Women Perish From Beauty Standards': Why Keanu's GF Won't Dye Her Grey Hair | Rumour Juice

Women Perish From Beauty Standards': Why Keanu's GF Won't Dye Her Grey Hair | Rumour Juice

After a wave of unpleasant ageist comments about Alexandra Grant, the rumoured girlfriend of Keanu Reeves, the artist took to her Instagram to explain why she doesn't dye her grey hair.

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Maryel Fernandez
Maryel Fernandez:
I'm actually happy that he's not dating a young starlet.
Tala Ahlem
Tala Ahlem:
He chose a heart and mind, not just body and beauty, and this is because he is a real man Although she is very beautiful in her natural form, simplicity and white hair, nothing is missing
The superficiality in the comment section. This is the reason why you won't have someone like Keanu. You can't deep dive with him coz you're too shallow.
Eva Szucs
Eva Szucs:
Keanu Reeves is a very intelligent and handsome man. I have loved him for almost 30 years, then I saw him for the first time! And I will love you for as long as I live. ❤️ Alexandra Grant is talented, I love her work.
Move Id
Move Id:
keanu didn't need beautifull face women.. he looks for the beautiful soul that complete his heart..
Patricia Norman
Patricia Norman:
I'm so very happy for him! He deserves to be happy in love! They both look so happy together and that's all that matters! I think she is sweet and beautiful!
Alicia Angelica
Alicia Angelica:
I love that he is so authentic and real! I love that he’s not with the typical hot young blonde top model haha and she’s pretty. I feel sad that people aren’t accepting of this. I think it’s cool
Keanu probably didn’t want to date a milennial who is always on her phone and angry at everything. Cool.
Trish Cooning
Trish Cooning:
I'm happy he's with someone that is he enjoys his time with .
1) she is naturally beutiful and gracious. expecially for her 47 age. i challange every "star" to avoid plastic and see how they look at 47....

2) keeanu is on another level. mentally, intellectually. he's an intruder in hollywood. too smart and kind, for his league of actors always concearned about looking in their 30s on their instagram.

3) to attract the kind of man keeanu has shown to be (in multiple occasion) , she must be very gentle, creative, kind hearted, and open minded: that's no common factor among rich/famous people. it's quite rare frankly speaking, to be humble and great at same damn time.

i root for them.
Надия Белова
Надия Белова:
Быть 7 раз подружкой невесты и не разу за 48 лет самой невестой,вам не кажется это странным???
Susan Wilkinson
Susan Wilkinson:
Happy you went gray! When I get more grays, I’m going to do the same! Thanks!!
Kay Naraine
Kay Naraine:
Love comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. I'm brown and I love Turquoise!!! Somebody for everybody!!!
Meiti Jobse
Meiti Jobse:
Please ladies respect him.. Don't judge the book by it Cover
I love Keanu and always will be in love with him. 😘❤️
Lucia Sanz Arribas
Lucia Sanz Arribas:
Algunos comentarios son muy crueles. Mi enhorabuena para los dos 😍
Sugandha Dogra
Sugandha Dogra:
At 47 when the whole world will stop dying their hair, they all will have silver hair!
If my hair was as nice a color grey as hers I wouldn’t dye mine either. I’m impressed that unlike a lot of men Keanu dates woman because he clearly likes them not because he needs arm candy to parade around for his ego. Don’t get me wrong some woman are just as superficial. The world would be a better place if everyone picked their partners on how well they get along instead of superficial stuff. There would probably be a lot less divorce and lot happier children.
sophie cabana
sophie cabana:
Ohh yes now with the California court mentioned that love Grant charity was never registered and not legal. I Alsace called centre Pompidou in Paris because I know a director there and they curating Bruce Conner works, the one Grant and Reeves copy for shadow.. I can say that they no smile at all
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
My mum used to die her hair two three times a day the amount clothes shoes. I'd have to listen to her cry every day night she really did get her self down. Heartbreaking to to your mum crying when her hairs all been cut off and she's crying. There's over doing it . I had 3 sister's to learn from and one hurt crushed lady as a blood mum youngest you see it all beat Alexander could come up with some fantastic art when it's emoshions she's good . I'm with her on that I grew up not knowing feelings emoshions . Alexander when I was in a homeless place you'd be surprised how many amazing talented kids. Food and a rooth over there heads keeping spirits high . Having people learn to exspres feelings . There saying k k k but I'm sorry if these two are a couple it's not just bloody k it's Alexander as well . I don't no if anything about people is true anymore but the way people are with each other I'd raver see people like this with each other around eachother . Seen freinds lovers who ever makes you learn with out needing our wanting ok sorry to k kind groused out with the kissing nothing to to with him out these ladies kissing just grouses me out lol if there an iteam cool glad he makes her happy and she can be her self and loves and injoys her hobbies and interests people who souport each other fantastic .good exsaple of freindship comitment my words maybe wrong I'm not good at spelling really crap at it but what the hell dealt if it pissis people off
Pamela Hanna henney
Pamela Hanna henney:
Mi opinión seguro se sabrá ya la verdad de todo esto que informan ya falta poco y si hay hombres así que les gusta esta clase de mujer pero no dura mucho esta clase de relación tóxica y se da cuanta que no es su media naranja .el solo busca sea bonita o no el busca la belleza interior y alma gemela que no busque su dinero y su fama solo el busca así y lo voy encontrará .es un hombre y ser humano que vale la pena es maravilloso .es bello y romántico .cariñoso .paciente .amoroso y no le gusta las mentiras así se lo ve .es único.mi keanu reeves
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson:
It's not the hair, it's the skin and the wrinkles...at first I thought she would be at least 60..I had to look up and very surprised to see she is 46 47 something...
Alex Green
Alex Green:
You have got among the best videos.
Rumour Juice
Rumour Juice:
Women Perish From Beauty Standards': Why Keanu's GF Won't Dye Her Grey Hair | Rumour Juice
Daniela Souza
Daniela Souza:
I don’t believe they are dating at all. This is a PR situation to help her and her art.
Keener Been
Keener Been:
Well that is BS! She dies it grey. Haven't you seen the touch ups and highlights. So freaking obvious. Such a lie!
I don’t care about how she or he looks they seems both really kind and lovely people I really aspire to be like Keanu couple goals right there
Susan Davis
Susan Davis:
People wake up she only wants his money . Alex is in deep trouble do to charity fraud an she’s not alone ! He has nothing to do with it an keanu has a new lady in his life there both very private her name is Susan Davis they live very humble lives there so much alike
Carmencita Phillips
Carmencita Phillips:
She's well established, smart. Keanu's choice. Be happy for him.
Keep making those john wick movies brother
Cheryl Ramey
Cheryl Ramey:
I love you KEANU
Austin Michelle Reeves
Austin Michelle Reeves:
Being charged with Fraud
A G:
It's not her hair, it's her face.
Таисья Франтовская
Таисья Франтовская:
Honestly, Alexandra Grant is absolutely talentless ....Her art is funny disgusting trash ...(( There are so many really talented artists, and they need our support . Cunning empty plagiarists like AG can help herself using famous actor🤔
Lucie G
Lucie G:
His mother is stunningly beautiful.
Susan Davis
Susan Davis:
He’s now with Susan Davis of ct. There crazy about each other ! Alex is in a lot of trouble keanu an Alex know longer get along ! There not to gether Alex is being suied ! Susan Davis is closer in age with keanu an she’s just mad crazy about this man . She’s a beautiful lady I know her personally! She’s very private an humble down to earth 𝐊𝐄𝐀𝐍𝐔’s soulmate he can finely have a beautiful life
Barbara Canterbury
Barbara Canterbury:
Such a lovely couple
Here is why people are gossiping SHE IS NO BEAUTY. and lets face it he is HEARTTHROB very handsome man just like when Julia Roberts dated that levitt guy it has NOTHING to do with age, so people are asking....why ????
Pilar Cruz
Pilar Cruz:
Keanu tiene el derecho d tener en sus manos el amor pero la señora Alexandra hace en una pareja con keanu dispareja el porque escogió a una señora q parece la mamá Keanu tiene el derecho d ser feliz
She's the leader of his spiritual sect 😂
Rute Oliveira
Rute Oliveira:
Mohammad bazzi
Mohammad bazzi:
She look like Popey Wife.
Magdys Productions
Magdys Productions:
Which kind of Charity does she running ... please send me the link to her humanitarian projects ... maybe i can donate and support her selfless honorable work for the less fortunate ... ###
Lou Witt
Lou Witt:
Problem isn’t her looks, it is that she is a Grifter. She’ll jump on whatever bandwagon that will make her money.
Ginger Derrick
Ginger Derrick:
NO~~~~ He needs to meet ~~~ Meeeeeee !!
prince Royal
prince Royal:
Not to be on the offensive side but why does she look so old when she’s only 48!?? But I don’t think anybody will be taking her from keanu so he made not a bad decision
Teresa Amador
Teresa Amador:
Andrée Gagnon
Andrée Gagnon:
Sorry but a woman who has anything interesting to say about her that she has gray hair at 46 years old isn’t interesting at all.
Katarzyna Górecka
Katarzyna Górecka:
Lots of love
Leave them alone pleaseee
jaclyn Maurice
jaclyn Maurice:
Why? Oh that’s right you can have 3somes she cannot give you a child
neil degrasse holyfield
neil degrasse holyfield:
8 years is still a huge gap
Carol Steinfeld
Carol Steinfeld:
No one talks about Keanu's obviously dyed hair. And I think she looks great. Great style, great look.
Luciene Maria
Luciene Maria:
DC Publishing
DC Publishing:
Not just that....it's that weird smile. Creeepy. Like a Jack-a-Latern.
I guess he Loves who he Loves🧐pretty or not
Erik Yan
Erik Yan:
keannu is 58 alexandra is 47
Krycha Wola
Krycha Wola:
Sandy McLendon
Sandy McLendon:
Whatever floats your boat!
Rumour Juice
Rumour Juice:
After a wave of unpleasant ageist comments about Alexandra Grant, the rumoured girlfriend of Keanu Reeves, the artist took to her Instagram to explain why she doesn't dye her grey hair.
Keanu is legend
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
Honestly why do you need to put kissing shots ok k kissing other ladies in films when your on about this lady. Freind lover wife get some class .your on about this lady Alexander but your been showing kissing I'm so weird I cringe and put my hand over them parts like that with loads kissing arts not just k.
i would ask why do women die hair. its default that you cover your gray hair. eff you.. i dont colour my hair. i love it, so beautyful. i love she does not die her hair. more women should be proud of their natural colour:)))
Yea show all the negative comments made about men. Hypocritical.
IF Carvalho
IF Carvalho:
She looks incredible and she is a match for Keanu.
Tina Vocassio
Tina Vocassio:
Glad Keanu Reeves found happiness again. 👍👍👍👍
sutiluk kansupak
sutiluk kansupak:
Joke​ and​ fake...... infinity​😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
tommy girl
tommy girl:
christi crenshaw
christi crenshaw:
I love her hair color. She is beautiful. Beauty is just not on the outside but inside. Too me more inside. I am very happy for both of them.
Austin Michelle Reeves
Austin Michelle Reeves:
Keanu's mother is a hellva lot prettier than the witch Alexandra
Melanie Müller
Melanie Müller:
Keanu is such a very good looking Man. What does he want with this Woman?
guadalupe maldonado
guadalupe maldonado:
Why People so cruel she's Beautful. Stupied people 😠😤😠
Abby OTR
Abby OTR:
Worry not. Just a bit more young, plastic, dyed and botoxed and the world will call you beautiful. The parameters of beauty have been ever [d]evolving and increasingly unrealistic. Why are men silver foxes and women sour milk? Today's feminism is hypocrisy. It's the unfunny joke. Ooh, and here's my parting joke: Girl power! Let's celebrate our bodies and our beauty. As long as you're thin, but not too thin. Young, cause any signs of aging are disgusting...and as long as your nose, teeth, brows, and lips fit in this lovely narrow box we made...you'll fit in just fine. Anyone who dares to challenge the trend better watch out. We'll find you in social media. We'll trash you in magazines. We'll smear you on the news. And yes, we will rinse and repeat.
She is young with natural gray hair and she is not a slave to hair dye! She is awesome
Ajmal Abidin NUR
Ajmal Abidin NUR:
I think she's actually pretty beautiful.
Kim Ridenour
Kim Ridenour:
Keanu seems to be happy with her I'm sure that her hair color really does not matter! I think shes Beautiful as is He must also.
Leo Buscaglia
Leo Buscaglia:
Keanu my boy, you had Winona drooling all over you for ages and you went for the granny... RIP.
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
I like her
Pita Litta
Pita Litta:
She looks old he could do better
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
Flipping leave her hair that colour suits her sorry to k but even if she wasn't seen him she should keep it the way she likes it not just about bloody god dam k she's her own god dam person . Her looks are her own self confidence don't make it about bloody k he can love value her the way she bloody is and if he dosent like what ever her hair colour is he can just bog off and exseped her hair colour if k loves her hair colour bonus lovely god dam photos of them holding hands haha I forgot about that part of love heehee ;p
Someone needs to go to jail for fraud.
Asif Khan
Asif Khan:
he should find someone better....
uma maheswari
uma maheswari:
Why she want dye hair..she is cute
Alexandra Grant, she may have a good personality, don't judge a book by its cover, really don't know her, never heard of her before she hooked up with Keanu. They must have something in common or they wouldn't be together, all I can is good luck to Keanu.
Rusty Bros
Rusty Bros:
Why people hating on her? She is like almost 10 years younger than him. If Keanu was 20 years old she be only 10 or 11 years old. How is that for perspective? I mean some people age faster some age slower. But in terms of dating he's technically dating someone way younger than him.
Amethyst Kat
Amethyst Kat:
She looks like his mother
Kat Mcphail
Kat Mcphail:
What is wrong with people her body her hair why should any one have any options !thier happy in love getting married good luck be happy