"Anything is possible when you are smart about it. Train Smart. Recover Smarter. @smartcups #SmartCups #baddestmanontheplanet #stillthebaddestmanontheplanet @tysonranch @coppergel #tysonranch SmartCups.com," wrote heavyweight legend Mike Tyson, who recently took to social media to post more footage of himself looking explosive on the mitts at the age of 53. Check it out!

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Ezzie Satur
Ezzie Satur:
This is why his daughter will never have a boyfriend.....
Lucas King
Lucas King:
Imagine holding pads for Tyson.
I thought Tyson said he didn't have it in him to fight anymore? He looks like he's ready to chew off another ear!
Ace Attitude
Ace Attitude:
2003 Mike Tyson - "I broke my back"

2020 Mike Tyson - "I am back"
Coexist & Let Live
Coexist & Let Live:
"There's no one that can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious."

–Mike Tyson
Jason Davis
Jason Davis:
Man. He still moves like he's 21 years old. He still looks intimidating.
Joseph Fazio
Joseph Fazio:
No matter what he decides. I’m gonna love Mike. This is Terrifying
Subash Ramone
Subash Ramone:
When Mike Tyson said I'm back. I peed a little.
Imagine him coming back and knocking out Deontay Wilder after the comments Wilder said while he was driving in that one video😁😭
Notice how happy he was to say I'm back. That's how you know his heart is fighting
Imagin the faces of all the heavyweights when he say's he's back.
Eric Bell
Eric Bell:
Vegito LoS
Vegito LoS:
He even scarrier now. Dawg smoke weed,box and train piegons.
King Solomon
King Solomon:
In the 90's life was so great... and this guy IS the 90's. Even when his career went downhill already then, his scandals and lifestyle were the big part of the 90's pop culture. He was like a saint protector of the streets around the world. And now, after two decades of the world being fu(ked up, it's like everything great is about to return with this man... never stop dreamin' !
Mike, If you are going to do this, do it all the way. Reconcile with Rooney NOW! Reconciliation will strengthen you mentally. Who agrees?
Scott Jacobs
Scott Jacobs:
Michael Jordan “I’m back and then Mike Tyson “I’m back” whew
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming:

Mike Tyson: “I’m back” 😤

Me: 😳 Aight, Imma head out...
When Mike Tyson said, "I'm back", I'm not ashamed to admit I got a nervous AF for a second, cause it sounded like he was talking to me personally through the phone 😭😭😭
Marc Oppel
Marc Oppel:
That menacing look in his eyes when he said "I'm back" - scary AF!!!
Jeremiah Cuarteros
Jeremiah Cuarteros:
"And the newwww and oldest heavyweight champion in the wooooorld, iron miiiiiike tyyyyyssooooon!" And the crowd cheers so loud the noise will resonate for decades to come
Go Mike! Show These Young Fighters How It’s Done!!!
Rich DJ
Rich DJ:
Donovan Brown
Donovan Brown:
0:18 When he said “I’m back”, he had that same scary look that he used have in the 90s
Pedro riquesss
Pedro riquesss:
Mike tyson at 53 years of age
Smokes weed

Imagine the pressure on the opponent
Kely Dorestil
Kely Dorestil:
He saying he’s back like he ever left .
Madlib Beats
Madlib Beats:
Dude he is an insane animal that would most likely knockout 70% of the UFC at 53 years old
James Thomas
James Thomas:
This dude is a beast, big respect from the UK.
"I'm back."

*camera cuts*

Mike Tyson smoking a blunt on live 😁😂
the promise man
the promise man:
With speed at 53 years of age who would want to step back into the ring with Mike Tyson

Me :. Not me I don't think so
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras:
Damm hes only moving 0.00001 seconds slower then he was in his champion years😲
Michael Jordan - "Im Back"
Mike Tyson - "Im Back"
DJ Droptop
DJ Droptop:
I guess George Foreman will be coming back too. He talked about it too.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez:
Since I was younger, Mike Tyson has being one of my favorite boxers for he always gives great fights. Mike Tyson might be 53 years old but his conditioning is of a 20 year old atlete.
leapold scotch
leapold scotch:
Doubt the heavyweights of today can even last 3 rounds with this beast
NO Toms 0
NO Toms 0:
Dang I will always be watching Mike .. he’s another Chosen One...
If mike Tyson make a smart moves to come back to figth tyson fury, he can easily beat him at age 53. and I put my money in mike Tyson
LaVino Don
LaVino Don:
The whole heavy division of fighters are going to retire! so they what get retired by Mike Tyson. On GAWD💯
supermoto vtec
supermoto vtec:
The old Mike never went anywhere. He is still very much a Savage.
Jimmy КГБ
Jimmy КГБ:
Why do I feel like he could come back into the ring and win a few heavyweight championships???
Uvaldo De la rosa
Uvaldo De la rosa:
Looks like mike tyson has his beast mode back
Pinclude Studio
Pinclude Studio:
Mike Tyson is a beast. “I’m Backth” 🥊
Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans:
You can literally put mike Tyson in tekkan or mortal combat and he would be terrifying, allowing the player to switch skins between young and old mike Tyson
Rob 72
Rob 72:
IronMan will send all these current bums into retirement💯
Tsering Wangdu
Tsering Wangdu:
Man ,watching Mike Tyson Train pumps me up .Its more entertaining to watch him train than watching today’s heavy weight boxing 🥊
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres:
Iron mike after all he’s been through in his life and he still in shape big props...🥊🥊🥊
Hamza Mounir
Hamza Mounir:
His face scared me when he said : i m back / thee beaaaaaast🖤🔙
percy garcia
percy garcia:
I've never been more scared of a senior citizen in my life.....
"I'M BACK!" Aaaaandijustpeedmypants.
HoodxDreams 101
HoodxDreams 101:
He could clap me bruh no cap I need 10 years old him to fight 😂
Wow, this is incredible! Iron Mike is back. It takes me back to the days when he destroyed all fighters in the division.
Wizdom Beatz
Wizdom Beatz:
Set playback speed to 1,25 = Tyson's speed in his prime.
Mirko Panić
Mirko Panić:
I see in him a beast, old but still very DANGEROUS beast.
Foxythepirate277 Max277
Foxythepirate277 Max277:
You can tell Mike had a caged beast inside thats finally getting a chance to come out again💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
All up in the videos....
All up in the videos....:
He said “I’m back” and I was like “👀”
Pat Martin
Pat Martin:
That’s amazing to see how much muscle memory he has still. Can’t wait to see some charity fights
Michael Jordan: I'm back

Mike Tyson: I'm back

Micheal Jackson: hold my glove
gktjq149 7
gktjq149 7:
Mike Tyson 2020: "I'm thack"
Romir Bapat
Romir Bapat:
I can tell you only 1 thing rn
IE. This guy is thirsty for a KNOCKOUT
King Nate Sr.
King Nate Sr.:
Glad to see champ finally beginning to live his best life, minus most of the demons he's harbored for many years.
I'm genuinely happy for him after all he's been through, the guy's a walking testimony, and a boxing savant.
We all know T.I wants to train with Mike so he can fight Floyd 😭
Mike Blackson: *I'm black*
Mike Tyson: *I'm back*
Man it’s a blessing to see a modern day beast like Tyson kicking alive, happy and healthy. We neglect how close we were to losing him 10 years ago before he turned his life around.
AppoINted OnE
AppoINted OnE:
At 53 Mike is still a BAMF!! To Mike 53 is just a number.... 53 seconds to knock yo a$$ out 😎
Hall Built
Hall Built:
"We're all gonna die" - Billy from Predator
Irineu Castro
Irineu Castro:
Got to see Iron Mike scaring me like that! Beast mode!
Anybody know the title of the song on training Vídeo?
Mr Karate
Mr Karate:
Age most definitely don't matter. Iron Mike is back to knock some heads off
I feel happy seen him train. I saw him few years ago he had a belly and looked stoned lol NGL. Now he looks good.
Mike, like James Brown said, "Hit em hard" and Bless the man whose laying on the floor in the front of you!
Ashlayei humor
Ashlayei humor:
Man I'm not going to front, I've boxed my whole life n Tyson is the realest!
Billy Pio
Billy Pio:
Someone please get David tua out of retirement and finally have the fight we've all been waiting for 😯😯😯😯😩
Daniel Skywalker
Daniel Skywalker:
I’m scared, I’m honestly scared
99 HAK
99 HAK:
When Iron Mike
Talks we listen
When he trains we watch in awe
Whenever you see clips of Tyson training you get so freakin pumped .Iron Mike 🐐
The Truth
The Truth:
Iron Mike's back!, warm up fight then straight in with Joshua
Mike T
Mike T:
Mike looking like a SilverBack. Theres gonna be trouble. Love it.
DeAutre Henley-Lewis
DeAutre Henley-Lewis:
Look into his eyes when he said, “I’m back!!”.........man
Albert Villarreal
Albert Villarreal:
He's good for one round. After that at 54 yrs old you'll be asking for air. Good shape thought
Steve Diego dela Vega
Steve Diego dela Vega:
The sound of him hitting those mits just straight up power very scary 😱 at age 53.
I don’t give a dame who you is, who ever get mike in them first 3 minutes of the first round is in a world of trouble. Then better pray Father Time kick in by the second round 💀
John Stanford
John Stanford:
when is that “comments have moved” button going to go away?
Mr Grandi
Mr Grandi:
You can tell he's giving it his all, good for you Mike!🥊💯💯🙌🏿
JordanForeverGoat 🐐
JordanForeverGoat 🐐:
I don’t care if I had on pads I’d still be fearful for my life 😂
“ I’m backth “ nah lemme stop b4 he kills me 😂😂
mo zaman
mo zaman:
Better than most all heavyweight out there
Do you remember this guy Wilder, I herd he abandoned his mansion and took his millions and ran..lol
1973 Impala
1973 Impala:
Get it mike I love to see you getting it I learned a lot from you.the way you move I practice it head moving body moving your a beast.
James Luna
James Luna:
Even in slow motion he's fast
june bugg192
june bugg192:
I m routing for iron Mike for one come back, just to see how good he will be, whoever he fights, i m betting on iron mike.
0:21 for some reason I saw the young mike that destroyed young Frazier
Caleb Loo
Caleb Loo:
Deontay Wilder: I am the hardest puncher in boxing history
Iron Mike: no need to speculate, hold my weed and let's find out
He would beat up AJ easy and his 53 he’s a savage 💯
Qaisar Mahmood
Qaisar Mahmood:
What's the background music!! Watching Mike train with that music, it's scary 👊
Infinite Mindset
Infinite Mindset:
Mike Tyson got a mean 4 rounds in him
grot groot
grot groot:
I remember Watching Mike Tyson fights and the electricity feeling that we all got when Mike entered the ring!! Im always gonna Root for Mike Tyson, no matter who he fights!! Mike Tyson will always be the Heavy Weight Champion in my book!!! 👍🏽💪🏽🤘🏽
Just stop for a moment, now imagine Mike Tyson with that grandad strength, you know what i'm talking about....
Darrin Johnson
Darrin Johnson:
I'm 50 years old thanks for motivating me to start back working out.
This proves weed is good for your soul and body! He believes he can come back! We believe he can!!
Bernardo Amaya
Bernardo Amaya:
He is the GOAT in my eyes, I started watching boxing because of him, I even have a Punch Out NES cartridge signed by him when I went to LA one time, cheers from Mexico
I’d be scared to fight Tyson if he were blind and in a wheelchair