Wolves 2-5 Chelsea | Tammy Abraham Hat Trick & Tomori Stunner | Highlights

Watch the highlights from Chelsea's Premier League trip to Wolves!

Tammy Abraham’s the hat-trick hero as Chelsea smash five past Wolves!

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with it's many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

100+ comentarios:

Tomori was just awesome . Glad we had Rudiger back to marshal the back line
Nii Amart
Nii Amart:
Batshuayi's no-look pass to Mount was class. 💙
Alucard Jnr.
Alucard Jnr.:
I'll never forget Tomoris goal
Gagan Aditya
Gagan Aditya:
Thats why i love chelsea

They have a good management team mate, fans, and great atmosphere

Everyone can be a star in this club
Roberto B
Roberto B:
Tammy is not the next drogba is going to be the first Tammy Abraham
Tomori, Christensen, Reece, Ruben, Callum, Mount and Tammy Abraham will all play big parts this season for us. That's seven great talents, mental. The academy is finally being rewarded for its good work throughout all these years. Ya love to see it.
grace primrose
grace primrose:
What a exciting time to be a Chelsea fan 💙
HaWK Esports
HaWK Esports:
Tomori your Goal was Amazing best Goal of the year 💙💙😍😱
robert idenya
robert idenya:
Lovely game. To those who were saying, "don't play Abraham, he has no experience..." I told you he should bench Giroud. This are the results. Now if only Chelsea can hold on to a clean sheet and not concede alot, we could challenge for the top three, even the title if they put their minds to it. Common Chelsea!
Let's go to the last game, we have to win, let's go to Chelsea
Israel Davi Neris Alves
Israel Davi Neris Alves:
O time está progredindo, q golaço do zagueiro Timori go blues!!
This is whats chelsea need to do put the hi lights on YouTube if if we loose or draw
Frank Maphoto
Frank Maphoto:
My favourite game under Lampard. Thrilling end to end stuff.
Bruno Pires de Souza Pereira
Bruno Pires de Souza Pereira:
Os meninos do Chelsea estão jogando d+ Go Chelsea!
Azibalua Abadi
Azibalua Abadi:
Oh my goodness me, that is extraordinary from Tomori, what a way to score your first Chelsea goal.
paulo Henrique
paulo Henrique:
Esse dois jogadores do Chelsea vão dá o que falar são excelentes jogadores ⚽🏅🏆
Bolaji Badmus
Bolaji Badmus:
Lampard is adapting his formation. We conceded when Rudiger went off and it shows how important he is to the team. Can’t wait for Kante to come back
Mierez Saturday
Mierez Saturday:
Abrahams 3rd goal was absolutely devastating. One of my favorite of the campaign from him.

Ellen Ward
Ellen Ward:
Well done Chelsea brilliant game
Congratulations Tammy for the hat trick 🤜
Ammar Dewata
Ammar Dewata:
What a gem from Tomori. We need more strike attempt like this. Just like how we play back in the days. Long shot all the way
M. A. G!
M. A. G!:
Akif S.Rahman
Akif S.Rahman:
Brilliant talent , wonderful game 👍🏼✨🔥
Kirito Tazu
Kirito Tazu:
7 Tammy Abraham, 3 Mason Mount, 1 Fikaya Tomori
Wonderful the Power Of Graduates from Chelsea
Unknown User
Unknown User:
Tomori is amazing. If England want to play nice modern football we should try getting him instead of getting the traditional English defender like maguire. We would see some brilliant football in the international competitions
Tim Pilkrog
Tim Pilkrog:
This is for me a Classic Chelsea match we Will remember for a long time 💙
4 goals for Tammy Abraham, a dream performance.
Michael Fong
Michael Fong:
Abraham has amazing turn of acceleration. Except for him, none of the academy players I know before this season. Lampard top marks.
Amali18 18
Amali18 18:
Thank you Chelsea.. you’ve just made my day.. we bleed blue.. Let’s go Chelsea💪
Νικος Νουρτσε
Νικος Νουρτσε:
Man, Abraham was so Good at this game, that he even score a goal for Wolves!!
Regmi 8
Regmi 8:
Tammy defended as well as scored ! That’s my no .9 🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥
Dacion michaelin Naidoo
Dacion michaelin Naidoo:
Why am i not surprised with Kepa, let's hope Caballero is playing on sunday, we need this win💙
Chelsea Marsya
Chelsea Marsya:
Chelsea is always number one! In my heart ☺️
Idena Id
Idena Id:
Thank you for the highlights and replays. This type of contents I will always wait for.
Ricky Murray
Ricky Murray:
Millwall fan here, as an English fan of the game I must say, I've not been excited about the potential of an English striker since Micheal Owen burst onto the scene how Abraham makes me think, do we have a world class striker on our hands? His third goal is beautiful.

Seems like a class act as well, fingers crossed he keeps this up!
Diane Lister
Diane Lister:
Great performance wanted to be there but no tickets well done to the team congratulations tammy keep up the good work come on the blues love youxx❤️❤️
G4 UL Channel
G4 UL Channel:
Nice goal, nice shoot. Beatiful goal

Tah Sin
Tah Sin:
damn really loved this game! cant stop watching the highlights
Cristol Dsouza
Cristol Dsouza:
This is football, academy graduates playing their hearts out. ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Simelane
Alex Simelane:
That third goal from Abraham 👏👏👏👌👌
Warmaster AceJoker
Warmaster AceJoker:
What a screamer from Tomori 🚀⚽
Great combination from the youths for Tammy's 1st goal 🔥
Nice cross from Alonso for Tammy's header and Chelsea 2nd goal
Great over the top pass by Jorginho for Tammy hatrick
Kepa should done better for Wolves 1st goal (Tammy can't do anything for that own goal)
Defence must do better for Wolves 2nd goal
Mount ends the 5-2 thriller with a smart finish
Ricardo Nichols
Ricardo Nichols:
That, first goal thou. Absolutely beautiful.
Al Faiaz
Al Faiaz:
tomori for the goal of the season and Abraham is on 🔥🔥
Kleber Porta
Kleber Porta:
Mount, Abraham and William 🔥🔥🔥
Faze Sway
Faze Sway:
Well done Chelsea 👏👏🙌🔥!!
Natsu Kiiroi
Natsu Kiiroi:
Tomori First Goal is just Brilliant and a Hattrick for Tammy Woww 👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖
As a Chelsea fan i'm so proud. Really proud.
Abdi Sharif
Abdi Sharif:
Give Lampard time at Chelsea and you will see wonders.....from Arsenal fan
Dave Smith
Dave Smith:
my new chelsea, youth and exuberance
Who says Abraham, mount and tomori are championship players now
What a match
Kush Don
Kush Don:
Fikayo was moving like a dangerous left link winger at 1 point 🔥😂 that goal was an ABSOLUTE!
Michael S.
Michael S.:
We found our number 9. It’s been a long time coming ladies and gents it was only right that it was one of our youth graduates! Great things to come with this entire squad. Our youth players are showing up to the occasion everything seems to falling into place to build a dynasty with lampard. COME ON YOU BLUES!
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen:
Just goals, we need this kind of video !!!
Valentino Khan
Valentino Khan:
Conceding goal and not making clean sheet may not be good for everyone.
These guys(the forwards) are exceptionally fantastic. Chelsea problem so far is the leaky defence. A balance should be found between scoring goals and defending. What it means as it is that Chelsea can't win with 1 goal up for 90 minutes.😑
CFC Star
CFC Star:
Quality Performance from the Lads💙👍👏
mark d
mark d:
That third goal shows the level of confidence Tammy has on his ability.
Faktea Chhakchhuak
Faktea Chhakchhuak:
Tammy Abraham is the best Chelsea Striker in 2019'
Nam Ng
Nam Ng:
Our young player so strong! Well done!
Mobirevo Software Outsourcing Company
Mobirevo Software Outsourcing Company :
Tammy is an extraordinary player. I happy he is from my country.
Elephant Ello
Elephant Ello:
As an arsenal fan I must admit that I find Chelsea's attacking play entertaining under Lampard. Also Abraham has shades of Drogba in him
Aqila Asri
Aqila Asri:
Youngsters on fire 💙🔥
Handi Benkz
Handi Benkz:
We have a bright future for sure, not only because our young player are great but also we just can feel the spirit from this team has rising becomes better and better.
Gabi C
Gabi C:
That last goal from Tammy is underrated for sure
Sam Garnett
Sam Garnett:
Abraham's scoring spree was so unstoppable to the point where he scored an OG lmao
Isaac Frimpong Opuni
Isaac Frimpong Opuni:
The no 9. had to be redeemed by a Chelsea Through and through. Atm Tammy is doing just that. Long may it continue 💙💙💙
Bhasty 1
Bhasty 1:
Abraham is on his way to legendary status!
Fajar Wahyu
Fajar Wahyu:
Well played blues 💙👏
Daniel Monterola
Daniel Monterola:
Él mejor partido desde que llego Lampard
Lathif Yudhi Anggara
Lathif Yudhi Anggara:
Frank Lampard with his young squad, extraordinary
Zen Dynasty
Zen Dynasty:
Happy for Tammy Abraham after his opening games when he missed pen and a sitter. 👏
Art2 Norrman
Art2 Norrman:
I am glad that Chelsea has the most talented youths in England
0:12 for anyone that wants to be constantly reminded how much of a corker this is 💥💥
Jairo Monge
Jairo Monge:
We're coming for you both, Valencia and Liverpool 💪
Ramadhan Nuzul
Ramadhan Nuzul:
More brace goals from Tammy, Come on Chelsea !!!
Apostrophe FiveFiveThree
Apostrophe FiveFiveThree:
Chelsea’s young generation is on fire!!!
Neon Dorx
Neon Dorx:
Glad to see highlights but could you please make more like an extended highlights and not just goals. COYB!
M. H. Engelen-Burg
M. H. Engelen-Burg:
Great result. Still waiting for N'golo and Rudiger for a better deffence while the youngsters keep going. Good job everyone.
Who needs Eden hazard when you have Tammy Abraham (still love and miss you hazard 😭🔵)
Rithy Manun
Rithy Manun:
Goal of the year shall be Tomori , it was so incredibly.
Finally a real highlights. Do this more often please.
Barcelona and Chelsea both won 5:2😍😍
And both have the same problem,defense😂
Fendi Setyawan
Fendi Setyawan:
Made in Chelsea 🔥🔥🔥
Alastair Lennox
Alastair Lennox:
Imma give a lot of credit to Tammy Abraham from missing a penalty in the UEFA Super Cup and getting racially abused to becoming an absolute beast in the prem
Morina Dainta
Morina Dainta:
Amazing boys 💙
X A N I M E X:
Tammy Abraham just can't stop scoring since that PK miss in the super cup final
Adham MP
Adham MP:
So happy for Tammy
u Ameenu
u Ameenu:
I just love this feeling💥
mahbuub TUBE
mahbuub TUBE:
On About Chelsea club they forgot to mention super Frank Lampard. Which is unacceptable 😭😭😭😭
toohappy tosleep
toohappy tosleep:
Kepa, James, Christensen, Tomori, Ampadu, RLC, Mount, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham. So many talent we got💙
Sir Pilato
Sir Pilato:
Great game by my Chelsea and T Abraham I always love to see Marcos Alonso Mendoza play👍
Will Kelly
Will Kelly:
Awesome win 🙌🙌 and RLC, CHO & Reece James still to come back to make them even better 😊👍
Syndicate Jr
Syndicate Jr:
Tammy Abraham becoming a unit for Chelsea, he’s strong, got good pace, good passing and dribbling. He’s a perfect striker. Bargain of a signing if you ask me! City fan btw
That excellent tomori goal, then a hattrick from abraham and then a clean finisher from mount to top it off!
Blue The
Blue The:
After 15 years, you can see the legend name’s Tammy Abraham at Chelsea
no one
no one:
Tammy Abraham :

-Score Hatrick
-Get Yellow Card
-Own Goal

My job is done.
That no look assist from bats though!!
Rajeeshchandran P
Rajeeshchandran P:
Last game our boys failed to kill the match with another goal,
but this game they done it superbly
welldone boys
chelsea's young guns are on fire now
Kalyon Nation
Kalyon Nation:
Transfer ban is a blessing in disguise 😏💙💙💙🔥
Bruno Ebeniro
Bruno Ebeniro:
1:44 No-look pass/assist from Batshuayi to mount 😍💙
khalid ali
khalid ali:
Thank goodness rudiger is back. The 3-4-2-1 formation suits us.