Wolves vs Chelsea LIVE WATCHALONG

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Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you're getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey...

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26 comentarios:

Liverpool and City beat wolves in those matches 1-0 with full squad. Chelsea draw with depleted squad. Not so bad.
This match should have been postponed. I will say these watch alongs are a breeding ground for ignorance and negativity. Unfortunate .
Spencer Ng
Spencer Ng:
We need to find a way to break down teams that r parking the bus, today's match was just passing side to side with a few one-twos every now and then. Pulisic didn't dribble much and our midfielders like mount kante kovacic were often forced out wide, so there was minimal activity in the middle. A draw is what we deserve
naughty40z BOAZ
naughty40z BOAZ:
80% possession last game but 80% of that was by our back 4 players!
Talitemjen Imchen
Talitemjen Imchen:
I don’t think City will have to lose twice and Chelsea winning all the remaining game. Hope is the only Hope!
Another top 4 battle this season, cause the title is over, yeah some of these players just aren't cutting it and need to go as soon as possible
TT had his press conference earlier and answered a question with " ...we have seen their defense many, many times and new it was tough to break down. You may get one chance only and you have to be clinical to get a win out of it." He knows what he is saying.... He knows what needs to be done...Just many underlying circumstances right now. [email protected] had a good point also ....."Liverpool and City beat wolves in those matches 1-0 with full squad. Chelsea draw with depleted squad. Not so bad. "
B G:
I haven’t enjoyed the prem for years lol. We are so inconsistent it hurts
Chelsea are slipping badly, it's between Liverpool and City, you guys don't have an attack.
James Veiga
James Veiga:
No game plan, if you playing flash 9 with a 5 foot tall striker then why do you keep crossing it. Players just don't want to to the work and just give up ball time after time. Atrocious game
Lesotho Englebert
Lesotho Englebert:
Title chase is over. This is classic chelsea
Madeleine Moreno
Madeleine Moreno:
Even play Werner and Havertz and ChO would not have made not difference. The game we lost against West Ham was A key game . And guess who played those games . Yea Ziyech, Harvertz and Mount . That is the game to blame.
Let's be real Christian Pulisic, Ziyech, Timo Warner, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Mason Mount are not good enough for Chelsea FC's attacking or finishing.
How do we get top 4 when the teams behind us closing gap with us. Shame we have stupid average players
Wisdom Nzube
Wisdom Nzube:
Tuchel is not as smart as tried to think....

2. Trusting Pulisic, Ziyech, to win you a premier league match on a bad day, is like trusting Norwich to win the EPL this season.
Thomas Haines
Thomas Haines:
We are as close to arsenal as we are to city. Mugs
Title race over ....top 4 race on ! Get ready people 😅
1 Point Collectors
Magicz Obie
Magicz Obie:
This was worse than Watford I’m fuming 😤
The hardest part in this bad patch is that we aren't loosing games, today was a good result.
It hurts yoo
naughty40z BOAZ
naughty40z BOAZ:
we are sh*t !
Daniyar Kuangaliyev
Daniyar Kuangaliyev:
No more talks about winning the league. Only top 4. Why can't we shoot from distance, especially in a foggy weather like today. Players need to shoot if nothing else works. Everytime we approach the goal the ball is either taken by a keeper or a defender. And do the players always pass the ball to their keeper while crosses, instead of passing to the team mates. All we can do is cross to the keeper, pass sideways and backwards. Very predictive, toothless. No shots, no positives today. Title race is over
Fan Law
Fan Law:
the begining of the end of tomas tuchel
Wisdom Nzube
Wisdom Nzube:
TUCHEL should wake up....

He is not doing a good job.
Jack Adams
Jack Adams:
Disappointing chelsea but we go again! COYB
Richard Carolus
Richard Carolus: