Nuno has built at wolves
Prince Manu
Prince Manu:
Claude Choshi
Claude Choshi:
but how do you go to a match to just watch maurinho
danh vô bụi đời
danh vô bụi đời:
hello 👋👋👋
Jose wasnt too happy with Sonny, but you can't do it all at all times. That wall of rain was ridiculous and we played with no midfield.
Maxamed Musse
Maxamed Musse:
Jose mourinho best👍
one of my idol manager after saf
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson:
바바티비 진짜 ㄹㅇ ㅁㅊ거아니가? 여자들 팬ㅌ까지 벗고있네?
Mathly Srleh
Mathly Srleh:
Junior Capi
Junior Capi:
Mourinho est meilleur coach. il mérite d'être number one toujours
cebo ntuli
cebo ntuli:
Mourinho and his assistant coach are not going to end well if he doesn't get a job offer somewhere else. He doesn't seem to know his place.