'Would you believe it?’ | GREATEST saves from the 2019/20 Premier League season

A compilation of the greatest saves produced in the 2019/20 Premier League season. This video features Bernd Leno (Arsenal), Alisson (Liverpool), Ederson (Manchester City), Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City), Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea), David de Gea (Manchester United), Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur), Dean Henderson (Sheffield United), Ben Foster (Watford) and more!

Who made the best save? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:

Martin Tyler The Ignored One
Martin Tyler The Ignored One:
Arsenal: * plays a match*
Leno: My time has come
Josh Timothy
Josh Timothy:
Leno’s save to deny De Bruyne a hat-trick at the Emirates should be here
SF Pred
SF Pred:
Martinez's save against TAA in the final seconds
Best league in the world
Nachiket Ayare
Nachiket Ayare:
Leno's save against City ? Literally flew to the top left corner.
Synza Beast
Synza Beast:
arsenal have one of the best keeper selections in the league
Arsenal45 7
Arsenal45 7:
I don’t know what I’m more surprised about. Kepa actually made a save that made it on here, on a United penalty actually didn’t go in.
Pro Piano
Pro Piano:
Goalkeepers are the most underrates members of the team.
Whenever a forward makes a shot and the goalkeeper saves it, usually the forward is blamed it that he did not make a good shot but it is actually the goalie who made a spectacular save.
The quality of the goalkeepers in Premier League makes such delight to watch.
Joseph Ramos
Joseph Ramos:
How didn't the leno save vs de bruyne make it on here? Easily one of the best saves of the season.
Collect Your Fandom
Collect Your Fandom:
My man Leno on the thumbnail 🙌
Isihaq Abass
Isihaq Abass:
7:15 this is the prime de gea we didnt see this year
Arsenal definetely have the best duo of GK of the league with Leno/Martinez
muhammad shaukat
muhammad shaukat:
Martinez has to be the best 2nd choice keeper in the league. That save at 8:53 tho. Leno is also class!
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Sheffield have bought Aaron Ramsdale after parting ways with Dean Henderson.. I think it was very smart business. He's a very talented young goalkeeper
Dung Pham Design
Dung Pham Design:
Arsenal 2019/20
Attack: 90
Defend: 90
Defend without GK: 1
Tzvi Levine
Tzvi Levine:
I can't flipping wait for this season!!!
8:53 for me probably, Martinez save against Liverpool (TAA one)
or 1:21 Schmeichel vs Southampton
Fat Ray
Fat Ray:
“Henderson..... Salah! Good save by Henderson”
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
Premier League has a fantastic set of goalies.
Akash Gaur
Akash Gaur:
The video should be renamed to "Alex McCarthy's Greatest Saves",the guy was everywhere.
Ibrahim Carab
Ibrahim Carab:
Haven’t watched it fully yet but that Save of Emi Martines V TAA must be here. The best of the season
Michael Callander - Journalist
Michael Callander - Journalist:
Feels so weird seeing full stadiums in these season compilations.
Just Because
Just Because:
Honestly Leno was probably the best keeper last season
Chitow Mao
Chitow Mao:
Watching this i cant wait for the new season to start!!!!
Premier league is the most classic league ever seen...♥️
Zappy Kikon
Zappy Kikon:
Dean Henderson will become world best keeper in the future 🔥🤟
Jamie Beck
Jamie Beck:
Where is Ryan’s save against Southampton
OrangeVevo bwuuh
OrangeVevo bwuuh:
Mo Salah plays:
Every goalkeeper ever: my time has come.
MoyaStar Gamer
MoyaStar Gamer:
Roy keane: It was in the middle of the goal it was perfect height for him
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
Goalkeeping is the most underrated position in football
Nathan Walter
Nathan Walter:
Alison, Henderson, Ederson
And all other goalkeepers ending in son
Travis Sithisakd
Travis Sithisakd:
I’m not expecting any from Kepa lmfao. Coming from a Chelsea fan btw
Bruno Fernandes’s memes
Bruno Fernandes’s memes:
Some amazing saves in the best league in the world
Premier League
Premier League:
Who made the best save? 🤔
Dubravka is the most underrated keeper in the prem. serious keeper
Andri Priyoga
Andri Priyoga:
This video prove Kepa was not bad actually
2:54, 5:33, 10:07
Q Lagertha
Q Lagertha:
Y'all underrate Lloris so much
Premier League
Premier League:
Who are your top three Premier League goalkeepers?
That Dude
That Dude:
6:45 Pickford is wearing a cap?! I have never seen something like that before?!
Leno v Man City save against de bruyne where is that ???
Sarfaraaz Ansari
Sarfaraaz Ansari:
Missing the choir of audience these days in sports 😞😞😞
Ofentse Seleka
Ofentse Seleka:
Goalkeepers of the premier league are just amazing ❤🔥
Greg Bowers
Greg Bowers:
"Punched away by the goalkeeper!" Martin Tyler - Fifa 20
Rezwan Niloy
Rezwan Niloy:
Neuer,Ter-stegen,Leno vs Pope,Henderson,Ramsdale
1K subscribers with no videos impossible challenge
1K subscribers with no videos impossible challenge:
Dean Henderson will always be my number 1 GK. His saves are incredible

I think arsenal has the best 2 GK Martinez s on fire. It seems there will be a competition between Leno and Martinez
Henderson's save against mo the is the best one
The Guardian
The Guardian:
9:01 Martinez Brilliant Save 👏 👏
Thought Dubravka was quite good this season.
TGH_ Myth
TGH_ Myth:
Brilliant saves can’t wait for the new season
Alvin Anselm
Alvin Anselm:
7:09 even the post has made it here 😁
3:30 the way he said de gea had me cracking up 😂😂😂
Rayane Raihani
Rayane Raihani:
Best League in the World 🔥🔥🔥
Ian McIntosh
Ian McIntosh:
amazing saves EPL best league in the WORLD
Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt:
Brilliant thank you for this
2:58 Kepa's only save of the season
Pranav Garg
Pranav Garg:
11:54:Maguire has his head on his hands😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Audrey Yun
Audrey Yun:
4:28 best one imo
3:30 the way he says de gea made me lmfao
3:26 Roy kaene: Naaaahh..still overatted goalkeeper
nacho valcarce
nacho valcarce:
I was going to say that they were trying to put saves from different keepers for it not to be monotonous and joke that they couldn't find one from Roberto, but they managed to do so.
Tolulope Adegoke
Tolulope Adegoke:
Milivojevic is in every compilation, from saves to goals lol, he's amazing.
Harin Krishnan
Harin Krishnan:
Soccer Guy
Soccer Guy:
Goalkeepers: save impossible saves
Commentators with no excitement: what a save.
Footy Universe
Footy Universe:
Mane against edason that was the baddest hit I have ever seen
Andhika Pramudya
Andhika Pramudya:
6:37 i thought it was wakabayashi :O
Yandel Mejia-Frias
Yandel Mejia-Frias:
Me See's the tittle
Also me:something I can never do
Akram El faressi
Akram El faressi:
In this video the simple goolkeapers(like Adrien and Martínez) was showed more than alisson
Alisson didn't make a looot of saves I don't know why the people says that he s the best but he s noooormal 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️they show just one save of him woow
Gamer kid
Gamer kid:
Premier league is the best league ever
Jamie Thain
Jamie Thain:
Leno save against kdb was save of the season and it wasn’t even on there😂😂
Tony Chukwunwike
Tony Chukwunwike:
Please bring on the 20/21 season, I can't wait 🔥🔥
The fact that Ben foster almost scored a goal
"Great save by a diving goalkeeper!"
sokin jon
sokin jon:
I can't flipping wait for this season!!!
theanecdote 24:26
theanecdote 24:26:
9:58 this guy is chocking him tf
Gamal Sudibya
Gamal Sudibya:
Great saves!
Kinito Kinny
Kinito Kinny:
You know you made an unbelievable, spectacular and outstanding save, I mean like 99% chance of sure goal, when your opponent rise up to their feet to celebrate the goal but they left in shock and keep their hands behind their head instead. 🔥😎
Dhimas Abdiillah
Dhimas Abdiillah:
Thats make my mood 🔥🔥
Bernardas Janušauskas
Bernardas Janušauskas:
Kepa the GOAT
Travis Morris
Travis Morris:
Me: people can't fly
Premier league: have you seen our goal keepers
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim:
Can’t wait for the prem to start
bedru omer
bedru omer:
Video: goalkeeper's greatest saves
post-bar: Am I a joke to you?
Vardaan Pandey
Vardaan Pandey:
alternative title: saves that prevented watford from safety.
"Good shot good save"
Breno maniezo
Breno maniezo:
Drink game: one shot for each "what a save" in this video
Jasper Sheik
Jasper Sheik:
Guaita for crystal palace is mad underrated, one of best reactions in the league 👊🏽
5:06 you are mistaken
Dimension Library
Dimension Library:
13:24 look at No.3 Defender lmao
Aidan O'Malley
Aidan O'Malley:
Thank you for reminding Chelsea fans what Kepa is capable of. Man just needs his confidence back up
3:56 the world just didnt want benteke to score
Dian Praba
Dian Praba:
James Ward Prowse have a good skills on freekick. What a beautiful freekick from him. Absolutely Stunning🥰
Leo Küffer
Leo Küffer:
All memes aside, this really shows that kepa could be a proper goalkeeper, just needs more confidence imo
Tariq Aziz
Tariq Aziz:
Leno's save against De Bruyne was top notch. The best of the season🔥

Funny how DDG appears thrice in his worst season and the overated Alisson only once🚮
Ruuko G Chase
Ruuko G Chase:
James Ward Prowse is something else 🔥
Brandon Oneill
Brandon Oneill:
Looked like every free kick was from ward prowse 😂😂
Hashim Hago
Hashim Hago:
13:18 No, they can't
Aaron Tragen
Aaron Tragen:
“What a save” counter?
how are you gonna forget lenos save against de bruyne? literally the best save ive ever seen from a long range effort
Dan Momanyi
Dan Momanyi:
14:48 savage
Grande Mys
Grande Mys:
🔥 #EdOut #GlazersOut
Precise Arrow
Precise Arrow:
I was waiting for pickford's saves and he rolled up rocking a cap lol