WONDER WOMAN 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984 DC Fandom Movie HD

WONDER WOMAN 2 Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984 DC Fandom, Superhero Movie HD
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tomiwa asorona
tomiwa asorona:
Who would have thought the Wonder Woman franchise would be the most consistent in the DC universe?

Remember when DC fans got mad about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman? So happy for her.
Ricky Poon
Ricky Poon:
"Barbara what did you do?"

_"I was cast in the 2019 musical Cats"_
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels:
So glad to see Chris Pine back
Sangpuii Khawlhring
Sangpuii Khawlhring:
Can't believe kristen wigg got a real part,she really deserve this🐆🥂
Wonder Woman: Thor check me out
*Wonder Woman swings on Lightening*
Thor: By Zeus' blouse, how's that possible. Is that even legal?
David Patterson
David Patterson:
I have a feeling "rope the lightning" has a good chance of becoming a new saying.
Mayank Ravi
Mayank Ravi:
Wonder woman randomly throws her laso in air and swings on lightning
Spiderman: Okay..
chrisid lupisan
chrisid lupisan:
Thor Odinson: I'm the God of thunder
Peter Parker: I'm web slinger
Steve Rogers: I fought world War and I have shield
Black widow: I'm finally gonna have solo movie
Diana : hold my beer 🍺
franklin Ramirez
franklin Ramirez:
What if Steve Trevor is Martian Manhunter and he really did die in the first movie
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay:
"Wonder woman swings on lightening bolts!!"

Spider-Man left the chat
Hans Zimmer never fails to impress. His soundtrack and composing will be incredible to listen to in the theater!
Red reaper
Red reaper:
maxwell lord: Bring me Tywin Lannister!
Goons: You mean wonder woman
Maxwell lord: Did I stutter?!
M Rohit
M Rohit:
Parachute Pants? Does everybody parachute now.
Stiiiill waiting for my homeboy Supes’ to get his freaking sequel.
Damn the Cheetah look is badass!
Akaash Udayakumar
Akaash Udayakumar:
DC : Only in cinemas.
Corona : No, we don't do that here..
Ally Estrada
Ally Estrada:
Whoaaaaa!! I kind of feel like this is gonna be better than the first one! Can’t wait!
That last bit is just gonna be Chris Pine trying on his own clothes.
DJS Videos
DJS Videos:
This franchise may actually do wonders for DC universe.
Wonder Woman: *swings on lightning*
Me: "What if lightning doesn't strike..."
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133:
The role of Cheetah was first offered to Emma Stone but she declined. The role was then offered to Kristen Wiig, Patty Jenkins's first choice.
Diana's tiara can be used as a boomerang weapon in this film. This incident is very similar to the 1970s live action television series, Wonder Woman (1975).
Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig have previously starred in Date Night (2010) almost a decade before this movie's release.
The Wrap reported in March 2020 that WB executives were considering releasing the movie directly on streaming instead of theaters due to the health concerns of the Coronavirus.
Gal Gadot wanted Halle Berry to play Diana's love interest for this film.
Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta:
DC is on fire!
Listening to it's fan is the best thing they are doing.
You cannot tell me her swinging from freaking lighting isn't cool as hell.
Cristian Garcia
Cristian Garcia:
Guys we all know steve Trevor is brainwashed and a sleeper agent and is actually codenamed THE SUMMER SOLDIER !!!
Spiderman: i swing using web shooters on buildings.

Wonder woman.. who needs buildings. I swing on anything 😂😂 lightening, clouds .

Me: this shit has gone too far
Dalyn Roberts
Dalyn Roberts:
Looks like it’s going to be insanely cool
CityBoy 16
CityBoy 16:
I don’t even know what to say about Cheetah’s look anymore. Just hope everyone won’t complain about it.
Lincy McGabby
Lincy McGabby:
*OMG I wasn't hyped for this movie at all before, but I definitely am now!!! That Cheetah looks amazing!!!*
Ravi Mutum
Ravi Mutum:
Wonder woman single handedly going to save the DC movie universe
Korede Williams
Korede Williams:
So they actually decided to show Cheetah look in the trailer!
Gee Avin
Gee Avin:
pls let SIA to have a song from this movies soundtrack 😭 her song “to be human” was fucking amazing 🔥
josefina sta ana
josefina sta ana:
I wanted to stalk Chris Pine on ig cuz mans is too sexy with that being said he’s my new man for the week 😏
Wonder if Steve is flying the invisible jet thru the city, and thats what she's lassoing.
The previous composer did an amazing job but I’m keen for Hans zimmer and it’s looking/sounding good
Abhijit Das
Abhijit Das:
0:17 Toby Maguire and Thor Approved that!!
Lunarmoon Jump
Lunarmoon Jump:
"I forgot to tell you...radar." I was laughing so hard lol 😂
Adnan Rakmeni
Adnan Rakmeni:
Finally, our time has come
Tysofly _
Tysofly _:
Kristen Wig in a serious role I'm watching this ish💯
Sumedh Habbu
Sumedh Habbu:
Cheetah seems to have been done properly. Hope I'm not wrong.
I love the turn around on Steve Trevor and Diana they completely swap being fish out of water
he aint the first chris playing steve who fought world war and now has come in future without ageing.
After a long time this is what I m waiting for in this pandemic. EPIC
The Magnanimous One
The Magnanimous One:
Just take my Moooney already!
Samyukta J
Samyukta J:
This is perfect...my heart broke when Steve Trevor went in the first movie...hope this really happens
ka suo
ka suo:
I just realized, 1984 is a long time ago.
Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez:
80`s, "So hot right now".
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Vihar Shah
Vihar Shah:
She can swing on lightning bolt
Isaiah Narvaez
Isaiah Narvaez:
1:57 is the best part get rick rolled
0:54 me when I queue for ranked games
Viking Finn
Viking Finn:
She lasso traveling on lightening. Bravo, Bookin’ it down the street was hot.
Neeraj Punekar
Neeraj Punekar:
Imagine when thor character will comes, then it will mindblowing😍
Javier Gallegos
Javier Gallegos:
wonder woman is the best she is strong about the pawer she got yay for wonder wman i like your videos:)
tina baker
tina baker:
It looks amazing I'm so excited.. I love how they switched it and now Steve is the one amazed by technologies and stuff
2WEI - Kings of the music trailers.
Watching for a Friend
Watching for a Friend:
Yes, I can't wait for this. It might be worth the risk to see this at theaters!!! All jokes aside, I'm so excited for this and can't wait to see all of this POWER on screen, I'm gonna get my entire life!!!
Dusse Papii
Dusse Papii:
As long as cheetah really looks like cheetah..... we cool
Brendan Shaw
Brendan Shaw:
1:08 general grievous would approve
Andrew Madderra
Andrew Madderra:
Now that's how you make a Comeback DC!!! Im so Hyped🔥🔥!!! And Wonder Woman VS Cheetah😲👀
Egor Tukhov
Egor Tukhov:
Everything's cool and all, but I still can't forget the wonder woman's theme from BvS
And it isn't in this trailer makes me feel worried
That looks amazing. It looks even better than the first movie, which I loved. DC did great with making a female superhero movie that is actually really good. The best thing about this trailer though was that awesome soundtrack. I can't get it out of my head.
sabari nath
sabari nath:
Kristen Wiig gonna nail some new achievements.. 😍😍
Penny Lloyd
Penny Lloyd:
Iv been waiting for this movie for so long. So frustrated they prolonged it comming out here in the US. I can't wait to see it!!! ❤💛
Using the lasso to swing on lightning is exactly the goofy shit I want to see in these movies
goosebumps all my hair :D
BBY Bincang-Bincang Yuk
BBY Bincang-Bincang Yuk:
0:17 Okay ... 1:31 Oooookay ... 0:13 Sooooo What is She Lasooin into ?
Off topic but I’d love to see Chris pine play Dimitri if they made a live action of Anastasia.
Happy to see steve trevor back 😭
Soggy Jungle
Soggy Jungle:
I came for 'Blue Monday' ended up playing New Order to hear it.
Skye JP
Skye JP:
More exposition than the first trailer but first trailer makes you feel like you are in it. Who made first trailer? Ur a genius.
Yatrik Amrutiya
Yatrik Amrutiya:
" I forgot to tell you "
"Radar "

Who's the guy at 1:28 I forgot his name
im actually pretty excited for this!
Chester Vanre Malinao
Chester Vanre Malinao:
This is such a whole new Kristen Wiig! ♥️
Magnus Chronicle
Magnus Chronicle:
Nathan Fillion actually got into 2 DC movies wow 😂
Farooque Ali
Farooque Ali:
The way she twisted her hips in the end in the golden suit and rested her hips!!! Miss Universe it is
Joshua Valdellon
Joshua Valdellon:
I am really looking forward to seeing this one!
Melissa Valentine
Melissa Valentine:
"Only in cinemas".... BUT FREAKING WHHHHEEEN? Gθd [email protected]Ω covid!
Puroo Kumar Roy
Puroo Kumar Roy:
I'm here before the comedians who just quote lines from the video.
Miss Escobar
Miss Escobar:
DC has been really improving with their films
kristen Wigg for a villain role, im down for it!

also, i just hope I wont remember penelope’s face
Very excited! Though not super happy that we pretty much know what’ll happen with Steve, and I kinda feel like, what’s the point if we’re just going to do movie one all over...🤷‍♀️
Spencer Corbett
Spencer Corbett:
That shot of her swinging from lightning was sick
Kunal Nanda
Kunal Nanda:
Looks good, but I want the soundtrack from the first trailer.
Laurence Doyon-Thibeault
Laurence Doyon-Thibeault:
✨✨✨✨✨Amazing✨✨✨Looking forward seeing that one ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
if cheetah don’t got the mutation we don’t want her 😌
1:53 oh nevermind heh
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb:
It looks like the action is being coordinated by someone different from the first film. Doesn't look as good.
Kristen Wigg?! I mean really? 🤦‍♂️
Atomic Smash
Atomic Smash:
Whoa, is she riding the lightning. I never saw such concept. Ever !!!
Entertainment Vlog
Entertainment Vlog:
Sam Yap
Sam Yap:
BEHOLD! All the YouTube REACTION video is coming up too... (just saying)
Can someone just stop this pandemic so I can watch this movie in a cinema with fellow fans?
Harry B. Allsachs
Harry B. Allsachs:
This is going to be incredible!
P.A. C
P.A. C:
Greg Martin
Greg Martin:
Feel steve will disappear at the end!🤣
Erum Khan
Erum Khan:
I like the first one. Minus the dhoom and gloom. Wonder woman is rightfully my title.

Though I make great secretary.
Christine Fisher
Christine Fisher:
i feel like this is going to ruin the bittersweet ending steve trevor had
Das Grischa
Das Grischa:
The Villain looks super lame :)
I didn’t know Hannah’s mom was such a bad ass
Public YouTube
Public YouTube:
What's with 80's.
From Marvel to DC to Netflix.
Everyone is visiting .....
Cheetah looks amazing 😍😍😍😍